Actions and Consequences Pt. 06

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Big Tits

“Next pose,” the photographer said.

I laid down on the lounge chair by the pool with my legs folded over each other and leaning forward, dropping my heavy hangers down for him to take a few pictures of me. Then I switched again following the routine of the three other women that had come before me.

Eventually, I got into the pool and came out slowly. Each picture was taken over and over again. After I finished one set, I would start over with another photographer. A video was taken, then stills, then an interview afterward. At first, I thought this was going to be a quick day, go down to the pool and take a few photo’s then come right back up.

I was wrong in every essence of the word. It had taken over six hours. By the time we were done, I felt exhausted. The three other women were with two different companies, each of them was big or in the term Big and Beautiful. One of them mentioned that they would be doing a porn shoot later that afternoon.

I had asked a few questions about it as my interest in doing it had peeked. I wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. Preferably by more than one male, it didn’t matter the color as long as they had big fucking dicks that they knew how to use.

After waking up at six in the morning and getting back to my hotel just after two in the afternoon, I had no interest in getting changed and going anywhere. Who knew taking photos could be physically exhausting.

And to think most of the guys that looked at the pictures would think, oh, they just stood there and had someone take a picture. No! Fuck no! That picture was made more than once, more than twice, maybe even six times until they were happy, then the next picture after that, and after that, the next time I signed up for a photoshoot I was going to eat first. I was starving.

It wasn’t dreadful, the flight, as well as all the food, was reimbursed, plus I got paid a ridiculous amount for the shoot itself. When they told me how much I was going to make per day, then how much I would get for each time the photos or videos were downloaded, I almost came twice over the phone.

All it boiled down to was stupid, horny men. There was tons of stuff for free online, but yet looking at the pictures, I had uploaded a few weeks back as I waited for room service, told me that they were a lot of men or women out there with money to spend on anything.

The view from my hotel room’s balcony was gorgeous. It overlooked the beach. People were riding their bikes down the sidewalk, others taking a stroll along the beach. Couples were making out under the large beach umbrellas.

Here I was in my hotel room, single, horny, and fucking hungry. “Where the fuck is my food!” I said as I turned to walk back into my room. As I picked up the phone, there was a knock on the door.

“Shrimp Fettucini with garlic bread and white wine?” the young man said as he opened the door.

“Cheesecake?” I asked as I looked at the cart.

“Two slices,” the young man said as he lifted a plastic cover off a large plate of two large slices of cheesecake.

“Thank you,” I nodded.

“Is there anything else?”

“Did they get my pre-order for dinner?”

The young man dug into his pocket. “Large order of steak fries, a Texas bacon cheeseburger, and more cheesecake?”

The cheesecake here was unbelievably good. I never had anything like it. I ordered the first day I got here and had requested it every day since.

“I probably should have ordered that for lunch and this for dinner,” I said, looking down at the cart. The young guy looked petrified that I was going to tell him to take it back.

“I am joking,” I smiled at him.

“Oh, okay,” he laughed.

I told him to bill it to the room as well, but I paid the tip with cash. I couldn’t believe they were going to reimburse me for everything, including tips. All I had to do was snap a picture of the receipt and send it to them.

Lunch hit the spot, and I felt full, the good thing about starting so early was that I had the rest of the day to myself. One of the girls sent a text to me saying they were downstairs at our usual place.

I got dressed and went to meet them. The women sat in a large tent-like structure by the side of the pool.

“Look who finally decided to come out of her room,” Desirae said. She was the ring leader or the spoke person of the group, also the largest.

Desirae liked to characterize her body as SSBBW or supersized beautiful woman. I would of just put it as fucking huge! I didn’t try and make myself better than what I was; I am a big woman, I love to eat, resulting in a fat stomach, thick legs, thick thighs, and a huge butt. I always had big boobs even when I was smaller, way before I had children.

Patricia was the quiet one. She just nodded her head like a blonde barbie doll, if barbie had HH boobs and an ass.

Then there was Madeline, the one that did porn as well as photoshoots. She was in the middle of all of us. She was more curvy than fat, all of her body parts matched. Boobs weren’t too big; thighs weren’t too thick, she was Escort bayan just curvy all around.

“Yeah, I had to eat something I was starving,” I said, sitting down.

