Lust in La Jolla Ch. 07

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Chapter 7 Kari the Carnal Coach

Kari and Jake tell each other their stories.

Kari quickly booted up her Mac laptop and called Jake over. On the screen was a candid shot of three girls, one of whom Jake recognized as Maria. One of the others was a cute girl-next-door brunette who was trim but with a very nice chest, along with another girl with curly black hair and glasses, a little heavyset and not very attractive.

“That’s Beth” said Kari, pointing to the brunette, “and that’s Julie, who is in Europe this summer. Beth is unattached again after breaking it off at the beginning of summer with Danny, who she was with for about two years, so she’ll be at the party alone, I think. In high school, she had a reputation for giving great blow jobs – once when she was drunk, she admitted to me she really loves oral sex and how guys love her deepthroat technique.” She chuckled a little, ” I think she’d find you to be a bit of a challenge for that, though.”

Kari flipped through a few more jpegs till she came a close-up of a stunning blond. “This is Nicky, she’s hosting the party. She’s got a steady now, a nice guy named Rick … I’m sure he’ll be at the party, too. She’s got a great body, and likes to show it. I believe she’s an exhibitionist, but she tries not to be obvious about it around us.”

Kari went to the next one – a head and shoulders close-up – and stopped, “Ahhh … here we go, this is Amber”. Vixen was the best descriptor for the girl in the photo – long raven-black hair, attractive, sultry face, and penetrating green eyes giving a come-hither look. “You can’t see it in this shot, but she’s got a hot body, too. Her old boyfriend got her a boob job about a year ago so she’s really stacked now, with a hourglass figure. She’s the easiest lay in the group, especially if she’s had a bit to drink. And she doesn’t have a problem with one-nighters, either. There’s no question: you could easily get into her pants at the party today if you get her a little tipsy. Let’s see – who am I missing? Oh, yeah – Becca will be there, let me find her, she’s a doll … OK, here she is with Nicky, they’re really close friends.”

Jake looked at two drop-dead gorgeous foxes in the photo: Nicky was taller and lighter blonde than Becca, but Becca was exquisitely beautiful with her dark blond curls, striking blue eyes, and full pouty lips.

“It’ll be interesting to see how Becca reacts to you. She’s been seeing a guy steady for a while, but he’s a football player and already at school. She’s always gone for the really well-built guys, so you’ll catch her eye for sure. You might have a shot at her today too, depending on how horny she is.”

Kari skimmed through more photos, finally stopping at one of herself with a petite platinum blond with fine sharp features.

“This is Maddy – short for Madison. She’s so smart and funny, we’re always laughing at her wisecracks. She’s also quite an athlete, very hard body if you like that. She might be bringing a guy she’s been seeing this summer, but I heard they weren’t doing so well lately. That’s all of us, I believe. So, what do you think? Any of my friends look good to you?”

Jake just shook his head, “Are you kidding? They’re all gorgeous! I’m not so sure I should tag along with you … I mean, I’m not much good in social situations, I’ll probably act like a fool in front of all your cool friends.”

“No worries, Jake. I’ll be there to help you. Plus, I’m willing to bet that your cute shyness and the idea you’re just coming back to the U.S. will really pull my friends in. Not to mention your chest and shoulders and blue eyes! And you’ll already know Maria, at least a little bit..”

Kari then called Nicky, to ask her if it was OK to bring Jake.

“Hi Nicky, how’s it going?”

“OK, trying to get everything ready, y’know. Hey, you’re not backing out are you?”

“No, I’m still coming, and I called to ask if I could bring someone with me. My cousin Jake just arrived last night to stay with us for a few days while he looks for a place to live. He’s starting Grad School at UCSD in a few weeks.”

“Well, sure, I guess so. Is he nice? It sounds like he’ll be the only other guy besides Rick.”

“Yeah, he’s really nice. Kinda shy. He’s just spent 3 years working in the Mideast, and lived in Switzerland before then, although he grew up here. I’m sure you’ll like him. Oh, by the way, can I bring anything else besides potato salad?”

“Ummm no, everything’s covered. Except … hey, can you bring your iPod? Mine died yesterday, and I want to have good music for the party.”

“Sure, I guess so. I’ll have to work on a party playlist, but it’s not a problem”

“Great – I’ll see you in a few hours then!”

