I Love You Ch. 02

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Foot Fetish

His father was the devil.

An abusive alcoholic that terrorized his family; a savage, brutal man who tortured his son on any given day. A man who had murdered his own wife before the eyes of his only son.

Jake chose not to remember his mother, he wanted to remember the loving woman, but all he could remember was sitting in the closet watching his father butcher her. So he blocked out anything motherly related.

One image Jake could never escape was his father holding that 38 special to his head. He had never been so scared in his life, looking down that long, dark barrel. he almost pissed his pants when he pulled the trigger. to his amazement and his fathers anger, he was out of bullets. He had been getting drunk and running around shooting the house up all day. It was all the distraction Jake needed to run and hide.

Luckily Jake had a great hiding spot, one he relied on whenever his father went on one of his many rants. By the time he reloaded the gun, Jake was well hidden.

His father screamed incoherently, his speech slurred as he called his son names, looking for him around the garden. after a few minutes he sat on the ground next to the fountain, Jake could see him clearly through his mothers wild rose bushes. He watched as his father put the gun to his temple, cursing his son one last time, than pulled the trigger, blowing off the back of his head.

Jake passed out.

His uncle Dorian had taken him in after that, he and his wife tried to correct what his father had done to him, but Jake was to deep in his own misery and to old for new tricks. Jake became a recluse, getting in constant trouble, endless acts of extreme aggression and anger, fights that put his opponents in the hospital, and if his family was not so rich, Jake would still be in jail.

He had never experienced a true deep love, his aunt, uncle and cousins had tried to comfort him, and he knew for a fact that they loved him, but he still was not able to open up enough to love them back. He didn’t trust love, love was a wild drunk, love beat the hell out of you for no reason and love got you murdered.

Love was for the weak, hate was what kept you fighting and kept you alive. He had lived by that, until he met Jezebel.

His one chance at real love, one he could feel deep down at the pit of his darkened soul and he fucked it all up.

She said that she had forgiven him for his unfortunate outburst, but he knew she was lying. it was eating him up, he never knew guilt could be so intense and overwhelming. he had regretted nothing he had ever done in his life, but now he was filled with so much regret he prayed for a time machine. His rash reaction was excessively brutal, and even though he was legendary for his overly aggressive tendencies, it was always with willing partners, and NEVER with the one he loved.

Looking at her now, so perfect and beautiful, curvy and feminine, despite her filthy mouth, he didn’t understand how he could hurt a hair on her perfect head. He didn’t understand what had come over him, He had been the one that wanted to end the relationship, he had set the perfect scene for her to hate him. So why did he act so violently when she took him up on it, and moved on with her life? He had morphed into some demon beast, uncontrolled by even himself.

This love thing was new to him, he had never felt it from anyone and he had been fine with that until he experienced what love felt like, Jezebel had opened his eyes and his heart to a whole other world and instead of embracing it, he got scared and when Jake Stone got scared he got viscous.


She wanted to forgive him, but for some reason she just couldn’t, she was getting angrier about it each day. She loved the little BDSM games they had started to play, she liked his strength and his dominance, but she could not trust him to restrain himself. He himself could not control that sadistic beast in him, he was as much of a victim to it as she was.

How could she not have known this day would come, she knew how he was, he was like that from the first day she met him. It was honestly what had attracted her to him. he was blunt , bold and didn’t mince words, not like the creepy pervs her mother had dated, who tried to weasel and manipulate their way into Jezebel’s bedroom.

She had been through enough bullshit in her life to have become a very aggressive chick with violent tendency’s. She had tried to date in the past and it always ended disastrously. She was a force to be reckoned with and she had not found a man brave enough to back her down. She didn’t want a weak man ho would eventually let her run all over him, if that was the case, she could get herself a lap dog. She knew instantly that Jake would not take her shit, she got a thrill that he stood up to her. He was definitely not a timid lap dog, he was a viscous pit bull and she was a pit bull in a dress.

She was really attracted to his refreshing honesty, no matter how arrogant it was. she loved his strength, but now he had levent escort used that strength against her, he had gone to far and as much as she wanted to love him and go back to what they had, she couldn’t. He was trying so hard to please her, to make her love him again. There was only one thing that would make her forgive him and no matted how apologetic he was, he would never allow it.


