Lustful Diary of Erica Ch. 01

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Erica lay down on the soft, cushiony bed. She closed her blue eyes listening as her friend Taylor turned the shower on in the bathroom. Slowly, Erica’s hand drifted down past her grey shirt and the hem of her jean shorts and let her fingernail gently scratch her inner thigh.

Relaxing, she gently trailed her nail along her leg side. Her long, slender legs were her prize possession. They were a gorgeous milky white, unblemished and smooth. Often she caught herself rubbing a hand from her calf up to her thigh admiring her legs’ beauty. However, her legs were not her only beautiful attributes. Her tiny jean shorts snuggly embraced her perfectly round, moist butt cheeks. Erica’s vivacious breasts filled out her B-cups marvelously.

Erica was a finely built sex machine though she had never given into her carnal desires owing to the fact she feared the consequences. These consequences had not been worth any physical risk. Thus, she had never felt a cock inside her pussy or the taste of a woman’s breasts inside her mouth. So she confined herself to relieving her sexual lust by playing with herself in the safety of night when all was dark, secret, and filthy. Often, this was while thinking filthy thoughts about Taylor.

She ruffled her dark purple hair and slid out of Taylor’s warm bed. She knew Taylor took a long time to take a shower so she might as well have some fun. She didn’t know that Taylor was sitting on the toilet with a finger in her vagina thinking unclean thoughts about Erica. However, she did notice a pair of Taylor’s jeans on the floor.

She picked them up and out fell a pair of white cotton panties with a bright pink and green pattern. Her left hand grabbed the panties and she set the jeans back down. Erica opened Taylor’s underwear and peered inside. A discolored spot sat upon the area where Taylor’s pussy snuggled up against. Yet, it was not due to anything that didn’t turn Erica on. The wide backside of the panties held a slight vertical tinge. Erica laughed realizing this were the panties that tended to ride up Taylor’s ass crack.

Erica pushed her perfect nose in and she let the smell of Taylor’s asshole fill her body. She thought of Taylor’s small perky breasts and petite body. Her short blonde hair and round bum. She was so fucking cute that Erica wanted to squeeze her as much as screw her.

She smelled the spot where Taylor’s pussy wet her panties due to the times she watched Erica’s tight ass or breasts kocaeli escort jiggle as she gracefully walked. Erica unbuttoned her jean shorts and slid them down to her ankles then kicked them off. She walked back to Taylor’s bed and lay down again.

Erica set Taylor’s panties on her face and let her scent fill her body. Her finger slid down her blue thong and slipped into her pink cunt. Vaginal fluid began to seep out wetting the crotch of her blue thong and her fingers. Her clit adored the way Erica’s finger massaged the pink spot and she began to moan to herself softly.

“Oh fuck…” Erica sighed, “Oh fuck…I love the smell of your asshole, Taylor…and your pussy…I want to fuck your pussy, honey.” She trembled, feeling her orgasm rising in her. Two of her fingers gently moved back in forth past her labia which were soaked with flowing cunt juice. Her fingers stroked the inside of her pink flower’s lips graciously. Her own dark red lips parted as her cum squirted forth and caught by the blue thong. She pulled her fingers out of her vagina and removed Taylor’s panties. She sniffed her pussy juice and smiled.

Erica slid once more out of Taylor’s bed and replaced the panties back inside the jeans before one last smell of Taylor’s alluring odor. Quickly, Erica pulled her jean shorts back over her ripe ass and damp underwear.

Just as Erica buttoned up her shorts Taylor shut off the shower. Erica tip-toed over to the bathroom door and softly placed her hands on the door handle. She silently twisted hoping to get a peek but it was locked. What if she had been able to crack it and Taylor noticed? Erica would have brushed it off and said she just wanted to ask her a question. Just make it up like….did you know I just masturbated with your panties?

No, of course she couldn’t say that to her brown eyed friend. Erica jumped back on Taylor’s soft comforter and double checked that she had left any spots on the sheets. She grinned with the thought that she had just pleasured herself with her best friend’s underwear on her own bed. Tonight, Taylor would sleep in the same bed Erica had fingered herself in.

Taylor opened the bathroom door and walked out. She was wearing a small white shirt and tight jeans. Erica noticed Taylor had either forgotten or decided not to wear a bra. Her pink nipples were apparent through the top…they were stiff.

