Spirit of Ecstasy

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I believe that love should transcend age, race, gender, sexuality, colour or beliefs, we are one planet and one people.


Emily woke up from a deep sleep and rolled over in the bed to put her arm around her lover and wake him up. She had been dreaming of kissing his muscular chest as he ran his finger through her short hair. She was horny, no actually she was rampant. And she was alone…

For a few days each month between her periods she did not just want sex – she craved it shamelessly.

Since Chris had dumped her after getting her used to regular fucking she would have one long weekend each month where she would pester her friends to go nightclubbing night after night. She would come on to the first guy that showed serious interest in her whether they were eighteen or in their forties. If they wanted her she would give them everything, everything that is except her correct phone number. She would use them up and throw them away, partly in revenge for the way she had been treated by her lover Chris.

Chris had left her after six months of passion, declaring his unrequited love for her daily. Buying her flowers and chocolates, phoning her every day and texting her constantly. It was true love and she was very comfortable being with him, he could satisfy her horny pussy almost every night. Every night that is until she found out that he was fucking Kelly. Emily confronted him and he started to cry like a bloody useless idiot. He seemed more concerned that she had caught him and kept denying it. But Emily’s friends had seen them together and photographed them when he was supposed to be playing football away. But the bastard was playing pussy away and cheating on Emily with Kelly. Kelly was the girl who used to be the school darling. The dreaded busty cheerleading blonde Kelly, the object of every boy in the school’s nocturnal fantasies and stain on bedsheets.

Damn her good looks and outgoing personality, she thought. For a girl who was timid and tomboyish, Emily had a hell of a sex drive, thanks to Chris, the bastard! He had made her cum repeatedly and he could fuck her multiple times with not much recovery time. Sadly most of the other men she got into bed could not satisfy her that way and left her wanting more. So for those few days one weekend a month she would do her damnedest to get laid Friday, Saturday and Sunday, mostly with a different guy each night, much to the horror of her friends who said she was beginning to get a reputation. She did it for spite at first, but she realised she was getting addicted to the thrill of bedding different guys, knowing that they wanted to fuck her and make her feel good. Why, oh why was it OK for men to play around but women got called names like slut, slag, tramp when they did it?

Emily blearily eyed the alarm clock, it was only 6:30am, cool! She had time to have some fun on her own. She reached down to her panties, which was all she wore to bed in the summer months, and explored that cute little pubic mound and the delicious warm slit hiding within. As usual her dreams had let her seeping warm silky juices into her knickers. Her other hand went to her small breasts. She hated them and yet she loved them. She hated them because she barely filled an 32A bra, they where pointy and slightly different sizes, with quite large pink areolas, around two inches across. Or was it just because her little tits where so small, her nipples stuck out as if they where a pointy cone on top of her breast. She hated them because she did not get wolf-whistles like Kelly, she hated them because she had almost no figure and looked like a boy from the front or back. She loved them because her true loves always told her the size did not make the difference. She loved that she could go bra-less and get lots of attention from her nipples through her top, or lean over and treat them to a peek. They were so sensitive, just a quick caress could make her so wet between her legs, a talented touch and squeeze and massage could excite her until she ejaculated in her panties. She loved that, but she felt guilty for doing that dirty thing, but it was never too long before she would do it again.

How could she be dirty but sexy, how could she be a lover and a slut? So why the fuck did Chris want that busty slag? She imagined herself looking down on at herself from above, she had short Red hair cut in a lob-sided mini-bob with a streak of Purple to one side and shaved close on the other, her eyes where pale blue, her nose that everyone told her was cute and she had freckles which divided opinion but made her look younger, she had a little mole or beauty spot too, right on her cheek, everyone liked that!

The trouble was that she was twenty four and still looked like a pixie schoolgirl. This was great with older guys, who seemed to treat her nicer both in and out of bed, at least that is until she found out that they were either married or had girlfriends. The lying bastards! Her skin was pale, she didn’t dare try to tan much as several times she had burned enough to tan. Then a few days later it would all start to peel off leaving her looking like a patchy albino. büyükçekmece escort She jogged and swum a lot leaving her tummy nice and flat, her legs skinny with a nice gap in between them. This exposed her pussy, which was a ginger triangle but shaved around her vagina. She wanted to shave the lot but Chris had begged her to leave some ginger pussy hair.

