The Cruise

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This is my first submission. I’m not a practiced writer of fiction or erotica but I have read a lot of excellent stories on here.

This is a work of pure fiction and all characters are figments of my imagination.

Comments welcome but please be gentle!


It was hot. Summer in Sydney can be that way.

“Are you getting excited yet?” This had been John’s stupid question on repeat for the last week at least.

“I would be in a much better mood if you had arranged priority boarding” said Karen as she watched a stylish woman in a white cotton blouse with her brunette air pulled through the back of a cap, bypass the seemingly stationary mass of sweaty humanity surrounding her on this sweltering day at the White Bay Cruise terminal. They grabbed their luggage and moved forward a metre, stopping again for what seemed like the hundredth time. Karen scanned the customs check in station again in time to see the woman collect her documents and disappear behind the barrier.

It had been a long day already for Melanie. Not an unusual one. She was quite accustomed to catching the early Virgin Australia flight from Tullamarine to Sydney, normally flying business class. Today it was cattle class since this was recreational travel and that was company policy. She had even elected to catch the shuttle transfer from Kingsford Smith to White Bay however she had paid up front for priority boarding. Her CEO, Warren, had highly recommended this to her when he was going over the arrangements for her “enforced” vacation following the accident.

As she disembarked the shuttle she was confronted by a line of her fellow passengers snaking out of the terminal and around the corner of the building, thankfully in the shade.

“Excuse me” she said to a uniformed person doing their best to marshal the crowd of dads, mums and squabbling kids. “Do you know where the priority boarding gate is please”?

One Month Earlier.

“It’s simple David!” Karen said to the Director of the Human Resources department.

“I will not tolerate him speaking to me that way and if something isn’t done about him, my next visit to this office will be to commence formal proceedings against him. I have a litany of recorded unprofessional and inappropriate comments that have spewed from his misogynistic mouth over a long period of time but this latest episode will be the last.”

“Karen, you know it’s not actually that simple.”

“Yeah yeah I know, Malcolm is the Marketing Director, a shareholder and his wife is well connected with the Chairman of the Board. Blah blah blah” She said as she stood.

“Then it’s going to look bad for everyone if his behaviour is brought to light.” She opened the door of the office and walked out without looking back.

David took a moment to reflect on the whole situation. Everyone in the company knew that Malcolm was past his prime. He had certainly contributed a lot to the company during his extensive tenure but as he approached the end of his working life he had developed a brutal habit of stepping on anyone who posed any kind of threat. This meant that Karen, as his supposed heir apparent, became a constant source of aggravation.

Karen was hired several years ago with a career path into Malcolm’s portfolio. She had started out in a sales role and although not her ideal profession had acquitted herself very well. A few short stints in R&D, QA and Production saw her develop a good understanding of the complexities of the pharmaceutical industry. Most importantly in every area she worked, she was well regarded and developed excellent relationships that would certainly hold her in good stead when Malcolm finally departed.

That night she tried to talk about the increasingly hostile situation at work with John but he was way out of his depth regarding matters of senior management.

“I’m sure it’ll work out in the end. The guy’s pretty old, surely he’ll retire soon. Hey, why don’t you take a break from work, you must have plenty of leave up your sleeve. We could dump the kids and take a holiday after Christmas for a couple of weeks.”

Karen went to bed not long afterward and feigned sleep before John had a chance to make another proposal for his own gratification.

Next morning Karen was called in to see the HR Director. As she left her office she picked up the annual leave form and set her shoulders ready for another session with David.

“I’ve had an “off-the-record” discussion about the Malcom situation with the boss.” David said with his fingers doing quote marks in the air.

“Why off the record”

“Now, now Karen, hear me out! Please take a seat”

Karen sat on the sofa as David came from behind his desk and took a seat on the opposite side of the coffee table.

“We acknowledge the situation and it’s seriousness and also the position you have decided to take.

It is not acceptable for the heads of the marketing department to be in turmoil,” he paused momentarily as if in thought.

