A Racist White Woman

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My name is Jamal Henrique. I am a tall, good-looking young black man living in the city of Bridgewater, Massachusetts. I lead a pretty normal life. I attend the Bridgewater Institute of Technology, a private school located in the town of Bridgewater, Massachusetts. I am a member of the Bridgewater Tech varsity football team. I volunteer at the local hospital and also mentor those who need it. I feel like I am blessed in life and I just want to give back a little, you know. I am a man who counts his blessings. I am the son of very proud and accomplished parents. They made all the difference.

My mother, Helen James Henrique is the President and Founder of the New England Adventist Academy, a private, religiously-themed school located right outside the city of Brockton. My father, Luther Henrique is a Sergeant with the Boston Police Department. My brother Lucas is a Corrections Officer in Plymouth County. We do alright for ourselves. Like everyone else, we had our ups and downs but we always considered ourselves blessed. However, as all black people in America know, racism is alive and well, in covert form. How else could you explain what recently happened to me?

I guess I’ve been so busy with my own life, I haven’t paid too much attention with what’s going on in the world. When Bridgewater Tech offered me a full student-athlete scholarship, my world changed. I mean, I was a senior at the New England Adventist Academy when that happened. The New England Adventist Academy is a fine school. Most of the students are either African-American, Cape Verdean or Haiti like myself. The school has eight hundred students and combines rigorous academia with religious education. Recently, they added varsity sports. For young men they offered Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Football, Wrestling, Volleyball and Lacrosse. For young women they offered Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Field Hockey, Volleyball and Lacrosse. We competed in the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association. I was the quarterback of the New England Adventist Academy’s first-ever varsity football team. I led them to victories against local athletic powerhouses such as Brockton High School, Cardinal Spellman High School and Boston College. I found myself on the cover of Sports Illustrated once. Not bad for a collegiate young black man, hey?

Before I even graduated from high school, the big colleges and universities out there came looking for me. Georgia Tech. Boston College. Ohio State University. Pennsylvania State. Notre Dame University. I wanted to attend a Division One school with a kick-ass football team. So, I looked long and hard for a good school where I would have the potential to shine. To be honest, the Bridgewater Institute of Technology wasn’t even on my radar. Located in the city of Bridgewater, Bridgewater Tech was a fast-growing school which was founded in 1987 by a conglomerate of New England organizations and businesses. Twenty one years later, it was one of the biggest schools in Massachusetts, yet its name didn’t carry any special meaning in most people’s minds.

The Bridgewater Institute of Technology had a focus on engineering and computing. It also boasted of a thirty-nine-thousand-person student body. Most of the students came from the city of Bridgewater and surrounding towns from all over Massachusetts. I was interested in getting a degree in civil engineering, and next to MIT and Harvard, Bridgewater Tech was considered one of New England’s best engineering schools. What really impressed me was the diversity of its campus. Over thirty eight percent of the student body was African-American. Forty percent of the student body was Caucasian and twenty percent were of Latino or Hispanic origin. Demographically speaking, the school was fifty three percent male and forty seven percent female. The school had two campuses, one in Bridgewater and the other in Charlestown. I visited the Bridgewater campus, which I chose because it was closer to home. I was amazed. The place was awesome!

I mean, the entire campus was state of the art. From the classrooms to the cafeterias and the dormitories. I fell in love with the Bridgewater campus when I went with my family for a visit. I was particularly impressed with the Bridgewater Tech Department of Athletics. They had every damn sport you could gaziantep escort think of, and then some! Men’s varsity sports were Baseball, Basketball, Football, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Golf, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Alpine Skiing, Archery, Wrestling, Rugby, Rowing, Water Polo, Sailing, Pistol, Gymnastics, Rifle, Fencing and Bowling. Women’s varsity sports include Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Sailing, Lacrosse, Golf, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Alpine Skiing, Archery, Wrestling, Rugby, Rowing, Water Polo, Gymnastics, Rifle, Equestrian, Fencing and Bowling.

To say that I was impressed would have been an understatement. The Bridgewater Institute of Technology had it all, and then some. Yeah, I knew I was going to like it there. I moved into the dormitories, and met my roommate. His name was Shane Harolds, and he was a young African-American from the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts. He used to play football for Plymouth North High School and won himself an athletic scholarship to Bridgewater Tech. I would have liked to say that we became friends but I’d be lying. We were more than friends, we were brothers. Shane and I had so much in common it was scary. We were both Adventists and both of us came from strong families. Shane was raised by his father Alexander Harolds, a fireman from Plymouth. His mother Alicia died in the early days of the Iraq War. She was a decorated U.S. Army soldier. I felt sad when he told me but Shane assured me that she was in a better place. He told me that part of the reason why he pushed himself so much both on and off the gridiron was to keep his mother’s memory alive.