With her eyes closed she kicked the duvet off and caressing her nipples and pussy, her hand went inside her panties as if she was being coy. She was soaking wet and her labia pouting, they stuck out almost an inch, two delicious thin wrinkly lips with her prepuce, the fold of skin that held her clitty over an inch long, it looked like a little cock and she loved it sucked on. Her clitty was so sensitive that she could barely pull the long hood back and touch it until she was almost ready to cum. She ached to be able to lick herself, but she wasn’t that limber. She pinched the long hood between her fingers, pulling it back and fro like, her thighs squirming as the waves of electricity ran through her nervous system. She tore her panties off and spread her legs wide open shamelessly.

Emily urgently slid two fingers inside her eager cunt squeezing them hard between her legs, Then withdrew her fingers and licked them. She loved to taste her juices, she often wondered what it would be like to have another girl touching her, all soft and scented and juicy. She reached into her bedside drawer and pulled out her ‘little friend’, her vibrator which was an eight inch purple one, made of soft latex it felt quite realistic and very good to her, after all it didn’t cheat on her or generally be an arsehole to her. To be fair she did like it in her arsehole too sometimes, but it was hard to get her body in a position where she could fuck her arse deeply. She slid her panties off after looking how much juice she had leaked into them. And ran the vibrator over her nipples on its lowest setting spreading her pussy juices on them, her little pale nipples grew quickly to almost twice their size, sticking up almost as if to ridicule the mounds they sat on. “Look at me I’m here and I’m so big and I can make your areolas all puffy! “If only her tits would grow like that she wished. She pushed two fingers into her cunt, she loved that word, so powerful, so forbidden.

‘Fingering my cunt’, she said to herself, ‘fingering my fucking horny wet cunt!’

She loved that word, CUNT! It represented the power and forbidden act of sex, how filthy she secretly desired to be for the right lover. God it felt good and she really needed to cum, she slid the vibrator over her cute little pubic mound and writhed in the bed, her hips teasing the vibrator closer to her clit which was now stuck out like a little button poking out of its hood. She found the spot and rubbed that rubber cocks head over her clitty and labia, gasping and working her thighs like a porn star.

‘Oh god, Oh god, yes, fucking YES, please, PLEASE make me cum!’.

Her back arched as her finger entered the wet slit and the vibrator now on full power sent a wave of electricity through her whole body. Her left hand felt the gush of juices.

‘Oh fuckkkkkk yessssss! Fucking yesss, Oh god my CUNT!!’.

She gasped and fell back onto the bed, as the waves of pleasure ran though her veins like some weird drug, she turned the vibrator off and slid it into her wide open gaping cunt.

She worked it in an out, an inch at a time, she was still quite small there and couldn’t take more than three inches till she relaxed. Sometimes she would pull it out and lick and suck it as if it was a real cock.

‘Mmm yes, that tastes so good. My pussy tastes so nice!’

Then she got up with the vibrator still inside her and stood in front of her dressing table with one foot on her stool. If she adjusted the mirror tilting it downwards she could watch herself getting fucked. She was fascinated by her own body, she got so turned on seeing herself naked. She spread her legs wide open exposing herself to the mirror. It looked so good, as good as it felt, so naughty, so fucking sexy. She twisted the switch to maximum and rammed it deep in till she felt it pass her cervix right to the top of her vagina.

“Oh!” she gasped, louder than she meant to, ‘Fuck, yes. Fuck me now please! Fuck my horny cunt!’

Licking her lips and throwing her head back as she watched herself performing to the mirror as she came again with that big thing deep inside her.

She went back onto the bed and lay on her face with the vibrator still inside her set to pulse. She rode it has hard as she could as she lay on her pillow feeling her tits and arse, writhing on the bed she managed to cum twice more before her clitty began to get too sensitive as she had been rubbing it as she held the vibrator inside her. She fell asleep for another hour before she got up to shower. Yes this had been that horny weekend, but she had not met anyone she liked enough and had got drunk the night before leaving her irritable and horny. She knew that the vibrator would only satisfy her temporarily, fatih escort she would want a real cock inside again in a few hours.


