A Strange Request

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At first I thought it was a little strange, if not a bizarre request, and at first I resisted. I guess you could blame it on my upbringing, or maybe it was just plain, old-fashioned shyness, when she first asked I was taken aback. I denied her. But then, the more I thought about it, the more the idea excited me. Besides that, maybe, just maybe I could get it to play into my favor also. I began thinking about it constantly, wondering if and when she would broach the subject again. Weeks went by and there was no mention of it. We’d make love as normal, but nary a word was said. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands (excuse the pun).

It was a Saturday night, the kids were visiting grandma, and the house was relatively quiet. After an afternoon of shopping and combination of the heat and summer sun we decided to take a shower…together. Something we used to do quite frequently, until the kids came along of course. There is a certain chemistry between my wife and I, that is all I have to do is get near her and my cock begins twitching. So within minutes of joining her in the shower and I had a full blown hard on. Of course it didn’t help matters any when we started rubbing (and soaping) up each other’s body. We both knew what this was all going to lead up to, but little did she know that we were going to take a different path in getting there.

At one point she reached down with a soapy hand and begin to massage my cock. I, in turn ran my hands over her large full tits, concentrating on her very protruding nipples.. She laid her head back on my shoulder as I reached one hand down between her legs and let my fingers slide up and down between her pussy lips. Eventually I settled on spreading her apart and massaging her clit with my forefinger, while my other hand concentrated on her tits. Meanwhile she kept her hand moving up and down my six-inch shaft. Trust me when I say it didn’t take long before we were both breathing rather ragged, egging each other on.

Soon we were both ready to retire to the bedroom. I wasn’t willing to waste shooting my load in the shower. We finally turned off the water, dried each other off, and practically raced to the bedroom. I had already had a disc in the DVD player ready to go. It was one of her favorites, a series of short vignettes produced by Playgirl magazine. There was no story to follow, no distractions other than the sex. My cock was still standing proudly and for once I could tell you her pussy was wet from more than just being in the shower (I slipped a finger inside her just to test the waters so to speak). The video started and we both watched intently. By the end of the second story, I was more than willing to share with her the secret she so desperately sought.

I turned on to my back, my cock standing hard, whereas I reached down an gave it a slow tantalizing stroke, pulling a droplet of pre-cum to it’s head. Again and again I did this, yalova escort until I finally caught my wife’s attention. Even in the dark I could distinguish the difference between her watching the movie and her watching me. As the couple on the screen began fucking, I started to masturbate in earnest. I gripped my hand even tighter and moved it up and down a little faster. Meanwhile, I knew without even touching her that it was having a profound effect on my wife. She was opening and closing her legs, almost in time with my own movements. I didn’t know which turned me on more…watching the video, the masturbation, or just thought that the whole combination was a huge turn on for my wife. I continued stroking my cock, slowing down every now and then, so as not to cum too quickly. I teased myself by tickling around the head and every time a droplet of pre-cum would appear I’d use my forefinger to smear it along my hard, pulsing shaft. It didn’t take long before it was glistening. Once again I began stoking myself, this time only using my thumb and two fingers just beneath it’s head. Slowly my fingers pushed and pulled on it, as the action on the screen got a bit more intense.

Glancing over at my wife, she was trying to be secretive because she was just barely moving, but I could tell she had her hand between her legs. Now I was paying more attention to her than I was the video. I reached down and gripped my balls with my free hand; meanwhile, my fingers still worked their magic on my throbbing rod. I watched her breasts rise and fall with each breath she took. She seemed to be mimicking my own movements, the faster my hand moved, the faster her arm moved. I soon went back to a full-fledged jerk, wrapping my hand around it once again, I let it glide up and down effortlessly.

Slowly my balls began to tense up closer to my body (a sure sign of an approaching orgasm). I listened to the female’s fake moans intensify on the screen, as I looked at her getting pounded doggy style by some young stud, my hand moved even faster. Initially I wanted to cum with her, but then a low, soft moan from my wife caught my attention. Just as suddenly I let loose of my cock. I didn’t want to cum yet I told myself. I had to remind myself that I was here to cum for my wife. That in turn caught her by surprise. She turned on to her back, spreading her legs as she did so. I could only imagine how wet she must have been.

I urged her to continue, but she refused until I started again. So now the movie was secondary and our full attention was devoted to each other. I took hold of my cock and slowly pumped my fist up and down. She in turn took her hand and moved it between her outstretched thighs. I was mesmerized, in a trance. I didn’t know which I wanted more, to cum myself or watch her cum. Once again, the faster my hand went, the faster her fingers moved. A part of me wanted to move in for a close-up view. I wanted to zonguldak escort see, learn if you will, how she pleased herself. But I knew this is what she wanted, this was her party. She wanted to see me cum. And I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would be able to oblige her.