“Cold sweetie?” Erica inquired with a slight smirk. Taylor cocked her head like a kocaeli escort bayan puppy.

“No…my shower was fucking hot.” Taylor replied not meaning to imply that she had also pleasured herself but turning red once she remembered. “Why would I be cold?” She added innocently and truthfully.

“No reason.” Erica returned throwing her long legs over the side of the bed. Taylor moved towards and friend then stood still.

“What’s that smell?” Taylor wondered aloud.

“You just took a shower,” Erica pointed out “All I can smell is lavender and fucking peaches.” Taylor nodded but still unsure about what exactly she thought she had smelled. Of course, that was the smell of Erica’s cum.

Erica pretended to stare blankly but out of the corner of her eye she was observing Taylor’s lush rack. Even with the knowledge that Taylor had rather small tits her nipples were fucking puffy. Erica felt herself beginning to get turned on again. Taylor tossed herself on the bed and made to lie down. Her boobs threw themselves towards her face and than settled back down. She had felt the freedom.

“Oh fuck, Erica. I’m so sorry. I forgot my fucking bra.” Taylor sighed. Erica shrugged and was silent. She didn’t want to risk sounding like how she felt at the moment. Taylor got back up and lifted her shirt over her head. Erica was thrown into ecstasy.

Taylor stood half naked before her. Erica squirmed in her seat and watched as Taylor tossed clothes on the floor looking for a bra. Her heart thumped as her hand moved the jeans containing the white cotton panties. Taylor opened the jeans and pulled the panties out. Without glancing closely at them she tossed them in a corner. Finally she secured a black bra and pulled it on. Erica watched woefully as her tits disappeared behind the velvety covering.

“So what movies did you bring over?” Taylor asked playfully throwing her hands on her hips. Erica looked after her with lust noticing the red finger nail polish before:

“Oh, um…Friday the 13th, I Know Who Killed Me and Striptease.” She barely uttered out the last film.

“Well we can skip the first two,” Taylor said, “The first is really boring and Lindsay Lohan is so terrible. I like Demi Moore though.” She added and Erica smiled grabbing the film off Taylor’s bedside table. She didn’t know what made her grab Striptease. It was her older sister’s movie but she though maybe…maybe it would make Taylor horny enough that she could izmit escort try…something….anything.

Taylor put the movie in and the two sat on the end of her bed with an open bag of chips between them. They silently watched for a few minutes until Demi came on the screen with her stunning features flashing.

“If I was a lesbian I would fuck her brains out.” Taylor remarked. Erica held her breath. Taylor did not just say that. Erica glanced over uncertainly but Taylor took it that Erica had been disgusted. “I was only joking.”

Erica quickly shook her head and said, “No, baby girl, if I liked girls that way she’d be at the top of my TO DO list.” Blushing with embarrassment and trying to cover it up with a laugh she smiled until Taylor did the same. Her eyes darted to the scene it was over. Erica hated the breaks between when the star wasn’t showing off her tits and ass.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom.” Erica said and went without waiting for an answer. She closed the door and locked it. She made her way to the toilet and unbuttoned her shorts to slide them along with her cum-stained thong down to her ankles.

As she sat on the toilet with her hands between her legs she thought about Taylor’s prickly nipples. Her tongue moistened her lips at the thought of sucking her perfect, cherry topped breasts.

Her pee finished splashing in the bowl so she snatched up some toilet paper and dried her cunt. Tossing it in she moved to flush but stopped. She wanted a little extra time. Erica went over to the sink and opened the cupboard below. Taylor had some hairspray, various make-up items, curling iron, blow dryer and a box of tampons. Her hand tossed the tampons over exposing a box of condoms. Erica’s eyes widened. Who could she be fucking?

She grabbed the box and noticed it was not open. Great…she was still a virgin. Or was she? Maybe this was a new box. Taylor didn’t keep secrets though….hopefully. Replacing everything back where she found it Erica flushed the toilet.

As her hand pushed down the handle she saw the small hamper behind the trash can. Turning the faucet on she let it run so she could pretend she was washing up. Her hand reached in the hamper and pulled out a navy bra. Holding the cups in turn to her nose she breathed in to savor the cloth that had been pressed against Taylor’s boobs. She placed it back and pulled out a pair of pink panties with magenta polka dots. Erica turned the faucet off and stuck the panties in her short pocket.


This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real life situations/people/places is completely coincidental. All characters represented are at least 18 years of age.

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