New Neighbors Ch. 03

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Jeffrey positioned me on my knees in front of him. My arms were still cuffed behind me but he did untie the rope that had bound my ankles together. The penis gag was still in place and, of course, I was still wearing all that yellow mohair—the ankle length sweater dress with the turtleneck collar, the mittens and the knee high socks. I watched wide-eyed as he dropped his pants and his silk boxers and exposed that beautiful cock to me once again.

He sat down on the couch in front of me and brought my gagged mouth to his cock which was hardening as he did so. Before he reached behind my head to undo the gag, he caressed my shoulders some more and then whispered in my ear, “I am expecting blow job number two to be an even better performance by you after experiencing my work and after watching those actors in the video.”

I nodded and made a sound into my gag which I hoped he would interpret as an “Of course!”

When the gag came off, I ran my tongue over my lips and tasted the odd, to me at that moment at least, combination of the remains of blow job number one and the single-malt Scotch I had been sipping.

I started by gently kissing the tip of his cock. “Ahhhhhh,” I whispered and kissed it again and licked the tip with my tongue for a while. Jeffrey’s fingers were softly playing with the turtleneck collar of the sweater dress and he said just a single word, wonderfully drawn out, “Yesssssss.”

I licked my way down his shaft and then back up again. I repeated the process, this time with soft, gentle kisses. I was tempted to repeat the whole process when Jeffrey said, “take me in your mouth, now!”

I obeyed for two reasons. First, I had been bound, dressed, fondled, sucked and stimulated beyond my wildest dreams by my new neighbor and, secondly, I really wanted to do just that.

So, I very slowly took his cock into my mouth and worked my lips down his shaft. When I had gone as far as I could go, I paused, enjoying this new, real penis gag. Then I slowly went back up his shaft and then down again.

This time, I paused and made a “mmmmppphhh?” into my penis gag which was easily translated into “Now?”

“Yes, now!” Jeffrey replied.

I began moving lips up and down, up and down, quickly, then slowly, then quickly again. This time, his spurts were not quite as forceful as the first time, after all, we were both over sixty years old. Nonetheless, they were energetic and I could tell he was pleased by my work.

I was pleased as well. I knew this was a better piece of work than blow job number one had been. The first had been intense because it was, well, my first. This one was done with affection and with a skill level that I was sure was much higher than I had been capable of just a couple of hours ago.

As his cock softened in my mouth, I was again amazed at how wonderful all this felt. I was dressed in soft yellow mohair, my wrists were cuffed behind me and I was totally submissive to this man who had seduced me in what, to most people, would be the strangest of manners.

When Jeffrey disengaged his cock from my mouth, he put a finger on my lips and said “No talking my friend. You are in for a big surprise as we play out the final act of our daytime drama.”

I obeyed, just as I had been doing ever since I entered my new neighbors’ house. The first thing Jeffrey did was re-gag me with the penis gag. He then produced the white mohair scarf and blindfolded me, leaving me cuffed, gagged, blindfolded and on my knees while he went off somewhere.

When he returned he removed the scarf and I saw that a chair had been placed in front of the wide-screen TV. It was a standard wooden merter escort chair with arm rests and a padded seat. He helped me up and led me over to the chair and had me sit down. He unlocked the cuffs and massaged my arms for a few delightful, although too brief moments. “I thought about re-cuffing you with your arms in front,” he said as he picked up a two-foot length of soft black rope and began tying one of my mohair covered wrists to one of the arm rests. “But you will be sitting here alone for a little while watching the end of the DVD and I did not want you tempted to somehow jerk yourself off. Understand?”

“mmmppphh, mmmmppphh” I managed into the gag.

Another length of black rope bound my other wrist to the chair’s other arm rest and then this bondage position was completed by a longer length of the same black rope being wound around my midsection a number of times and then knotted together behind me. He left my ankles untied and the end result of his efforts was that while I was gagged and completely helpless, I was, aside from my continuing erection, quite comfortable.

He got down on his knees in front of me and gathered my mohair-covered legs in his arms and leaned forward and kissed my crotch. I squirmed and moaned into my gag.

