The Island

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My legs pedaled the fourteen foot kayak as it slipped through the calm shallow bay water. I’d taken the day off to do a little fishing hoping to land enough Redfish or Speckled Trout for dinner. I rounded a bend as I traced the shore of a small deserted island and found myself heading right at another fisherman in a kayak.

I changed course to avoid disturbing the man who had fishing lines in the water.

“Ahoy.” He waved his arms to get my attention.

I stopped pedaling and the kayak drifted forward slowing down.

“You weren’t disturbing me.” He reeled his line in and motioned for me to head to his location.

The fish weren’t biting for me, and maybe he could give me some tips where they were in this area of the bay. I turned the rudder and pedaled towards him. Soon, I pulled alongside his kayak.

“Having any luck?” He asked.

“Not really. You?”

He opened a small cooler on his boat and held up two legal Speckled Trout. “I caught these two, first thing this morning but haven’t had much luck since.” He reached across with his hand. “I’m Issac, Issac Horn.”

I shook his outstretched hand. “Toby Crane.”

“Nice to meet you, Toby. Is that a nickname?”

“It’s short for Tobias.”

I guessed Issac was in his mid to late fifties. At least twenty years my senior. I’d never experienced an attraction to older men, but he had a warm smile and seemed like a nice person. My eyes drifted casually to his left hand and spied the wedding band on his finger. A small wave of disappointment came over me as if I could be so lucky that Issac wasn’t straight.

“I was just getting ready to go in for a bite of lunch.” He pointed to the deserted patch of beach on the small island. “Care to join me? I have plenty of food.”

“Sure, why not?” Figured I could pick Issac’s brain about fishing spots.

Fifteen minutes later we dragged our kayaks onto the sand, and Issac grabbed a cooler and motioned for me to follow him. He set the cooler down. “I’ll be right back.” He ran back to his kayak and returned with one of those folding chairs designed to take up little space. He opened the chair and pointed at it. “Have a seat.” He opened the cooler. “Hope you like pepperoni and salami and cheese.” He set the items down along with some crackers on a piece of dried out driftwood that sat in the sand between us. “Dig in Toby.” He handed me a paper plate.

“Thanks.” I made mini sandwiches with the crackers, meat and cheese.

Issac reached back in the cooler and retrieved a thermos then took a seat on the cooler. He handed me the cup from the thermos and poured red wine into it. “It’s nothing expensive, but it’s tasty.” He took a sip from the thermos after my cup was full.

I sipped the wine. “It is good.” I popped a cracker in my mouth.

“So, Toby, you here on vacation?”

“No, I live here, why?”

“Oh sorry, I figured a young fellow like you would probably be at work.”

“I’m a computer programmer, mostly contract work. I work out of my home.”

“Nice! I’m retired myself.”

The baggy shorts Issac wore, and the way he sat on the cooler exposed his cock. I tried to not be obvious trying to get a better look. I don’t know why I tortured myself like this. He wasn’t available in several ways. Still, I couldn’t help myself.

“So how do you like my island?” He swept his hand in the air in a motion.

“Your island? You own this?”

“No, the state owns it. But, most times I am the only one that comes ashore. It’s not much, but it’s quiet, and private. Sometimes the fishing is great around the edges.”

I nodded. “It looks nice.”

“On the weekends a few visitors come ashore but rarely stay long.”

“So the fishing is good here then?”

Issac took another drink of wine to wash down his cracker. “I’ve had good luck.”

As he said that I glanced between his legs again. It was almost as though he knew he was showing me his cock. Probably just my imagination. The sky rumbled in the distance, and I noticed dark clouds heading toward us. “I’d better get going. Looks like we’re getting some weather.”

“Yeah, it’s that time of year.” He started gathering everything up.

I helped him cart the cooler back to his boat, and we cleaned up our trash.

“Well, maybe I’ll see you again?” said Issac.

I shook his hand. “I think you will.” I smiled at him.

“You’re always welcome on my island, Toby.”


I dragged my kayak to deeper water and climbed on. Issac was right behind me. He paddled his kayak while I pedaled so I edged ahead of him. I paced myself so in case the weather blew up suddenly he wasn’t alone. Forty minutes later I arrived where I parked my vehicle and used the dolly to bring my kayak ashore and slide it on the trailer. I looked over the water and saw Issac dragging his kayak ashore about a hundred yards away from my spot. I waved at him, and he waved back. Rain drops hit my body. We’d made it back just in time.

