Taken Over His Lap

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“No real man would ever put a cock in his mouth. Only a faggot sissy queer girl would do something like that. So fucking naughty, dirty. And that’s what you are. Only a little bitch would do something like that. A little sissy bitch. Let a real man put his dick in your faggot mouth, cum in your fucking mouth, swallow it, even let your mouth be pee’d in, that’s what you are. A sissy whore.”

He doesn’t expect a response. He is lost to his dirty talk; lost to the way he verbally humiliates me. It makes him rock hard to talk to me like this. I can feel his huge erection up under me, pressed into my left side. I know better than to say anything unless he tells me to speak. I know him when he is like this. He is lost to it. Speak without being spoken to directly and get my butt spanked, paddled, whipped hard. I know this man.

He is driving home what I am to him. He says he has to humiliate me like this to keep me focused on what I am. He says it’s necessary. I never dispute him. I just let him do it. I am addicted to him and his treatment of me. He is my lover. He pretty much owns me.

I’m over his lap. His muscular left leg up under my stomach, my butt is arched and hanging over it. Pinned with his right leg over the backs of my legs, my right wrist gripped by his large, muscled hand so tight it hurts, my arm pulled back up behind me, up over my back. He pets my butt with his free right hand. He strokes me slowly feeling the curve of my bare and baby smooth cheeks. He reaches up between my legs from behind. If grips my penis restraint and pulls it up and back, pinning it between legs, sticking out in the back. I wince, whimper loud. It hurts. I arch my back as much as I can to accommodate the helpless position it puts me in.

I’m naked except for my pink ruffle top ankle sox and high heels. My pink ruffled panties, the only other thing I wore, are in a heap on the floor in front of me. He slipped them down and had me step out of them twenty-minutes ago. He takes his time ‘rewarding’ me when he gets me like this over his lap. He amuses himself as much as he plays with me. It’s really for his pleasure. Not mine. He is lost to his voice, to his words, to the way he talks to me.

My restrained penis swells in its locked pink Holy Trainer restraint. He ordered the penis restraint one size too small. He told me ‘You’ll get used to it.’ I did. It’s been almost six months and it’s only been off four times. Three times to masturbate and milk me, my hands restrained to a neck collar he keeps just for such milkings. Then I am put right back into my restraint, bursa escort still dripping. And once in front of three of his friends to show me off. He had me masturbate myself with my own hand for their amusement. I was teased, laughed at, called names as I did it for them. Then they watched and smiled as he put my restraint back on and locked it. He had me use my mouth on them all. They took turns with me. After they left, he said nothing to me. Never said a word about it. I was in shock. It was the first time he presented me like that, presented to others. He just brought them home. Didn’t even tell me he was going to do that.

His hand pets my butt slowly, pets me like a lap dog. My tiny penis and restraint squeezed back and up between my thighs. I feel my butt bounce as he raises his hand and brings it down so hard across my rear end I cry out, shiver, pull myself instinctively up and away. I am pinned and stay in place. A loud ‘crack’ sounds in the room.


He hits me again. I struggle to not move. I force myself to keep perfectly still as my cheeks bounces and vibrate on his lap from being hit hard. I start to whimper. He hits me again. I feel slight tears in my eyes. I cry out, whimper softly. Then five fast hard slaps. I start to cry. He says nothing. Rests his hand on my butt as I cry almost silently, perfectly still.

“See? You can keep still when you apply yourself. Good little, sissy faggot boy. My own little cocksucker.”

He laughs. I feel his hand rest on my cheeks. Feel the sting of the super hard full force slaps, the hard spanking he delivers to excite himself.

His index finger and thumb move up between my cheeks. They nudge and spread my rear apart and expose my tight little hole. He holds them there like that.

“My, my, I never get tired of looking at this. Never get tired of fucking it either. Your asshole is unbelievably cute. Pink and tight. You really are precious. And all mine. My own little bitch girl doll.”

He calls it my ‘asshole’. He forbids me from using the word ‘asshole’, says it’s not proper for a sissy to say that about herself. He says I should think of it as my pussy and refer to it as such. I do. He says sissies do not have ‘assholes’. They have sissy pussies. He said to remember that about myself. I do.

His middle finger traces the ring of my pussy, pushes in just to the first joint. I feel myself open and then close around it.

“Do you like when Daddy pets his little bitch? Do you?”

I know to answer only when asked a direct bursa escort bayan question.

“Yes, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.”

