Mr. Football, Sean Tranor…

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August Ames

Mr. Football, Sean Tranor, at the Drive-In

I wanted to preface this story with what I’ve done differently with this story. Just by telling you what happened, makes for a very short story, so I’ve tried to add to the story with more of what I remember. The words/actions exchanged are not exactly, but in the interest of making the story flow, they are pretty close. Besides, using this medium as a way of sharing my experiences, I want equally for the reader to feel like he/she is part of it.

* * * * *

Well…He brought back something from the snack bar alright…Sean Tranor…Mr. Football/Jock/Most wanted by every girl at our high school! He was so handsome…and so popular…and he didn’t know I existed…yet! The door slid open and both of them came in…carrying a six-pack of beer. Lester introduced us…I was like a little puppy dog…so excited that I was in the same car with HIM! He was looking me over like a new sport’s car…I tried folding my arms across my boobs to hide the nipples obviously excited too, but didn’t do a very good job of it.

“Hey, Babe! Les, here, has told me a lot about I.” Hearing those terrifying words, I snapped my head towards my cringing date, who quickly whispered to me in a restrained voice. “He’s the most popular guy in school, Lisa….and YOU wanted to meet him!” Lester turned back to Sean. “Hey, Man. She’s cool. She’ll even have a beer with us, won’t you, Lisa?” Shaking my head, and suspiciously looking back and forth between the two, I wondered exactly what Lester had told him.

“Come on back here Sweetie. Lester tells me you give great head. Is that true?” I glared hatefully at Lester, as he sheepishly held up his arms in defense. As I looked back at Sean, my eyes inadvertently drifted down to the huge bulge in his crotch. I moistened my lips, and found I had to breathe through my mouth to get enough air into my lungs. This did not go unnoticed by Sean.

“Lester, my Man. Why don’t I go back to the snack bar and play some pinball or something, so this lovely creature and I can get better acquainted.” Lester looked at Sean, then at me. “Hey, wait a minute, Man. You said we could both…” Sean put his big meaty hand on Lester’s shoulder and squeezed slightly. “Okay, Sean. I’m cool, I’ll wait for you in the snack bar.” As he stepped from the van, Lester turned to me. “Ah, You okay with this, Lisa?” I shrugged my shoulders. “What do you expect me to say, Lester?”

As the door slammed behind my presumed date, Sean smiled at me, and immediately began unbuckling his jeans. Sean shook his head in awe as he looked me over, drinking in every part of my body. “Look here, Baby….Let me show you something special.” As he pulled down his jockey shorts, a big slab of dick meat fell out and slapped against his thigh. I squealed out of reflex and covered my mouth as I stared hypnotically at it. “You’re looking at a cock even a horse would envy,” he bragged. I just stared at the immense size of Sean’s cock. It wasn’t fully hard yet, and it was already looked to be at least 8 or 9 inches long, and almost as thick as my wrist. My jaws dropped open as I continued to gawk. His voice broke the eerie silence of the confines of the van, “And Lester wasn’t kidding when he said you had the sexiest mouth he’d ever seen. Now, come over here and let’s get better acquainted.”

It was so big! Some strange force pulled me from the safety of the front seat into the back with Sean, Captain of our high school football team, and super-hung stud. Sean stroked his massive cock as it grew and stiffened. I knelt down a couple of feet from where he sat and watched. “You ever suck a cock this big before, Miss Dalton?” I shook my head, and inched a little closer, drawn by the magnetism of his towering slab of meat. His hard dick stood straight out pointing at my face. It was magnificent. I hadn’t seen many dicks, but this had to be the most beautiful dick şerifali escort in the world. Licking my dry lips, knowing my eyes were wide open, I gently took it in my trembling hand and slid my fingers lightly up and down the length of his stiff shaft.

I wanted to take it in my mouth so badly, but I was suddenly scared out of my mind. I’d only sucked one dick in my short innocent life, but this seemed like the first time nonetheless. Sean put his meaty hand on my head and moved it closer to his monster. That’s it, Lisa….closer….I know what you want….Lightly I kissed the big head, moving my now moist lips down along the sides of his magnificent member. Sean used a little more force with both his hands moving my head back in front of his dick and pushed the purple head against my soft full lips. I opened my mouth as he slowly inched inside. His taste is different than Lester’s. As a matter of fact, he tasted really good. Soon the whole head was inside my mouth and I gave in to sucking savagely, and all the while, feeling strange at having another dick in my mouth in the same night. Sean put more pressure on my head with his hands and his dick moved to the back of my throat. I had to fight not to gag, but still it was going in deeper. I moved my head back some to catch my breath, sucking greedily on the oozing cockhead.

