A Long Weekend Pt. 03

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Saturday Daytime

Chapter 1

“Mmmmm…I knew that when I first saw you that I was in for a good, hard fuck…”

She breathed hotly into his ear, easing his pants from around his waist, yanking them urgently down his legs. He stepped forward, roughly pulling her dressing gown apart, letting it fall from her shoulders, exposing her pert, heaving breasts. His cock stood erect, rigid and ready. Reaching down, he clasped her tight, toned ass cheeks with his hands, squeezing and stroking her toned smoothness.

“Fuck me now…” she moaned breathlessly “Just fuck it inside…me!”

He bent, kissing and licking her pink, aroused nipples, sliding his hands down underneath her thighs, then lifting her swiftly off the floor, spreading her smooth brown legs so that she could straddle him and lock her feet around his waist.

She could feel his eager cock prodding urgently against her wet, excited entrance. Carrying her now, cradled in his arms, he pinned her back, hard against the kitchen wall. Slowly he bent his knees and then jerked quickly upwards. Inside her.


“Oh Fuuuck, Oh God, Fuuuuck!”

He breathed heavily, grunting into her deep cleavage. She pressed her lips into his hair to muffle her moans, putting her hands on his shoulders, pushing herself upwards and then lowering, impaling herself, letting his thickness penetrate her completely, up to the hilt. Her tits bounced, nipples, as hard as stones, flicking over his rough chin, popping into his open mouth. Feeling him thrust upwards and back out, it felt as if she had never had anything as high as this before.

“Cum for me baby…cum in me!”

She whispered, whimpered, taking all he could give her. His grunts and groans were becoming more aggressive now, his heavy balls slapped against her, cock buried deep inside her tight, slippery hole. He couldn’t hold back; unleashing a torrent of hot spunk, gasping, then throbbing, then twitching.

Chapter 2

“Morning everyone!” Sarah walked brightly into the kitchen, a huge, contented smile on her face. She pecked Steve on the cheek and stroked his hair. He grunted in acknowledgement. She looked at him with a furrowed brow, “Everything alright Ste?”

“Yeah, why?”

“You just look a bit flushed, that’s all.” she said and put the back of her fingers to his forehead. “God, you’re burning up… sweating!”

“There’s nothing wrong!” he whined, furtively glancing over at Jane, who was sipping her coffee. She looked down, a coy smile on her face.

“Ok then. But anybody would think you weren’t well. Not unless…unless…” She glanced at Jane, “Unless she’s been taking advantage of you again!” Jane smiled back at her, eyes wide open in guilty surprise, checking that her dressing gown was tied together, slowly reducing the amount of cleavage she had on show.

“I haven’t got it in me…not after last night anyway!” He replied, noticing Jane smirking at him, eyebrows raised in surprise. She felt his cum leaking from her freshly fucked pussy, slowly down the inside of her trembling thigh.

“He’s a dirty dog” said Jane “You need to keep him on a leash Sar!”

“I know” Sarah replied as she moved around the table and ran her fingers slowly through her friend’s blonde hair, leaned down and kissed her slowly on the lips.

“Mmmmmm, you smell nice” Jane murmured, “Did you have a good shower?”

“Oh God yes!” she replied, “I needed that.”

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t get much chance though. Somebody kept me up all night!” Sarah smiled sweetly at Jane, winked at her and kissed her again.

Steve pretended to be engrossed in the sports page of the local Spanish newspaper, the photos were the only thing he could understand.

He smirked, thinking about the two girls rolling around on the bed last night. They thought that he was asleep, but he had watched his girlfriend kissing, caressing and bringing Jane to a shuddering climax. He remembered her head buried between those smooth thighs of Jane’s, her tongue flickering, licking and probing her gasping cunt and erect clit.

Sarah tip toed over to the sideboard to fix a cup of coffee. Jane, noticing Sarah’s back was turned, quickly put her cup down and reached over to Steve’s shoulder, snatching a couple of loose strands of her blonde hair from his t-shirt. “Phew” she silently mouthed to Steve and grinned, rubbing his leg with her bare foot under the table.

A few minutes passed in pensive silence. “So what have you got planned for today?” Jane asked them while gazing pensively through the kitchen window. Steve shrugged and looked over at his girlfriend.

“Don’t know” Sarah replied, messily slurping on a piece of melon. “Maybe we’ll go for a walk or something like that. You got any ideas where to?”

“You could try a couple of miles up the road. It’s a gorgeous view up there. It overlooks the sea and there are fields as far as the eye can see.”

Steve moaned, “A couple of miles?”