I purr through soft whimpering, from the stinging pain I feel in my cheeks, as I answer him. Hypnotized by his touch, wanting to be no place other than right here, right now. I am addicted to this type of treatment. He knows that well.

He starts to finger fuck me. I lose myself to it. I lose myself to my ‘reward’, as he calls it. Finger fucked over his lap. He says this is sex for me. This is the sex a sissy needs and deserves. He knows how to work me.

I remember how his friends laughed when he explained that he does this to me. Told them how he used that to make me be what I am, explained how he finger fucks me, when they asked how anyone could let themselves be such a ‘dirty little queer’. One of them said that while he was in my mouth after watching me masturbate in front of them. He calmly explained to them how he ‘trains me’.

“The faggot bitch thrives on abuse.”, I remember him saying that and how they laughed when he did. “But only I punish or reward him. Just fuck his mouth and enjoy it.”

He finger fucks me slow and methodically, pushing his finger over my prostate and then holding it up deep in me, all the way in, moving it around in circles, his large fist up between my cheeks holding them all the way apart. I squeeze my little hole tight around his finger, flex my cheeks around his hand.

And then it’s over. He slips his finger out of me. I feel his hand pat my butt gently. He pushes his hand up over my shoulder, reaches his finger forward to my mouth, bends over me. I take his finger into my mouth. He has me suck it clean.

“Come on, baby. Time to show your appreciation. Time to show your Daddy how much you love him.”

I feel him release my wrist, feel my arm ache as I move it to the floor in front of me and push myself up and off of his lap. I move to the front of him, on my knees. He sits and watches, his huge erection bouncing straight up as I slip off his lap. He is so big that I can deep throat him only for short less than a minute at a time. I choke when I do it. He loves that. As I take him into my mouth, run my tongue over the hole and around the head of it, I feel him wipe his wet finger across the side of my face, in my hair.

“I know that sometimes you feel like you don’t want to do this anymore, feel like you want to stop being a sissy. Like right after you cum like a little bitch. I know how your mind works.”

He laughs.

“But you know escort bursa who owns you and you know I’m not letting you quit. And we both know you don’t think like that for long. You need to be treated like this. We both know that. You need verbal humiliation. You need to be spanked. And you need to suck my cock. Ooooo, yes….ahhhh…”

He sits back and closes his eyes. He loses himself to my mouth as I slowly do what I am supposed to do for him. I am everything he says I am. And he knows that.

“You need a man like me. Ooooooooo, fuck!!!”

My head moves up and down on him as I do what is expected of me, masturbating him with my mouth. I know it’s what he wants. He doesn’t want my pussy now. He wants my mouth. And I do that for him.

When he cums ten minutes later it explodes to the back of my throat. Long hard spurts. I struggle not to choke. I swallow most of it, some explodes out the corners of my mouth and onto his balls. When he finishes, I hurry to lick and suck him clean. I swallow all of it.

“Do you seriously think about quitting, about not doing this anymore?”

He laughs, strokes the side of my face.

“I told you I feel guilty sometimes after I cum. I told you that, Daddy. But I want this. I really do. You are perfect for me. Please don’t let me quit. Ever.”

I look up at him.

“You’re a mess. Your lipstick is all over you face. And all over my cock.”

He stood up, his cock bobbing in front of me. He patted the top of my head as he walked past me.

“Do know how much I love what you are? I would never hurt you. Other than the ways you need to be hurt. Don’t worry. You are not quitting anything. You belong to me.”

He laughed loud.

“I know, Daddy. I really do.”

He walked to the shower.

I picked up my panties from the floor and hurried to my sissy girl room. I quickly fixed my lipstick and put my panties back on. I hurried to the front door. I was on my knees and looking up at him just as he was dressed and ready to leave.

“You have housework to do, girly girl. And I’m bringing a friend home for dinner tonight. You’ll be on the that menu. I know you’ll love that. I know what you need. And you know what I like.”

He bent forward and kissed my cheek, reached down and patted my still stinging bright red cheeks. He pinched my butt. With that he was out the door to this car and gone.

I hurried to my chores. I thought about outfits. What to wear tonight? I have so many super cute things he keeps me in, to choose from. I would be spectacular tonight. I was lost to it all. The way it felt to me that it should be for a completely owned sissy house girl.

I felt my tiny soft penis strain and drip slightly in its already sticky and messy pre cum filled restraint, a wet spot on the front of my panties. I started my housekeeping chores.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32