“I think Gary has the hots for you,” Madeline said as she looked at me.

Gary was the lead for our group. He sent a text of what time to meet and what time we were leaving back to the room.

On the first day of the photoshoot, when we were at the beach, one of the photographers wanted us to stay longer. Gary had none of it. He told them if we stayed longer, their companies would have to pay the time.

“Nah,” I shook my head. “He is happily married, he just likes to flirt,” I said as I looked over at the pool. A family had just gotten into the pool. They were laughing and having a good time.

I missed that part of my life, having a family, I knew I had ruined it for myself, but I still longed for it. Timothy had kept to his promise I got a text or a call from one of the kids every day.

“So, it’s not like marriage is sacred anymore,” Desirae said. “How many of your followers are married with kids, but yet they send gifts to you?”

All of us nodded. For me, there were at least fourteen that got on my cam shows regularly that were married. Two of them sent me gifts weekly.

One of them sent me fourteen new bra’s because I mentioned that one of my bras broke. All he wanted in return was for me to post a picture of me wearing them. It took a few weeks for me to finish sending him all of the photos, but he was a happy man.

Most of them had the sad sob story that their wife wasn’t giving them attention, or not sleeping with them, or they had put on weight and were no longer sexy. When I mentioned that their wives either had someone else or was watching one of the male cam shows, every single one of them got upset or angry that their wives would do such a thing.

And there was the usual double standard, it was okay for them to gawk and send gifts to a woman that wasn’t their wife, but she had to stay loyal to them.

It was the same in the erotic stories I read, all of the men could read about a married man cheating on his boring, unsexy wife, and they would flood the comments about how hot it was, or they couldn’t wait to read more.

If the wife cheated on her husband, they again flooded the comments that she was a whore, a slut, and hoped the husband killed them both or that she got a disease. Then they had the nerve to say there was no double standard.

“Do you guys still get the bra size question?” Patricia asked.

“Not as much since I put it in my name,” I said. “Most of them can figure it out.”

“That is wise,” Desirae said. “I guess I can change my name to do that.”

Desirae was the only one that had kept her legal name as her online persona. So it would be easy to make her name DesiraEE.

“Hope you don’t mind?” Desirae asked me.

“It’s not like I am the first to do it or have a copyright to the idea,” I shrugged.

“Well, I have to get going,” Madeline said. “Have to go prepare.”

“What is it today?” Patricia asked.

“Another,” Madeline smiled as she put on a surprise face. “My husband isn’t home, and you’re his best friend, we can’t do that,” she said as she shook her head. “It’s the number one selling video for my company, so all of us are doing it.”

“Well, have fun,” Desirae said.

“Yes, according to some of my ex-followers, all I do is lie on my back and get fucked, no skill towards it,” Madeline nodded.

“Surprised you don’t yawn all the way through,” Patricia said.

“Or call it quits after the second redo,” Madeline said.

“Redo?” I asked.

“You don’t think they last for fifteen to twenty minutes, do you?” Madeline asked. “There are only very few, and in the three years I have been doing it, only twice has it happened.”

“So they stop?” I asked.

Madeline nodded. “More like pause, he shoots I go to my chamber while some cute fluffer gets him all hard again, we get into the exact position where it got paused and continue.”

“You can sometimes tell, especially if there is a change in position,” Patricia said.

“You’ve done it?” I asked.

“Yes, before I got married,” Patricia nodded.

Desirae nodded as well. “Key thing in this lifestyle, hide the ring,” she said as she held out her hand, there was no ring. Then she lifted her foot around her ankle; there was a ring attached to a gold chain. “I always hide it. You will lose almost all your followers if they know you are attached.”

I looked at the other two. Even Madeline had a ring around her wrist, which she could easily hide with her other hand.

“And your husbands?” I asked.

“Photographer,” Madeline said.

“Agent,” Desirae said.

“He no longer works in the industry, but he was one of the men I slept with, while I was still doing it,” Patricia said.

“Trust us. You won’t find someone willing to be with you, that isn’t in the business. They won’t understand, or accept your lifestyle for long,”

Madeline Escort said. “They will say they do, and for a while, nothing happens, then they see a photo and read the comments and see your reply and of the handle they go.”