“OK, ciao babe!”

Kari turned to Jake, “Well, you’re in, not that I was worried. But now, I’ve got to spend some time working on music for the party.”

“Why, what happened?”

“Nicky’s iPod broke, so she asked me to bring maslak escort mine. Which is OK, but I really don’t have that much good party music, and what I have is not set up on playlists or anything.”

“Maybe I can help. I have over ten thousand songs on my mp3 player, and all kinds of party mixes,” he smiled, “you see, I had a girlfriend in college who worked as a party DJ, and I ripped all her stuff and much more besides. On the ship, I got “elected” to be the music director – we had speakers all over the place. I’ve kept fairly current, although I won’t have the latest releases. I can show what I have, and you can decide if it would be OK for your party.”

“Oh yeah, that sounds great! Hmmm … before we do, let’s look at what you have to wear today”, and to Jake’s puzzled look, Kari continued, “because, this is a pool party, remember. We’ll all be in swimsuits. And I think it’s going to be really hot today, so we’ll actually be going in the pool I bet. I want you to look really good for your admirers today, so we may need to go out and buy something new. Don’t worry, I know good stores for this.”

They went to the guest room, and Jake rifled through his bags to find all of his remaining swim suits. Because his work on the expedition involved a lot of time in the water, he had possessed quite a few suits of various types, but most had been so ragged and worn that he had tossed them out when he was packing. Eventually, he found the four that remained and put them on the bed. Even these looked far from new. Kari frowned, “Hmmm … not so good. It would absolutely blow their minds if you wore those speedo’s, but it would be a little too obvious. Here, let me see how you look in these.” She picked up the newest of the surfer-style trunks and handed them to him, then sat on the bed to watch.

“Ummm … you want me to change right here?” Jake asked hesitantly.

“Sure. It’s a little late to be modest with me, don’t you think Jake?” she smiled. “Remember, I like to watch, so give me a little show!”

Jake shook his head in disbelief, and stripped off his shorts and briefs. Kari unabashedly stared at his cock, amazed at its size even when soft. She felt that hot tingle in her crotch, and reluctantly shook off the strong temptation to touch him, to stroke him to hardness. He pulled on the trunks, and stood still for her appraisal.

“Hmmm … take off your shirt, and walk around. I need to see the full effect.”

After he did so, she studied him carefully, and then said with a smile, “Alright. That’s good … we do need a new suit for you, but I have a good idea what to look for. There’s just one more thing I need to see before we go out shopping – come over here and stand right in front of me.”

As soon as he was in front of her, she reached up, untied his drawstrings, and pulled his trunks to his knees, releasing his cock only inches from her face. The response to her proximity was rapid, and his cock began to swell under her gaze.

“Now, stay put,” she said firmly, “I need to get you hard to see how you look in these trunks with an erection. Plus, you just look too damn good for me to resist.”

She wrapped her right hand around his thick shaft, while cupping his balls with her left. She very slowly pumped up and down, sliding the foreskin down over the helmet on the downstroke. His cock continued to swell under her touch, growing ever thicker and longer. She had accomplished her stated goal of getting him erect, but she found it hard to stop.

“Christ, you have such a beautiful cock,” she murmured, and then leaned forward and licked the underside of his glans like a popsicle. He moaned softly, and she kissed the very end of his cock softly with her lips, and then slowly took the entire head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the swollen smoothness. She sucked and licked eagerly for a few seconds more, and then pulled away, sighing.

“I’m sorry Jake – I don’t want to stop, but I think I could do this for hours and we’ve got a lot to do before the party. Besides, it wouldn’t be fair to my friends, “she giggled, ” if I used you all up. But I want a raincheck on this blowjob.”

Quickly, she pulled his trunks up and managed to get his cock positioned inside with some difficulty. After retying his drawstrings, she asked him to stand a few feet away. His huge erection tented the fabric of his trunks very visibly. Too obvious – there’s no mystery left at all, and it could even be considered obscene in public, Kari thought.

Jake could also see himself in a mirror on the dresser. “Obviously, I can’t go around like this,” he said, “but, why do you think this is going to happen at the party?”

