Apartment 3A

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Thump, thump, thump… Dammit, they’re at it again, I cursed and looked at my clock. 3 AM. Great; I had to be up in a couple of hours. Muffled exclamations and moans accompanied the rhythmic thumping. I still hadn’t met my next-door neighbours but one thing I knew; they were the Energizer bunnies of sex; they just kept going and going and going. Night after night I woke to the thumps and moans of the pair of them getting it on.

I had seen one of them, or at least I think it was one of them; I came home late one night and there she was, a tall redhead unlocking her door. I didn’t actually see her – what? Roomie? Lover? Partner? I had no idea – but a pair of slim brown arms grabbed the redhead and pulled her inside as the door thudded closed behind them. I had simply shaken my head and gotten the mail, then unlocked my door. Five minutes later, the wall between our units was shaking and I could hear them through the drywall.

I suppose I’d better explain a bit; I live in Apartment 3B and they live in 3A, both on the top floor, and share a wall which – at least on my side – runs along my living room and bedroom. The rest of the apartment is toward the outer wall of the building and I assume their place is basically the mirror image of mine. Unfortunately, that means their bedroom is right on the opposite side of the wall from mine, so I get to hear their bedroom escapades, every night.

It was really pissing me off because the apartment was one of the few I could afford and it was otherwise a nice place. Heck, for that matter, I didn’t know my neighbours weren’t nice; their only fault was their taste for noisy, prolonged sex at all hours of the night. Well, and that they didn’t seem to care who heard them, either. However, it was a problem, because they kept waking me up. I don’t know what they did for a living, but apparently they could sleep in if they were fucking like that at 3 in the morning.

The problem is I don’t like confrontation. I know, I’m a wuss. I get enough confrontation at work; being a woman in the engineering world isn’t easy. First, there’s the guys who leer at you or make what they think are terribly funny remarks; then there’s their choices in art, which usually involves provocatively-posed women in little or no clothing. I swear, engineers are boys who never really grew up. It didn’t help that my inclination doesn’t run toward men, either. I’m sorry, but I like women. I like some men as friends, but I just never got into men the way other girls my age did. And I was a gangling kid, all braces and buck teeth, even in high school, so I never worked up the nerve to approach another girl.

Going by the comments – intended as compliments, I’m sure – I’ve gotten from my male colleagues, I’m sure I’ve improved. I don’t wear braces any more, and the rest of my face eventually caught up with my teeth. I guess they approve of my butt, too; early on I was patted a couple of times until I let them know I wasn’t interested. Problem is, that just started them speculating on my taste in women and pairing me up in their imaginations with some of the other women who work here. The rest of them are in administrative type jobs; I’m the only female engineer. That doesn’t stop the boys from theorizing about erotic liaisons between me and Molly, the admittedly-decorative receptionist, or me and Linda, Theresa or Emma, who are in the typing pool and who I confess have figured in some of my daydreams… but I digress.

So I let matters slide, sort of; every so often I’d sidle out, filled with a reasonable amount of courage to ask my randy neighbours if they could at least stop by midnight, and I’d cave. I did learn something else interesting, though, in the process; they had quite a social circle as well. More than once I caught sight of other women and occasionally men leaving their apartment, mostly alone, but sometimes in pairs. I still hadn’t met either of them and I still had no idea about the redhead’s roomie/lover, but apparently their appetites weren’t limited to just each other.

I confess their sex life titillated me, too. More than once I spread myself on my bed, naked, and jilled myself in time with the thumps and bangs and ecstatic moaning coming from the other side of the wall. Sometimes I could make out words, too, and marvelled at their imaginations. They were both very fond of strap-ons and other toys, I gathered, from the number of exhortations I made out to ‘stuff that nasty bitch’s cunt’ or ‘fuck her stupid’.

Matters came to a head about a month or so later, I guess. I’d come home absolutely dragged out, too tired to do more than reheat some pizza, shower, then crawl into bed. I swear, I hadn’t been in bed more than 30 minutes when it started, again. Honestly, I thought they were going to push their bed right through the wall, it was that loud. They were really carrying on, too; I could hear their words remarkably clearly, and they were absolutely nasty!

“… yeah, yeah, do me, ram it in!” “Fuck yeah… on your gaziantep escort knees, bitch, I’m gonna slam your slutty mouth ’till you choke!” “Oh yeah, do it! Then I’m gonna bend you over and blast your dirty cunt!”