“You are so cute when you make those sounds,” he said. “Now, I will leave you to watch the rest of the show and when I return we will play some more.”

He went over to the coffee table, had another sip of the single malt and pressed play on the remote and then left the room and headed upstairs.

On screen, Joe and Nancy had been re-gagged and had also been blindfolded with black mohair scarves. Their legs had been untied and they were now standing up, each one being held by one of their captors, Joe by Jeffrey and Nancy by Stephen.

Stephen wasn’t saying anything but his hands were continuing to caress Nancy’s sweater-covered shoulders and he had leaned in and gently kissed the bound, gagged and blindfolded detective’s ear.

Jeffrey picked up the dialogue as one of his hands gently rubbed the detective’s crotch, causing Joe to squirm in frustration. I felt exactly the same. I, like Joe, had just given Jeffrey my very best blow job and, like Joe, was still helpless bound and gagged, wondering what would happen next for me.

“Well done, our little helpless snoops. Have you learned your lesson yet?”

Both detectives nodded vigorously, Nancy adding some emphasis with an emphatic “MMMPPPHH!” which could only mean “YES!”

Jeffrey continued, “Excellent. That was just the answer that was required of you. It is now time for the final act in our little drama.” At that point, the screen faded for a second. When it resumed, the two detectives had been moved to an upstairs bedroom and were both lying on their sides on the bed, their faces just inches from each other’s crotches in a classic sixty-nine position. They were still bound hand and foot, still gagged and still blindfolded. However, Nancy’s skirt and panties had been removed, exposing the secret underneath her feminine clothing—a big, now semi-erect cock. Joe’s pants and boxers had also been removed and, like his partner, his cock was semi-erect. I wondered if the actors had been able to do this on their own or whether a little hand action had been needed. My own cock was quite hard. No hand action had been required for me.

Jeffrey and Stephen produced a large number of white cloth strips, each about two feet long. First, the ropes encircling the detectives’ ankles were untied and then retied with the cloth strips. I was surprised to see the camera focusing mutlukent escort on the bow that was the new knot on both Joe and Nancy’s ankles. Then the handcuffs were unlocked and removed. Cloth strips, also tied with a bow, replaced the cuffs. Next, the mohair scarf blindfolds were removed. The young detectives’ eyes widened and they each made soft sounds into their gags as they each took in the cock inches away from their respective mouths.

Jeffrey laughed at the gagged murmurs and said, “When the gags come off, we want you to gently take the cock in front of you into your mouths. And, don’t take it in just an inch or so, we want to see it fully inside your mouths. Understand?”

The detectives nodded meekly and their gags were removed. In went the cocks and both Joe and Nancy squirmed as they adjusted to their new gags. Jeffrey and Stephen both had big smiles on their faces as they gathered up the cuffs, ropes and the two gags and placed them into a backpack.

Stephen said, “Maybe you’ve done this before, maybe not. We don’t really care. We are going to leave you now. It will be your choice whether you immediately free yourselves. It will be quite easy to do so. A quick tug or two on the bow will release it.

“Or,” and his smile widened as he continued, “you can enjoy the moment, and each other, before you free yourselves. Your choice. In any case, this concludes your lesson.”

Jeffrey leaned over and whispered something into Joe’s ear and Stephen did the same with Nancy. They then left the hapless detectives to finish off their lesson. Just before they shut the bedroom door, Jeffrey produced a white index card from his pants pocket and laid it face down on the dresser. The camera focused on it and then returned to the bound, cock-gagged detectives.

Nancy made a very girlish giggly sound and then slowly began moving her lips up and down Joe’s cock. Joe smiled around the cock in his mouth and also began to move his lips up down the now rock-hard shaft of Nancy’s cock. This delightful scene of the bound, sweater-clad detectives giving each other a slow sensuous blow job continued for a couple of minutes. I heard Jeffrey moving around upstairs and knew he would soon be returning to play with me some more. I couldn’t wait and squirmed in the chair and my tongue softly played with rubber penis that had been strapped into my mouth.

The camera now showed both detectives working quite vigorously on each other’s cocks. And then they both came at the same instant moaning in ecstasy and shot their wads into their partner’s mouth. It was a wonderful scene to watch and I tried to guess how many times my new neighbors had watched this video—a hundred? A thousand?

