A Day Of Many Firsts

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All of the stories I write are true and really happened, the names have been changed to protect the guilty. I’m an ass man, always have been. I’m not into big tits and I can’t tell one cup size from another and I don’t fucking care either. I’m an under educated and chauvinistic by choice. Ya, a real pig, and some may say a sick fuck, but I am what I am, and I’ll bet there are many just like me out there, or worse.

A day of many firsts

Let’s face it, sex the first time for a guy can be awkward and a little embarrassing. I know mine was. Mine happened with the older sister of the girl I wanted to date, hell, tell it like it is, I wanted to bone her liked I owned her. She was hot, tits a little on the large side, but she had a killer ass. Not the older Sister, she was a plane Jane. Suzy, a tall girl, not great looking or fat, not a cheerleader either and their divorced Mother, Mrs. Rudy. I’m not even going to mention the hot ones name. What for, I never got into her pants anyway. Let’s just say she was the source of many teenage boners and tug sessions. I hung out at her house a lot, just shooting the breeze and playing little head games with each other.

One summer day I went to her house and only Suzy was home. She said her Sister was out with another guy and would not be home for a long while but I was welcome to come in and just hang out. Little did I know, she had her own agenda. She started talking about things of a sexual nature and I was getting a chubby. She noticed the budge in my pants and told me that she was pretty horny herself. She said “we can fool around a little şişli escort bayan if you like”. Right there in the living room of her Mom’s house. She took off her tight jeans, sat on the couch, raised and spread her legs and said “eat me, come over here and suck me off, I’m so horny”. Well, first of all, I’d never seen a pussy other than in a magazine, and second, I most definitely never eaten a pussy, except in my dreams. I was so excited; I thought I would blow a nut right there in my pants. I raced over to where she was, dropped to my knees and buried my face in her very hairy fuck box.

Okay people, don’t laugh, I knew from all my male friends that pussy has a tuna or a fishy smell and I can deal with that, but what I smelt was not tuna or even anything that even resembled fish. It was the most vile, rank, repulsive stench I had ever had the opportunity to experience. I began to gag and I thought I would hurl my lunch right on top of that nasty cunt. It also had a thick milky, cheesy type substance all around her inner pussy lips. She asked me, “What’s wrong, are you ok”. Come on guys (and girls), this was my first time ever, eating snatch. Just because I’m not very well educated, doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I thought, this can’t be right, if eating pussy is so good and so many people enjoy it, there has to be a problem here. I was willing to eat a gallon of that nasty cunt cheese to get what I wanted, a blow job or even a fuck. Both of which would also be my first. You know what they say, you gotta take the good with the bad, and if this is what I would have to endure to achieve fındıkzade eskort the end result, so be it.

I must have been good because she began to leak pussy juice pretty fast. I dare not swallow any of that sour tasting cunt spit. I just let it roll off my tongue and down to the crack of her ass. I must have pulled her cum trigger more than once because she began to buck her hips into my face like some kind of physco bitch.

I stood up and dropped my pants and she immediately buried my 5 ½ inch monster cock right down her throat and licked my nuts at the same time. God, that felt great, I didn’t have to move at all. She had her hands on my hips and pulled me into her face, forcing my dick down her throat over and over again. Man, I thought, this is not the first time she sucked cock. She knew what she was doing. The stench of that rotten cunt was wafting up nose, throwing a monkey wrench into what supposed to be a pleasurable first, it didn’t take long at all, hell I was practically cumming before she even had my dick her mouth. I broke a nut in her mouth and as I shot that first round in her mouth, she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me closer forcing my fuck stick all the way down her throat. She held me there until I stopped spazzing like a mental. Oh my God, “that was fucking awesome” I told her.

“Eemmm, I love the taste of cum”, then she said she wanted me to ass fuck her. I thought, what the fuck is wrong with this bitch, is she fucking nuts. Being a teener, my dick never went down, well not all the way at least. She told me to sit down, then she besiktas escort proceeded to sit on my dick. Her asshole was nice and juicy from that toxic waste that spewed out of her box when I ate her, so my dick slid right in. I knew she must have done this more than once. Man, she had no mercy on me; she just plopped right down on my cock and bounced like a kid on her daddy’s lap. The pain was nearly unbearable. She played with her nasty little cum button while she drove my cock up her vary tight asshole. I was not happy at all. I faked like I was cumming, just to get the fuck out of there. She pulled off of my dick and spun around to catch the last remaining drops of my ghost cum, I could see shit on my cockhead and streaked down my dick, but it didn’t seem to matter to her. She stuffed my cock down all the way to the back of her throat and sucked me like a Hoover. Okay, I now I’m really disgusted as she sucked the shit off my fuck stick. I’ve heard of people like this, I never thought I’d ever meet one.

I pulled up my jeans and told her I had to go, and for her to tell her sister I stopped by. She smiled at me and said she had a good time, even though I was a newbe to sex. I went home and ran into bathroom, first I rinsed out my mouth with mouth wash, then took a nice long hot shower, paying particular attention to my poor dick. While in the shower, I was replaying the events of the day. I thought of her smell, that nasty cheesy piss box of hers and wondered what kind of sick demented world she grew up in, where getting fucked up her ass and sucking shit off a cock felt good. It gave me the hebe gebe’s, and are all woman like this.

I had to fly back to my duty station the next day and would not be home for another year. If you think this story was weird, just wait, it gets better, way better. No more shitty dick sucking though, thank goodness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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