He was automatically suspicious, watching her watch him as he sipped the coffee she had just brought to him.

“How is it?” she asked for the 3rd time, watching him a little to intently. he drank 1/2 of the cup in one gulp the 1st time she had asked, now he sat there just holding the cup.

“It’s fine.” he said looking at her, putting the cup on the table.

“Why aren’t you drinking it if it’s alright?” she asked. Jake looked at her for a minute, seeing the guilt all over her face.

“What did you do?” he demanded, already feeling it, he stood up, but the room moved to fast. “what did you do Jezebel?!” he roared.

“Nothing.” she said lightly, innocently, but when he looked down into the coffee cup than back up at her he caught that evil little grin of hers. he went towards her to grab her, but she was ready for it and backed up before he reached her, he almost stumbled over the couch.

“You poisoned me you bitch.”

She took careful, slow steps back

“No poison, I don’t want you dead,” as she watched him slide to the couch, his eyes getting heavy. “I just want you to suffer.” were the last words he heard in her sweet soft voice.


He woke up to darkness, his arms stretched above his head, his feet just touching the ground, he tried to yell, but heard only a deep muffle under the gag tied tightly over his mouth. Than he felt something being pulled off his head, and the light came through slowly. Jezebel threw the hood on the floor than stood before him,

“Surprise.” Jezebel smiled as sweetly as she could as his eyes shot daggers at her. If he was loose he would destroy her, she knew. So she stepped a little closer to him, still keeping a safe distance, just in case. “I tried to forgive you, baby, I really did.” she shook her head, “but I just couldn’t” she took the long black trench coat off revealing a itty bitty 2 piece black spandex skirt and tube top.

He looked at her breasts, her hips, he loved to see her in almost nothing, testing him by just covering the main spots, but revealing everything else. Her breasts were ready to pop out of the tiny tight tube top. She did it on purpose wanting to distract him, knowing not being able to touch her would drive him nuts.

It was already working..

“So I decided to teach you about respect and control.” she stepped closer and he couldn’t decide whether he wanted to pull he skirt up and beat her ass or pull her tank top down and feel her breasts, his hand was itching. “who has it and who doesn’t.” she stepped so close to him she almost touched him. “I want you to know exactly how it feels to loose all your control to me.” she undid the button on his jeans than slid down the zipper. Jake glared at her, but she refused to be intimidated. She slid his pants down to his ankles, than yanked his boxers down below his ass. He hated the feeling of helplessness it provoked from him and he remembered how he had torn her dress from her body that night.

He shook hard, trying to get loose she took a step back, grinning, but worried if she had tied it tight enough, Jake was very strong. the huge biceps bulged, the veins popping out as he tried to break the chain.

“Your not that strong.” she said, seeing it was safe she stepped a little closer, “in fact, right now, your a weak little bitch.” she grinned smugly as she watched his face turn a deeper red, his eyes almost glowing in his anger. “Your as weak as I want you to be.” he tried to get loose again, shaking harder this time, “if you don’t stop I’ll shove the heel of my stiletto up your ass.” she said seriously, that glow in her eye. So he tried harder, growling hard behind the gag wanting to intimidate her to stop.

“I’m warning you Jake, I will beat your ass.” She grinned as she walked over to the dresser and grabbed the paddle he had loved to use on her. She held it in her hand and thought of the 1st time he had introduced her to it. “Than again, I am going to beat you any way.” she smiled viciously, “matter of fact, I am going to FUCK YOU UP.” she reached behind his head and loosened his gag, “and since you designed this sound proof room to torture women in, I will be able to have the pleasure of hearing you scream.” she took the gag off, his eyes wild, a viscous animal ready to strike, he wasn’t trying to intimidate her, he was actually slipping into a state of madness.

“Let me loose.” he said, his voice very low, to calm.

“When I’m done.” she looked into his pale glowing eyes, red from the rage he was being forced to contain.

“This is your last chance.”

“I am so mecidiyeköy escort sick of your threats!” she stood so close her breasts were touching him.

