The Governess Ch. 01

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Miss Pauline was the Hawley children’s new governess. She had been hired to tutor young David and Hannah, but when the children’s parents were gone over the weekend, it was the teenage girl Simone who asked if she could sleep in Pauline’s bed. Simone still got nervous when her father left the house.

Miss Pauline had been quietly observing Simone in the months she had stayed with the Hawleys. She could see that Simone was ripe to bursting point. Her breasts were small but full and her little hips were round and inviting. When they walked through town, she saw how the men followed Simone with their eyes. They would have her soon enough, Miss Pauline thought, but until then Simone would benefit from a woman’s education.

Miss Pauline was a dark-haired, voluptuous beauty in her early forties. She had been raised by her aunt and was introduced to sex by her older female cousin when she was thirteen. She had been thoroughly used by this demanding girl through her teens and she had loved every moment. The intense sexual crush she had developed for her older cousin had never spoiled her for men, for she loved nothing more than being taken forcefully by a strong, virile male. But she knew the teenage years were when a young girl can develop the attitudes and preferences that will define her for life and she was determined to instruct Simone correctly in the art of love.

That night as Simone entered her bed, Miss Pauline settled back on the crisp linen sheets in her white nightdress and asked Simone what she thought of the male species.

“Have you ever kissed a boy?” she asked.

“Oh no Miss Pauline,” Simone answered shyly.

“Do you know what males want from us?” Miss Pauline asked.

“What do you mean?” asked Simone carefully.

“Don’t be coy dear. I know you are not naïve. I promise I won’t tell your mother anything we share. You must promise the same and then we will be friends. Promise?”

“Yes!” Simone said eagerly. Miss Pauline’s beauty, her emotional openness and her worldly air had made a deep impression on Simone. Miss Pauline’s generous and unruffled personality was so different from her mother’s stilted, closed demeanor.

“Good!” said Miss Pauline. “Now I am going to tell you what your mother has never told you about men. First, you know they want our bodies more than anything and everything they say and do for us they say and do to get our bodies.”

“What do they want to do with us?’ Simone asked excitedly.

Pauline ran her hands lightly over the girl’s plump young breasts.

“They want these,” she said.

“Miss Pauline!” Simone almost froze in surprise at this intimate caress. Then she softened and relaxed. She found she liked Miss Pauline’s bedava porno touch and was even flattered by it.

“What else do they want from us.”

Miss Pauline slid her hand under the sheets, over the outside of Simone’s cotton nightdress, down her tight little belly until her fingertips lightly brushed her girlish mound.

“This is what they want the most,” she said.

“Why?” said Simone, suddenly breathless and hoarse. Miss Pauline’s fingers were patting and petting her through her nightdress. Simone didn’t want her to stop. She hoped that if Miss Pauline went on talking she would also go on touching her there.

“Pull up your nightdress a little and I will show you why,” Miss Pauline said.

Simone slid her nightdress up her thighs until her mound, lightly sprinkled with pale soft hair, was exposed. She waited impatiently for Miss Pauline to touch her nakedness.

After a few agonizing minutes, Miss Pauline ran her fingertips lightly over Simone’s puffy lips.

“You see how hot and soft this is? And then between your lips, how does it feel?”

“I don’t know!” Simone said.

“It feels wet,” Miss Pauline whispered. “We are wet and soft and slippery. A man is hard and dry. He needs our juicy ripeness to relieve his hard dryness. My wet slit soothes a man’s hard, burning thing. Men can’t help themselves. When they touch our bodies and see our naked breasts their big things get very hard and dry. Then they want to bathe in our wetness.”

“And then what do they do Miss Pauline?” Simone didn’t want Miss Pauline to stop talking and caressing her.

“They ride us hard until they shoot their juice in us and that’s what they want. You have seen a stallion ride a mare, it’s the same thing. But letting them cum in us can give us a baby, so we have to be careful. When a man wants to bathe in my slit, I let him do it for a while because it feels good. But I watch his face as he rides me and I can tell when he is about to flood me with his sperm. Then I make him pull out and he shoots it on my breasts or my behind or anywhere outside and not inside me except in my mouth or my bottom. This is the way we can have pleasure from a man without becoming pregnant.”

As she murmured hypnotically in Simone’s ear, Miss Pauline kept lightly petting her. She could feel Simone’s lips swelling and opening to her touch. She ran her fingertips lightly over Simone’s clit and the girl sighed with pleasure.

“Am I wet and slippery Miss Pauline?” Simone dreamily inquired.

“Well let me see,” Miss Pauline murmured, “Shall I feel inside?”

“Yes,” Simone whispered.

Miss Pauline gently slid her middle finger into Simone’s tight slit and the girl zenci porno moaned aloud.

“Oh yes Simone, you are nice and wet, just perfect.” Miss Pauline reassured the girl who was panting on the brink of her first orgasm.

