Janie’s Summer Internship

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This story is part of the Janie Does College series

I made my way down the ramp at the gate, trying to locate the baggage claim area, while also glancing into the faces welcoming the flight to the great State of Wisconsin. If only Seth carried a sign that read “JANIE” maybe finding him would be easier.

I waited, a bit nervously I’ll admit, by the carrousel as the crowd cleared. I collected my luggage; time passed. Finally, when I was about to go find a payphone, he tapped me on the shoulder.

“Are you Janie?”

“Um…yeah,” I said and whirled around. He was tall, lanky, with Elvis Costello glasses and a kind face. “Nice to finally meet you.” I noticed him staring at my cleavage.

“You too,” he nodded.

Seth was my internship mentor, a Graduate student at the University, in charge of helping me with my Bachelor’s thesis project. I was pretty excited about the 10-week program: I would earn one course unit for my home campus, make $250/week, and I could stay in the dorms for free.

Seth, although geeky, seemed very sweet and helped me carry my luggage (including dive gear) to his beat-up old Acura. We made small talk and stopped by a fast-food joint before he dropped me off at the prison-esque dormitory.

After about an hour of checking in, completing paperwork, and taking a photo for my ID badge, I was allowed to see my room. It had been years since I had lived in a college dorm, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The paperwork said I was on the 8th floor. The elevator doors paused briefly before surging open, allowing me to step out. A decent-sized common area greeted me. There was a wheezing ‘fridge in a pseudo-kitchen, and a few old couches surrounding a circa-1989 TV. Oh, man, this is going to be a great summer, I said to myself sarcastically.

A few kids were scattered around the common room but I just smiled weakly at them before looking at the numbers on the doors. I moved cautiously down a hallway where three dorm rooms were clustered. A pay-phone looked lonely on the wall.

One door was open and I saw a woman bent over vacuuming. She didn’t hear or see me, as her blonde ponytail swung around erratically. I checked the number on the door; this was it. My mouth opened to say hello, but the hellacious noise just drowned me out. So I just stood there watching her clean under the bed.

The woman had long legs, but they were not skinny. She had a fetching tan; I concluded she must either be half Latina, or she visited the tanning salon often. She had a mass of obviously bleached hair, cascading out of a looped pony-tail. Her ass was nice; like mine it bubbled out. Even better, she seemed to have a chest to match. She wore hideous yellow flip-flops with a fake daisy on each one.

As she righted herself, I must have scared her because she jumped when she realized someone was standing in the doorway.

“I think this is my room…” my voiced trailed off, overwhelmed by the noise.

We smiled at each other for a split-second, and I was greeted with dark almond-shaped eyes. My stomach felt a flutter of butterflies as sable eyes met sage ones. No, she must be an Islander, or Asian. Maybe a Kiwi?

She fumbled with the knobs on the ancient vacuum. When I could hear myself think again, I moved forward for a handshake.

“Hi, I’m Janie, and I think I’m your new roomie.”

“Oh, nice to meet you!” she gushed, “I’m Mariah.” I waddled past her with my luggage. Mariah continued to talk my ear off. “I’ve been here for about a week already; I drove all the way from San Diego. Wow, aren’t you excited the internship starts tomorrow? Doesn’t this dorm suck? We don’t even have an oven in the building. And did you see that communal ‘fridge? Gross! I’m renting a mini-‘fridge.”

I smiled at her. Was there an “off” button for her as well? At least she was entertaining. And she had a bigger valley-girl accent than mine!

We learned we had more in common that just being from California. Mariah and I had similar movie and music tastes. She loved to swim and was also a Piscean. As it tuned out, she was half German and half Filipino, so, we also had German Surnames in common.

There were differences too, of course. Mariah was 7 years older, and was working on her second Bachelor’s degree. She was at least 5’11”. With her platform flip-flops, she towered over me.

I was actually rather intimidated by her because she was strikingly beautiful. Mariah had gorgeous dark Asian eyes, high cheekbones, lovely thick lips, and a pearly smile. Her body matched her face in terms of good looks. Like me she had D-cup breasts, plenty of booty, and a pierced navel. I found myself attracted to her immediately.

I watched Mariah out of the corner of my eye as I put away my things. She was incredibly sexy and very animated. I worried my quickly-growing infatuation with her would get in the way of my studies.

