Rapture Under the Covers

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We’d shared a room from the very first day of college. We knew each other well now, and had already decided we would live together right through to graduation, and maybe after that too.

I was the quiet one. I had mousy hair, and a personality to match. I was quite short, with blue eyes and a petite figure. The boys treated me like a mate – never anything more. That was fine by me. I wasn’t interested in all that stuff. I just wanted to get my grades.

Ellen had red hair and green eyes, and a wicked temper. She only showed that in the extremist of cases though. Most of the time she was sweet, funny and caring. She was taller than me, with long shapely legs, and a beautiful hourglass figure. Her skin was perfect and all the boys loved her, and she loved them.

We told each other everything. Every time she had a hot date I would get to hear all about it – whether I wanted to or not! That night was no exception.

She’d got herself hooked up with the catch of the year – the guy everyone wanted. Tall, athletic, rugged – the works! She was so excited she couldn’t concentrate on anything all that day.

“Will you relax?!” She was driving me crazy, pacing up and down and checking her reflection every thirty seconds.

“I can’t – he’ll be here any minute!”

Ding-dong! And she was gone – off into the night with the biggest grin I’ve ever seen. I settled down to some study in the peace and quiet.

I was taking a break a couple of hours later, sitting up in bed, legs crossed under the covers, wearing the keçiören escort tatty old t-shirt that I sleep in, when she burst into the room in a flurry of auburn hair and roses.

“Have a good time?” I asked, knowing full well I’d get to hear about it anyway.

“Fan-fucking-tastic thanks!!” she laughed.

She quickly undressed and put her own t-shirt on, and climbed into my bed, sitting at the feet end opposite me at the head. I put down the novel I was reading and settled down for an altogether different story!

“He is so hot, Liz, I’m telling you! He gets me so fucking horny every time! I just have to look at him!” She was getting flushed just at the thought of whatever it was! “He gives the best oral sex I’ve ever had!”

Here we go, I thought to myself, and tried not to blush. My hands were resting in my lap and I was suddenly very aware of that fact.

“He’s so soft too. When his fingers stroked my pussy I got so wet, I’ve never got like that before.” I felt a responsive tingle between my own legs. I tried not to move. “He teased me for ages too, sliding them up and down round my cunt, circling my clit – the works!” My own clit throbbed appreciatively and I felt my nipples harden. I glanced across at her, hoping she wasn’t noticing. She wasn’t – she was too deep in thought to pay me any attention.

“Then when I was really wet he flicked his tongue over my slit and teased me more with little light circles all over – it felt so good!” Now my own pussy was swollen and wet etlik escort and I couldn’t help sliding my hands under the covers, slowly so she didn’t notice. With my fingertips I started to lightly stroke my tingling lips, slowly teasing my own juices from deep inside.

“Then he flicked it right over my clit, fast but soft, ya know?”

“Mm-hmm” I mumbled, working my fingers softly over my aching clit, imagining how it might feel to have someone’s tongue there instead.

“Are you ok?”

“Fine thanks,” I managed to mutter. My fingers were moving faster now and I could feel my face becoming flushed with the mounting orgasm. It was no good. I had to close my eyes, just for a second.

When I opened them again it was just in time to see Ellen lifting the cover over her head and ducking down.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

“I know you’re masturbating under here, and I want to help you out!”

By now she was lying on her stomach under the covers, with her head almost up to my legs. My fingers had slowed now in anticipation of what she might do.

She threw the cover to one side and then took my hands in hers. She licked my fingers clean of my juices then gently moved my legs so they were stretched out either side of her head, my knees level with her ears.

She trailed her fingers lightly up my inner thighs, which trembled to her touch. She gently stroked either side of my dripping pussy with her own fingertips. I leant back and watched her playing with her new toy. I rus escort bent my legs a little and let them fall apart, spreading my pussy for her.

She pulled herself further up the bed until her face was a couple of inches from me. She parted my lips gently and blew softly on the hot aching flesh. I moaned and bit my lip.

Then slowly she trailed her warm tongue from one end of my slit to the other, and up over my clit. She was so soft I could barely feel her, but it was enough. My hips rose to meet her tongue and a moan escaped my body as she slid her tongue back over my clit and slit.

She kept licking up and down, slowly, softly, for what seemed like forever. Then she gently probed inside me, just a little, working her tongue around and around, and in and out. I felt my whole body tense and my first orgasm spread through me – a quick warming orgasm that was over as soon as it begun.

She didn’t stop. Her tongue still moved inside me, deeper this time and faster. Now she had one hand on my pubic bone above my clit, and with her thumb was massaging my clit firmly and slowly, up and down, side to side, in small circles, always changing.

I felt another orgasm starting to build and I was moaning again. With no warning she started tongue fucking me hard – like a real cock, hard and deep. At the same time she rubbed hard and fast on my clit.

I came hard and cried out into the room. This was an intense orgasm that spread quickly and seemed to last for hours. She didn’t slow down until it subsided. As my pulsing eased she slowed and eventually withdrew.

We lay together for a while, enjoying the after-glow. After a while she got up and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower running but something told me she wasn’t in there for a shower. I got up and followed her………………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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