4 Seasons of a Life Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Spring

Spring is the time in a young man’s life,
Where he first looks for a mate.
He’s young and he’s green,
But he’s mighty keen,
And he goes like a bull at a gate.


Gippsland, Australia 1945.

I was eighteen the day the war ended and had just missed out on joining up. To be honest I was quite disappointed. When our side was winning the men in uniform had all the girls hanging off them. We boys that were too young to fight were expected to just sit quietly in the background and let the soldiers have their glory. Sure, there were plenty of kids my age in the war but in the country everyone knows everyone and my father had made sure the local recruiting officers knew I was too young and was not to go.

After the war was over we had a welcome home dance in the local town hall and I was allowed to go on the condition that I took the 1937 Chev farm pickup and helped cart stuff, set up and pack up. I didn’t care, it was an event and I got to be there. My Dad was not coming because he had been injured in the Great War (or the First World War as it became known because of the second) and could not dance, and Mum said she was not interested. This amazed me at the time as Mum was a great gossip and she would never miss an opportunity to catch up with the other ladies from the area. Later I worked out that she was worried that Dad would get depressed and do something stupid. Both my brothers were not yet returned from the Pacific, so for the first time in my life I took the Chev and went to a dance on my own.

I got to the dance early with a load of tables and I helped set up the streamers and banners. Soon the first people started to arrive and when the band started playing the night was away. It all went well for a while but then some Americans arrived. In those days there was a lot of resentment toward those American able-bodied men who spent the war in Australia not at the front. The saying was they were “over paid, over sexed and over here”. So that night not only were they over here but they had crashed our celebration too. The worst thing was their senior officer, a Major, outranked our senior officer. This made things awkward as the Americans started playing up to the local girls and the only American who had brought his own girl was the Major who’s daughter had come with him.

As the night continued and more whiskey and beer was consumed, the tensions grew. I saw an American soldier who had been making time with Emily Johnson go out to the toilet and a group of our soldiers followed him out. After a short time the Australians came back but no American. A little later another American went out the back and the same Australians followed. This time there was yelling and some more Americans followed. From there the whole thing turned into a brawl. The American Major went to our Captain and suggested they try to stop it together but the Captain was drunk and just told him to piss off. The Major then went out the back. The next thing we heard were shots and we all ran out.

Two Australian soldiers had been shot and the Major was standing there with his pistol drawn. Some Australian soldiers that could run had done so, but the Major kept quite a few there at gunpoint. By the time the local cop arrived many of the Australians were gone but the Americans were all there as they had arrived in one truck and the Major would not let them leave. The first soldier who had disappeared was found and he had been badly beaten up. It was about then the rain set in and I clearly remember the cries of the injured and the blood running down the path, and then I knew how lucky I was to have not gone to war. The soldiers all ignored it but I threw up in the garden. The American Major saw this and summoned me over.

“What’s your name, son?” he asked.

“David, Sir.” I replied nervously.

“How old are you?” he asked, in a tone that suggested some sympathy.

“Er, eighteen Sir.” I gulped, a bit embarrassed by throwing up and very shy to be the center of attention this way.

“Don’t worry son”, the Major said kindly, “I just want to know a few things. Have you been drinking tonight and which way do you live?”

“No Sir, I don’t drink,” I answered, “and our place is about twenty miles east of town, near the river.”

“Did you come with anyone else tonight?” then he yelled, “Don’t move, I’m still watching you.” as one of the soldiers tried to fade out of sight. We all jumped, but me more than the others. The soldier moved in again like nothing had happened but his mates all grinned. “Come on son,” said the Major, “I asked you a question.”

“I drove here on my own Sir.” I stammered nervously. The Major looked like he was trying to be nice but he scared the hell out of me.

“Right,” said the Major, “Come here Wendy.” and his daughter walked over to him. I had not paid attention to her earlier as protective Americans had continuously surrounded her. Wendy was about five and a half foot tall and had long brown hair tied in a loose ponytail. She was pretty without any makeup on and her dress was well rounded gaziantep escortlar suggesting a good healthy figure. Wendy looked as nervous as I felt and with the scrutiny of the Australian soldiers being so obvious I can’t say I didn’t blame her. “David,” said the Major, using my name for the first time, “I’m going to be tied up here for some time and Wendy needs to get back home. Can I trust you to get her home safely to the base?”