On the drive home, I thought about the afternoon. I thought about Issac and the thought of the glimpses istanbul travesti of his cock made mine swell. It had been a while for me. Maybe I was just horny but I wondered if I could somehow seduce my new buddy. That thought made my cock swell even more.


I finished placing the kayak in the small garage where I stored it. The rain pelted my body as I made my way inside. Inside the door I stripped off my clothes so I didn’t track water through the house. I dumped the wet clothes in the bathroom and jumped in a hot shower. I washed the salt and sand from my body. I was still thinking about my day with Issac as the hot water cleansed my skin and loosened my muscles. I stepped from the shower and dried off then walked into the bedroom for a pair of shorts.

I fixed a healthy dinner and worked on a software program for a while. I was unable to concentrate as I normally do. I’d gone too long without sex and it had taken its toll on my concentration. I turned off the PC and retired to the bedroom. Maybe a nap would straighten things out. I put some music on to relax and stretched out on the bed. I closed my eyes but my thoughts quickly drifted back to the afternoon. I didn’t get a good look at Issac’s cock but enough to make me wonder. Why was I so enthralled with this obviously straight older married man?

I imagined Issac’s cock free from his shorts. I’d take it in my hand. He didn’t say stop, so I slowly wrapped my lips around the head. He still hadn’t stopped me so I slid the whole cock in my mouth, his pubic hair tickled my nose. Issac was all mine now.

I opened my eyes, and looked at my tented shorts. The short dream had heated me up. I jumped from the bed and opened the top drawer of the dresser. I retrieved my favorite toy, a Fleshjack and a small tube of lubricant. I squirted the lube inside the soft rubber toy and went back to bed. I stroked my cock coaxing it back to its previous state, throbbing. I slid the toy, constructed to give the sensation of a human mouth, down the length of my cock. The lubricant seemed to warm quickly as I moved the toy up and down slowly. I thought about Issac again. Closed my eyes and imagined his mouth enveloping my cock. The toy even sounded like Issac was slurping my dick. I felt an orgasm building up inside me and knew it wouldn’t be long. The toy suddenly felt different as if a seal between it and my cock took place. The increased suction drove me to a frenzy and I couldn’t control my arm any more. I pumped the toy hard with a frenzied pace and just before coming I removed it from my dick. I shot a string of cum that hit my chin and sprayed across my torso soaking into my chest hair. I dropped the toy on the bed and worked to slow my breathing. My cock still swayed as cum leaked from the hole and ran down the shaft onto my balls. I couldn’t just wipe this clean, so I headed back to the shower for a quick rinse.


I yanked my line when I felt the bite and knew I’d caught my sixth fish for the day. It fought courageously but as I pulled it close to the kayak I recognized it was another Speckled Trout and it looked legal. I netted the silvery fish and brought it aboard. I placed it on a tape glued to the kayak hull and verified it was a keeper then placed it in the cooler with the others on ice.

I put my rod in the holder and spied Issac’s kayak on the beach. Excited about my catches I pedaled in to brag a little. I looked for Issac as I pulled my boat onto the sand. He wasn’t within sight.

“Issac!” I yelled.

There was no answer. I don’t know why, but I panicked, concerned for my new friend’s safety. I spotted a set of footprints and instinctively followed them. They went down the beach for about seventy yards then turned further inland. I followed them on the narrow path through palms and chest high weeds. I stalked quietly in case Issac called out for help. After about thirty or forty yards, movement ahead caught my eye. I peered for a closer look. Issac stood against a young palm tree, naked. I inched closer but didn’t call out.

Issac’s hand was wrapped around his cock and his eyes were closed. I finally got a look at my new friend’s cock, free from those shorts. It was every bit impressive as I imagined He lifted his hand to his mouth and spit in it without opening his eyes.

I was close enough to hear the noise his hand made on his wet glistening cock. I peeked at his balls covered with soft thin hair. They were drawn up close to his cock, a sign he was ready to come any second. My cock sprung to action itself and I pulled at the head remaining silent.

“Oh Toby,” Issac moaned aloud as his fingers wrapped tighter around his dick. “Make me come, Toby.”

The older man’s body bucked and cum ran out of his cock as he squeezed it. It covered his fingers and dripped on the sand.. He leaned back further against the tree and tilted his head back.

