My Housekeeper and More

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As I sat there finishing some paperwork, I couldn’t happen to notice Kristy’s cute little ass bobbing up and down as she polished the furniture. She looked so sexy in that skimpy maid’s costume I gave her. Her breasts were full and perky and her ass was so nice and firm that I just couldn’t wait to fondle her smooth curves. I hired Kristy two weeks ago on a temporary basis with potential to hire. She needed the money and her credentials were outstanding and besides she was beautiful.

I tried to put my eyes back on my bills but it was no use. I loved working from home; I could make my own schedule and wear whatever I want. No suites and ties anymore. After a few minutes of staring I took off my robe and sneaked up behind her with my hard cock in hand. Since I ordered her not to wear any panties while working I just slowly crept up and rubbed her pussy with it from behind.

“Oh Mark, don’t you ever give any warning?” she said gebze escort as she giggled and repositioned herself with her legs open. She stood there leaning on the wood table as I rubbed my throbbing cock on her now wet pussy. Man it felt so good. “Stop teasing me Mark and just give me your cock already!” she said. So I slowly inserted it in her pussy savoring the sensation of her tight hole. I started pumping slowly while I admired her luscious body. Kristy was a slim woman with light brown hair. When I interviewed her she said she was 20 years old and taking time off from college to earn money.

“Shit Mark, if I knew about your place two years ago I would have skipped college and worked here right away. Oh god, please right there, yes, don’t stop. I love your huge cock inside of me,” She said in a sexy voice yearning for more. As I pumped faster she continued to moan göztepe escort and yell. “Harder…..faster…shit….don’t stop…I’m going to cum!” Kristy yelled as she quivered and collapsed on the table.

Just then she turned around and gave me a sexy grin. “Now it’s time for me to play with your cock,” she giggled. We walked over to the couch and I sat down while she kneeled on the floor. Immediately she took my cock in her hand and began to suck it from left to right, up and down, in circles, and every way imaginable.

“Kristy, oh Kristy, I’m so glad I hired you. Oh shit right there, keep sucking like that!” She grabbed my slippery cock in her hand and held it at the base. She then opened her mouth and took my penis all the way in. After fucking her a few times I learned that Kristy was a natural at deep-throating me. Up and down she went licking my cock and halkalı escort balls and every few seconds she took me all the way in. Her throat was so small and tight….”Don’t stop Kristy! I’m going to cum…shit….yes baby yes swallow my cum!”

Kristy crawled up to the couch and sat next to me as she continued stroking my cock. We kissed for several minutes as I removed her black bra and I stroked her breasts, tummy, and thighs all the way down to her clit. Kristy squirmed and I knew that was my cue.

I knelt down on the floor, spread her legs open and dove in. Her pussy was so pink and wet. As I licked and tickled her clit she squirmed some more. “Damn I love sucking your pussy Kristy.”

“Mark I want you to finger me.” She said. So I put two fingers inside of her and thrust them back and forth while I didn’t forget to flick her clit with my tongue every few seconds. Before I knew it she yelled “I’m gonna cum…..oh…..shit……fffuuuucccckkkk me! Her entire body shuddered and I knew that I was successful.

“I love my job,” Kristy said. “Just don’t forget that I not only hired you to fuck when I get horny, you still have to do your housekeeping duties.” I said.

“Trust me, I have no problem with this arrangement” she said and we smiled together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32