OMG My Daddy’s a Sissy Ch. 02

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I woke up Saturday morning and stumbled downstairs where my wife Beth was washing her coffee cup. I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down next to Beth. She’d only been home from the hospital long enough to sleep a few hours. The job was stressful, and now that Beth was a supervisor, she spent less and less time at home. Most of the time, it was just my stepdaughter Ashley and I.

Ashley and I were as close as any parent and child could hope to be. I’d been the only Daddy she’d ever known.

“Ashley? Oh my God. What have I done?” ….memories of yesterday rushed back into my brain like a freight train.

“So um Daddy, my laptop died last night and I saw yours in the living room and decided to borrow it. Imagine my surprise to find that you are a panty sissy who dreams of BIG…BLACK…COCKS?”

I attempted denying it, but she was too smart. In no time Ashley had me admitting everything. I was mortified and I was sure my life was over, or at least my marriage was. Just at that moment, this beautiful child, who was actually a woman now, showed me a level of kindness and support I didn’t know was possible.

She swore an oath to keep all of my secrets, which she soon discovered included wearing her panties and making love to the dildo I found hidden in her closet. I marveled at her complete lack of inhibition which resulted in me, at her insistence and encouragement, beating my sissy cock and shooting my load everywhere. All to the delight and encouragement of my 18 year old stepdaughter, as she shamelessly masturbated in front of her Daddy.

“Sorry honey. Can you repeat that?” Sitting across from me in the kitchen, I could tell Beth was irritated. My ADHD had always been an issue, but she had no idea the level of distraction his mind was providing today!

“I’m reminding you that I won’t see you for four days. After my shift I have to take the train into New York to attend the quarterly administrators conference we talked about. Remember?”

“Oh, yeah that’s right honey. I do remember. Have a good time and be safe. Oh and don’t let those suave New York men seduce you.”

As I freshened up my coffee, I could see Beth pulling out of the driveway. Grinning, I thought “If she only knew.”

I finished up my coffee and moved into the living room to watch the Patriots play. Just then, Ashley came bounding downstairs and landed in my lap and planted a big kiss on my cheek. “Hi Daddy! MUAH! Where’s Mom?”

“She just left for work and then she’s going to that conference thing in New York. That means it’s just you and me for four days kid! What should we do?”

As I hugged her, I prayed she wouldn’t mention last night and everything could just blow over. Ashley snuggled warmly, but appropriately. Ashley’s my rock and can’t imagine life without her. Beth on the other hand was always working and barely even aware of what was going on in Ashley’s life these days.

“Well that’s mostly true Daddy. Did Mom tell you that I was having a friend over tonight?”

“She did, Lydia right? I’m going to get you some pizzas and sodas, anything else that you want?”

“Um some…uh beer maybe??”

“Hmmm well I only have a six pack. I suppose if you give me your keys as soon as you get home you two can each have a couple. Just leave me a couple. I want to watch a game later”

“Ok Daddy! Muah!” she said, kissing my cheek. Ashley really is everything to me. I have a hard time telling her no.

“Well there is one more thing,” she said as she dropped her chin towards her chest in a pouting fashion. “Lydia and I want to go shopping today and I don’t have enough money for clothes. I don’t have time for a job, what with studying all the time and getting straight A’s and winning scholarships all the time, you know Daddy?” Her chin was still on her chest and she was looking up at me. She put the tip of her finger between her lips and waited.

I had to admit she was good. I already knew my goose was cooked. I handed her my American Express card.

“Have fun, but don’t go overboard ok?”

“OK Daddy!”

And with that, she bounced out of the front door. She was right too. She was the perfect daughter; perfect grades, perfect behavior, everything. She’s never given us a single lick of trouble, not once.

Ashley and Lydia shopped most of the day stopping only for some lunch.

“You’re Daddy is so nice to give you his credit card for shopping. He’s so thoughtful too.”

Ashley smiled. “You have no idea.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well my mother doesn’t deserve him that’s for sure.”

“Why do you say that?”

Ashley paused contemplating just how much she could tell her.

Ashley leaned forward lowering her voice “Well for one thing, my mom says my daddy is an artist at giving head. He’s apparently some kind of pussy licking Picasso.”

“I’ve never even had an orgasm yet,” Lydia said glumly.

“Are you serious? You’ve never flicked the bean?”

Lydia blushed. “I’ve tried but I think mine is broken or something.”

“It is ankara escort bayan not broken! You just need someone to take you there one time so you know what it feels like.”