“Again, istanbul travesti off the record, there is a developing situation that could resolve this impasse if you could just agree to ride it out for a few months. I can’t say anymore about this at present and I ask you to keep this chat strictly between us.”

Karen handed Malcolm the filled in request for leave form.

“Karen, this should be submitted through your manager, but since that’s Malcolm we need to address this in a different manner. I wanted to suggest you take a month or so off starting immediately on full pay under our Staff Wellbeing Program. It will be recorded as stress leave. That will give me some starting position for dealing formally with Malcolm. That was actually why I asked you to come and see me this morning.”


“Well that was just horrendous.” John said, flopping down on the bed after finally negotiating the customs and boarding process.

“I was never sure about a cruise from the beginning.” Karen was concerned John was up to something. He was quite ‘driven’ to join this cruise once she was given time off work.

“What do you feel like doing now?” He asked while Karen went to the door leading out to the balcony.

“I’d like to go up on deck with a glass or two of bubbles and watch Sydney slip by as we sail out under the bridge.”

“Any chance of some ‘rumpety’ yet?”

“Not for a couple of days! You know my period is almost done. Save it up, you’ll get some soon if you can behave”

Up on deck, John bought two glasses of sparkling wine to toast their departure. He’d revert to beer once this first glass was done.

They watched as the ship was towed away from the wharf by the tug boats and slowly made her way down past The Rocks, under the ‘Coat Hanger’, past Circular Quay and the Opera House. By the time they passed Garden Island John was onto his third beer and Karen was sipping her second ‘champers’.

A little further down the side of the ship, near the pool area, there were a group of maybe twenty or so revellers making a little more noise than everyone else.

“They look like they’re having a good time.” Karen noted.

“Hope they don’t go overboard!” She said with a smirk, she was impressed with her own humour. John took a while to catch on. He seemed distracted.

“You want a top up?” He said as he headed back to the bar.

It took a few more glances at the group before Karen noticed the coloured wristbands the revellers were wearing and an uneasy feeling began to creep up on her.

“D’you notice anything about that noisy group down there?” She asked as she took her drink from her husband.

“Apart from them being loud and having some fun?”

“Look at their wristbands John. Do they look familiar?”

“Maybe they are just travelling together and …” he was cut off.

“Maybe they are swingers John, like at the club in town John, the club we said we wouldn’t be going back to John. What the absolute fuck have you done?”

She was about to throw her drink in his face but decided against making a scene. She turned and walked away.

“Look honey, I didn’t organise our trip knowing that a group of swingers was going to be here. I know the bands look the same. But….” He hesitated. He took a breath and closed his eyes…

“They are more likely to be a group from the adult dating site I’ve been on.”

“You knew they were on this cruise. That’s why you were so driven to get us on as well.” She wasn’t as angry as she had been on deck. They’d been through this before, and she had gone along with it at times.

“How many women am I supposed to be meeting up with on this ship?”

“Just one, but I think you’ll like her. She sounds nice.”

“Have you been talking to her?”

“Not talking, just messaging back and forth.”

“When am I supposed to be meeting her?”

“Tomorrow afternoon.”

They lapsed into an uncomfortable silence. Karen opened the mini bar fridge and took out a bottle of wine, grabbed a glass and went out to the balcony.

John took a beer and bravely went out to join her. They sat in silence for some time.

They were well out to sea when the sun began to set.

“We probably should head up for dinner if you’re up to it.” John offered.

Karen stood and went inside. She went into the small bathroom and cleaned up, brushed her hair, reapplied some makeup and came back into the cabin.

John had changed his shirt and put on his good shoes.

“Shall we?” He said as he opened the cabin door.

“For the sake of our holiday, I’m not going to be angry with you. We don’t let the sun set on our anger. But, you need to tell me everything that you have arranged before we go to bed. Everything, got it.” Karen looked her husband straight in the eye as they sat facing each other at dinner.

“Ok, well…”

“Not here darling! Later. Collect your thoughts.”

When Melanie came on board she was greeted by the concierge, istanbul travestileri a young man probably in his twenties and obviously gay.