We all knew where the Americans were and it was on the way for me but if he had asked me to take her to the moon I would have said yes just to get this nerve-wracking interview over with. “Yes Sir,” I said “I can take her as soon as we pack up.”

“No son, take her now, they can pack up without you.” The Major was used to giving orders and I was in no position to argue. “Wendy,” he said, “go home with David.” She didn’t move. “Now.” He said firmly. Wendy walked over to me and we left. The Major had his attention on the soldiers in front of him and he did not even see us go.

No one paid any attention to us we walked through the hall, the party was well and truly over and all the action was outside. I did manage to find Mrs. Watson and tell her I had to take Wendy home.

“That’s nice dear.” She said absently as she stared out the window trying to keep up with what was happening. I thought to myself Mum will be kicking herself for weeks for missing this, as there will be no other topic of conversation in town for a very long time.

Wendy quietly followed me and I opened the door of the Chev for her.

“I can’t…” she said and then laughed. Wendy was quite pretty when she laughed. “I’ll never get used to you having the steering wheel on the wrong side,” she giggled, “I thought you wanted me to drive and I can’t.” Wendy’s accent was funny but I still managed to understand her.

“No worries,” I said, “Dad would be pretty upset if I let anyone else drive it anyway.” Wendy got in then so did I. I started the truck and took off, jerking a bit because the crash box was getting pretty worn and I was still shaken by the encounter with the Major.

Wendy had gone back to invisible. She seemed to fade into the background and not really be there unless there was a reason. As I drove I thought about what I could have done to help. I should have stopped the first soldier getting bashed by coming out in the nick of time, I should have got the Captain out to fix things before the Major did, I should have…

“I hate him.” Mary’s voice cut through my childish thoughts.

“I beg your pardon?” I asked, well trained in manners at least.

“I hate my father,” said Wendy, “he manipulates people and looks like he cares but he is only interested in his job.”

“He must love you.” I said thinking how I had been railroaded into taking her home.

“When it suits him,” she said, “he just fixed you to get me out of the way so he could get on with the important job of getting those Australians into trouble.”

“Really?” How, I thought, does she know what I am thinking?

“He has that effect on everyone,” Wendy said, “they think for hours how they could have done something so he didn’t come out the hero, but no one does.”

I had no answer for that so I just concentrated on driving. In those days the cars were pretty unstable with poor suspension driving conventional tires and there were plenty of potholes where the roads were not needed by the military. We bumped and bounced without seat belts and had to hang on tight. Then the rain hit again.

“Damn.” I said.

“What’s the matter?” Wendy asked.

“Oh, sorry,” I said, “I forgot you were in the truck. The wiper packed up last week and we haven’t managed to fix it yet.”

The rain got heavier and with the old six-volt lamps it was getting pretty hard to see without a wiper.

“Should we pull over?” Wendy asked sounding a bit worried.

“We’ll have to, at least until the rain slows.” I answered looking for a suitable place. Then I saw the turn off to the pond, where we all used to go swimming, I pulled off and drove to the park at the end behind the trees. Not surprisingly there was no one there.

“Where are we?” Wendy asked.

“The local swimming hole.” I said, and turned the motor off.

The rain drummed on the roof as it got heavier and the clouds totally blocked the moon making our night vision very limited. Wendy said something but I couldn’t hear her.

“What?” I said, “I can’t hear you over this noise.”

Wendy looked at me and lowered her eyes. She moved her head closer to mine and said, “I’m scared.”

Wendy looked scared, the colour had drained from her face, and she was shivering. “There’s nothing to be scared of Wendy,” I said, my mouth close to her ear so she could hear me “the storm will pass and then we can get back on the road. There’s no-one out there and just me in here, I promise I don’t bite, not even Americans.”

I was rewarded with a faint smile. “It’s so dark and noisy,” she whispered in my ear, “and I’m cold.” She snuggled up against my body so I could feel her shivering.

I put my arms around Wendy and hugged her to me. “I don’t have a blanket or anything, I’m sorry.”