“No threats, baby, but I promise you, if you do not let me go I am going to fucking-”

“WHAT?! What could you possibly fucking do?!” she slapped him across the face and he started to shake his nostrils flaring, his eyes turning read, his face contorting in fury. “Your not gonna do shit, you pathetic little girl.” she yelled slapping his hard cock with the paddle, he froze, refusing to let that pain be shown, almost swallowing his tongue. “How do you like baby? being at my mercy, forced to take any amount of pain I dish out.” she slapped it again and he almost lost his composure.”Cry bitch, you know you want to.” she smiled sadistically.

“I will get loose Jezebel and when I do.” he didn’t finish the threat.

“Who says I’m going to let you go.” she shrugged, “I’m the only one that knows your here.” she ran the paddle softly of his throbbing dick. “your at my complete and total mercy.”

“I am going to beat you senseless.” he barked.

“You almost did.” she said with a frown, and that one look of sadness to him was worse than any torture she dealt him. Jake always believed he was ruled by his own pride, but that was before he learned about love, emotion and other peoples feelings. Now he knew his heart had more control than his pride. “What you did to me,” she looked like she would shed a tear and he wished he could yank off these chains and just hold her. Than he watched her regain her composure, “So lets see how you like it.” she went behind him and raised the paddle, bringing it down with all her might on his ass. He didn’t move, he refused to let the pain register, but his anger was coming back full force again, more with each hit, he was barley controlling it.

Jezebel just kept on swinging, brutally paddling his now bright red ass. Jake still managed to hold still, shaking with a fury that even made him nervous, he was going to fucking kill her!

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“How do you like it, Mr. smug, sadistic, devil hearted, evil, controlling MUTHER FUCKER!” she vented, her hand showing no mercy. It was becoming to much for him to bear, he was really feeling the pain as she relentlessly beat him with the paddle, but he still refused to let her see. “So your dead set on playing hard to hurt?” she asked, seeing that determination on his face.

She had to hurt him, he had to learn, to feel the pain she felt, once he did and bowed down a little, she would be able to love him freely again. “Well if you want to play hard ass, than so will I.” she grabbed his jeans off the floor and pulled his belt from the loops. “I bet this will break that FUCKING composure.” she spat, holding the belt by the buckle, swinging it like a whip , just catching the head of his dick. He almost flinched as the pain sunk deep into his belly. He thought he was going to pass out. “I see why you like this so much.” she smiled walking closer. “this power.” she kissed his lips lightly, “It’s better than any drug.” she bent her head and softly kissed the tip of his throbbing penis. Jezebel stood back up and with a sadistic smile, she said sweetly , “brace yourself, baby.” than folding the belt, she let her arm fly as hard and as fast as she could, over and over and over, each lick from the belt bringing him just a tiny bit closer to grunting in pain and letting her know she had him.

“Go ahead cry, it’s alright, I know it hurts.” she taunted as she continued. Jake couldn’t even talk, let alone Catch his breath, he was barley holding on, he was going to get her. “I know EXACTLY how bad it hurts” the memory pissing her off more as she fought the stinging tears. She WOULD NOT let him see her cry again!


“But you didn’t stop there did you? You just kept going and going!” she was crying, using the belt as hard as she could, “DIDN’T YOU?! ANSWER ME!” She turned the belt around in a fit of rage, sinking the buckle deep into his flesh

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” he exploded, finally loosing his composure. He started shaking his arms trying to get loose, yanking with all of his might until finally the cord snapped. Jake had her below him on the bed in an instant, she fought to get loose as he held her down with his massive legs on either side of her, as he used his teeth to undo the cuffs, he threw them across the room, his hands free, he grabbed her arms holding her wrists in a bruising grip, above her head, shaking, his face red, his eyes glowing like a demons. Jezebel looked up at him, ceasing her struggles, showing no fear.

“Go ahead, you’ve already done your worse.” was all she said as she closed her eyes.

Jake stopped dead in his tracks, the words like a hail of bullets. He looked at her, she was so beautiful, so perfect, he didn’t want to hurt her. He already had and he had been sick with guilt ever since. for what ever reasons, this late in his life he finally felt the true strong kağıthane escort emotions of love. A love so pure that it had even taken the viscous memory’s of his child hood away, he had even stopped having nightmares.