“Welcome aboard Ms Mason, my name is Dom, if you would like to follow me I will show you to your suite.”

Melanie had never set foot on a cruise ship before but when Warren had given her the use of the company suite to help her with her recovery she was actually taken aback. The fact that once out to sea, her mobile phone would not be of any use apart from taking photos was actually part of the plan and he expressly forbade her logging onto the ships wifi. He reiterated the need for her to relax.

Dom slowed as they approached a nondescript door in the corridor. He turned and took the last few steps backwards. Opening the door, he gestured for her to enter. Inside was a small foyer and a pair of lift doors. Dom swiped a small grey device across a reader near the doors and pushed the call button to summon the lift.

“This fob provides access to your suite alone. Two other suites are serviced by this elevator. On this cruise neither of the other suites will be occupied.” He explained.

The doors opened and they entered. There were no other buttons inside.

“The lift knows where you are going from the information on the fob.”

The lift moved silently upward and stopped. The doors opened directly into a most opulent living room furnished in a designer lounge, a beautiful four place dinner table setting and a king size bed on a raised platform. One wall was almost completely glass while the other walls were covered in an amazing wallpaper. Around the room were several pieces of artwork in ornate frames. Finally in one corner was a suitable stocked full wet bar.

“Your luggage has already been delivered and your staff have put everything away for you. If you have any further questions or need any assistance at all anytime day or night, please press 99 on the phone at the bar. Here is the fob for the lift, you only need it to come into your room. If you happen to misplace it please see someone at the concierge desk or again dial 99 from any phone you find onboard. Will there be anything else?”

“No, that is wonderful, and thank you.”

She laid down in the bed and within a few heartbeats dropped off to sleep.

A little under an hour later she awoke with a start. The nightmare had returned again. The rain, the lightning, the crashing sounds, the screeching tyres, the impact, the silence.

Melanie fixed herself a martini and went out one of the double glass doors into a private balcony and sat at one of the chairs and watched as the ship moved slowly past the haunting clown face of Luna Park, she never liked clowns, then under the Harbour Bridge. She looked over at the building on the next point and recalled the charity luncheon she and Nick had attended there just a year ago. She needed another Martini. When she returned to the balcony, the world famous Taronga Zoo had slipped by and the ship was turning to the right through the heads and out to sea.

She decided to take dinner in the suite tonight. It had been a long day, plenty of time for people watching tomorrow.

Later that evening John went through another set of details, much the same as previous ones he had arranged. He was hoping for a different result. So far the three previous attempts he had made to find a lesbian lover for his wife had not been successful. Karen had played along with the ruse each time but had not found any of the ladies in the least bit ‘suitable’.

“Melissa is about the same age as you, I think she is 53.”

“I’m 44 if you don’t mind!” Karen was not impressed that he had found an ‘older’ person.

“She is 5’5″, shoulder length brown/graying hair, 32B, married but describes herself as bisexual.”

“Sounds wonderful! And does Mr Melissa expect to join in?” She asked with a generous serving of skepticism.

“Not according to her profile.”

“When and where and how will I know her?” Karen asked.

“It’s arranged for 2:30 in the Sportsman’s Bar on the Promenade Deck. I guess just look for someone sitting alone that fits the description.” Even John could see that was not a good start. Karen looked away.

“Anything else? I mean how much have you told her about me, or should I say “You”?” She chuckled. She knew John had a profile that actually described her but much of the detail he would pass on during messaging.

“Nothing specific, just the normal stuff, you’re looking for some NSA fun with a possibility of friendship for a suitable female companion. You don’t want to change your situation and you hold discretion critical.” He trailed off recognising he had said these same words more than once.

“Ok, it’s late and I’m exhausted. It’s been a big day, I’m supposed to be relaxing and you’ve given me nothing but stress.” Karen stood up from the club chair at the desk and went into the bathroom to prepare for bed. John waited his turn.

In bed, Karen travesti istanbul conceded to herself that the notion of finding that suitable female companion was not totally foreign to her. They had shared this fantasy for so long now that she was involved. But the likelihood of that happening with a person almost ten years her senior was not good.