Emily’s friend Carrie called round and asked her if she wanted to join her at a spiritual retreat. They had been talking about how Emily’s mind always drifted, though Carrie was less aware that it always drifted to sex. She was curious about spiritual living and wanted to find out more. Carrie’s own mind had been tormented by her parent’s continual rows over money and she had been to a spiritual retreat then. There she learned how to control her thoughts more effectively. Emily liked the idea but was afraid that it would be a load of mumbo jumbo and chanting. She had been to church when she was younger and always felt it was not for her, but she witnessed Carrie changing over the last year or so, from being miserable and withdrawn to cheerful and care free. Emily thought maybe if I don’ go I’ll go crazy thinking about sex all the time! So she had agreed to go earlier in the week once Carrie had convinced her that it was very easy going and not at all like the major religions that Emily could not get on with, she had certainly known Carrie a long time and saw how she learned to control her thoughts and become more complete through all her parents problems. So they set off and said they would go for a drink after.

Emily was surprised when they arrived at the retreat, it was in lovely grounds with gardens and seats and winding paths all perfectly maintained. Some young people where planting new plants out from trays and looked up and smiled and waved to them. Then she saw the exotic entrance hall, It had tall while columns like you saw in Greece or Rome, huge tall windows, statues and marble floors. There was a water feature and soft choral music playing. It was such a nice place and so informal, the receptionist signed them in and spoke into a headset for Paul the leader to welcome the new members. The leader Paul was quite a good looking guy in his fifties, short silver hair hair and sparkling grey eyes and was quite muscular.

Emily joked, ‘I thought you wanted to quiet my mind not get it racing again!’

Carrie nudged her arm, ‘Trust you!’ She dragged Emily over to meet Paul, much to Emily’s embarrassment. ‘I have a new recruit Paul, this is my friend Emily and she needs to find the path and calm her mind like I did’.

Emily struggled to speak but shook his hand, forgetting to let go as she looked into his eyes.

‘Well she is keen’, Paul laughed, ‘Welcome to our retreat, I hope we can enlighten you Emily.’

As he lead them into the vast main hall, she saw how cute his arse looked in his pants, her thighs were shaking! Emily was amazed at the size of the hall, the ceiling was so high and let light in through stained glass windows coloured yellow and blue and green, flowers where all around the perimeter and incense burned in golden coloured burners, its smoke meandering all through the room. Carrie lead her through rows of meditation cushions to a spot near some people she knew and introduced her to them before they squatted down on the floor. Some of the people where quite hippy looking and sporting chin beards, but most where ordinary people like they were or teenage students. They all seemed really nice, she thought. Paul walked around the hall and lighting incense sticks and candles.

Emily gave Carrie a dig in the ribs, ‘Gosh he is gorgeous’, she giggled. Emily looked around and all around the sides of the room where vases of flower arrangements and incense burners. ‘It’s nothing like a church, is it?’ Emily asked. ‘That’s what I have been trying to tell you for ages, it’s much simpler and relaxed. The meditations are really simple to understand. But if you put them into practice in your daily life, you will see how you can control your thoughts, life and destiny more effectively.’ Carrie showed Emily how to do some breathing and stretching before settling on a cushion. Both the girls where limber enough to get into full lotus position easily, though Carrie said it only helped to deepen the experience, other people where sitting or kneeling .

There where quite a few first timers so Paul ran through some explanations of what the retreats principles where, there was no hierarchy as such and they welcome people from all religions. He spoke at length about how we are all responsible for the future of the planet and must take care to use its resources carefully, from rain forests to oil and chemicals. He told how we are all made from the same molecules that where created at the birth of the universe, and that they carried knowledge and energy within them that we could access. Carrie glanced at Emily, she seemed to be hanging on his every word. ‘Do you like what he is saying, or are you just ogling him?’ She giggled.

‘Hush I am concentrating!’, Emily retorted.