“Your mom is so lucky that your dad likes oral sex so much.”

“The truth is he had to learn how to do it because his thingy is really small. As for my mom being lucky, honestly she’s a bitch that doesn’t appreciate him. She acts more like his roommate than his lover,and so what if he has a little thingy? Sarah’s boyfriend is huge and she says it always hurts.” she said, dipping a french fry into some ketchup.

“Yeah she said everything hurts so all she can do is handjobs”

“Do you remember in our human sexuality class how they talked about fetishes and the different weird ones?”

“Yeah sure. Some guys like to be pee’d on and some girls like to be tied up. Stuff like that right?”

“Exactly but people don’t choose what makes them horny right? Some people are submissives and like being humiliated or embarrassed even”

“Ash do you want to be pee’d on?”

“No silly! But my Daddy is super twisted and my mom makes him feel bad about it. If I tell you about it, you can’t tell anyone. I think I know a way we can have some fun and you can finally have that big O”

“Uh yeah of course. I love your daddy. He’s the best and there’s nothing you could tell me to change that”

“So last night, I borrowed my Daddy’s computer…”


After Ashley left, I was thanking my lucky stars that she’d done so without bringing up last night. I was so relieved. Maybe, like me, she was having regrets about last night and was just going to leave it in the past. I finished watching the game, and started picking up the house so it would look nice for Ashley and Lydia.

While I finished the laundry I started to get turned on again. As I was putting clean socks back in my sock drawer, I saw the panties that the night before that Ashley had given me as a gift. They were still damp. I raised them to my nose and took a deep breath. The smell of 19 year old pussy took over my brain. I slid on a pair of my favorite silk panties laid down on the bed and began rubbing my cock through the material while I smelled my daughter’s juices. I was reliving the moment last night when Ashley began calling me humiliating names like faggot and cocksucker. I couldn’t believe how much they affected me.

I let the crotch of Ashley’s panties slide into my mouth and I began suck the moist juices out of them. It seemed wrong to like this, but it was as though I had a mouthful of my daughter’s pussy. I closed my eyes and imagined being in Ashley’s room wearing her favorite Victoria Secret Cheekies. I was sitting up leaning against the headboard stroking my cock. I imagined Ashley walking in on me having just gotten home from the local college where she is a freshman.

“Hey Sissy Daddy! It looks like you are enjoying the taste of your daughter’s pussy huh?” Ashley’s very blunt talk about taboo subjects yesterday had found its way into my fantasies now.

Ashley slipped her skirt off revealing a pretty lace thong. She slipped them off and climbed on the bed. She was standing over me naked. Ashley’s pussy is pure perfection. It’s completely bare. The outer lips protrude like a little hamburger bun but that’s it…not a hint of inner lips sticking out.

“Well sissy daddy, I think you should drop those panties and taste the real thing! She lowered her pussy onto my face.

“Lick that pussy sissy. Don’t touch that little weenie just yet. Just think about this sweet young 19 year old pussy. I bet you wish there was some cum inside it don’t you. Especially cum from a big black dick. If you lick me good pantyboy, I just might let you lick it again after my boyfriend cums inside it. That’s why you like pussies isn’t it Daddy? Because cocks squirt into them and you want cocks to squirt into you don’t you? I think you want to swallow cum and cum in your panties. Does that make you a faggot Daddy? Do you like being a sissy fag? Make me cum right now pantyboy and I’ll bring one of my black friends from school over and we’ll suck his cock together.Wouldn’t that be fun? Sucking a dick with your daughter?”

“Oh gawd” what a thought.

I felt my balls tighten just as fantasy Ashley said these last words. The next thing I felt was the first shot of my own cum hitting me in the face! It was a first for me, and that in turn caused my orgasm to go into overdrive. It was by far the hardest I’d ever cum in my life. Savoring the moment I walked over to Ashley’s mirror and there I scooped the cum off of my face , thought “what the hell” and licked it off of my finger. I’d been fed cum once before by Deidre in college but that was years ago. I stepped back and admired my image. Thin and fit, but not that muscular for sure. But my butt looked great in those panties.

Ashley had brought something out of me. The more I think about it, she found a way to help me exorcize the shame out of me and allow me to embrace being, eryaman escort let’s face it, a panty wearing sissy and simultaneously embrace and enjoy being teased about being one. It felt like a natural dichotomy. I do love her special brand of supportive humiliation. I doubt I could find another person on this planet who could know just how much nurturing to use as counterbalance to the filthy name calling and coerced activities. I guess Ashley and I have built up so much trust over the years that she felt comfortable in the driver’s seat. Lost in thought in front of the mirror I began to rub my cock again. I stopped myself. No time for that. The girls will be home soon.

