A Heart of Gold

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This is the first of what I hope will be a series of stories about my early sexual experiences. They will not come out in chronological order more than likely.

They mostly have to do with prostitutes, massage parlours, brothels and the like. If those are not your thing, stand by, other stories will be coming soon! Also, they are TRUE stories, not fantasies, so not all of them are what everyone might consider erotic or sexy.


When I was 18, I was still a virgin. All my friends claimed to have had sexual experiences, and as far as I could tell they were telling the truth. I was understandably worried that I was getting left behind. At that age I was still fairly shy and insecure around girls, and had not yet discovered the simple tricks of how to get laid (i.e. go for it and hope for the best! Sooner or later everyone gets lucky!).

Shortly after my 18th birthday I decided that enough was enough, and started searching through the local newspapers and on the internet (which was still fairly basic in Greece then) for “working girls.” I had decided that this would be the only way out of my predicament. Eventually I settled on a particular escort agency, based on a few reviews I had read online. I rang up the agency and spoke to the Madam. I explained the situation to her in detail, and she recommended a “love-hotel” in the centre of Athens, and told me that she would send one of her best girls as soon as I arrived there and advised her of my room number.

Shaking slightly with nervousness and excitement, I jumped in a cab, went to the hotel, got a room, and made the call. Then I lay back on the round water-bed, stared for a while at the mirror on the ceiling, and then settled down for a while to watch the porno channels.

A little while later I was suddenly woken from my doze by a knocking on the door. I had no idea how long I had been asleep, and for a few seconds could not remember where I was.

Then it all rushed back to me and I leapt up to open the door, my heart beating in my chest and my pulse racing.

“Hello cutey,” said the woman standing outside the door. She was short, seemed to be in her 40s, really quite fat, and not at all pretty. A wave of disappointment rose up in me, but she was already stepping into the room, and I did nothing to stop her.

“Maria told me you claimed you were young and a virgin. We didn’t believe you. Looking at you now though… wow! You are so cute! I have never taken a boy’s virginity before… This is so hot!.”

She smiled at me, and in that moment my doubts disappeared. It was one of the warmest, friendliest and sweetest smiles I had ever seen, and not one I had ever expected to see on the lips of a working girl.

“Uh yeah,” I stammered, “I decided it was time… uh…”

“Come here and sit down while I get out of these clothes sweetness,” she replied, “and you tell me what you want.” She patted me gently on the cheek as she passed by me, took my hand, and led me to the bed where she sat me down. She then turned down the lights, and started to undress.

“Come on baby; tell me what it is you want me to do for you. Tell me what şişli eskort you want to try together. Tell Irene what you want.”

She had taken her jacket off by now and was unbuttoning her cheap nylon blouse, revealing a very large pair of soft, white tits bursting out of her bra. She grinned as she saw my gaze fix on them hungrily,

“Nice aren’t they?” she breathed huskily, “You’ll see just how nice when I have them wrapped around your virgin cock, stroking back and forth… Mmmmmm, until you spray your boy-cum all over them… You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

I groaned in desperation, my cock staring against my jeans so hard that it hurt.

“Come on handsome” laughed Irene, “No fair for me to be getting naked and you not. Besides, you seem to be getting pretty uncomfortable.”

I quickly pulled off my t-shirt, and my jeans and socks, and then stopped, embarrassed suddenly. Meanwhile, Irene had taken off all her clothes, and undid the clasps in her hair so that it fell like a long dark curtain over her breasts. I was mesmerized. She then walked up to me and turned around slowly in front of me until she was facing away from me and then she bent over at the waist and grasped her ankles. Her pussy and asshole were exposed to me inches from my face, they opened like flowers and their musky aroma filled my horny nostrils. I gasped as a trickle of moisture oozed out of her cunt and ran down her leg. She straightened up suddenly and turned back to face me.

“God, you see what you have done to me?” she groaned. “This has never happened to me on the job before. I am so wet and hot and horny for your virgin cock.” She reached down to grab my dick through my boxers and growled, “Take those off! NOW! I want your boy-cock!”

“No… NO, I’ll come straight away!” I moaned, fighting the urge to spray into my shorts.

“Oh no,” she said, “not like that you won’t.” She whipped down my boxers, knelt down between my legs a plopped her huge, droopy soft tits in my lap, She shuffled around until my cock popped through, then she squeezed her tits around my cock and bounced up and down. Two or three strokes were all I could take and I exploded into her cleavage, almost crying with pleasure as my body bucked spasmodically, my vision darkened and I came for the first time with a woman.

“Yes baby yes oh yes” moaned Irene as my hot spunk sprayed her from her rib-cage to her nose. As I trembled to a stop and the last drops oozed out, she sat back on the carpet, panting and flushed.

“God baby, you are one hot little stud muffin. How have the girls left you alone so long… I almost came just from you fucking my tits! And best of all, you’re a virgin, which means I don’t have to be afraid of doing this!” She raised her tits up and started to lick my jism off them. Then she scooped up what was left of her tits, chest and face with her fingers and sucked it off.

“Mmmmmmm…. You have sweet spunk baby” she moaned, and winked at me as she saw my cock hardening at the sight. “You young boys are so sexy. Quick to shoot, even quicker to reload!”

I laughed, much more relaxed now but still slightly nervous. Irene stood çapa eskort up and came over to the bed, and lay down on her back. She started running her hands over her body, which had transformed in my eyes from being fat, saggy and ugly to lush, womanly and erotic.