He thought about the first time he saw her, the first time he was inside her, how responsive she was to him, how freely she gave her love to him. Her love was genuine, there were no tricks, no games, no manipulations. All Jezebel ever wanted was to just love him and he had denied her. Foolishly he had fought his love for her, going so far as to prove how little control she had of his heart, staging a show that would destroy her. But it had backfired, he had gotten burned just as bad.

He didn’t want to love her, but he did, and when realized not only was she taking her love away from him, but she was also going to give it to another man. That’s when he realized the depth of his love for her, he went wild and lost all control, realizing to late just how very precious she was to him.

Jake wanted to hurt her for hurting him, that unbearable pain crippling his heart. so because of his fucked up methods he had destroyed the one true thing in his life and he had done it all by himself.

She didn’t love him any more and he could see it in her eyes. he had gone to far and she could never forgive him, he understood, he still didn’t forgive himself. he let go of her wrists and stood up, looking at her, no anger, but a sadness that tugged at her heart. right than, big bad, demon spawned Jake Stone looked like a little boy who had just lost everything. Jezebel sat up, opening her mouth to speak, but he turned around and left the room.


Jezebel hadn’t seen or heard from him in 2 weeks. She was confused in her own feelings, half of her hated him for what he did, and swore forgiveness was not an option, the other half of her loved him so deeply and understood his deeply troubled soul. Jake was a monster when he chose, but she had seen that other part of him, that little boy who cried in the night as nightmares rocked his sleep. She had experienced just how loving he could be when he chose to, how special and sacred he could make her feel. He was over flowing with regressed love and even just the small amounts that leaked through the iron wall were like pure heaven among their hell.


“What’s going on Jake?” his cousin Davis asked as he sat down on his couch, seeing the empty liquor bottles all over. “You’ve been MIA for a month.” he said.

“Nothing.” Jake said, Davis looked at him, his usual impeccably groomed cousin was a mess, he hadn’t shaved or cut his hair, he had lost weight, obviously he hadn’t been sleeping by those dark circles around his bloodshot eyes.

“No, somethings going on.” Jake was silent for a second.

“I’m in love.” he said and Davis looked at him in utter disbelief. Jake never loved any women in his life, he had always been a cold hearted womanizer.

“Wow, hell actually froze over.” he said shocked as hell.

“I fucked it up.” Davis automatically knew if Jake was willing to admit he had fucked up, he must have done some pretty bad shit to the girl, he could only imagine, knowing his cousin as well as he did.


“Real bad.”

“Have you talked to her?”

“She won’t talk to me.”

“Well you can’t sit here and rot.”

“I can if I want.” he flashed those ridiculously pale eyes at his cousin.

“Come home, mom will cook your favorite.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“When was the last time you ate?”

“Doesn’t matter.” he shrugged.


Davis had blown his entire family away over dinner with the news of Jake actually being in love. Darleen took it very seriously, she loved her nephew, when he came e to live with them after his father had committed suicide in front of him, trying to find Jake to shoot him before he shot himself, Darleen decided at that very moment, she would love him as much as she loved her other sons, regardless of his horrible destructive behavior. She knew what the boy had gone through growing up, the mental and physical abuse of a sadistic alcohol dependent madman.

She had tried everything she could to make him feel loved, it had worked only a little, she knew it was because of the love they showered on him that he was not some serial killer or madman like his father. But no matter how much they gave him, he still was very cold. Jake had just gone through to much. She prayed one day he would meet a girl unlike any other girl and he would fall in love and finally feel it back. It was the only thing that she hoped could tame that wicked demon inside of him.

So if he had finally found love and had fucked it up, he needed her help to try to rectify it. Knowing him very well, she also knew he would not take her help, so she would have to be discreet. Darleen decided to do a little investigation on her own. First things first, she was going to see Jake in the morning.


Jezebel looked down at the little test strip, the needle legged spiders in her stomach were in a dancing frenzy. She sat down on the closed toilet , the strip falling to the floor, her tears dropping on top of it. How could she be pregnant? Not by him, not Jake, he never wanted children. He would be a horrible father!

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