“There’s no sheets for the bed?” I asked with a combination of shock and irritation in my voice. “It’s Escort bayan already past 7-o’clock, how am I supposed to get bedding?”

“I can take you to K-Mart” Mariah offered.

“You’re my savior”

She smiled the brightest smile at me.

As the weeks progressed, Mariah and I became a team. Since there was no way to cook our own meals, and the cafeteria was only open for breakfast and lunch during the summer, we ate out together every night. I looked forward to our “dates” because I didn’t get to see her at work. On the weekends we would swim laps at the campus pool or hang out by the Lake. She always wore a sexy little bikini and didn’t seem to mind when she caught me staring.

On Friday nights we hit the bars and clubs, trying to pick up some cute men. They would all flock to Mariah since she was so hot, and she would get and give numbers, but curiously she never brought a man home.

I have to admit, I developed a huge crush on Mariah. When the lights went out, I would quietly stroke my pussy and imagine her on top of me. A few times I was afraid she heard me orgasm since her bed was only a few feet away from mine. Sometimes I would listen intently, trying to hear if she was masturbating too, but I never heard a thing.

One day, after work, I could tell Mariah was stressing over her internship project. As science often does, her results were the exact opposite of what she expected. Not only was she sulky and moody, she didn’t seem like she wanted anyone to cheer her up. Annoyed with her negative attitude, I left the dorm.

I came back to the room after a trip to the campus library, and found her crying on the bed. Her legs were crossed and her head hung low. Her cheeks were crimson and her mascara was smeared under her eyes.

“Oh, are you okay, Hun?” I asked. I rushed to her side and grasped her hands. She didn’t look at me but continued to sob quietly. I’m not so good at being somebody’s counselor, so I was silent for a minute. Finally, I spoke again, “Don’t worry, you’ll figure something out. Maybe you’ll will feel better if you just cry and get it all out?”

She took a deep breath and sighed.

“My mom always tells me to stand under a hot shower when I am sad, and it really helps. Something about us water signs, we really respond to it. Now, I’m going to run the shower and you get out of your clothes and into your robe,” I said.

She began half-heartedly undressing after I left. When I retuned she was sitting on the bed with her tits practically hanging out of a black-laced bra. She sniffed and stood, removing the rest of her clothes. I tried not to stare at her, but it was impossible for me not to. Her hair was a mess, falling over her shoulders. Her breasts were tan, although slightly lighter in shade than the rest of her skin, and her nipples were small and dark. They poked out seductively. Her mound was a bit furry, but well-kept. I wrapped her in a robe and walked with her to the shower, feeling a bit nervous.

She remained silent as I closed the bathroom door behind us. There was a single shower, two toilet stalls, and one sink for the five girls sharing the hallway. There wasn’t a lock on the door, but the other three girls had gone out to dinner. I was pretty sure we would be alone and I could help Mariah de-stress.

“Now, just get used to the water and I’ll wash your back. Believe me; you’ll feel the stress melt away.” I had caught glances of Mariah’s body before, in the locker room at the gym, and in the mornings and evenings when we were changing, but never had I been so close to her naked body.

I felt a mixture of emotions: lust for this woman’s body, curiosity, and nervousness. In addition, I felt guilty for wanting her body at a time when she was so upset. I took a deep breath and tried to calm the warm sensation spreading out from my pubes. My heart was pounding hard as I grabbed the soap and loofah sponge.

“Just tell me if I press too hard.” I said and began to wash her back.

Mariah stared up into the shower head and let the cascading water fall over her face and down her lovely body. I watched with growing excitement, as she gathered her hair and kept it out of the way. The water made her body gleam and look all the more tantalizing.

The angle was a bit awkward since I was standing outside the shower, fully clothed. I had the urge to step into the shower stall with her. I ran the loofah sponge across her back and worked up a nice lather. Then I set it down and massaged her shoulders, making her gasp. Taking cues from her reactions, I worked a few shallow knots out of her shoulders and upper back.

“That does feel nice, Janie, thank you,” she whispered.

“You are really tense. I can work more of the knots out later if you want.” I washed all of the suds off of her and dried my hands. I was just about to turn and go when Mariah looked me in the eye and asked me if I would wash her hair.


“It would be easier Escort to just get in,” she whispered. She was right, but my head was so dizzy with arousal, I almost didn’t hear her.