Carrie wondered if she was being serious but she was certainly deep in thought, more than she ever had been for a long time. Emily tried to quieten her mind as the leader lead them through guided meditation. Paul was only esenyurt escort speaking slowly and gently every few minutes as he directed them to visualize a gentle walk through peaceful warm fields, down a wooded path and into a clearing near water. Emily thought, what a waste of time. Then she saw the clock at the end of the room, an hour had passed in what she felt was a few minutes and as she stretched and breathed deeply again, she could feel a fizzing sensation in her body and so refreshed she could have been to a health spa! Her mind was quieter and for hours after she felt way more relaxed. She dragged Carrie to every group they could do over the next three days and asked Paul lots of questions till she realised she was hogging him and annoying the others. Had she really found something special, a real spiritual connection? “I told you so” Carrie teased tickling her as they jumped on her bed like two school kids.


Over the next few months Emily had seen a drop in her sex drive, sure she still masturbated, but less often and less frantically most of the time. More like normal thankfully she grinned, less of a slut. But her orgasms seemed easier to reach and more powerful, more satisfying. Thankfully she had stopped trying to get laid every weekend after each period and even told a guy who approached her to get stuffed. She felt proud of herself for that and wondered how long it would last and if she would be as fulfilled the next time she had sex. She even meditated with Carrie who continued guiding her through some visualisations and breathing exercises. The next Sunday morning after she woke, Emily got her large cushion on the floor and sat in a half lotus position and began to meditate. She had been doing this regularly every day for six months now, often with Carrie’s help and it was really helping the mindless chatter that went on in her head, which normally had turned to sexy thoughts.

She closed the curtains and did a few stretches, first her her fingers and toes, then hands and feet, then her arms and legs, then her back and shoulders, she breathed a few deep slow breaths. Then felt her breath become under control, flowing gently in and out in a fluid movement. She felt the Chi energy flowing around her body. She became detached from the flat she lived in and began to enter a new state of mind, one that she had gained more control over recently.


She imagined she was walking from a sunny field down a path whose tree branches arched over and met in the middle, she saw a gate to one side and went through it. As she entered the side copse there was a clearing, she entered and followed the long path away from the main one. She sat on a large stone, part of a group of stones she had sat on before close to a lake. There was nothing man-made here, just beautiful nature, trees and flowers and occasionally animals and birds passing through. Then she saw something that had never happened before. In front of her she saw a young couple in the distance, they where both dressed in pale blue robes and where surrounded by a gentle flowing aura glow. She had never seen anything like it before!

The lovers seemed to get closer without walking, they had their heads turned into each other and their hands caressed each others bare arms and finger tips. Then the man moved his hands down her and felt the side of her breasts, squeezing them, after a minute he moved to her backside. It was then Emily realised that the girls hair was almost to her feet, she must never have cut it. The Pale yellow aura that surrounded the couple was turning red. She could feel their sexual energy from where she was. Equally she felt their love for each other and for all mankind and nature. Then they broke their kiss and walked hand in hand towards her. “Oh gosh, I’m so sorry. I admit I was watching you. I didn’t mean to offend you” Emily said as she wondered why she was talking to her visualisation.

The man was clearly erect under his robe, they were both beautiful people. The woman’s hair was golden blonde and her eyes bright blue with almost a purple ring around the iris. She had faint freckles and a ring of fresh white flowers in her hair. The boy or rather young man, had long jet black hair down his back and dark brown eyes. His face was beautiful with a rugged chin but a softness too, he had a foot long chin beard that went down to a point which seemed to be bound at the end. His gown was open at the top and she could see he was muscular and bronzed by the sun in contrast to his girlfriends paler skin. “I am Aima and this is my partner Damar, we are lovers and we are not offended by you observing us. In fact we must apologise to you.”

Emily gasped, “Why would you ever need to apologise to me, I am not even sure where I am. I thought this was just a place in my imagination, a visualisation for my meditation. In fact I am sorry, but I feel ridiculous talking to a dream!.” The couple were now right in front of her and she could smell a delicate scent, maybe from the flowers on Aima’s head, she had never smelled anything in a dream or visualisation before. Then Aima reached out and caressed Emily’s arm, “We mean you no harm Emily, the place you are in is sanctuary, not a dream, though dreams are important. It is real to your spirit but not to your body, your body is in Birmingham sitting in the lotus position meditating. You may leave any time you like, or stay as long as you like. The time in your world will only pass an hour for one of our days.”

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