“Yeah Steve, it’s only a couple of miles you van escort lazy bastard!” Sarah slapped his arm tetchily.

“Oh fuck it, alright then!” He replied grumpily.

“Calm down you pair!” Jane laughed at them. “It’s a nice walk and besides you could do with being out of the house when Frankie comes to do the pool”

Steve looked at her quizzically. “Frankie?”

Sarah interjected “Oh yeah, the pool boy, I’ll tell you about him later…”

“Don’t you dare!” Jane hissed, “That’s our little secret, remember!”

Oh shit, sorry!” Sarah replied, “C’mon Ste, let’s put some sun cream on and get walking.” She rose from the table with a small grin, clasped Steve’s hand and lightly squeezed Jane’s shoulder.

Chapter 3

They trudged slowly upwards in their thin flip flops, feeling every stone beneath their feet on the dry, parched road.

“I’m knackered.” Steve whinged, trudging about ten yards behind his girlfriend.

“Oh Christ Ste, we’re nearly there! She shook her head and sighed. I thought you were fit?”

“This had better be fucking worth it!” He carried on, one foot in front of the other. The only thing driving him on was the wonderful view of Sarah’s dusty, smooth brown legs pushing on in front, her cute ass swaying in her Daisy Dukes.

The road levelled as they came to some sharp bends meaning they had to hug the side of the road, tight against the rocks as the occasional car pottered on by. They hesitated as the high pitched whine of a moped approached them, unseen, around the next corner. Stopping, they waited to let it pass. The moped seemed to get faster and then it appeared like a flash, cutting the corner, aiming straight towards them. Sarah and Steve both jumped back, panicking as the rider of the bike swerved around them, his eyes bulging under his open faced helmet, wide open in shock.

“Wanker!” They both shouted angrily in unison. Steve gave the rider the middle finger and shook his head. The rider must have seen him in his rear mirror because he turned quickly in his seat and flashed two fingers back at Steve.

“What a twat” Steve muttered, “He’ll be dead in a ditch before he gets to the bottom of the hill”

Sarah smirked at him. “C’mon” she said, reaching for his hand, wondering if she had just seen Frankie, the pool boy, on his way to visit Jane.

Chapter 4

They sat under the shade of a gnarly old tree, its roots searching water, spread far and wide, clinging to the exposed rocky outcrop. The sea, a deep shimmering blue, lay before them, a vast open nothingness. In the far distance a cargo ship plugged resolutely away from them into the void. The town below, about five miles to the right, baked and shimmered in the intense late morning heat.

Steve sat back against the rough bark of the tree, his arm draped over Sarah’s shoulder. She nestled her head into his shoulder, eyes closed, enjoying the light warm breeze, listening to the larks chattering high in the cloudless sky.

“God, it’s so peaceful here Ste”

“I wish I could stop here” he lazily replied, “Let’s have a nap then go back to the villa, shall we?”

“Can we?”

“I think we both need it” he said. She lifted her head and smiled lovingly at him, pushing forward to kiss him delicately on the lips.

“Just how long have you known Jane?” he asked.


“Just interested, that’s all.”

She sighed. “Oh God, years, well, ever since school anyway.” She continued. “Back in school she was a really plain kid, nobody took any notice of her. She had a few friends, but they were all idiots and nerds. When she was fifteen, she really started developing, if you know what I mean. She became taller, grew her blonde hair. I was jealous; she had a figure to die for.” Sarah sniggered. “Her tits were huge!”

Steve grinned. “Go on.”

“Anyway, all the boys began to take notice. She fell in with our crowd and it was as if she was making up for lost time. She had a different boyfriend every week.”


“She seemed to prefer older guys. I remember going to a club in Manchester with her when we’d both turned eighteen. She went off with these two guys and I found them outside taking turns with her.

“Oh Christ!”

“Anyway, we had an argument and I didn’t hear from her until a few months before I met you. She got married to this old, fat, red faced dickhead. He was one of those people who always laughs at his own jokes, if you know what I mean.”

“A bit of a tosser?”

“Yeah. They are totally unsuited, but he has loads of money, cars and houses abroad. She caught him screwing his secretary in their bed and she ended up wanting to get divorced. He got a good solicitor who tied Jane up in knots, wanting to protect his assets. She was aiming for a good pay-out but she’s settled for a good deal. He has the villa in Spain which she could move to, live in rent free and receive a monthly payment. She’s a kept woman on the condition that they don’t divorce, so that he won’t lose face with his friends and clients and yalova escort so that he can pay her occasional visits. It isn’t perfect but she told me that she loves living abroad with all this sun. Besides, she’s still a young girl, so many young men, so many new temptations…”

“So there you have it.” Sarah smiled, looking pensively at her brown legs stretched before her and then up at her boyfriend.