“I can’t be sure, of course, but you’ll be seeing a lot of sexy bodies today – the girls will all be in bikinis. Plus, my friends having a pretty good track record of teasing guys till they get a hard-on, especially when they’re all together in a group … it’s not sarıyer escort exactly a game, it’s more like a group turn-on. I have to admit, it is pretty hot to see a nice bulge on a guy after flirting and teasing, and, truth is, they often end up in bed with one of us. Well, Amber usually, but not always.”

“Oh. Well, I better not wear a swimsuit then. It’ll be too embarrassing.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve got an idea. Change back, and we’ll get going. Oh, and grab your music – we can listen to it while we drive.”

A few minutes later they were on the road. Jake put on one of his playlists, and they jumped through it, listening to the first bit of each song. Kari quickly realized that Jake had a great mix of familiar dance music as well as infectious, upbeat songs she had never heard before but could feel her body responding to. Jake explained that these were popular songs in the dance clubs in Europe and Africa, but probably hadn’t made it to the U.S. It was better than anything she could come up with – better in fact than anything any of her friends could manage. By the time they got to the surf shop, Kari was sold and told Jake he had the DJ job.

Jake liked the quality of the merchandise in the store, and Kari explained that the prices were quite good too, although Jake had no real reference frame. Before long, they had picked out a couple of trunks that Kari decided looked very good on Jake, a few t-shirts that were form-fitting and nicely showed off his build, and some new sunglasses as well. The composite effect of these new clothes, Kari knew, was that Jake would look like a model from one of those fashion magazines, and she began to eagerly anticipate the reaction of her friends.

The next stop was at a nearby department store, where Kari instructed Jake to buy some bikini briefs, explaining that he should wear these under his trunks to prevent the “tenting problem”. It occurred to her that Jake might need an overhaul of his underwear as well, but that could wait to another day. After the department store, Kari suggested they get a smoothie at the local Jamba Juice to tide them over until the party.

They found a relatively private table on the outside patio area, and Kari took a deep breath started talking in a low voice, “Now that we’re set for the party, I was thinking that we should get to know each other better by, you know, sharing some stories. I mean, if I’m going to be your sex coach, I better have some idea about your sexual history, and if you going to trust me, it’s only right that I tell you mine first. I gotta tell you, this is scary for me – no one knows everything that I’m going to tell you. But it’s kinda exciting, too … I mean, I suppose I always wanted a confidante, but Maria is the only person I’ve come anywhere near trusting enough, but a lot of stuff I just can’t share with her.”

For the next half hour, Kari described her history, all the way from starting to masturbate when she was 12. At first, while they were both working on their smoothies, Kari talked in an almost clinical style, describing her early experiences petting and fantasizing. After they finished, she continued with the story of her first and most intense voyeur experience: watching Jim and her mother have sex in the shower – the same shower they used the night before – about a year after Jim married her mother and moved in with them. As always, recalling the scene got Kari very aroused – her faced flushed, her nipples hardened under the thin material of her shirt, her panties were wet with her oozing juices.

She described how, not long after that experience, she lost her virginity when she was 16, how she had gotten into giving guys blowjobs in her senior year when she was stoned. She talked about her college experiences: meeting guys at frat parties for unsatisfying one-nighters, a drunken threesome with her roommate and her boyfriend that was very hot, but led to her roommate moving out after her boyfriend wanted to continue in the threesome. She described at length the sex with her two long-time boyfriends – the first one liked it rough and eventually this led to her first and only experience with anal sex, the second was kind of submissive and she often took control, including some very light bondage. Finally, she briefly described some of her on-line adventures, although she decided that she could best show Jake this part of the story.

“Well, that’s all” she finished, looking straight into Jake’s eyes, “you know all there is to know about me, except some of my secret fantasies. I’m saving those for later. Now, it’s your turn. But let’s leave here … before I soak through my shorts. Telling you this has got me really turned on, and I’m so wet I’m probably squish when I walk.”

“Yeah, I’m ready to go,” Jake replied, “and I hope no one notices the lump in my jeans.”

“Mmmm … stand up, I want to see.”

Jake did so, and Kari stared at his bulging crotch and licked her beyoğlu escort lips, “Is that my dessert?” she asked coyly, then laughed out loud when Jake quickly sat back down, his face turning red.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. But, you better get used to it – my friends are going to play cat and mouse with you at the party, at least until one of the pussies pounces.” She took his hand, “Come on, let’s go.”