Admittedly this was the kind of talk that got me awfully hot when I spent a Sunday afternoon listening to them and playing with myself, but this was the limit! I was tired and their blatant lack of consideration for others with their constant, noisy bedroom games had gone too far. My temper roused, I grabbed my housecoat and threw it on over my birthday suit and stomped out, across the landing and hammered on their front door.

Looking back on it, I don’t know if they could’ve heard me with the noise they were making, but that didn’t occur to me at the time. “Hey!” I shouted, “It’s 11 at night, for heaven’s sake!” I followed that up with another smart tattoo on the door… which opened.

Normally I don’t make a habit of walking into someone else’s place. Under normal circumstances I’d have closed the door and kept on knocking, or perhaps leaned in to shout for them. But this time I took this as being something between an invitation and an amazingly rude lack of manners, ignoring me at their door. So I pushed it open and stepped into their living room.

I have to say, their taste was very, very good. Art deco isn’t something I care for myself, but they had done it well. At the time, though, that was strictly secondary to my concerns. Their hallway, like mine, was at the opposite corner of their living room from the entrance, a miror-image of my place just as I’d figured. I strode past the kitchen, the bathroom toward the open bedroom door, from which the sounds of thumps and bangs as well as panting, moaning and cries of lust were coming. There was also a smell, too – the pungent scent of sex. There was an odd, musky tang to the unmistakable smell of aroused women, but I wasn’t really paying attention, except to realize that despite my anger, I was also getting quite aroused as well.

I banged the bedroom door wide and yelled, “Hey!” and the two figures writhing together on the bed stopped as if shot. “It’s 11 at night!” I repeated myself, planting my fists on my hips. “How ’bout a little consideration for people trying to sleep!?”

The redhead – I recognized her easily – had a look on her face. She had incredibly fair, peaches-and-cream skin, and green eyes that blazed with anger at my intrusion. She was wearing a… corset, I guess, and she was crouched over her partner, the only part of whom I could see were tawny legs encased in sheer cream pantyhose splayed out in a ‘V’ either side of her bedmate. Judging from their positions, I guessed the redhead was using a strap-on on her lover. Their bed was a solid oak-framed thing with the headboard right against our common wall; so that was what had been banging and making such a ruckus! I was secretly a bit impressed, too, that this pair could be so energetic as to make that very solid frame move so forcefully.

“Who the fuck are you?!” the redhead demanded, rolling off her playmate. Her playmate looked equally pissed, her legs dropping to the bed as she glared at me. If it hadn’t been for that glare, she would have been quite lovely as well; short-cropped hair dark as a raven’s wing and eyes that would have been a warm brown if they hadn’t been filled with anger. She rolled off the other side of the bed with cat-like grace, striding around the end.

That was when reality took a hard right, for as I confronted them, both unashamedly naked and caught red-handed in the middle of what was clearly Olympic-level sex, my eyes were drawn to a glaring impossibility – two of them. Both of them had cocks. Thick, heavy, erect cocks.

Time seemed to come to a halt somehow; I only remember the next little bit as flash-frozen images. The redhead’s cock must have been over a foot long. The base of the shaft looked like it merged right into her vulva; I could see the nub of her clitoris and the smooth seam of her nether lips. The tawny girl’s cock didn’t look quite as long, but was definitely thicker, not that the redhead wasn’t thick as well; at the moment it seemed like both of these… girls? had young trees growing from their crotches. Like the redhead, her shaft blended smoothly into her pussy

Time unfroze when I saw a thick, creamy drool of what must be semen oozing from the wide slit in the crown of the redhead’s penis. Unable to help myself, I glanced between her lover’s legs and I could see the tell-tale sheen of wetness along her inner thighs.

“The fuck?!” the tawny girl snarled.

“You… ha…” my brain scrabbled for traction, unable to logically process what I saw. “Noisy,” I babbled. Cool air swirled around me, and I realized that in planting my fists on my hips in an assertive display of righteous mad, my housecoat was now open, practically framing my body.

That certainly distracted them from their anger; the redhead’s face smoothed hatay escort into a sultry smile and she licked her lips lewdly. Her lover was slower but nodded slowly, looking me up and down as though I were a prize-winning sirloin and they hadn’t eaten in a week. That maddening breeze was making things worse; I could feel my nipples standing out atop my breasts in fat pegs, and delicious shivers shot through my crotch as I moistened. God, how is this even possible?! I wondered distractedly. I’m hot for chicks with dicks!