The first day of football practice, Shane and I dazzled the new coach and the rest of our teammates. Both of us were really quick runners and catchers. I’ve played all positions throughout my career. When most people look at me, they don’t see me as quarterback material. I stand six feet seven inches tall and weigh two hundred and thirty pounds. I look more like a basketball star than a football player. Shane was around six-foot-three, and a great deal heavier than me. He weighed in at two hundred and sixty pounds. We made a good team. I was the starting quarterback and he was my blocker. On the gridiron, he became my own personal bodyguard and my shield. I loved the man.

My first year at Bridgewater Tech went well. We took the NCAA Division One by storm. In the 2008-2009 season, we took down Boston College and Georgia Tech, demolished Pennsylvania State along with Florida State. We crushed Texas Tech and Kansas State. We sent Oregon State home in tears. Unfortunately, Ohio State took us down in a hard-fought, 29 to 27 game. That’s okay, though. We had a good season. We had 30 victories and only 3 losses. Most college football teams can’t make that same claim. With football season over, I could focus on other things. I was getting good grades and doing alright at all areas of my life. Well, except for one. I was dreadfully and painfully single and after being celibate throughout high school, I was getting antsy.

Until I hooked up with Joanna Spellman, of the Bridgewater Tech Campus Police. How to describe Joanna? A six-foot-one, thick-bodied and busty, wide-hipped and big-bottomed, thirty-something white woman with long blonde hair and pale green eyes. She was fine as hell. I kind of like big women. I’ve always had a thing for them. We first met when some heckler followed Shane to his dorm after a football game. Officer Spellman intervened and arrested the perpetrator, Miss Lee, a skinny Asian chick who had a history of disorderly conduct at football games. She was banned from campus. Officer Spellman gave Shane and I her card, and told us not to hesitate to call if we were ever bothered by someone. She winked at me and left. That night as I lay in my bed, I jerked off and thought of her.

The next time I ran into her was in the deserted cafeteria, late at night. I was cramming for an exam in my civil engineering class. Joanna was eating a sandwich at a table by herself and asked me to join her. I hesitated, then figured, what could it hurt? I sat down and we talked. This gal was really interesting. She was a native of Brockton like myself. She went to Massasoit Community College before earning a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from giresun escort Bridgewater Tech. Then, she went to the Massachusetts State Police Academy. And now here she was. The whole time we talked, she was checking me out. Also, she laughed at all my jokes and kept touching me. I don’t know how we went from talking to each other in the cafeteria to doing it in my dorm, but I swear that’s how it happened.

I found myself lying on my bed while Officer Joanna Spellman went down on me. Before that day, I’d never done more than kissing a woman. My parents are very strict and didn’t want me to be one of those young black guys who get females pregnant before they can financially support themselves, let alone a family. So, although I did date a few young women, I never went further than kissing or heavy petting with them. And now, I was getting my dick sucked by a blonde-haired plump policewoman. Joanna sucked on my cock and balls. She commented that she’d never seen a dick as big as mine, and that she liked uncut dicks. The last time I measured my dick, it was around nine inches long. I’m uncircumcised. When I was born, my mother and father didn’t let the doctors mutilate me. They wanted me to be a natural guy. A fact I appreciated, as Joanna playfully pulled on my foreskin while sucking my balls. Man, this woman knew how to suck dick. When I finally came, she drank all of my cum.

Afterwards, I grabbed a condom from Shane’s drawer and put it on. Joanna naughtily told me she loved getting fucked from behind. She got on all fours and showed me her plump white ass. Hot damn, this plump white chick had one of the biggest butts I’d ever seen. I got behind her and at last slid my cock into her pussy. Joanna barked at me to fuck her hard. I did just that. I put my hands on those wide hips of hers and began pounding my cock into her pussy. I tapped that ass, as they say in the hood. Later, we changed positions. I lay on the bed and she began riding me. I slammed my dick into her pussy, and she screamed my name. We fucked and sucked the night away. When I woke up, she was gone but left me a thank you note. I felt great. I was no longer a virgin!

And that’s how it began. A few times a week, Joanna and I would meet in my dorm at night and hook up. This woman was insatiable. She would do anything! One time, I fucked her in the ass. I just bent her over and spread her ass cheeks. Joanna shook her ass and told me to fuck it. I pressed my cock against her booty hole and pushed it inside. With a swift thrust, my dick went into her asshole. Joanna winced a little, and told me to fuck her hard. I didn’t need to be told twice. Fucking a big beautiful woman in the ass was my dream. Joanna went wild. She was screaming at me and howling as I fucked her. Emboldened, I grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and yanked her head back while shoving my cock into her asshole. Her asshole felt wonderfully warm and tight around my dick. I fucked her hard and fast, just as she requested. We went at it until I came, blasting my load all over her ass. Our screams of pleasure filled the night.

