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She’s been gone for 3 days and I’m quickly going nuts. I miss her. Every little thing about her. How she laughs, blinks, snores, breathes …everything. To provide the slightest bit of comfort, I pull open a drawer in her dresser where she keeps her old t-shirts. Bringing it to my nose, I take a deep breath, “Babe, I miss you.”

I pull my own shirt off and slip hers on. The fabric, worn thin with age, is soft as silk and cool as a breeze. I take off my shoes and let my hair out of its clip. Wearing only her t-shirt and my own underwear, I walk out onto our balcony.

The view of the city is amazing. The flashing lights of an approaching plane catch my eye and I imagine she’s on it instead of being thousands of miles away. I watch as it disappears behind the distant landscape and the sun follows it. I watch the lights below begin to flicker to life. They’re turned on in waves as the sky darkens. I watch in silence as dozen more planes land. Around 8:30, exhaustion overtakes me and I retire to our big, empty bed.


The softest touch on my shoulder rouses me out of my sleep, but just barely enough for me to grunt. Another touch, with a little more pressure, makes me sigh and my eyelids flutter. One more touch, firm and warm, drags my eyes open. Before I can turn my head, she whispers, “Hi, beautiful.”

“Welcome home, baby.” I turn my head to her because she won’t let me roll onto my back. She kisses me hard and passionately. I can tell she missed me, too. “I thought you weren’t coming home for another three days.”

When her hands start roaming my body, I suddenly feel silly for sleeping in her shirt. She pulls the covers off me and mumbles, “I might have told a tiny lie.” haramidere escort Sliding her hands against my skin and under the hem of her shirt, she smiles against my ear and whispers, “You look damn sexy in my t-shirt.”

She teases my thigh and hip with her fingertips, stroking up and down. Chills break out all over me. I groan…I can’t help it. It’s been so long, it seems. As she kisses my neck from behind, her hand slides down my hip and between my thighs. I hiss, “Yes.”

I arch my back, pressing my hips against hers and my shoulders against her chest. As her fingers tease me softly, she whispers in my ear, “You’re so beautiful. I’ve missed you so much. I’ve wanted to do this since I got on the plane home.” Pushing me onto my stomach, she helps me take her shirt off. When she straddles my legs, I realize she’s naked, too. She bends and kisses my shoulder softly, making me sigh.

With her fingers trailing lightly over my body, from my shoulder blades to the curve at the small of my back, she keeps kissing my neck. When I’ve taken all I can, she moves down my spine, placing soft kisses along either side. When her hand slides over the curve of my hip, I grit my teeth with anticipation. She shifts, swinging one leg over me and kneeling beside me on the bed. When her hand slides under me, it’s her turn to hiss, “Ooh you’re warm.”

Spreading my legs to allow her more access, I just barely speak above a whisper, “I know. I missed you.” When she finds the wet center of me, my eyes close and my head drops forward into the pillow, “Yes.

While I’m breathing heavier and heavier with every stroke, she whispers encouragement and içerenköy escort seductive questions that really are quite rhetorical, “Mmm that feels good, doesn’t it? Do you like that? Come on, baby. Just a little further now.”

Now I’m gasping, frantic for something to hold on to. I need leverage to push against so I can drive her hand harder against me. I begin to whimper, “Harder, baby. Please. Harder.” When she accommodates me, I shiver all over – inside and out.

There’s a bright white light followed by a massive shudder inside my body. It’s so quick and so thorough, it takes my breath away. My body clamps down so fast and so tightly that she has to wait for the orgasm to subside before withdrawing from me. When she does, she lays flat on her back and I snuggle into her. She smiles, “Did you enjoy your welcome home gift?”

The blush on my cheeks can’t be stopped, “Yes, thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” she says, before kissing my head.

“I’m sorry I was sleeping in your t-shirt.”

“Don’t be silly,” she rolls onto her side facing me, “you looked beautiful in it.”

Tracing the arch of her shoulder with a single finger, I ask, “Is it my turn to give you your welcome home gift?”

“You just did,” she says, leaning in to kiss me. “Right now I need a shower.”

Frowning and pouting a little, I object, “But I want to return the favor.”

Draping an arm over my waist, she pulls me against her. The fabric of her shirt tickles my stomach and I giggle just a bit. She watches me and then smiles, “You’re so amazing. Not to mention very cute.” She kisses me several more times and then sighs, “I have to get up or innovia escort I won’t take that shower and I desperately need it.”

I let her go and she rolls out of the bed. I watch as she undresses. Every layer removed reveals something about her body I love. I know every shadow and crease. Every arch and dip. I know her body better than I know my own, probably. She catches me looking and wiggles her butt as she steps from our bedroom into the bathroom. I can’t help giggling.

Upon hearing the water turn on, I scramble out of the bed and tiptoe to the bathroom door. When her back is turned to me, I sneak into the room and quietly open the shower door. I reach out and slide my hand around her mouth as I press her soapy body against the tile. I ease the bit of panic I created by whispering, “It’s just me, baby. I’m sorry I scared you.” When she relaxes, I move my hand.

“What are you doing?” She turns to face me and then I press her back against the tile.

“I told you I want to return the favor.” I slide my hand over the swell of a breast and then down further, “And you said you needed a shower.” When my hand reaches its target, I whisper, “So I figured I’d return the favor in the shower.”

Pressing her head against the wall, she closes her eyes and gives in with a groan, “Baby.”

Over and over I stroke the source of her ache while catching water droplets off her chin with my tongue. She bends her head down to look me in the eyes and I whisper, “You are so beautiful.”

When she kisses me this time, it’s not wanton and needy, it’s giving and loving and surrendering. She ends the kiss with a gasp and I feel drops of water hitting my cheek after they’ve traveled the length of her eyelashes. With broken words, she whispers, “I love you.”

I notice that the drops I was feeling aren’t water…they’re tears. And as she climaxes with a groan, I hold her tightly to the wall with my body. When I think she’s calm enough to hear me, I bring her head to my shoulder and whisper in her ear, “I love you, too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32