Sean was moaning. “Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh! Oooooohhhhhhh!” Upon hearing that I thought, “He likes it!” I surrendered as best I could, as he now managed to get about half of its length into my mouth. I could feel it pressing into the opening to my throat, but stranger still was that I wanted all of it in my mouth and down my throat… Sean seemed to sense that I needed help to make that transition and grabbed my long blonde hair and pressed my head to his groin as the entire length disappeared down my throat! I couldn’t breathe! I tried to move my head back up the shaft to take a breath, but Sean was much too excited with my oral accomplishment and shoved it back down my throat. This time, though, it was even easier to swallow it.

I had done this with a banana, but I had no idea I could take a dick this big so far down my throat. “Ummmmm,” I hummed. Suddenly, he unexpectedly pulled his cock from my gasping mouth… I gulped in much needed oxygen, and all the while moved my eyes from his cock up to his face….. “Did I do something wrong,” I panted?? “Wait a minute. How about I take off that pretty sweater? I don’t think your daddy would take to kindly to my cum all over his pretty little girl’s clothing, now would he?” I released his throbbing cock and hypnotically obeyed, pulling the sweater over my head. Sean let out a low whistle. “Shit! Those are some serious hooters you’ve got there! How about you lie down on your back right here, Sweet Thing. There’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

He straddled my stomach and walked up my torso on his knees and wrapped my breasts around his glistening cock, slowly fucking the pliant flesh. “You should like this, a lot!” he sputtered. “Oh God! He’s doing it to my breasts…but it feels nice, yesss! It feels real nice,…that’s it, fuck them more, I screamed in my mind. Maybe he wants to cum between my breasts. His hard cock slid along my cleavage as he guided my hands to each breast and showed my how to snuggle them together around his sliding cock. I watched, fascinated as his big cock slid in and out of my ample cleavage. I massaged my breasts over it trying to make him cum, watching the hide-and-go-seek cock-head dart up for a look at my pouty lips and quickly back between my breasts.

I groaned… voice husky, and raw with lust. I was really getting off on Mr. Football, fucking my tits. And Sean was obviously in heaven looking down at his willing high school slut-to-be in training, feeling the warmth of his swollen cock generously wrapped in titflesh. silivri escort I was really enjoying this, getting horny myself. It was so huge, so thick and massive. It was so long that the tip of it nudged against my chin on each thrust between my breasts. The smell of him intoxicated my senses; as I began to wish he’d put it back in my mouth. I swallowed hard. Quite unconsciously, I opened my mouth wide; a catcher’s mitt flaring in anticipation of his imminent explosion of cum that soon was going to stream toward my face.

I was extending my tongue, trying to reach it; demanding its presence in my mouth. I needed it now; wanted every bit of his sweet meat inside my mouth, pouring the juices of love into it. It seemed so natural, the naturally right thing to do. I didn’t want it between my breasts so far away; I wanted it now, in my throat, ramming deep. I wanted him to cum and pump lots of his love potion in my moist mouth; coating my tongue thick and white with his semen. I wanted to swirl his semen around, to taste it, to feel its texture, to swallow his manhood. I felt so nasty, but I couldn’t help it. I constantly swallowed, licking my lips and trying to strain forward to reach his prick, licking at the shinny tip. My eyes glazed. I tried to focus on his thrusting cock so close to my lips. What was wrong with me? The way I was feeling was crazy, but I didn’t care. The only thing I wanted in the whole world right now was that lovely cock in my mouth, filling my throat with his semen. I felt light-headed.

“You really like doing this don’t you,” Sean taunted. I hummed in affirmation. “Looks to me like we could have a new challenger for Head Cheerleader!” Gripping his strong thighs with my hands, I tried to help him shove his cock meat into my mouth. As I did, my thoughts drifted back to my brother’s girlfriend deep throating him. “Mmmmmm,” I moaned. Yes, I remembered Lynda swallowing my brother’s big cock, and knew I could top anything she could do. Besides, Sean’s cock was bigger and fatter than Jim’s was.

Sean looked down as I took his huge slab of meat back between my talented lips to the entrance of my throat. “How can someone look as good as you and give such great head too?” He pulled his cock from my slurping jaws and got up from straddling my chest. He turned the front seat around so it faced the back of the van and pulled me up onto my knees again. He sat on the edge of the seat and spread his legs. His thick cock, dripping with my spittle, twitched spasmodically, calling my back to finish the job.