“Ok babe,” she sighed dreamily, “I’m going to give you a quick lesson in the basic theory before we move onto the practical. What most young boys don’t know and some men never learn, is that a woman’s whole body is an erogenous zone. Touch us right any place and we get hot and wet and steamy…” With that she took my hand and placed it gently on her face.

“Touch and stroke and feel every bit of me my sweet boy…” she moaned, as I gently moved my fingers over and down her face, running them over her lips and into her mouth where I felt her small hot tongue flick against them…

“Mmmmm, you big cock’s going to be here soon…” she half chuckled.

My hands then moved down her throat, feeling the arterial pulse pumping strongly there, echoing the pulsing of my rock hard cock. Then I moved down to her massive breasts, stroking around them, feeling their silky softnesses, lifting them slightly to feel their heavy weight. I then squeezed one gently, smiling at her groan of pleasure, and moved up to pinch her nipple. She grabbed my head and moved me down so my mouth was over her nipple, which I quickly took in and sucked like a baby.

“Oh yes my baby, oh yes my baby boy, suck my tits, suck my tits you horny little baby boy…!” She gasped suddenly and spasmed, then pulled my head up to her face and kissed me hard. I could taste cigarettes and spearmint gum, and then she released me and slapped me gently.

“Naughty boy, you made me cum! Mmmmm, I think I’m going to force you to do that again!”

I moved down again, squeezing and stroking her tits, then moving down to her belly. I massaged that gently too, feeling it, suddenly aware of its womanly power and magic. She moaned with delight, warned me not to press to hard, and then I proceeded down to the place I had only dreamed of till now, her pussy.

“Ok baby,” she warned gently, “you should know that not all girls will be as wet as I am now all the time. Normally it would not be a good idea to just dive in with your fingers, or anything else for that matter, into a woman’s cunt. Most times you should lead up to it first. We’ll do that another time. Right now I need to cum though. Oh god, if I was not a whore, I’d teach you how to lick me now, but it is too risky, you’re too sweet.”

I nodded agreement, unsure of whether I would have wanted to do it or not anyway. I didn’t have time to think about it for long though, as she took my hand and placed it over her sopping pussy.

“Now, jerking off a girl is an art, handsome. Every girl is different. I like you to put one hand over my mound, like this, so you are pushing down from above onto my cunt. With the other hand, put in one finger for now, that’s it, right into my wet cunt, and put your thumb here, that’s my clit.”

I did as she ordered, marveling at the feeling of her pussy inside, the heat, the wetness, the ridges that kept etiler escort smoothening and bunching. She started moving my hands with hers until I got the idea, and then lay back and relaxed, moaning and sighing as I pleasured her.

As I caressed her she started to breathe harder and harder until suddenly she gasped, scrunched up and groaned really loudly. Wetness soaked my hands, and as I moved to take my hands away she grabbed them and held them against her pussy, making me continue until she came two more times. I watched her body with awe, noticing how a flush spread from her breast up to her face, how her eyes shone and flickered, and how her mouth dropped open.

Then she let me go. I got up, my hands soaked, and she motioned me to the bathroom to clean up.

When I got back she was sitting on the bed with a devilish smile one her face.

“Come here lover man,” she growled. She grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times until it was hard as steel again, then took out a condom.

“I know that if I let you in my pussy now you’ll just come straight away, even though you’ve come already, so I’ll give you a good sucking first, let you see what it’s like to cum in a woman’s mouth. Then we’ll move on to the fucking!”

She then put the condom in her mouth, and just like I’d seen in the porn’s, rolled it onto my cock with her lips!

“Oh baby, you have a fat one!” she laughed, “That’s good!”

Then she sucked me deep into her mouth. Even through the condom the heat and wet was unbelievably sexy, I whimpered with pleasure. She sucked back and forth, running her tongue all over, letting my cock pop out so she could lick the head, then popping it back in again.

“God I wish we didn’t have to put this on you,” she moaned around my dick “I wish I could taste your young virgin cock.”

Then, she sucked my in so deep, that with a few moves, her nose was in my pubes. I was being deep-throated! I could not believe it, her throat muscles squeezed and stroked my cock till she suddenly gagged and lifted off.

“Oh baby, mom, you’re too thick, but I had to do that!” She then continued to lick, suck and caress my cock with her mouth until she felt me tightening up.

“Do you trust me hot-stuff?” she asked, taking her mouth off my cock for a second.

“Yes! Yes!” I half shouted, just wanting my cock back in her throat.

She smiled evilly and sucked me back in. As I started to buck with my impending orgasm, she reached behind and pressed her finger against my asshole until it popped in. The sensation was incredible, I screamed as my cum pumped out into the condom as she continued to suck my cock and vigorously fingered my ass. It soon became too pleasurable to bear and I pulled out of her mouth. I laughed weakly,

“I didn’t think I’d be losing TWO virginities tonight!” I said.

“Oh no baby, that doesn’t count. If you want, and we see each other again, I’ll bring my toys.”

“Uh, no, that’s ok.” I said quickly, and she smiled. “You’re still so young. In a few years, I felt how your little ass reacted, you’ll love that kind of stuff.”

She got up from the bed to go to the bathroom. She took my hand and pulled me with her.

“Come on,” she said, “get that horrible plastic thing off, I’ll wash you up, and then we’ll move onto the main course. It’s time my baby boy became a man!”

To Be Continued…

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