She sometimes resented him for trying to set it up all the time. Why not just let it happen naturally. Maybe if she started taking more notice she might find her suitable match.

When John came to bed he seemed in the mood for some action but was reminded of her menstrual condition.

“How about a snuggle?” He asked as he spooned his wife from behind and slipped his hand up onto her breast. Karen pushed back against him and reached up and held his hand as he kneaded her tits. Soon enough John’s ministrations slowed then ceased as he dropped off to sleep.

After breakfast the next morning the couple decided to take a dip in the pool. John changed in the cabin while Karen went into the bathroom to get herself ready but found it too cramped to actually change into her bathing costume. She stepped back into the cabin and stripped out of her day clothes. She picked up her new burgundy one piece cossie and slid into it. John looked on with a growing problem in his groin. He’d need to cover that with a beach towel!

Karen took a second to check herself in the mirror, especially the new designer swimsuit she had bought for the cruise. She was happy with the ensemble, especially how it complimented her auburn hair and complexion.

Lunch consisted of a buffet near the pool. Once finished, Karen prepared to leave to get ready for her meeting.

“You’ll need to make sure you put some more sunscreen on soon.” Karen said by way of avoiding the elephant.

“What to wear?” She thought. This is different to what’s happened before. I didn’t bring my entire wardrobe, just holiday gear and a couple of outfits for the formal nights. She also wondered about the signals she would send based on her appearance.

Several changes and about thirty minutes later, she stood in front of the full length mirror. Karen was actually pretty pleased with her figure. After the birth of both children she had worked consistently at returning to her best. Swimming was her exercise goto. It not only gave her the physical workout she needed, it also gave her time to organise her head. Now looking in the mirror she saw reflected a woman 5’6″ with nice curves, a nice butt, courtesy of the pool, and boobs that had a nice shape considering her two children were breastfed for most of their first twelve months. Today she wore white skinny jeans, a loose fitting vee neck black tee shirt over a soft bra and strappy sandals. At the last minute she added a beaded necklace that accentuated her green eyes.

Melanie had slept in and missed the time slot for the buffet breakfast.

She decided to dress casually and head to one of the onboard cafes for morning coffee and see what offerings might be available for a pseudo breakie.

At 38, Melanie was at her prime. In certain circumstances some would describe her as stunning. Today she didn’t have the desire to enhance her appearance so it was denim shorts, her bikini top under a loose button up white shirt. She pulled her long brunette hair back into a high ponytail, dispensed with any makeup, grabbed her day bag and a book she had bought at the airport and headed out to see what the day would bring.

Although she had no real intention of drinking early in the day she found herself sitting in a bar after her coffee and pastry breakfast had slid into a light salad lunch with a glass of Pinot Gris.

“Hi, are you Mel?”

The question roused her from her post lunch drowsiness. She didn’t usually go by that name and today it brought a little sting since Nick was the only one who ever got away with using it.

“Maybe. Depends, am I in trouble? Melanie said as she turned her head to find the source of the question. She had a smirk on her face that turned to admiration as she took in the red headed woman who had obviously asked the question since the two women were actually the only people in the bar at the time.

“Well I guess that depends if you’ve done anything wrong. Do you mind if I join you? I’m Karen by the way.” She thought she recognised Mel. A while later she thought she was probably the woman she saw during boarding.

“So Karen, what brings you on this cruise and why aren’t you sunning yourself at the pool?” She asked as Karen took a seat opposite.

“Actually I’m on a recommended sabbatical from work for a month while they get some shit sorted out.” She wondered if that was giving a bit too much away given the situation.

“And you?”

“We’ll, I guess you could say a bit the same for me, probably more R&R to get my own shit sorted!” It was possibly the first time she had actually said that out loud to anyone else. ‘Why this stranger?’ She thought immediately after she’d said it.

“So, married?” Melanie asked as she tapped her own ring finger that still carried Nick’s engagement ring. She had noticed the modest jewellery on Karen’s left hand.

“Guilty as charged. Twenty five years this year, two kids and a mortgage. What about you?”

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