Adventure for Sue Ch. 01

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Firstly to set the scene I am an English lady in my late forties and this is the first story of my sexual adventures over the years, for the purpose of keeping my identity secret I will call myself Sue.

I was sexually active from an early age and had been with around ten guys by the time I met my boyfriend when I was eighteen and whom I am still with today.

My first story for you took place when my boyfriend took me to the Lake District for a couple of days away. He had booked a really posh hotel and we checked in at seven pm on a Friday night and both went to our room. I had come straight from work where I was a hairdresser so my boyfriend left me to get showered and changed and went to wait for me in the bar.

I showered quickly and started to dress for dinner, I chose my usual attire of the time which was black stockings and suspenders, a new black sheer thong and heels. Over these I put on a new skirt I had just bought and a white blouse, I never wore a bra in those days and slipped a black jacket over the top. I checked the time and realised it was nearly eight o’clock and we had dinner booked in half an hour so rushed downstairs to meet my boyfriend.

My boyfriend was stood at the bar and I walked over to meet him, I could sense something was wrong as he just glared at me and moved me over to a seating area in a corner of the bar, I asked him what was wrong I thought maybe I had took too long to get ready but he just went back to the bar and brought me a drink back.

Sitting 18 yaş porno down next to me he asked if I had checked on what I was wearing before I came down, he then explained that everyone in the bar could see my underwear. I looked down and realised that my new skirt had a wide transparent split up both sides and he was correct that you could see my stocking tops and suspenders. I had not done it on purpose and he calmed down and said he would try to cover me from the other guests when we went through to dinner.

We went through for dinner and had a great meal, the waiters were very attentive to me and my boyfriend was now enjoying the fact that I was flashing my underwear.

Instead of heading back to our room my boyfriend suggested we had a drink in the bar and we went back to the seats we were in earlier. While at the bar my boyfriend had got talking to an older guy and he came over to join us. He said his name was Peter and that he was the brother of a chef at the hotel and regularly used the facilities there. We got talking and Pete was good company he kept glancing down at my skirt and I knew he was looking at my stocking tops and I was getting quite turned on giving this old guy an eyeful.

We talked for a bit and Peter went to the bar to get some more drinks, while he was at the bar my boyfriend said I should show our new friend a bit more and suggested I remove my jacket, I grinned and slipped my jacket off and draped it over the corner of the chair. 3d porno

Peter returned with our drinks and for the next thirty minutes we talked away as Peter kept glancing between my stocking tops and my erect nipples poking through my blouse. We said we were going to our room and Peter asked if we intended using the leisure facilities as they were excellent and suggested we meet him there the next morning at ten. We said we might and wished him goodnight and headed up to our room. Once inside my boyfriend was like a man possessed, obviously my flashing had turned him on as he stripped me down to my stockings and shagged me with extra enthusiasm. He kept asking me if it had turned me on and I had to admit it was a big thrill knowing I was exposing myself to someone in a public place , I told him I liked it and he called me a dirty bitch as he fucked me.

We woke the next morning and went down to breakfast and then returned to our room, we had already discussed the night before and my boyfriend admitted he had been turned on by the night’s events as I was too.

We went down to the leisure club and I changed into a grey one piece swimsuit and joined my boyfriend in the pool, after around ten minutes Peter appeared and joined us in the pool. He had quite a fit body for a guy his age and we swam up and down the pool just talking.

My boyfriend said he was going in the Jacuzzi and Peter said he would join him, I swam for another five minutes before getting out of the pool Porno 64 video and headed over to the Jacuzzi, I could feel both my boyfriend and Peter staring at me as I walked over towards them, my flimsy swimsuit was clung to me and my nipples were clear to see as was the dark patch on my crotch. I eased myself into the Jacuzzi and sat next to my boyfriend and opposite Peter with my boobs out of the water so Peter had a good view of my firm young tits. We chatted away and my boyfriend managed to get his hand under me and worked a finger past my swimsuit and in to my pussy, I just sat there talking to Peter who was staring at my tits while my boyfriend frigged me, I am sure Peter knew what was going on as I was getting more and more turned on.

I stood up and said that it was getting too hot for me and eased myself on the edge of the Jacuzzi facing Peter, I stopped like this for about five minutes and kept moving my legs so Peter could see my pussy, I looked down at myself and was shocked to see that my boyfriend had not moved my swimsuit back in position and my fanny had almost been exposed to Peter, I quickly adjusted myself and then said I was going to get changed and walked over to the changing area knowing that both of them were staring at my ass as I walked.

Once in the changing area I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked really red, my nipples were stuck right through the material and you could see my pubes through the swimsuit as well.

I quickly changed and met my boyfriend in the room who bent me over the side of the bed and fucked me while telling me how horny I was and what a turn it was for him.

We never saw Peter again but this was the start of a journey that changed us forever and turned me in to the exhibitionist I still am today.

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