I undressed slowly, and Mariah made it a point to keep her head turned away. “Maybe she isn’t attracted to me”, I thought. I stepped over the lip and closed the shower door. I couldn’t believe the two of us were naked, inches from each other.

Grabbing the shampoo, I poured a dollop into my palm and worked it through her long wet locks. My fingers worked through her hair from roots to tips delicately. She started humming softly. Mariah bent forward and washed the suds out. As she did that, my eyes scanned over her sexy body, finally stopping at the crack of her ass. I didn’t want this to end so I gathered more shampoo into my hand and repeated the process.

“Do you feel better?” I asked, hopeful.

“I feel A LOT better,” she purred.

While I washed the second load of suds out of her hair, my hands ran up and down her back. I caressed her lower back, which dipped inward a bit before flaring out into her lovely large butt. The cheeks were flawless and tan. I fought the urge to massage them too.

I rubbed and caressed her scalp until it was obvious that there were no suds left, so I moved my hands away. I stood there for a second, not sure of my next move. In an instant, Mariah turned around and looked down into my eyes. Her face was still a bit red but the make-up smudges were gone, and she seemed to be feeling better.

Without a word, she put her arms around the small of my back. Encircling me, she pulled me to her. My eyes went wide with shock. Not once had Mariah hinted to me of her true feelings. I was in utter disbelief and my stomach was doing cartwheels. Mariah placed a hand on my cheek and turned my face upwards to meet hers. My eyes looked into hers before coming to rest on her lovely pink lips.

Our first kiss was to-die-for. The sound of the water spraying us was all we could hear. I was so excited that I had to gasp for air between our fevered kisses. My eyes closed initially, but I slowly opened them while we kissed so that I could see her reaction. Her eyes were also slit, and we both grinned slightly between smooches as we realized each other’s curiosity. Mariah’s tongue found its way into my mouth and swirled around inside. I responded by sucking on it gently and moaning softly in approval.

As we both became more confident, our hands began to roam. I felt her slide her right hand up to cup my breast. Instinctively, my hands lowered to rest on her perfect ass cheeks. Our female bodies melted together slowly until we were touching from breasts to upper thighs.

Since both of us have large breasts, we had to squeeze them tightly together in order to kiss deeply. The warm water ran down our bodies and pooled between our tits. Her perky nipples were hard and I could easily feel them pressed against my large pink ones. Electricity flowed from her nipples to mine, making me dizzy.

Mariah moved one leg in between my legs and she pressed her long smooth thigh to my crotch. Instinctively, I gyrated on her leg and felt my pussy get wetter and wetter by the second. In response to her tweaking my right nipple, I pulled her sexy ass cheeks apart so the water flowed between them. Mariah bent her head and sampled my nipple, sucking very gently.

“Let’s go to the room. I know of a way to relieve stress even better,” I said seductively.

Mariah smiled and turned off the water. We didn’t even bother to dry ourselves off. The warm Mid-western summer was sweltering outside and we were about to make it even hotter.

Mariah and I held hands as we left the bathroom and walked into our dorm room. Naked, we embraced as soon as the dorm room door closed behind us. Again our breasts rubbed together. I felt her pubic hair graze my lower abdomen. My hands came to rest on her flared hips. My pussy was simmering in its own sauce, and I was desperate to make love to Mariah, but I didn’t want to rush things.

“I had no idea you’re into women,” I said breathlessly.

“I’ve been through college once already,” she smiled slyly, “Besides, who could say no to your sexy body?” I just blushed.

“I’m just a bit overwhelmed. I sort of developed a crush on you,” I admitted.

“I know, I’m flattered,” she said, “But we have to get one thing straight…this is just a summer fling. I don’t do relationships with women.”

“That’s fine, I prefer men to women too.”

Mariah smiled broadly before she kissed me deeply.

“Although you are changing my mind about that!” I said when our lips broke apart.

I was desperate to feel Mariah’s weight on top of me so I pulled her toward the bed. Our wet bodies pressed together and left pools on the comforter. Immediately, I spread my legs for her. She climbed on to of me and ground her naked cunt against my own. The contact made me gasp and I circled my arms around her waist. Bayan escort

We continued kissing. I heard a loud buzzing in my ears as the pleasure enveloped me. My mouth watered at the taste of her large succulent lips. Her sweet tongue darted in and out of my mouth. Her teasing was endless. My fingers found there way into her heavy wet tendrils of hair.

