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I have been having an affair with a married woman for the past five years and it was only last week that her hubby finally found out. But let me begin at the start.

My name is Alan and I am in my late thirties of average build with all my own hair and teeth. I was the manager of a big supermarket chain and I first met Abby when she came for a job interview. Needless to say when I saw how stunning she looked I had no qualms in offering her the job right there and then. It was for my assistant manager as the previous one had left to go to another company.

Abby was twenty eight years old with 38dd boobs which were the first thing I noticed about her as she walked in the door of my office. She has shoulder length red hair, emerald green eyes and is about five foot eleven tall with really nice legs and a tight little ass. She had been married for about eight years and had two kids, a boy aged six and a girl aged four. Her hubby became a friend not long after Abby got the job and he was then thirty five years old. I found out from a friend of Abby that her hubby couldn’t keep her satisfied sexually and she had been seeing other men after work.

I had always tried to ask her out but she always told me that she was already going out with friends or out with her hubby. There was a big Halloween party coming up and I thought if I could get her drunk enough then I would have a chance of fucking her but I failed again as I was beaten to the punch by one of the other store managers. Her hubby didn’t take to kindly to her coming home that night at around three in the morning so she decided to give up the excitement of fucking other men for a while until her hubby trusted her to go out again with friends and not come home rat arsed like she was doing.

It was a year later at the works Christmas party that I finally got my taste of the very slutty Abby. She had been drinking way to much during the evening and when she was up dancing with her fellow male colleagues their hands would wander all over her delectable body. Even when she was up dancing with a few of the women there seemed to be hands everywhere from both of them. Every time I tried to get a dance with her I was too late there always seemed to be someone beating me to the punch. So I had to sit there and watch her being man handled by not only the men but the women too.

It was then that I thought of what she would be like by the end of the night and seeing she was not only my employee but also I was a friend of her and her hubby I decided that I was going to be the one taking her home that night. If I wasn’t going to be getting any from her I was making sure that no one else was getting any either. By the time the party was over she was anyone’s for the taking. So I decided that I was taking her home that night and I wasn’t having any other Tom, Dick or Harry taking her home and fucking her before dropping her off.

After taking her by the arm and colleting her coat I managed to get her out and into the back of my car. By the time we were about half way towards her home all I heard from the back seat was Abby moaning as if she were being fucked. So I pulled in at the next layby to see what was going on in the back as I couldn’t quite see in my rear view mirror and hearing her moaning my cock was starting to wake up and looking for some attention.

When I opened that back door and peered in there was Abby with her short black skirt bunched up to her waist in her black leather knee high boots and black hold up stockings. Her low cut black top was hanging off one shoulder so much that you could see her red lacy bra. Her hands Yalova Escort were inside her matching red lace panties and she was playing with her pussy and I could smell her arousal. I had found out she can be a right little slut when she is horny and drunk and it wouldn’t matter who it was that was with her man or woman she would have been theirs. I had also found out that she was also very submissive and would do anything she was asked when in this kind of state.

So here I was with a dilemma, she was there for the taking but she was also a friend so it was now a case of would I take advantage of this situation or not? Sad to say I listened to my hard cock instead of my head and I took full advantage of the situation. The first thing I did was pull her into a lying position making sure her short skirt was still bunched at her waist. I then pulled her soaking wet red lace panties down her legs and off her feet and put them in my pocked as a souvenir. I then spread her legs and the smell of her arousal filled my nostrils and I almost drooled. I ran my hands up her legs over her knees and up her soft stocking covered thighs. My cock by now was almost ripping through my boxers and trousers.

Abby was gagging for it by now and I was not going to disappoint her so as my hands got to her thighs they slipped in between her legs and I ran them up over her stocking tops and onto her silky bare thighs. She was moaning really loud by now and I was hoping no one else was going to pass by and think something untoward was happening. I bent my neck and leaned into her dribbling pussy and began licking her juices up and pushing two fingers inside her pussy.

I rubbed her clit with the thumb on my other hand and she began screaming out for me to fuck her and fuck her now.I had my trousers and boxers down at my ankles in record time as I didn’t need to be asked twice.I slid on to the back seat on top of her and she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me to her. My cock lined up with her pussy lips and I gave a thrust forward and buried my cock deep inside of her soaking went cunt to the hilt in one go. The more I thrust into her the more she screamed out my name telling me to fuck her harder and harder which I did. If you had looked in you would have thought it was the energizing bunny who was fucking her.

I shut my eyes and concentrated in fucking her and getting ready to cum inside her. I must have been fucking Abby for about at least ten minutes as she was having one orgasm on top of another. It was all I could do to hang on to her or she would have bucked me right off get. The all of a sudden she went all limp and quiet. I opened my eyes to see that she had now passed out on me. I was almost there and decided not to stop and kept on fucking her as her legs slipped off my back and down beside my own legs. A few more thrusts and I could feel cum boiling in my balls and then it began to shoot up my shaft.

It was at this point I wondered if she was on the pill or not and if not would she be getting pregnant but it was too late to pull out as cum was now shooting out of my cock and deep inside of her hot wet pussy. I lay there on top of her having just came inside of her and enjoying the thought of her maybe becoming pregnant with my child. After about five minutes I decided it was time I got off her and pulled her skirt back down and got her home. The only problem then would be when her hubby was putting her to bed would he noticed she had been cum in?

As I drove up to her home her hubby came to the door realising it was my car and that I had brought his wife home from the Yalova Escort Bayan Christmas party.I had been driving with a couple of windows down so the smell of sex wouldn’t be apparent. As I parked the car I could see her hubby John stepping out his front door and come down his path to where I was parked. He then noticed that his wife was passed out in the back seat of my car. Between the both of us we managed to get her out the car and into the house and up a flight of stairs to their bedroom. As we got her on the bed she started to come around again.