“Or see a scene, and you sounded a little more excited than the last time,” Patricia said.

“Or my favorite, they volunteer to come to a party with all your co-workers and see a male model and the two of you hug or embrace for too long, and your partner is convinced that you are fucking them and everyone else at the party,” Desirae smiled.

I had never thought about that, sure I had thought eventually I would like to get back into a stable relationship, but never thought about with who or when. Now I had doubts that I even wanted to try.

Madeline left the group. After a while, we slowly went to our rooms. I knew I wanted to get into porn. The new me wanted and loved sex in all it’s forms, but after they said I wouldn’t be able to form lasting relationships, it had caused me to have some doubts.

I wanted and longed to belong to someone and have that someone trust me. What I did to Timothy was in the past, I knew that I wouldn’t do it again. I had no desire to hurt someone and see the look on their faces the way Timothy looked at me after I told him.

I liked the person I had become. I liked taking photos. I loved the comments and attention. To give that up to meet someone that wasn’t in the business. “Maybe it was just them, maybe they had bad luck,” I thought to myself.

I got up from the couch and messaged a few of the other women I knew online. One by one, they said the same thing. One of them even showed her old profile under another name. It had zero followers. Same pictures, same content as her new profile only one difference her old account had shown a photo of her hanging out with her new boyfriend. It had hashtags like #taken, #inlove #nolongersingle.

She said within the first night she posted it, she dropped over a thousand followers.

Then she made the mistake of going live one night they were out on the town, and they kissed. Instantly the rest dropped like flies. When she made the new account, she faked cried that he had broken up with her, that she made the new account to get away from him. They hadn’t broken up, they were getting married soon, but none of her followers knew, again I had to laugh at the irony.

Here they were married or with someone and following and fantasizing about being with another woman, but didn’t want her to be with anyone.

I was going to be different, I knew what it was like to be broke and desperate, and if I had to go back to being that way, then so be it. I wouldn’t hide the fact that I was with someone, just to please them.

The door knocked and woke me up from a light sleep. I ambled to the door.

“Dinner,” a young man said as he pushed the cart into my room


Maybe I couldn’t give up this part of my life. “Thanks,” I said, wiping my eyes. “I nearly forgot about it.”

I looked at the young man who was staring at my chest. “Oops,” I said as I pulled my shirt back up onto my right shoulder. It had fallen and revealed almost all of my right boob.

“You’re one of the models,” the young man said.

“That would be a yes,” I nodded.

He was still staring. Wearing a baggy shirt with no bra had that effect on most men. “Would you like to see them?” I asked, sitting down at the table.

“Umm, I shouldn’t, my boss…” the young man said.

“Your boss isn’t in the room,” I replied as I ate. “Plus, all I will say is that I wanted some company.”

I picked up the phone. “Hi,” I said as the lady downstairs answered. “I am in room four twenty-four, and this lovely young man has delivered such a wonderful dinner, I was wondering since we were having such a great conversation, would it be okay if he kept me company just for dinner, he is worried that he would get into trouble.”

“No, it would be our pleasure, can you put him on,” the lady replied.

“See,” I said as I handed him the phone.

He said a few yes’s and then hung up. “I get to stay,” he said as he sat down.

“First, how old are you?” I asked.

“Twenty-two,” the young man said.

“Okay,” I nodded. “Good.”

I quickly yanked my shirt off and sat in front of him, topless. The poor guy sat there, speechless as he stared at them.

“They are a bit saggy, but I think they look great,” I said as I looked at him for some kind of response.

“So, big,” he said as his eyes never moved.

“Yup,” I nodded. “Want to know how big?”

The young man nodded.

“Well, let’s see,” I said as I stood up and walked around to his side of the table. I pushed them near to his face. “Bigger than your whole head.”

I looked down at his tented pants. “And I am sure if I wrapped them around that bulge in your pants, I would make it disappear.”

“It’s quite big, though,” he said as he looked up at me.

All guys said that about their dicks. No matter the size. “Show me,” I said, Bayan escort standing back.

“Now?” he asked.

I nodded as I looked at him.

“Okay,” he said as he stood up and pulled down his pants.

“Damn!” I said as I looked at his dick. He wasn’t kidding for such a skinny looking man. He had a monster between his legs.