“Just hold me.” Wendy whispered. So I held her tight. We stayed in that position for a few minutes as the rain poured down harder than ever. Wendy’s shivering slowed and then stopped as we shared our combined warmth. I had never managed to get this close to a girl before and the warmth of her body and the feel of her breasts pressing into my chest made my dick harden, much to my embarrassment, but fortunately she didn’t notice.

“David?” she asked quietly, so I could just hear her.

“Yes?” I whispered back.

“Have you ever er.. done it with a girl?”

My mind reeled. How did she know how horny I was? “I uh… well no.”

“Don’t be embarrassed,” she whispered, “I haven’t done it either. What do you think it would be like?”

How do you answer a question like that? I was eighteen and that was a subject I and my mates had pondered at length. I had heard of people who had done it but any description was “It was great,” or something like that. I had seen plenty of animals having sex and it seemed to be more of a struggle than a pleasure for them. Even with my mates we were guarded about it but none of us had claimed we had done it yet so all the discussions were just guesses.

“It must be nice,” I said lamely, “because so many people want to do it.”

Wendy cuddled me tighter. “I think about it a lot being around soldiers who just talk about it all the time. Sometimes they look at me and the same look can make me feel like a Queen or make me feel like dirt.”

“Wow.” I said, my brain not being able to keep up with the idea and talk intelligently at the same time.

“I have heard some of the girls who work on the base talking,” Wendy continued, as if I had not said anything, “and they say most men only want their own pleasure and won’t look after the girl.”

I was more excited than I had ever been but this was going way too fast for me to understand. How does a man give a woman pleasure? What does Wendy want? Does she just want to talk about this to see how embarrassed I get? What about her father? Oh no, what would the Major do if I touched his daughter. I jumped suddenly and pushed Wendy away.

“What’s the matter?” Wendy asked.

“I… um… I don’t think we should be doing this.” I said nervously.

“It’s my father isn’t it?” Wendy asked, “You’re scared of what the Major will do if he finds out right?”

“Well, yes.” I managed to say.

“Don’t worry about him,” Wendy told me, “he will be in for a long night. Besides the rain is not getting any less so we may as well talk.”

“I um…” I was totally lost. Wendy had me so confused I did not know what to do.

“Hold me again,” said Wendy, “I’m getting cold.” She cuddled right into my side and put her arms around me. I could fell her breasts pushing into my side through the thin cotton dress she was wearing.

“I don’t think this a good…” My sentence remained unfinished as Wendy kissed me. She put her hand behind my head and then put her mouth over mine and put her tongue in my mouth. I was so shocked I almost bit her tongue. Her tongue was moving around in my mouth and it felt weird, but nice.

Wendy pulled her mouth from mine and said, “You have to use your tongue too.” Then kissed me again. This time my mouth was shut and I tried to keep it shut but her tongue pushed and probed until I opened up and let it in. The kiss started as it would with two who had never tried to kiss like this before. We clashed teeth, we bumped noses, we forgot to breathe at times but for a very long time the kiss was not broken because one or the other would not let go.

Finally we broke apart. We stared at each other, panting.

“Wow.” I was still having trouble getting words out and that was the best I could muster.

“That was amazing, David. I felt like I was part of you.” Wendy did not have trouble with words at the time. “I have always wanted to try that,” she continued, “and I was not disappointed.”

The rain was still pounding on the roof of the truck and the night was very cold without the motor running to keep us warm but I was numb to these things. I stared at Wendy wondering what else she had always wanted to try, and also wondering why I was still too shy to make any sort of move. I tried to will my hand to touch her breast through her dress but just could not make it happen.

“Are you OK?” Wendy asked.

“Wow.” I was still lost for words.

“You made my heart beat so fast,” Wendy said and taking my hand placed it on her breast just as I had wanted to, “can you feel it?”

What I felt was a soft spongy part of Wendy in my hand. She was very warm there and her nipple poked through the cotton into the palm of my hand. I sat there frozen in shock, not moving and she said, “Go on squeeze it David.” I slowly squeezed and kneaded the breast through the cotton and Wendy moaned, I found the nipple in my fingers and tweaked it. “Gently.” She told me, so I was more gentle. “Firm on the breast, David,” she whispered, “and gentle on the nipple, it is more sensitive.” I slowly rubbed the breast and nipple while Wendy moaned in pleasure. In the darkness I could just see her eyes were shut and her mouth was open so I leaned over and kissed her again.