The girls showed up almost at the same time that the Pizza did. Their arms were full with shopping bags from Macy’s, Victoria Secret, etc. They both looked at me like Cheshire cats. They definitely looked guilty. I noticed one shopping bag from some place called The Toy Store, and wondered if Ashley got another stuffed animal for her bed where 20 others lived on a daily basis. After she dropped off her shopping bags in Ashley’s room, Lydia came into the kitchen to respectfully greet one of her best friend’s parents as I’m sure her parents had taught her to do. Where Ashley is quite petite with a flat stomach and A or B cup breasts, Lydia was definitely more curvy and voluptuous. I guessed she was a solid D cup, possibly DD. Over the years I’ve realized that I don’t have a ‘type’ but instead enjoy each type for their own reasons. In Lydia’s case she had a bit of a tummy which I actually like and a nice round butt.

Ashley and Lydia sat on Ashley’s bed looking over what they bought. I heard a ton of giggling which made me so happy. Lydia’s a sweet girl and a good friend to Ashley.

I cleaned up the kitchen and started loading the dishwasher. A few minutes later Ashley came in smiling.

“Here’s your card back Daddy! I promise I didn’t spend too much. Muah!”

“Ok baby, do you girls have everything you need?” I asked.

“I think so, is it ok if we eat pizza in the den and watch a movie? Will you watch it with us Daddy?”

“Of course I can, I’ll meet you there in a few minutes.”

“Ok we’re going to get our PJs on if you get there first don’t start the movie ok Daddy?”

“You bet Angel”

As I finished loading the dishwasher the phone rang. It was Beth. As I answered I could see the girls in the den in their oversized sleeping shirts.

“Hey honey. Did you make it to New York ok?”

“Obviously Rick” she said curtly. She seemed more annoyed than usual, which was saying something.

I listened to Beth complain while I watched the girls doing some TikTok dance in the den.

“Well enjoy the conference if that’s possible”

“Oh I will. Don’t you worry.” A sly smile came across her face. She was in her hotel room talking to her wimpy husband and stroking a beautiful 10 inch black cock the entire time.

“Are the girls there?”

“They are indeed. We’re all gonna watch a movie I think”

“Rick don’t let Ashley sweet talk you into giving her any alcohol ok? Your such a fucking pussy sometimes and she knows how to use that against you.”

“Geez baby you know lately you’ve been really hard on me. In fact I’d say hard is your middle name these days” I said defensively.

“Hard on is exactly right” Beth said and she hung up without warning and began licking her lover’s huge cock.

I walked into the den and the girls were clearly whispering something. They both had oversized t-shirts on and no bras. Lydia’s heavy boobs bounced with every movement. Both girls’ nipples poked through the fabric of their shirts.

“Hey Daddy! Wanna see our new dance?”

I sat down with my beer and said “Of course I do!”


Ashley and Lydia stood side by side, the music started and they did their dance. It was cute. They were free, not a care in the world. Youth truly is wasted on the young.

At the end of the song they jumped up and landed on the beat and to my utter shock they simultaneously pulled the bottoms of their shirts and flashed me!

Holy shit!

I was stunned for several seconds. Imprinted on my brain was not just how big and beautiful Lydia’s tits were, but also that her nipples were dark with huge areolas, about the size of a chocolate chip cookie! Until that moment, I’d assumed that the girls, who’s bare legs disappeared under their oversized shirts, had shorts on. However, I was terribly wrong. They each had on high cut thongs.

They dropped their shirts back down laughing hysterically. They hugged and then Ashley grabbed Lydia by the face and quickly kissed her. It was supposed to be silly, but I could swear she gave her a little tongue! They both laughed again enjoying my reaction.

“Ashley! What the hell?”

“Oh relax Daddy. Mom’s not here. No one knows!”

“Oh God save me” I said

“I bet your friends would never believe you have two little hotties showing you their boobies and kissing each etlik escort other would they Daddy?”

I just rolled my eyes.

“Hey Daddy, did you like Lydia’s boobies? Wanna see ’em again?”

“No no please no! So inappropriate! Can we just watch the movie and forget that it ever happened?”