“So, she’s a money digger then?” Steve replied.

“No, I wouldn’t put it that way, she’s just…just a bit shallow, if you know what I mean.”

“How come you’ve stayed in touch?”

“Well, she kept ringing and e-mailing me. It was obvious she was a bit lonely.”

It’s a nice place, but, yeah, I could imagine there’s no one to talk to.”

“In the last year she’s got her old spark back I think. Some of the stuff she’s told me is a bit…how should I put it… a bit on the kinky side? I think she’s quite popular with the locals now.”

“I bet she is!” Steve chuckled, pushing himself upwards “C’mon let’s start heading back”

“What about our nap?”

“Nah, fuck it, we’ll sleep on the sunbeds by the pool.”

Chapter 5

They walked back up along the curved driveway of the house, hand in hand, admiring the lushness of the garden. A cool, refreshing oasis after their hot, dusty walk. Rounding the corner, back into the searing heat, they saw the same moped from before.

“What the fuck!” Steve blurted, “Is that…?

“The pool guy, yeah, it looks like it” Sarah replied.

“Hope I don’t see him” he said angrily, tensing up.

“Oh fuck him Ste, we’re on holiday!”. She grabbed his arm and he sighed and seemed to relax.

They walked to the front door, but decided against going through to avoid a confrontation. Sarah took her boyfriend’s hand and guided him down a narrow passage to the rear of the house. “I think we can get to the pool this way.”

She led him tentatively through the darkened alleyway until they came to a secluded back garden at the rear of the villa. “It sounds like they’re moving furniture around…listen…”

She stopped to look at him, her brow furrowed, seeing if he could hear the sound. Moving quietly, they had to duck under the kitchen window so they wouldn’t be seen.

“Yeah, I hear them, it seems to be coming from in there.” He whispered, pointing above towards the window. Steve very slowly raised his head to look through the glass. “Er…they…they’re moving some furniture alright!” He glanced down to Sarah, a grin growing on his face.


Sarah cautiously stood up, peering through into the kitchen.

“Oh my God!” she burst out laughing and quickly put her hand to her mouth to cover the sound.

The young boy was completely naked, thrusting and pounding as best he could. He was holding Jane’s legs firmly under her thighs, her feet bobbing up and down, her back on the table. She raised her hips to meet his every aggressive grunt and thrust as he fucked himself deep inside her. The heavy table shunted backwards, squeaking against the floor with every hard stroke of his cock. One of her hands clutched tightly onto the side of the thick oak table, the other reached between her legs, fingers frantically rubbing and teasing her swollen clit.

“My, Oh My!” Sarah whispered, eyes wide open, taking in the vision of her best friend being screwed yet again, this time on the kitchen table. It aroused her. She wished it was her… that she was Jane.

“She’s fucking insatiable!” Steve smiled. He wished it was him banging into Jane, then, he briefly, dirtily wondered if she was still slick with his cum from before.

“Oh Christ, we’d better leave them to it!” She whispered, shaking her head, grinning. “C’mon”

Chapter 6

They made their way to a bench on the edge of a closely cut lawn, surrounded by trees. It felt good in the light shade afforded by the leaves above. Sitting down, Steve put his arm around Sarah and breathed heavily out. “Some of the things we’ve got ourselves in to!” he muttered.

“I know, I thought I had seen most things, but …she’s something else!”

“Yeah, she’s pretty fit and horny don’t you think?!”

“I’m fit and horny as well!” she said incredulously, pursing her lips and slapping him on the leg. “A threesome…another man…another woman…naked in a hot tub…seeing my own boyfriend tossing himself off and cumming over my best friend…seeing her desperate for you…your cock…up her”

“Sorry…I see what you mean!” he chuckled and kissed her on the cheek.

Sarah rose slowly from the wooden bench and sauntered into the trees, becoming hidden from Steve’s view. He closed his eyes, put his arms outstretched along the back of the bench and smiled to himself.

He remembered the two previous nights, the excitement and uncertainty, the fucking, the exhaustion, the wanting, more fucking, the satisfied look on Jane’s face as he jerked and pumped his creamy sperm inside her this morning.

“Hey, Steve!” He opened his eyes yozgat escort with a start, shaking him out of his filthy daydream. “Come over here!”

“Where are you?”