My body didn’t seem to care, and neither did my impromptu hostesses. “Well, this certainly puts things in a different light,” the redhead purred as she took my arm.

“Yup,” the shorter, raven-haired girl agreed, taking my other one. “We’re sorry; we really didn’t know we were making that much noise,” she went on in a soft croon.

“But we’ll make it up to you,” her redheaded lover added.

Everything seemed to be quite distant, somehow; as though someone else were operating my body. Whoever it was let them walk me to the bed, my housecoat slipping from my shoulders as we went.

“I’m Allison,” the redhead said with a grin, “and this is Shaniqua.” They moved me onto the bed, then both crawled on with me, one on either side. “Now you just lie back and let us make it up to you for our inconsiderate behaviour,” Allison added.

The evening took on an extremely surreal quality, no doubt of it. Here I was, lying in the middle of a king-sized bed, completely naked, with two impossible women in bed with me. I had no idea what they were, how they came by those penises, but that just didn’t matter. Allison and Shaniqua began exploring me, their hands running up and down my sides, over my breasts, along my legs and teasing my heated, juicing, needing pussy. At one point they were both suckling me, each with a nipple caught lightly between their teeth while they flicked their tongues in unison over and around my aroused pegs. Then they took turns kissing, licking, tasting my pussy lips, and I could only lie there, moaning and shuddering with pleasure.

It got weirder… some time later, Allison sat astride me, thrusting her cock (and how strange is that to write?!) between my breasts while I squeezed them together, making a snug, warm, excited tunnel for her to fuck… I was getting a titfuck from a woman. With a cock. But that wasn’t all; Shaniqua was straddling me, her perfect little brown ass flexing rhythmically as she drove her cock into Allison’s mouth, one hand on her hip, the other wrapped in the redhead’s waist-length hair. “Oooh yeah… that’s right, suck my cock, bish,” she chanted while Allison made rude gobbling sounds, her throat bulging a bit. She was playing with her tits as well while she kept up a steady pace between mine. I didn’t add anything to the conversation; I was too busy enjoying the wet, slippery, thick cock fucking my tits. Eventually I hear Shaniqua draw in a sharp breath and suddenly wetness splattered down from her; she squirted on me! She evidently came from her cock as well, because she clutched Allison’s hair and jammed her hips forward while Allison’s throat worked in a swallowing motion!

I don’t know where they kept their testicles, but there was no doubt they could make cum, and lots of it! Allison’s cheeks puffed out a bit, then white goo was leaking from her lips around Shaniqua’s tawny cock, running down her chin. Shaniqua kept cumming for at least two minutes, and by the time she was done, Allison’s lips and chin were glazed, and thick cream had plopped onto her breasts, where she rubbed it into her skin. That set her off, too; her cock between my tits jumped and then it felt like a firehose had gone off in my face! She groaned urgently around Shaniqua’ schlong, but a mouthful of girl-cock didn’t seem to slow her down any, and I found out what Shaniqua had been doing in Allison’s mouth.

That thick monster spat, over and over and over again, blasting Allison’s cock-goo into my mouth! I swallowed as fast as I could, and the taste wasn’t as nasty as I’d been told it was; slightly sweet, slightly salty. However, I didn’t have as much going down my throat as she’d had since she’d been tit-fucking me, not throat-fucking. On the other hand, I got a lot of her spooge on my face – it splattered my cheeks, my forehead, my nose, plastered my hair – and more painted my neck and tits!

Shaniqua pulled her cock out of Allison’s mouth and flopped back down on the bed next to me while my hands – also splattered with girl goo – released my breasts to free Allison’s cum-spurting impossibility.

“Fuck me, that was good,” Shaniqua grinned, pushing her hair out of her face. Allison rolled off to lie on my other side, licking her lover’s semen from her lips and chin and nodded agreement. “Oh yeah… I love a good tittyfuck, babe,” she purred. “But now that we’re both well warmed up, I think we need to give our new friend -” she looked inquiringly at me. “Hey, what is your name, anyway?”

Shaniqua hatay escort laughed and reached across me to grab Allison’s cock, jacking her slowly. “Geeze, Ally, don’t you even get someone’s name before you fuck them?”

Allison – Ally – just laughed and began rubbing her semen into my skin. “Hey, I just came on her face and tits; I haven’t fucked her.” She looked at me hungrily, expectantly. “Yet,” she added, and let her sperm-messy hand trail down my belly to resume exploring my quivering pussy. “So what is your name?”