“Oh Miss Pauline, please keep your finger in there,” Simone moaned.

Playing with Simone was bringing back memories of Pauline’s early seduction at her cousin’s expert hands. Those nights of raw lust brought back electric surges even now. They were the most powerful sexual experiences of her life and she felt the same kind of sexual energy rising in Simone’s young body.

Miss Pauline withdrew her slippery finger, evoking a sigh of disappointment and frustration from the young woman.

“Before we learn any more about what a man wants from us,” Miss Pauline said, “I want you to learn about your own body. Give me your hand and let me show you on me.”

She guided Simone’s small hand under her nightdress. Miss Pauline kept her own sex neatly trimmed at the mound and shaved around the lips. She had an unusually large clitoris and when aroused, it stood out between her swollen lips like a tiny penis-stub. She guided Simone’s hesitant fingertips to this engorged nub of dark pink flesh and touched it with Simone’s fingers. Her excited clit responded by swelling even more and she felt a flood of wetness overflow her lips.

“Do you feel it?” Miss Pauline asked.

“Yes,” said Simone, “It’s sticking out. What is it?”

“Mmmm my clitoris,” Miss Pauline sighed, “the place where a woman finds her pleasure. If you keep touching it, you will make me spend. May I touch yours?”

“Oh yes, please,” Simone sighed. Her little clit was aching to be touched again.

Miss Pauline slid her hand up Simone’s soft, girlish thighs and with agonizing slowness separated her damp, engorged lips. Simone moaned aloud as Miss Pauline’s fingers gently isolated Simone’s small but fully swollen clit. Miss Pauline’s fingertips lightly caressed Simone’s clitoris as the girl spread her thighs and moaned aloud.

“Does that please you?” Miss Pauline asked innocently.

“Oh yes Miss, please don’t stop.”

“Well first I want to show you something else,” Miss Pauline said, giving Simone’s swollen clit one last teasing caress. Simone could not repress a harsh sigh of frustration.

“First let’s take off these hot nightdresses,” Miss Pauline instructed.

Simone sat up immediately and tore off her nightdress. Her whole body was tingling with the precursor waves of her first orgasm. She wanted to feel those waves wash through her heated little body, and she knew Miss Pauline held the key in her soft, teasing hands.

Miss Pauline pulled brazzers porno her nightdress over her head to reveal her full breasts with the stiff dark nipples standing out hard as pencils. She looked admiringly at the younger woman’s smaller, nicely rounded breasts and her perfect neck and shoulders. Miss Pauline kissed Simone full on the mouth, brushing her firm breasts against Simone’s nipples and gently holding her hips.

“Now lie back and I will show you how a man mounts a woman,” Miss Pauline whispered. Simone obeyed, her eyes glazed with excitement.

Miss Pauline knelt between Simone’s thighs and stroked her own big breasts until the nipples stood out fully erect. Then she wet the tips of her fingers and moistened her stiff clit. She teased it until it stood out hard and stiff between her moist lips.

Miss Pauline gently spread saliva on Simone’s swollen clit, drawing gasps and sighs of pleasure from the young girl. Miss Pauline knew how these first caresses could shape a girl sexually for life. The rough clumsiness of a needy boy could hurt and disappoint a young girl, dampen her flame and leave her with the feeling that sex was more painful duty than ecstatic art. But the slow caresses of an experienced woman could light a fire that would keep Simone warm for the rest of her life.

Miss Pauline lowered herself over Simone until her nipples brushed Simone’s breasts. Then she lightly touched her own swollen lips to Simone’s and rubbed her big clit against the young girl’s aching bud.

“A man would ride you with his hard thing inside you,” Miss Pauline whispered in Simone’s ear, “but I am going to rub your clitoris with mine until we spend. Are you ready?”

“Oh yes,” Simone groaned, “please or I will faint with pleasure,”

“That’s good,” whispered Miss Pauline, “kiss my breasts dear, my nipples want your soft lips.”

Simone kissed and suckled Pauline’s stiff nipples and soon both women were writhing and moaning in the tangled sheets. As the waves of pleasure mounted, Simone’s calves tightened and her whole body went rigid. She cried aloud and gripped Miss Pauline as she dampened the sheets with her first orgasm.

Miss Pauline held the young girl tenderly and kissed her through her sweet spasms. Then she turned her over lightly and rubbed her big clit on Simone’s delightfully curved buttocks, bringing herself to a powerful climax.

As she held Simone and rocked her to sleep, Miss Pauline decided that soon she would introduce a young male into their love play and instruct Simone on how to pleasure a man properly. There were plenty of servants to choose from, but for a first experience, she rather favored the stable boy. He was a strapping lad of sixteen or seventeen who could not keep his eyes away from Miss Pauline’s cleavage. He had an interesting bulge in his breeches that Miss Pauline had thought of investigating for herself in the aromatic depths of the stables. Yes Jack would be a perfect model for Simone’s further instruction.

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