Yeah, I was having a good time. Joanna was a lot of fun. She liked sex as much as I did. She didn’t give me any drama. All she wanted was casual sex and she was a lot of fun to hook up with. No strings attached sex. Isn’t that what every man wants? With Joanna, I had lots of sex. I mean, some nights she would suck my cock so much, I felt drained when she was done. She loved the taste of my cum. Hell, she loved the taste of me in general. One night, she surprised me by asking to lick my ass. I’ve never heard of such a thing. However, I was curious so I gave it a try. Hot damn, that woman can sure lick male ass. She sucked on my ass like it was the sweetest thing she’d ever tasted. I was having a good time, until she shoved her fingers up my ass. Now, that last part was a bit of a surprise.

Joanna told me to relax while she showed me a trick. She fingered my ass while sucking my dick, and amazingly my dick got harder. Isn’t that something? I didn’t know it could be like that. Over the next few weeks, Joanna and I had sex tons of times. Sometimes, we’d hook up with she patrolled the campus. I’d be walking near the Athletic Complex and she’d blow her whistle and ask me to stop. I’d smile and she’d come over to kiss and fondle me. Then, we’d duck into gümüşhane escort a corner, find some privacy and do it. She never wore any panties. Somehow, my cock would find its way up her ass. Joanna loved getting fucked in the ass. And I loved fucking her. Her ass was warm and tight, much more fun to fuck than her pussy.

This woman had some strange tastes. Sometimes, in her apartment, she’d play the part of the white farmer’s daughter who gets ravished by a runaway slave. I was a bit surprised by her fetish, but I gave it a try. I would chase her around the apartment and tackle her. We would wrestle on the floor, fiercely, until I subdued her. I would tie her up. Then, I would fuck her in the ass. Joanna loved getting fucked in the ass while tied up. And I absolutely loved making her surrender to me. Something about a big white woman, face down and ass up, completely under my power turned me on. The only thing I found alarming was her newfound addiction for licking and fingering my ass. what gives?

One time, she explained herself. She flat out told me that she wanted to fuck me in the ass while I was tied up. I was stunned. We’d done everything together but this was new territory. Somehow, she talked me into trying it. We went to her off-campus apartment for a change. We watched TV together and drank some wine, then got down to business in the bedroom. In this fantasy of hers, she played the part of the angry white female cop who takes down an angry black man. I found this to be on the edge but she told me it would be fun. I came after her, as scripted, and we wrestled around. Somehow, she overpowered me. Then showed me some loving. Joanna sucked my cock and licked my balls. Then, she began fingering my ass. After licking and fingering me, she told me to get on all fours. I was a little hesitant, but told myself to be brave. Joanna tied me up. Then, she lubricated my ass and then went to fetch the dildo. I gasped when I saw it. She looked at me, smiled, and told me to relax.

Then, she strapped it on and pressed the dildo against my ass. I took a deep breath, and gasped as it went inside of me. Joanna gripped my hips firmly and shoved the dildo into my ass. I screamed as my anal virginity was taken from me. Joanna promised me she’d be gentle but she seemed to have forgotten what she said earlier. She just fucked me hard and fast, pounding the dildo into my ass. I screamed as the dildo stretched my asshole to a level I never before imagined possible. I’ll be the first to say that it felt kind of good. However, Joanna seemed really lost into it. She was screaming that she was finally fucking a big black man in his ass. She said she’d always dreamed of sodomizing a black man with her dildo. Especially a big black jock like me. I was stunned. What kind of shit was this? I was about to speak but Joanna clamped her hand over my mouth and continued fucking me in the ass. She slammed the dildo in my ass and had her fun. Then, she squeezed a button on the dildo. Her dildo squirted hot artificial cum in my asshole. To say that I felt humiliated would have been an understatement.

Joanna unbound me, then asked me how it was. I stared at her, eyes filled with fury. I looked the racist white woman in the eye and slapped the hell out of her. Joanna laughed, and told me she liked my rough side. I stared at her. Didn’t this white whore understand anything? I didn’t like her borderline racist name-calling while she was doing me. I felt humiliated, not to mention used. And I didn’t appreciate her covering my mouth. How in hell was I supposed to utter our previously agreed upon code word for stop with my mouth closed? She had gone overboard. I put my clothes on and told Joanna that we were through. She panicked, and tried to get to me to stay. She apologized constantly. I didn’t want to hear it. So, I slapped her again. She stood there, stunned. I just walked away. I couldn’t believe I had shared my bed with a racist white woman.

When I got home, I showered until I finally felt clean. Deep down, I knew I’d never be clean, thanks to what I allowed this racist white woman to do to me. All in the name of sex. I felt as if I had betrayed my race, my community, my parents and myself. Disgusted, I washed myself again. The next day, I found a letter from Joanna. I ripped it without opening it. I had moved on with my life. A few weeks later, an event rocked the campus. Officer Joanna Spellman had committed suicide while on duty. Many mourned her. I wasn’t one of them. There are certain things which can never be forgiven. Joanna Spellman was a man-hater and a racist. The world is a better place without her.

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