For a split second my reaction was to expose myself to Issac and fuck him right there. A split second later, I still couldn’t be sure. It was too risky. istanbul travestileri Supposed I went to him and slid that hot cock in my mouth and he rejected my advance. Maybe jacking off was as far as this married man was willing to go. I snuck away quietly and broke into a trot when I got to the sandy beach.

I pulled my kayak back in the water and pedaled like crazy to put space between me and the sandy beach where Issac’s kayak sat. I casted another hook in the water and kept my eye on the beach.

Finally Issac appeared and saw me out on the water. He waved and then dragged his yak into the water and paddled toward me. “Hiya. Toby. Having any luck?”

I reeled my bait back in as he came alongside. I leaned forward and opened the hatch and showed him my fish. “Six, but they’re nice ones.”

“They sure are.”

He looked at me differently. But I could be mistaken and reading too much into his gaze.

“Specks are good eating, you know,” said Issac.

“I know,” I answered. I wondered if he was giving me a hint. I decided there was no harm in finding out. “Think I’ll cook these up with some shrimp tonight. You’re welcome to join me if you’d like?” I looked at his wedding ring. “Bring Mrs. Horn if you’d like.”

“Thanks for the invite. My wife is out of town with her sisters. They went to Biloxi to gamble and see a show or two. I’d like some company. I accept.”


I’d just finished filleting the last trout and arranged them on the pan. I’d place in them in oven once Issac arrived. My watch showed it was after four, so I decided to grab a quick shower and wash off the fishy smell from the day’s trip.

I pulled on a pair of baggy sailing shorts and a Hawaiian print shirt. It wasn’t anything special for Issac. I usually traipse around the house in gym shorts and no shirt, not hardly a way to greet dinner guests, especially first time ones.

I spent considerable time thinking about my kayak trip earlier in the day. The sight of Issac stroking himself while leaned against a palm hidden on the small island. I devised several scenarios to determine if Issac had become a possible intimate friend even though married to a female and showing no hint of being anything but straight.

I tried the look several times. The kind of look, guys use to show interest in another guy. Issac never responded, well he smiled or grinned, but he did that a lot anyway. So I was no closer determining if he’d reject or welcome my advances.

I considered the straight-forward approach, just asking him. If I was wrong, it could end a new friendship before it really began. Contrary to what many believe, gay men have straight friends they aren’t interested in sexually but just a normal friendship. If that’s all Issac could be, I was good with that. But then he did moan my name out loud as the ropes of cum squirted out of that cock.

I ran several scenarios in my mind on how to seduce Issac. I had no idea if they’d work. In relationships, I had most often been the one seduced. And this was one of the reasons I was so unsure about this. Some of the men who had seduced me over the years, told me they’d dropped hints for some time before I finally ended up in their bed or living room floor. Thinking back I never got the hint from them. It was as if it went right over my head. Maybe it was my nerd personality. I seemed to always be thinking about work, even times when I’d set out socialize and have fun.

I popped into the kitchen for a last check that everything was ready to go. I opened the folding window doors that separated the kitchen from the dining area/ living room area of my home. The doorbell rang and adrenaline coursed quickly through my body. Issac was here.


I opened the door without checking the peephole. “Issac.”

“Hi, Toby. Hope I’m not too early?”

“No, perfect timing, actually.” I swung the door wide open. “Come on in.”

He stepped inside and I closed the door. I walked to the living room and motioned for him to take a seat. He was dressed similar to me except he wore a more conventional dress shirt with his sailing shorts. I’d noticed when he brushed past me, the faint smell of cologne or after shave.

Issac looked around the room. “Nice place.”

“Thanks. Would you like something to drink?”

“Sure, what you got?”

“Beer, wine or I could make you a drink. I have rum and vodka.”

“Beer would be fine.”

I grabbed two beers from the fridge and handed him one. “I’m going to start dinner, if you don’t mind?”

“No, go ahead.”

I returned to the kitchen and stopped at the window. “How’d your fishing go today?”

Issac smiled. “I got skunked, but still had a great time.”

I glanced back at him just in time to see his hand graze across his crotch. Was I imagining why he did that when asked about today? Or was it purely innocent? Or was I beginning to go crazy?

I slid the filets into the oven. I’d already set the dining table with plates and I prepared the rest of the meal as the fish cooked. It wouldn’t travesti istanbul be long now.