Steve walked into the dense trees, trying to pinpoint her voice. He pushed some low hanging tree branches aside, ducking as they whipped back towards his face.

“Where are…Oh…that’s a bit naughty!” His mouth dropped as he took in his girlfriend’s body, propping herself against a thick tree trunk, looking over her shoulder with seductive eyes and plump lips. Her cut-off shorts were around her ankles, her little panties rolled down to her knees. She circled her hips, moving her cute bare ass, tempting him.

“Well?” she said.

“God, you’ve just made me so fucking hard…you little slut”

“I’m so wet for you Ste… screw me like he was doing to her.”

She removed one hand from the tree trunk and provocatively ran a long middle finger over the cheeks of her ass, down between her legs, teasing the soft folds of her pussy lips, coating her finger in her slick, hot, excitement.

Steve grunted and darted over to her whilst unbuckling his belt, his erection making it difficult to pull his pants down. He breathed heavily, his cock aching and pulsating. Sarah felt him behind her, his hardness desperately grinding against her pert cheeks. She lifted herself up, trying to guide his gorgeous length into her slot. He moaned and then she sighed with frustration, putting her hand back behind her, grabbing his quivering tool and firmly guiding his tip onto her gushing lips.

“There ya go…”

“Fuuuuuck!” she gasped.

His thick, heavy cock stretched her lips apart as he penetrated her.

“Oh fuck Ste, fuck, don’t stop, that’s it, fuck me” she whimpered, her breaths becoming short and shallow.

He pushed further inside her, her wetness sucking him in.

“Do me Ste, just fucking do me, do me up my cunt!” she pushed back, forcing his cock further inside.

She turned her head, her eyes met his. Steve’s eyes seemed focused and intent. He locked onto her eyes, seeing a mixture of innocence, lust, want. This was his girl, he was going to fuck her hard, to demonstrate that she belonged to him.

“No wait! Stop!” Sarah quickly pulled herself off Steve’s thick rod, feeling it slide back against her ass cheeks. She groaned quietly, her pussy missing the satisfying fullness his tool provided.

“What…what’s up?” He groaned then frowned, a look of frustration on his face.

“Listen…” she whispered. Steve moaned then looked around, trying to hear anything over their heavy panting.

A happy whistling approached on the lawn, the squeaky wheel of a wheelbarrow stopped by the bench, the gardening tools rattling as the barrow was dropped down. The man’s whistling continued, totally oblivious to the young fornicating couple hidden in the trees.

“It’s the fucking gardener.” whispered Steve

“What are we going to do?”

“We could carry on!” he said, a mischevious smirk on his face.

“No way, not while that pervs there!”

“Oh go on!” he moaned, gently sliding his hand over her smooth hips. His cock tapped temptingly against her ass cheeks.

“No…we can’t…we’ll just pretend we were lost and then we’ll go up to the pool.”

“He’ll know what we were doing!”

“C,mon” she said, quickly pushing Steve backwards, pulling up her panties and shorts and raising her eyebrows at her boyfriend trying, with difficulty, to tuck his hard erection back into his pants.

She led him by the hand, ducking through the trees, back to the bench. The gardener didn’t see them at first. He had stopped whistling and lit himself a cigarette, slumping back on the bench in a world of his own.

“Ola!” Sarah said chirpily. The old man jumped in shock, spitting his cigarette onto the grass in front of him.

“Ola” he replied gruffly and then when he had recovered, looked at them suspiciously, scratching his messy, grey hair in bewilderment.

Sarah and Steve walked nonchalantly past him, ignoring his open mouthed staring, determined to get to the pool with the least amount of embarrassment.

Chapter 7

They found their way to the poolside, avoiding the house so as not to be seen. The wooden sunbeds appeared to be arranged, carefully positioned, thick white towels, sitting welcoming them.

“Perfect!” Steve murmured.

“I know” replied Sarah, “I’m getting in for a swim.” She undressed, pausing only when she reached her underwear.

“Fuck it… I’m going in with nothing on!” Steve said, tugging his pants down his legs, standing in complete nakedness.

“Oooh, that’s rude.” She chuckled, admiring his semi-erect cock bouncing in front of him.

“Not as rude as what you two were doing last night!” he shot back. She pulled a face at him.

The water felt comfortably cool, a respite from the burning sun. They swam slowly in no particular direction, enjoying the freedom and peace. Sarah slowly breast-stroked to the side and turned so that her back was against the pool wall. Steve ducked under the water and glided to join her. His head popped up inches away from her and he grabbed her waist to steady himself.

“I don’t think he noticed, did he?” Sarah murmured.

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