On the drive back, Jake started to share his own history, “Jim was right about me when he said I was pudgy and wore thick glasses when I was last here in San Diego. I was definitely not part of the popular crowd, but I tried to convince myself that was OK because I was too shy to be with groups anyway. If I got really nervous around people, I would start to stutter – well, you can imagine how that went with the other kids. So, I just stayed at home, and practiced my piano. That was one thing I was good at – I still play. Of course, I was still a horny boy once I hit puberty in 8th grade, and I would sometimes jerk off in my room, usually fantasizing about my sister’s friends. Unlike me, she was very pretty and popular, and her girlfriends were very cute, too.”

“In the summer between 8th and 9th grade, the situation at home got a lot more exciting. One day, I came home early when my piano lesson was cancelled to find Gina and Terri, one of her cute friends, sunbathing by the pool, which was a common enough occurrence. Of course, I watched through a window in my room upstairs without letting them know I was there. Then, Gina began spreading suntan lotion on her Terri’s back, unhooking her top and rubbing the lotion all over. Then she did it on the back of her legs, running her hands all the way up to Terri’s ass and slightly under her suit bottoms, first on the outside of her legs and then moving to the inside. I saw Terri spread her legs wider as Gina worked up the inside of her thighs, and then raise her butt as Gina’s fingers reached her crotch area. And then suddenly, Terri had turned over and they were kissing and touching and squeezing each other’s tits. I was excited out of my mind – I was jerking off like mad while I watched.”

Jake was staring straight ahead as he spoke, so he didn’t notice that Kari’s left hand had moved between her legs. She could feel her swollen clit through the damp cloth of her shorts, and rubbed it gently, just enough to feel the pleasure of her touch but she knew she couldn’t lose control while she was driving. They were almost home.

Jake continued, “I can still remember exactly how Gina brought Terri off, sucking her left nipple, her hand in Terri’s bikini bottom, rubbing frantically. Suddenly Terri arched off the lounge chair and I could hear her cry out even from where I was. She collapsed back and twitched a couple of times, and I spurted harder than I ever had before, all over the wall and the floor.”

Jake paused, and Kari pulled her hand away, suddenly self-conscious. After long seconds had passed, he looked at her suddenly and said, “So, I guess I became a voyeur that day. From then until we moved away, I spied on Gina whenever she was alone with one of her girlfriends. Usually, it was after school … Gina and one of her friends – over the course of the year, there was Terri and 2 others – would go to her room and fool around. We shared a bathroom between our bedrooms, which she locked whenever she was there with a friend. The door knob, however, was missing on her door, had been for years, so I had a peephole. I actually bought this little spyglass device that I could insert through the hole so I could see more of the room. I guess I learned a lot about foreplay and going down on a girl from all those hours watching through the peephole. I was quite the little pervert.”

Kari spoke up, “Oh, I don’t know about that. It seems that all straight guys like to watch two girls together, and I can’t imagine any teenage boy passing up the opportunity you had, even if he was part of the “in-crowd”. I had heard Jim and my mom talking about Gina living in NYC with her partner – it seems she’s completely out of the closet now. Was she then? I mean, did your parents know?”

“No, not then” Jake replied, “Well, she told them late her senior year, right after they announced we were moving to Switzerland in the summer. They were shocked at first – I mean, she had plenty of dates with guys – but they were cool about it after that, they are pretty liberal. Gina stayed in the U.S. to go to college, she didn’t move with us … which meant an end to my voyeurism. You know, I stopped over in New York and stayed with Gina for a couple of days before I flew here.” He shook his head, “It was pretty weird. I mean, it was great to see her, and she’s really happy, but her partner Sara … well, that would be jumping ahead.”

Jake stopped, as they had just pulled into the driveway, and Kari commented, “That’s Jim’s truck, he must have got home while we were out. Shit, I’m going to have to run upstairs to change – my shorts are showing a wet spot, and I likely smell like a whore in heat. I’m sure he’ll want to see you, anyway – if he’s still awake, he may have crashed already. Usually, he’s completely exhausted when he comes back from a wildfire.”

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