As she started to come around she reached out and grabbed the first cock she could get a hold of which just happened to be mine. Needless to say he batted her hand off me and I made my excuses and left as quickly as I could. When I was at the bottom of the stairs I put my hand in my jacket pocket to pull out a hanky to wipe my now sweating forehead and that was when I realised I still had her wet panties. I bolted for the front door and was down the path and in my car and off.

Abby was always gagging for more cock and mine in particular for the past few months now I have been sending her home to her husband full of my cum. So much so that over the past few months I’ve even introduced Abby to dogging and she seemed to love it. I took her at least once a week to lay byes, country parks and even public toilets a few times.

One night two months later I had told Abby to turn up in my favourite outfit of hers…a short skirt, low cut top and black leather boots which I was always happy to see her in. I had already told her she was going to get fucked tonight but I didn’t tell her who it was that she was going to be fuck by. On our way between pubs I told her to go into the public toilets just off the high street. I had arranged for a couple of other store managers who she didn’t know to be waiting there for her. They were both in their late 30’s and I had wanted to see just how far Abby would go with them in such a public place.

The toilets had been boarded up for a little while but were still used by doggers. As Abby entered her heels made a clicking noise on the concrete floor and as I followed in behind her I noticed the toilets smelt really bad. I had to cover my nose and as our eyes adjusted to the dark and out of two of the cubicles came the two store managers.

“Is this her?” The first asked me.

“Yes.” I replied as they approached her.

“Are you really a dirty little bitch like I have been told you are?” The first one asked her.

“Sometimes I am depending on who I am with and what I am doing.” Abby replied with a smile on her face.

“Well why don’t you get over here and start sucking my dick.” The second one said as he pulled his cock out for her.

Abby was not shy tonight and walked right over to the second one who was called Richard and grabbed a hold of his cock and started to slowly wanking him off. As she did they kissed hard and fast just as Richard pulled up Abby’s skirt and then pulled down her black panties. Her bare ass was now totally exposed and he made the most of it licking her ass before moving between her legs to lick her cunt. This set her off and she pushed her ass out for Richard to get easy access to it. As I watched he pushed a finger into her very tight bum hole and then another as he continued licking her.

By this time the first store manager Eric came up to her while dropping his trousers. She bent her head down and began to suck on his big dick and he began to face fuck her. Richard had now moved between her legs and after a few seconds of Escort Yalova fumbling about he managed to push his cock against her pussy. I could almost hear Abby gasp and cry out around Eric’s hard on which was still in her mouth so I guessed that Richard had finally entered her. Richard began slowly fucking her and gradually built up a very steady rhythm as Abby was still being face fucked by Eric.

“Please don’t cum inside me!” She cried out after pulling off Eric’s cock before he thrust it back in her mouth as Richard just kept thrusting inside her pussy faster and harder.

Being the gent that he was Eric pulled his dick out of her mouth and came over her face and hair. Richard was getting nearer and nearer the edge of no return as his now throbbing cock slipped between Abby’s swollen pussy lips. She was very wet and slippery as her juices glistened over her pussy and then began running down the insides of her soft thighs and down into her thigh high boots. Richard had pulled open her pussy lips letting her juices drip from her open as he thrust forward again and again deep into her soaked cunt. He fucked her pussy for about five more minutes and as she pleaded with him not cum inside. He decided otherwise as shot his cum inside her filling her pussy with it.

After Richard stopped cumming he pulled out of her pussy as he slapped her ass cheeks and thighs before wiping his dick on her ass cheeks. He watched as his cum began to dribble out of her well fucked pussy and run down the insides of her lovely thighs down do drip into her boots and onto his black shoe below her on the floor. He shouted at her calling her a dirty little slut who loved being fucked by more than one cock at a time.

“You are just a cock hungry little bitch who loves being used by men even in dirty public toilets like these aren’t you?” He shouted at her.

“Yes I do!” Abby replied as she put on her submissive side to her nature and played along like the slut she really was.

“What are you?” Eric shouted at her.

“I’m just a cock hungry little slut.” She replied back to him.

Eric then ordered her to get down on her knees and lick up Richard’s cum which was now splattered all over Eric’s right shoe. Abby was really enjoying herself being ordered to lick up cum that was on Eric’s shoe. This was also the night that I also found out that Abby liked to be ordered about and told to do things she would not normally do. When Abby had finished licking cum from Eric’s shoe she was then told to suck on both of their cocks clean which she did without having to be asked twice.

Eric then dismissed Abby after arranging another meet for the same time the very next week at the same place and also told her that he might bring a few mates with him next time. As Abby and I walked out into the night air she could feel small droplets of Richard’s cum and her own juices still leaking out every now and then and running down her thighs making her still very horny. Before she got home I took her up an alleyway and fucked her up the ass making sure she went home completely full in all holes of another man’s cum.

To this day her hubby hasn’t said anything about her coming home with another man’s cum in her. Whether she went straight into the shower and cleaned herself before going to bed I never asked. After that night I never saw much of her again unless I was at their place or bumping into her in the street as she gave her job up the very next day. Her hubby and I are still friends and I found out from him a few months later that Abby was now three months pregnant. When I finally got a look at her baby about four months later I was happy to see it didn’t look anything like me. I also don’t know who it was that had red hair as her hubby has dark brown hair. The last time I saw Abby she looked very contented with her little baby boy who she named Richard.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32