I sat back on my haunches as I smiled demurely, taking his slippery cock in my hand. I rubbed the purple head back and forth over my full lips several times while staring up into his captive eyes. Then I took the swollen head back into my mouth, stroking it with my tongue and sucking gently on it; warm saliva pooled in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head and swallowed as my tongue and jaw squeezed his cock delightfully. Sean stared down at me, groaning as he enjoyed the torrid blowjob. He grabbed my head roughly with both his hands, curling his fingers in my blonde hair, rocking his hips lightly to fuck his prick in and out of my unquenchable mouth. I felt like a complete whore now, happy to do absolutely anything for Sean, as long as he’d let my suck his big fat cock. As I bobbed my head up and down, my heavy breasts swayed harmoniously with each movement. My mouth was hot and liquid on his cock, and my grip on his thighs was tight. I sucked the tasty cock harder and harder, shocking myself with my eagerness to mouth and slurp without the least amount of shame or disgust.

I could feel the swollen head slamming against the back into the pliant opening to my throat each time I went down. I looked up at Sean and noticed the look of total ecstasy on his face. Then he scowled down at me şirinevler escort and demanded. “Come on you little cocksucker. Take it down your throat again!” The insistent softness of my lips slid over the roughness of his cock. The next thing I knew, Mr. Football’s nuts were banging against my chin and his long hard dick had disappeared again completely into my mouth. He held it buried deep in my sweet throat as he could feel my throat muscles working to coax his orgasm.

‘More! More! God! Don’t stop it! Give me more!’ I desperately thought. My sucking drew his balls tight against his groin repeatedly. It felt like I was trying to suck them out through his penis as well. Maybe, I was! Suddenly, and loudly, he came. I swallowed greedily, trying to keep up with the thick fluid flooding my mouth. His cum splattered about my lips, drooling down my chin and the sides of my neck. I looked up at him with lustful eyes, sated and yet wanting more.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnmmmm!” I hummed around his softening cock, the vibrations of my lips renewing him, eyes, half closed as I tenderly suckled the head, licking a drop of semen from the end and mouthing it. “Hmmm!” He squeezed the shaft, urging another drop of semen from the tip, as I licked it from his limp meat, swallowing with smeared lips, rubbing pooled semen over my hard nipples. My mouth continued to suck over the glans, my cheeks dimpling, as I tried to urge more semen.

“Baby, that was the greatest,” he cried out, as he reluctantly pulled his limp dick from my mouth. “You are one hell of a cocksucker!” Hearing the word “cocksucker” now…stunned me. That was a term that I’d always heard used in the most derogatory ways. I’d never given much thought to what it meant, but the meaning of the term began to sink in as I glared at him blankly. “Thanks,” I said with a weak smile not too proudly.

“Oh, and by the way, You’d better find a bathroom and wash up! I’ve got my precious love juice all over your face. We wouldn’t want your old man to see you like that would we… “And with an appetite for cock like yours though, it’s gonna take more than one cock to satisfy you. That’s for sure!” Sean quickly pulled up his pants and grabbed a beer as he vacated the van. The door slammed behind him, and again I sat on the floor, used and alone. I used some Kleenex from my purse to clean up as best I could, and then put my sweater back on I ran my fingers through my tousled hair, wondering. “Who else has that little slimball set me up with.” I opened the van door and climbed out into the cool night air.

I walked to the snack bar to look for the restroom. There by the pinball machines was Lester, Sean, and 3 other guys laughing and slapping each other on the back. I saw Sean gesture with his hands, obviously trying to describe the size of my tits. Lester pointed in the general direction of his van, and high-fived with Sean as the three hurried out the door. I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that I had left just in time. No way was I going to service three of them at once, I smiled to myself!

In the girl’s restroom, I sat in one of the stalls, using a damp Kleenex to wipe the cum I’d missed from my face and hair. I heard two girls come in talking excitedly.

“Did I hear? That blonde chick from school, you know, like the one with the gargantuan boobs?”

“Oh, you must mean Goodie Two Shoes Dalton?!”

“Yeah, that’s the one.”

“So, what about her”

“Well, I hear she’s out there giving blow jobs to Sean and a bunch of other guys in the back of Lester’s new van!”

The other girl giggled. “Lisa Dalton? No way!”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. But Sean told me she like blew him and then swallowed his load!”

“Gag me!”

After they were gone, I quietly exited the bathroom and left the movie grounds on foot. It was a long way from home, but I wasn’t about to go back to the van again. I folded my arms and walked as quickly as I could in the direction of home. Several cars slowed and asked me if I wanted a ride, but I wasn’t about too tonight. I got home pretty late, and my daddy was waiting up for me. “Hey Baby Doll, I didn’t hear the car drive up.” I smiled weakly and put my arms around my dad. “All men are such jerks…except you, Daddy.”

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