They giggled together. “Sure Daddy”

Most of the movie was uneventful but near the end I caught them flashing each other and laughing. They would check to make sure I wasn’t looking and then they’d show a boob. I pretended not to see and just enjoyed their little show. No one but me knew that my little dick was hard as a rock or that it was nestled inside a pair of silky panties. I couldn’t wait to get to bed and relieve this tension.

When the movie ended I played the old man card.

“Ok ladies that’s it for me, I’m gonna head to bed now. Are ya’ll gonna stay up late?”

“Probably. Thanks for being such a great Daddy and letting me use your credit card. I promise not to tell mom about that or the beer.”

“Me either Mr. Davis.

They each hugged me tightly. Walking back to Ashley’s room Lydia paused and looked back smiling warmly.

Back in Ashley’s room, Lydia said, ‘Your daddy is so cool. He’s totally the kind of man I can see myself marrying. Not feminine, but not some idiot close minded aggro jock. So your mom really told you that he gives her orgasms?”

“Big ones. Not that she deserves any.”

“One day I’ll crack the code and have one.”

Ashley hated that her friend still hadn’t had one.

“Look, this is silly. It’s just sex right? Get naked and you can watch me do it and copy me. Kind of like follow the leader.”

Lydia was hesitant. Ashley guessed that she just needed a little push. She leaned in, held Lydia’s face and kissed her softly, then she pulled off her own shirt and panties.

As I approached Ashley’s room I heard more teenage giggling. It makes me happy to know they are happy as well. I noticed Ashley’s door was cracked open. With my dirty old man side having been so expertly awakened, I peeked inside. I was not ready for what I saw. Ashley and Lydia were both naked. They each had a handful of pussy and they were kissing pretty intensely.

They stopped kissing and sat shoulder to shoulder masturbating. After a few seconds I determined that they had no idea I was there. I was so horny I decided to stay a while.

Ashley said,” Ok light circles around your lips like this. Don’t touch your clit yet. Close your eyes. Think about someone you think is sexy.”

Lydia laughed,”That’s easy, your Daddy is my perfect man.”

Ashley giggled, “That’s hot.”

My dick was so hard I couldn’t stand it. I unzipped my pants, pulled my silky panties below my balls and started stroking.

Ashley guided Lydia through various stages of arousal, but she just seemed unable to climax.

“Nothing?” Ashley asked.

“Nope. I mean it feels nice, but nothing. I was hoping that playing this little almost lesbo game with you might put me over the edge, but it didn’t. I’m broken, I tell you.”

Ashley scooted a little closer to Lydia and said “Keep your eyes closed ok? I’m going to take care of you sweetie.”

Cock in hand I watched Ashley intently. She kissed Lydia passionately one more time and then she turned and locked eyes with me! Hard. She knew I was there 100 percent. She started fingering her friend but never broke eye contact with me. I stroked my little dick at this amazing site. I knew I wouldn’t last long. Ashley gently played with Lydia’s inner lips. She was doing it the way I like to do it orally. Slow strokes along their length, stopping just short of the clit. It’s a great tease that is great for edging a woman to the brink, at which point they will beg to cum if necessary. Just as I was wondering if Ashley was going to slip a finger inside her, she did. This kid’s a natural I thought as I stroked myself. Lydia was moaning. She was tensing her thighs and releasing them. It was going to happen. I felt my own orgasm growing as I watched my daughter fingering her best friend to the first orgasm of her life.

“Oh my god, Ash, I think something’s happening.”

“Concentrate Lyd. Imagine my Daddy licking your pussy.”

“Oooooooh shhiiiiiiiiiit Oh my god Oh my god. Oh! Oh!” she came loudly. At that exact moment I shot my own load onto the wall outside Ashley’s door. How I was able to do so silently still amazes me.

Ashley kissed her sweetly on the lips, stroked her hair, and pulled her hand from her best friend’s pussy. She looked up at me and winked. I smiled back and walked to my room to clean myself up and collect myself. As if yesterday wasn’t enough, less than 24 hours later, my sweet, seemingly innocent daughter was masturbating her friend to orgasm in her bedroom in my house. I decided to take a shower, a long one.

“Oh my god Ashley that was amazing thank you so much! You are my best friend. Are we like lesbo girlfriends now? I’m not sure I’m ready for that.”

“No silly. It’s just sex. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, and my daddy actually. Sex is fun and we should all be able to enjoy it guilt free. So what if you like to kiss and get fingered by another girl once in a while. It doesn’t make you gay unless you want it to. Do you want to be gay?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32