“Most of the girls I have been with have said it’s too big,” the young man said.

“Oh, that’s because they are girls,” I smiled. “Let me show you what a woman thinks,” I said as I got down on my knees.

“Wow,” he said as I buried my face between his legs, taking more than half of his dick into my mouth. “None of them have done that before,” he said as I bobbed my head back and forth. It wasn’t only lengthy, but it was very thick. My hands barely got to wrap around it.

“You better sit,” I said as I wrapped both my hands around the shaft of his dick.

“Okay,” he nodded as he sat down in the chair.

“Here,” I said, reaching for my phone as I set the video settings. “Tape it.”

I went back to sucking on this monster white cock that stood to attention in front of me. To think a few days ago, I had five black me pound into me, and none of them came close to this young man’s giant cock. I stretched my mouth around it as I took it to the back of my mouth and down my throat.

“Holy fuck,” he said as I took almost all of it down my throat.

I took a breather as I looked at him holding my phone. “How would you like to fuck my mouth with your huge cock?” I said, looking directly at my phone.

“Right now?” he asked.

I nodded as I got up and headed for the bed. I got on top and laid down, dropping my head over the side. “Now, I don’t want you to stop until you cum in my throat, okay?”

“Okay,” he asked. “Do you still want me to video it all?”

“Yes,” I said. He might have a huge dick, but his brains weren’t there.

He pushed his dick into my mouth. For a moment, I thought he didn’t know what to do as he just held it at the tip of my mouth. Then I felt him as he pushed it deep. I felt it filling my mouth, then pounding into my throat. I knew tomorrow would be a day filled with drinking or having soft foods as my throat would be sore.

The young man picked up his pace. Soon he was fucking my throat with his massive dick. He was using my mouth and throat as his fuck toy, and I loved it. All I could do was keep the saliva and throat mucus from getting in my eyes. Then I felt it. He was going to cum. He pushed his cock in deep, pressing his balls against me.

Then it came, shot after shot of cum shooting directly down my throat when I thought he would stop it would start again. Finally, he stopped and pulled his dick from my throat and mouth. I turned over and nearly choked on the saliva that rushed back down my throat. I wiped all the mess from my face and mouth as I looked at my phone.

“Thank you,” I smiled as I reached for my phone.

“For what?” he asked.

“Helping me make a decision,” I said as I turned off the video.

“Oh,” he said as he stood there.

“You can go now,” I said as I walked towards the bathroom.

“Oh, okay,” he said as he got his pants off the floor. He took one look at me, then opened the door and exited the room.

I took a quick shower and then sent the video to my agent Michelle. I sat down to do a live video with some of my followers. I told them about the photo shoot and that the pictures should be up on the website. Some of them had already looked at them while others went to look.

I got an instant message back from Michelle. “Sorry guys, I have to cut this short, my agent wants to talk to me.”

There were a few disappointed emojis thrown about, but I ignored them and went to my homepage. Up came Michelle’s face.

“Hi,” Michelle said in her usual cheerful manner.

“Hi,” I replied.

“How is the shoot? The other girls from the other agencies aren’t being too much to deal with, I hope?” Michelle asked.

“No, not at all,” I replied.

“Good,” Michelle nodded. “Well, to get down to the video you just sent, two things. Wow, that was a nice cock you took there,” she said.

I was taken back. Michelle looked like the prissy woman you would see at a church function. Bright blue eyes, blonde hair that was perfect without a stray stand anywhere. To hear her say the word cock, threw me back.

“Didn’t think I would say something like that, did you?” Michelle smiled.

“No, actually, I didn’t?” I said.

“Before I was an agent, I was in the adult business,” Michelle smiled. “I did porn, pictures, photoshoots, all of it. I retired four years ago.”

“Oh,” I said again, totally floored. “Do you miss it?”

“Sometimes,” Michelle nodded. “But I had reached the age I had set for myself to stop, so I stopped. Now I help others.”

I told her my concern about going into porn and not being able to get a relationship.

“They are somewhat right,” Michelle said. “My ex-husband worked in construction, built this house actually, we met at a porn convention, fell in love, had kids, and then one day we went to another convention, and he saw two of the guys I had previously done a few scenes with, the three of us laughed and had a good conversation about things that go on behind the scenes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32