When the blow jobs were done and the captive detectives’ breathing had returned to normal, they each slowly disengaged from each other, each gently kissing the now limp cock of the other. Nancy rolled over and Joe pulled the bow loose of the cloth strip that held her wrists together. In just a few seconds, they were both free.

Nancy snuggled into Joe’s embrace, resting her pretty head on his chest. He gently stroked her mohair-covered shoulder.

She spoke first, “Did your guy say what I think he said?”

Joe smiled and said, “Let me quote. If you need another lesson, call the number on the card and we will be happy to return.”

Nancy giggled again, “One lesson is never enough, is it sweetie?”

Joe said, “Of course not.”

The video ended with the two detectives sharing a soft, gentle kiss.

I heard Jeffrey’s voice behind me. “A very nice ending don’t you think?” otele gelen escort

I made a sound into my gag.

When he came around in front of me, my eyes widened and I made another sound, this one of pure delight.

It made perfect sense. If Stephen was a big fan of accomplished crossdressers in their open relationship, why wouldn’t Jeffrey become just that?

He was standing before me fully dressed in women’s clothing and if, I didn’t know exactly what he actually was, say if I had passed him by in the supermarket or something, I would have just thought “older, nice-looking woman,” and moved on. He was wearing a gray, shoulder-length wig that layered nicely. He had done a complete make-up job on his face, including his lips—a pale pink—and his eyes. He was wearing earrings—small gold hoops. And, of course, he was dressed in an attractive sweater and skirt outfit. His pale pink mohair cardigan matched the color his lips and his frilly white blouse looked wonderful as did his gray woolen skirt that went down his legs to just below his knees. He had on black stockings and black conservative heels. The final touch to his outfit was a pair of white woolen gloves. He looked like an attractive, well-off, older woman one might see shopping at a mall with a credit card that had no realistic limit.

He untied the ropes binding my arms to the chair as well as the rope attaching my midsection to the back of the chair. He left the gag in place and helped me to my feet. He held me by my shoulders, gently caressing the mohair of my sweater dress until he was sure I had my balance back.

Then he kissed me softly on the forehead and whispered, “Are you ready for some fun?”

I nodded.

He said, “I thought so. Now, for this round I want you completely naked. Please make that happen.”

I did, pulling the dress over my head and then shedding the mittens and the knee-high socks. I was not surprised to see that he had the fur-lined cuffs in his hand as well as one of the lengths of rope.

“I’ll do something with that gag in just a minute my friend,” he said, smiling.

The cuffs went on my wrists with my now naked arms in front of me and were tightened just enough so that I could not slip out of them but not enough to be painful. Jeffrey walked me over to a corner of the room and used the rope to draw my arms above my head after he had stepped onto the chair I had been tied to while I finished watching the video. There was a hook fastened into the ceiling and he tied the rope to it after bringing my arms to a position where once again I was helpless but not uncomfortable.

After he stepped down from the chair, he came over to me and reached behind me with his sweater-clad arms and unbuckled the penis gag. He then kissed me full on the lips, surprising me. The kiss was insistent and, to be honest, a little shocking. I had never been kissed like this by a man in my entire lifetime. However, my cock was rock-hard, I was helpless and do, of course, I returned the kiss. After all, I thought to myself as one of Jeffrey’s hands moved down my chest and began playing with my cock, I had sucked him off twice this wonderful day, why not kiss his lips?

For more than a few moments, we were both lost in the kiss. I smelled some kind of perfume on him and I absolutely delighted in tasting his lips as well the gentle touch of his gloved fingers on my cock. I also, to be honest about all this, loved the feel of the mohair against my bare skin.

Jeffrey disengaged his lips from mine. He produced the mohair scarf and tied it loosely over my mouth.

“More symbolic than anything my friend,” he said. “I just may kiss you again and I want easy access. You will, however, remain silent, other than the quite appropriate moan, as I finish off our wonderful daytime fun. Understand?”

I managed a soft, almost understandable, “Yes.”

He kissed me softly through the scarf and slowly went down on his knees.

(to be continued)

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