“So you work from this home?” asked Issac.

I pulled a bowl of chilled boiled shrimp from the fridge along with two bowls of salad. I came through the door to the dining area and set the food on the table. “The fish should be done in a few minutes. You can come sit down if you’d like?” I watched Issac spread his legs before he stood and knew immediately he’d gone commando this evening. I got a quick glimpse of his cock before he stood. Of course after today, I no longer wondered what his cock looked like so the visual was more explicit in my brain. I felt a quick rush of blood fill my own cock. It wasn’t hard but it was headed that way. “After dinner I’ll show you my setup.” As soon as I said it, I wondered if he understood what I meant.

He looked at me and grinned.

“My work setup,” I stammered.

He chuckled and I wondered if he realized I was a bit flustered. I moved to the kitchen and returned with several choices of salad dressing for our salad. The buzzer on the oven chimed and I hurried back to the kitchen to take care of the fish. Minutes later I placed the pan of fish on the protective plates set in the center of the table along with a half a loaf of warm buttered French bread. “Here we go.”

“Wow, that looks delicious,” said Issac. “What is it?”

“It’s a recipe from a small restaurant in New Orleans. One of my best friends and I used to spend a lot of time there. The sauce is a bit spicy but has a sweet fruity taste too and that’s melted Parmesan cheese on the fish.”

Issac reached to the pan and used a spatula to lift some fish onto his plate. He took a small bite. “Delicious. You’ll have to give me the recipe.”

I noticed his bottle was empty. “Another beer?”



Issac brought the last dish into the kitchen so I could rinse it off and load it in the dishwasher. We’d really gotten to know a little more about each other with the only awkward moment occurring when he asked me about girlfriends. My first inclination was to tell him the truth but instead I chickened out and made some lame excuses about not being able to keep a steady girlfriend because my work took up so much time.

“How about another beer?” I asked him.

“That’ll be four. You trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?” He laughed afterwards.

I took it as a joke and laughed too. Although in the back of my mind, I wouldn’t have minded if it loosened him up a little.

“So you promised me during dinner you’d give me the rest of the tour.”

I handed him an open beer and grabbed another for myself. It was only my third. “Follow me.”

I led him to the back of the house to the man cave room with a big screen TV, a comfortable couch and a small free standing fireplace.

“This is where I hang out when not working.”

“Nice, Toby. A real man cave.”

I smiled and nodded thinking if he only knew what I wanted to do to him in my man cave. I briefly wondered what he’d do if I walked over and plopped a gay porn movie in the DVD player. I’m not that brave and besides if anything was going to happen, I’d rather it happen more naturally.

I motioned for him to follow me and we ended up in my office.

“Whoa, that’s quite a setup,” he remarked, looking at the four monitors on the large bench style desk.


“I’m afraid I’m not very computer savvy. Use mine to surf the web for research. Fishing times, stuff like that.”

“No porn?” I asked and immediately regretted the question.

Issac grinned. “That too.”

I chuckled at his confession.

“So exactly what do you for a living with these?” He pointed to the monitors.

He seemed generally interested.

“Sit down in the chair, it’s easier to show you.” I stood behind him and reached over and moved the mouse to wake the computer up. “Here, you drive.” I pushed the mouse towards Issac’s hand.He took control and moved the cursor across the screen. I reached across him and felt heat. “See the green icon?”

Issac moved the cursor over the icon I pointed to. “This one?”

“Yes, double click it.”

Issac double clicked the icon and the display changed bringing up a program. “So what’s this?”

“It’s a logistics program. Say you own a business and need to stock parts or supplies. This program does that for you and will automatically order items to restock your shelves. This is the generic version. Once a business buys the package software, I customize it for that particular business.”

“Give me an example,” he said with genuine interest.

I thought for a minute. “You ever go to Rick’s bait shop over by the bridge?”

“Sure, all the time.”

“Open that file that says RBS.”

Issac double clicked on the file name. The program opened up and had different graphics that displayed the software was for Rick’s bait shop.

“Click where it says reels.”

“OK.” Issac clicked on reels.

“Click on the dropdown box on the first reel.”

Issac followed instructions.

“Now click sold.”

He did that. The software then displayed a box that said only one reel was left and asked if another should be ordered. Another box displayed after thirty seconds explaining the supplier’s name and address and their current price for the reel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32