The kiss felt like she was franticly trying to suck the life from me, her movements became frenzied and her whole body was pushing against my hand. The fire in my pants was burning furiously, my dick pushing my underpants and pants straight out my full six inches.

We eventually, again broke apart, staring at each other.

“Wow,” said Wendy beating me to my entire vocabulary, “That felt so good.”

“Yes.” I managed a new word.

We sat there in the truck no longer noticing the rain or the cold, each contemplating what we had done. I had just had my first kiss, and managed to touch a girl, the kids I had known at school would never believe it even if I were to tell them.

“David,” said Wendy eventually, “are you OK?”

“I’m overwhelmed.” I told her honestly.

“I want to do it again,” she said, “but this time try kissing my ears and neck as well, that is supposed to be good too.” I wondered how she knew all these things, but not for long as her lips again sought mine.

Another passionate kiss and the thoughts just left my head. I managed after a while to reach for her breast again and this time I rubbed both of them. Wendy broke the kiss to nibble on my earlobe and this new sensation made me remember her last suggestion. I returned the favor and mouthed her ears and the worked down to her throat where I nibbled gently. Wendy lay her head back moaning as I kept nibbling and sucking while still rubbing those very erect nipples and holding those firm, handful sized breasts. I kissed down to the collar of her dress and as I worked my way back again she leaned into me and put her hands behind her back pushing her neck to my mouth and her breasts into my hands.

I hesitated and Wendy moaned “Don’t stop David, please don’t stop.” She wriggled and moaned as I resumed my kissing and sucking. I worked up to her ears and mouth and then back down the neck to her collar, which was looser now.

“Pull it down David.” She moaned holding her arms in front of her now. I pulled at the collar and her dress moved down a couple of inches. I kissed the newly exposed skin and Wendy whispered “Yes, David, more.” So I pulled again and more skin was there to kiss and suck on. Wendy encouraged me further down until I was kissing her cleavage and the tops of those wonderful breasts.

“More David.” She moaned and this time when I pulled the dress it stuck on her arms. “More David.” She insisted and I reached for the dress on her arms and pulled it down. With the arms no longer holding it up the dress fell totally away to her waist, exposing her breasts.

“Oh, sorry.” I said trying to pull it back up again.

“No, silly,” Wendy said stopping my hand, “I want you to kiss them too.”

I realized she had undone her dress when she reached behind her back but was amazed that she was not wearing a slip or anything underneath.

“I feel a bit daring when I dress like this,” she said, reading my mind again, “and my father doesn’t care enough to notice. Now touch me David.”

I touched her very smooth skin and it almost made me fill my underpants, I was so excited. My hands explored her breasts and my mouth joined them. Wendy had to tell me to be gentle again when I sucked her nipple but with a bit of coaching we got it right. After some time she leaned back and shuddered throughout her body.

“Are you all right?” I asked anxiously.

“Never better.” She sighed while I was still absently stroking her. She stopped my hand and leaned forward to kiss me again. “You just got me there just on my chest.” Wendy said in amazement.

“Really?” I asked, baffled.

“Not many girls are that sensitive,” she said “I’m lucky.”

“So am I.” I told her.

“Not yet, but you will be, there’s still more I want to try.”

Wendy reached over and started unbuttoning my shirt.

“I’m not sure we…” I stammered.

“I am, now shhh.” Said Wendy peeling my shirt back and rubbing her breasts on my chest. What a feeling, warm and exciting. I held her tight and thought all my dreams have finally come true. We kissed again and my hands explored her body, touching her arms, touching her shoulders, touching her back, touching her sides. Wendy moaned again then put her hand in my lap. I jumped.

“Wow,” said Wendy, “that feels huge.” She rubbed my dick through my pants bringing me closer to embarrassing myself.

“Easy.” I moaned.

“Sensitive are you?” Wendy asked, teasing.

“Very, at the moment.” I gasped again when Wendy started undoing my flies. “What are you doing?” I asked needlessly.

“I want to see it.” She said, undoing button after button until she was looking at the tent post in my underpants. I was frozen, just watching and wondering what I had done right to deserve this. She slowly pulled my underwear down over my dick until it was there, fully exposed, a fair amount of leakage already coming from the little hole in the end.

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