I groaned in frustration as I humped my pelvis upwards to meet hers. I could feel her pussy lips smash against my own and we were both very wet. I knew that a few minutes of rubbing them together would make me orgasm. Mariah had other plans though.

Mariah broke the kiss and slithered down my body. She sampled each nipple in turn, making sure they were both hard as pebbles before continuing on her exploration. She kissed lightly across my tummy and came to rest her face against my mound. Mariah placed her hands underneath my ass cheeks and tilted my pelvis upwards. Her thumbs tickled the crevices where my outer labia met my upper thighs. My pink pearl stared up at her, but she did not give into the urge to suck it just yet. Instead she worked her thumbs up and down my slippery opening making me coo.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, giving into the feeling completely. Mariah moved her right thumb upwards onto my clit and slowly rubbed it with small circles as she slid her middle and index fingers from the same hand into my pussy. It felt heavenly to have my pussy filled; I couldn’t help but hump against her hand. Mariah curled her fingers deep inside me, making me squirm.

“Oh, that’s just what I like,” I said.

“Yeah? You like what I’m doing to your sweet pussy”

“Yes, yes, don’t stop”

Mariah bent her head to commence sucking on my clit. She moved her fingers slightly, but mostly just worked my little bud with her lips. I exploded within seconds. The warm feeling spread out across my body and my pussy contracted around her fingers. It was a nice sharp orgasm but I was far from satiated.

I coaxed Mariah back on top of me and we kissed once so I could taste myself on her lips. Then she moved up higher and straddled my face. I wasn’t prepared for this but was pleasantly surprised to have her cunt rubbing against my chin. Luckily, Mariah’s pussy was shaved except for a large triangle on her mound.

Her cunt opened as she spread above me, and her cute pussy lips hung down in my face. I spread her pussy even further with my fingers before inserting my tongue into her depths. She was so wet, and tasted delicious so I worked my tongue inside her deeper.

“Oh yeah, tongue-fuck me, Baby,” she said.

My nose worked against her clit and all I could smell was her sweet pussy. Mariah started groaning and grinding rather roughly on my face. Her body shuddered and she announced she was coming. Her pussy went through spasms around my tongue, and finally subsided.

Mariah sighed deeply as she swung her leg away from my head and stood up.

“You don’t know how badly I needed that,” she said.

At first, I thought that we were done and that she was getting dressed because she started rooting around in her lingerie drawer. But then she produced a large black dildo and smiled at me.

“When have you had time to use that?” I asked, shocked.

“In the shower of course,” she said matter-of-factly. “I was going to offer it to you to use when you were masturbating the other night, but it seemed like your fingers were working just fine.”

My face tuned red. “You heard me?”

“Yes, and not just your breathing. Your pussy was so wet I could hear it squelching around your fingers.”

I giggled at her, “Well, I was thinking about you, you Bitch, now get over here and use that thing on me!”

Mariah began sucking on the dildo. It was black plastic, rigid, but could be bent into any position. I watched in amazement as she coated it with saliva and pushed almost the whole nine inches into her mouth.

“It has a harness to,” she said and raised an eyebrow at me wickedly.

Mariah winked at me before pulling the fake prick from her mouth and having a rope of saliva follow. She kneeled in front of my spread legs. Mariah spat on my cunt and worked the spittle around my hard clit which was poking out at her. Then she took the toy and positioned it at my hole. She pushed firmly but the toy was too big and wouldn’t enter me.

“Oh fuck, it’s too big for me,” I whispered in arousal. “I haven’t had a cock in almost 2 months.”

“Mmm…we’ll make it fit,” she cooed. Mariah spat again on my pussy and pressed harder on the base of the dildo. Slowly, the head nudged inside me and stretched me open.

“Oh God, yeah!” I wailed as she filled me to the hilt with the big black cock.

Mariah ground it around once it was totally buried in my snatch. The head touched me so deep! She pinched my clit lightly and began to fuck me slowly.

“Once I loosen you up, I’ll use the harness with it,” she promised. The thought of being fucked with a strap-on by this incredibly sexy woman made my head spin. She expertly worked the plastic cock inside me until I was seeing double. Just when I thought I couldn’t take another inch inside me, she pushed even harder and made my pussy accept more.

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