“Ah… Heather,” I got out. Things had gone past surreal, past weird; I was in Twilight Zone territory by now, and it seemed easiest just to go with the flow.

“Heather,” she and Shaniqua repeated together, then Allison looked roguishly across to her lover. “Now we can fuck her.”

You know, coming from a man or a pair of men, that would have seemed crude, like I was just a piece of meat, a thing for their pleasure. Somehow, though, hearing those words from these two women, and seeing the smoky heat in their eyes, I wasn’t offended; I wanted them to fuck me. “Yes, please!” I moaned softly between my two lovers. “Take me…!” My heart pounded in my chest at the prospect. There was something incredibly alluring about them – maybe the intensity of their desires, the dark, dangerous aura of insatiable lust both of them radiated. I felt elevated, raised beyond the common, in the presence of two elemental forces, and at that moment, there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t have done to pleasure them, and if all they wanted was to push their girl-cocks into me over and over, why that was easy!

Between them I was turned on my side, facing Shaniqua. Two sets of hands stroked me all over, then together they lifted my leg. Shaniqua’s brown eyes bored into mine, their depths swirling with her rampant sexuality, and between my legs I felt her cock’s glans nuzzling against my drenched lips. She was guiding herself to me, I realized, and then she was there, I could feel myself being opened and God she was thick! She pushed into me, an irresistible force that wouldn’t be denied, and I bit my lip as I felt my cherry give way, tears welling briefly in my eyes.

“Ooo… Ally, we’re busting a virgin!” Shaniqua chuckled. “Aww yeah… she’s so tight, Ally; you’re going to love her cunt…!” Shi pushed again and again, working herself farther into me, filling up amazingly! I had no idea a cock could feel so good inside me, and somehow the fact it sprang from a woman’s loins made it even better! Finally she seemed to be all the way in; I felt stuffed, in a very good way.

Allison hadn’t been idle; while Shaniqua opened me up, her hands kept on roving over me, stroking from shoulder to hip to thigh, and from time to time I felt her lips brushing along my shoulder blades. Now that her lover was socketed inside me, I felt her warmth press against me from behind; her nipples her as hard as mine, pushing against my skin, and one smooth, pale hand crept around to cup a breast, her thumb toying with my nipple. “Ready?” she asked, breathing in my ear, and I nodded, my whole body trembling. Shaniqua wasn’t thrusting yet; she simply held herself inside me, her mound pressed against mine, her cock disappearing up inside my stretched cunt.

She nodded as well, and I felt her hands come to rest on my ass. “Go for it, Ally,” she answered intently, and I felt Allison’s cum-slicked cock sliding between my buns. She’s going to fuck my ass at the same time, I thought, and the idea nearly made me faint. To be double-penetrated, like in the nastier magazines the guys at work liked, feeling them working inside me, back and forth… A little mini-orgasm rippled through me, sending a fresh welling of my juices to bathe Shaniqua’s thickness inside me.

Only I didn’t feel Allison’s cock try to push into my anus; I felt her move forward between my thighs, until her plump glans was pushing at my lips next to Shaniqua’s cock! Oh my God… they were both going to fuck my pussy together! I shuddered and instinctively lifted my leg, trying to make room. I felt Allison’s hips rocking, felt her hardness sliding between my firm assbuns, felt her knob trying to enter me… but it would never happen, Shaniqua was already in me, as thick and hard as a steel pipe, and there wasn’t room! But that wasn’t going to stop Allison, and I gasped in mingled pain and pleasure as somehow she managed to stretch me enough, and her staff began to slide up into me.

“Oooo… fuuuck…” I panted, hyperventilating; never mind being virgin, never mind this being my first sex with a cock inside me; my first time was going to be with two girl’s cocks – larger than any man’s cocks I’d ever read about – stuffing my hole, stretching me to the limit! Allison and Shaniqua knew what they were doing, though; it hurt, but Allison took it slowly, pushing just a bit at a time then pausing to let me adjust, while Shaniqua’s fingers clenched and relaxed their grip on my ass.

“Hooo… tight isn’t the word, Heather,” Ally’s soft voice came in my ear. “You feel so fuckin’ good… I can’t believe ‘Niqua and I are getting to do you this way for your first time.” Her lips brushed along my ear while she thrust again, working herself further in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32