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Big Dicks

“Hi, Bill! I’m home.

“You know I have been thinking of you all day. I think it is time for something special tonight. Why don’t you just sit back in your chair and relax? Just leave it all up to me. Don’t say a word. I know you like it when I talk dirty.

“Do you like this low cut top I am wearing? All day when I leaned over guy’s desks I could feel them looking down my blouse. Let me bend over you. See how it opens up? My bra is pretty small. I think they guys at the office got quite an eyeful, didn’t they? I let them look but these boobs are for nobody but you, darling. Watch as I put my hands under them and push up. See what a cleavage it gives me?

“I know having them rubbed will make me feel good. But not yet, not yet. Watch my ass as I dance away from you. I shake it like this in the office too. Once I looked back and saw a guy rubbing himself under the desk when I did that. Let me give it a little slap. Ow!

“Watch while I sit down here. When I cross my legs I know I show a lot of thigh. Is it turning you on? I like it when you get turned on. But even better is if I spread my legs out a bit. Do you see the flash of my panties up my skirt? There is a little wet spot on them, Bill, because I am thinking of you.

“I am going to pull this blouse up over my head. There, how’s that? You get a nice view of my tits now, don’t you? This bahis firmaları little pink bra is just for you, my man. When you stare at my boobs like that I feel the nipples standing up. Let me come closer. Ooh, I feel the light touch of fingers on my nipples and it sends a thrill through me.

“You are such a big man. I am all yours, Bill. This miniskirt is coming off now. Do you like my ass in this thong I am wearing? That’s right, I know you do. Let me slap it again. Ow! Pain and pleasure go together, don’t they? Hands on my ass turn me on. Watch as I bend over. See my pussy under my panties, Bill? See the wet spot on the fabric? I am getting so turned on stripping for you. I know you are liking it, I can see it in your eyes. You aren’t missing a bit of it, are you, Bill?

“I need to spread my legs wider so I can rub it for you. Look at it under the cloth as I give it a good rub. I am getting turned on, Bill, ready for you. Let my hand slip inside my thong and rub some more. Look at the juice on my fingers. That juice is just for you. I love you so much and yearn for you.

“Shall I take the bra off, Bill? Yes, I knew you would nod at that idea. Here it comes. I will let it slip down slowly, so you see the white mounds. Now a bit more and my pink nipples will pop out for you, Bill. I will let the bra drop and put my hands behind my back. Look kaçak iddaa at my nipples stand up for you. A finger just running over them lightly makes me shudder a bit. Oh, I want you so bad.

“Watch the thong now. Yes, I see your eyes on it. You are waiting for this, aren’t you, Bill? It is soooo wet. I am ready for you down there. I am lowering the thong. First you see my blonde pussy hair, don’t you? It is so soft to stroke. And now can you see the pink lips of my pussy? Yes, I knew you could. They are swelling up for you. Having you watching them makes my clit throb.

“If I put my leg up on your chair arm, you get a good view. Look how pink and wet it is, Bill. Put your tongue out and tickle it. OOOOH. That feels good. Do you like the taste of my pussy juice? OOOOH. That is my clit you found. You are driving me to the edge. Your tongue inside my pussy makes it throb. Don’t end it too quickly. There is more to come.

“Now straddling your leg like this lets me squeeze my pussy against you and rub my leg in your crotch. It is so exciting. Let me stand up and get some fingers in there. Yes, yes, just like that! In and out, in and out, Bill. All I can concentrate on is the feeling in my cunt and the hands rubbing my tits. You are turning me on so much, Bill.

“I feel the hardness penetrating my cunt now. My hips jerk from ecstasy, Bill. My kaçak bahis mind is full of fireworks! Faster, faster. Long deep strokes. Oh! Oh! My pussy is contracting so hard. My ass cheeks are clenching for you, Bill. Yes! Yes!

“Whew. You have left me panting, Bill. You are my man and being with you leaves me so satisfied. Shall I get dressed now? Shake your head at that one, huh? OK, I will stay naked. You like to hear me talk about it as we go, don’t you. And you like to watch my big boobs swing and my nipples get hard. You like me to tell you how wet I am too. I know dirty talk appeals to my Bill. So I am happy to do it for you.

“In fact, I will do anything for you, my love, Ssgt William Anderson, USMC. That Iraqi mine may have left you in paralyzed in a wheelchair and the trauma left you not willing to talk, but you are still my man, my lover. If the only hands I can feel on my tits are mine, I imagine it is you. If the only hard thing I feel in my pussy is my own finger, it is still you, Sgt. Anderson. Having you sit there watching me as I get off is small reward for what you have done. You are my hero and that Purple Heart you wear is a bigger turnon than anything, Marine.

“I know, my love, in your dreams tonight you will be a virile young man again. I know you will take me deeply in your arms and ravish me. I look over at your pillow and see your head jerking in your sleep and I pray that you are dreaming of my pussy, because I don’t want you to have any more dreams about your buddies who didn’t come home, Bill.

“I like to talk dirty for you, my hero.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32