My cock was oozing pre-cum by now. It was no longer a drop here and a drop there. Now it was like a non-ebbing flow. I pushed and pulled on my cock with one hand, while the other fondled my bloated balls. As I had said before, the movie now became nothing more than a distraction, other than providing a soft glow. All of my energy was focused on us. My wife’s fingers were moving faster in and out and around her pussy. Every so often she would take her hand off just enough so that I could actually see the wetness on her fingers. I would watch, as her hips would rise up to meet her fingers. God, it was all so visually and aurally stimulating, more so than any other movie and/or act that I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. We watched each other’s breathing. We listened to the other’s soft moans with baited breath. It seemed as if we were holding onto each other, while waiting for the other to reach that point of no return. I knew my orgasm was fast approaching. So rather than cum too quickly; I again slowed down. My heart was racing, my breathing ragged. She knew I was close, and yet I knew this is what she wanted. She turned to me and our silence was broken “Cum for me” was all she said breathlessly, almost whispering. There was something so erotic in the way it was said. Maybe it was the sheer honesty of the situation. This would be the removal of all barriers. A most intimate moment shared. I realized I wanted this just as much as she did.

I gripped my cock a bit tighter and grappled with my balls. Now I was almost urging the cum to leap from my prick. As my hand began to moved even quicker than before My wife turned on to her side, still with legs apart, I could now see her now wet matted pubic hair. She put her fingers on each side of her pussy lips and slowly spread herself apart. She was soaked. She then did as I had done in the shower, slowly ran her middle finger up between them, shivering as she done so. Her wetness was all so evident now as her finger glistened in the soft light of the TV.

Meanwhile I stayed on my back, cock bobbing in the warm summer air. I let it go just long enough for her to see exactly how hard she had made me. I immediately went back to jerking myself off. No words were spoken. It was all action. I was inching ever so much closer. I gripped my balls and began ‘milking’ them in unison with my cock. My wife sensing this began to finger herself…deeper and with more intensity. It was just her and I. The familiar tingling in my balls warned me that I was about to cum. Quickly I released the hold on my cock once again, to pulse, to throb in nothingness. I didn’t want to cum zonguldak escort just yet. I wanted my wife to catch up. My cock was bobbing. My hands were literally shaking. I was oh so close.

Finally I said the hell with it, I rubbed the head of my cock with the palm of my hand, smearing around the pre-cum, which had pooled there. Then fisted my hand and began jerking off once more. This time there would be no quit, no slowing down. I did exactly as before, one hand on my shaft, the other playing with my balls. Suddenly it became all about me, and me getting my rocks off. I remember faintly hearing my wife’s moans of pleasure, as I continued beating my meat. I gritted my teeth trying to hold off the inevitable. I knew I was about ready to cross that line where there was no turning back. I gripped both my cock and balls a little tighter. I began thrusting myself into my hand. I squinted my eyes,

I was ready now. Ready to share with her my most intimate act. I curled my toes and tensed my legs. I was almost there. I wanted to cum. I needed to cum. I had to cum. I gave her no warnings, but she was watching just the same. Now she simply mouthed the words “Cum for me baby”, and that was it. That pushed me over the edge, as first one spurt then another shot out of my prick, landing squarely between my nipples. With each subsequent squirt landing a little lower. As the power of my orgasm overtook me, I tried to milk as much cum as I could from erupting cock. Eventually the spurts of cum ebbed and began to pool in my belly button. It was by far one of the best/strongest orgasms that I had ever had. I kept pulling on my cock until there was no more in which to give. I then turned my full attention to my wife who smiled at me briefly, before beginning her quest for orgasm. I scooted down on the bed so as I could get a better view. Her pink pussy lips shone in the light of the TV and she had three fingers working in and out of her sloppy wet pussy. Every so often she would stop just long enough to encircle her clit a few times.

Soon her soft moans turned to loud squeals of delight, as her hips jumped up to meet her ever thrusting fingers. I shivered as a bead of cold cum ran down my side on to the bed, but even that wasn’t enough to deter my attention from her squishy cunt. Before I knew it she was in the throes of her orgasm. I watched closely as her pussy clamped tightly around her probing fingers. It pulsed in much the same way as my cock had done earlier. Suddenly she closed her legs tightly together, her hand smacked right against her pussy, gasping for breath.

We both lay there for a long time, catching our collective breaths and smiling at each other. Finally without saying a word, she reached over and gave me a quick kiss, then hopped out of bed and retrieved a towel from the bathroom for me to clean up with. Actually it was her who wiped the cum from my chest and belly. But first she ran her finger through it making a trail around each nipple before returning to my belly button, making a game of it. Soon afterward we both returned to the shower, where we proceeded to start all over again. But this time the ending would be different…use YOUR imagination!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32