After Parties Ch. 02

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“Rae?” I heard his harsh whisper from the other side of the door as soon as I threw my comforter over my head. I groaned as I silently wished he’d leave me alone. I heard him try to open my locked door followed by the thump of his head hitting the door.

“Since when do people put locks on their doors?” He asked louder and I threw the covers back so I could stomp to the door.

“Spin go away! You’re wasted,” I whispered as I leaned my side against the back of my door. I heard him hit his head again against my door before he said, “I’m not. I’m just high; I didn’t have a drop to drink Rae.”

“Then why are you here? Ky said he had 24 shots with your name on them,” I rolled my eyes as I thought of the party that was probably just now starting to get crazy fun.

“I need to talk to you Rae,” He whispered with a pleading voice and I rolled so my forehead was resting against the cool door. I reached to unlock the door and took a deep breath before opening it to see a slumped over Spin. His head rose slightly to meet my eyes as I asked breathlessly, “Talk about what?”

“Why did you leave the party?” He stepped into my room and I closed my door behind him as he watched me closely.

“I . . .” I started but my voice faded and I realized I was only in the large white BTD tank top he got for me Friday at their show. The shirt covered my black panties but my legs were completely exposed and my breast hung free of that restricting bra. He looked at me through sad eyes and thick lashes as I gulped.

“You,” I paused to push my hands through my hair, a habit I acquired from him, that was now the equivalent to anxiety.

“What Rae?” He demanded as he grabbed my upper arms and I found his green eyes intense and bloodshot.

“You had all those . . . girls . . . around you the whole time Spin and I just didn’t like it. And when they all started giving you your . . . ‘birthday kisses,’ I had to go.” I said and my head dropped slightly, breaking eye contact with him.

“You were jealous?” He said with his pierced eyebrow raised and his mouth opened slowly.

“I-ah . . . Well, I . . . Yes,” I said and my eyes closed as embarrassment reddened my cheeks and I heard him sigh as he slid his hands down my arms to hold the tips of my fingers.

“Why?” He asked and his mouth was against my chin as he asked me. I released a shaky sigh as his lips touched the skin where my jaw line meets my ear.

“Those girls are just so . . .” I started but my voice faded as he moved his mouth across my jaw line. I let out a small cry after he bit the other side of my neck gently and he finished my sentence breathlessly, “Skanky?” I nodded against his chest at his suggestion and I listened to his unsteady breathing with my forehead on his shoulder.

“There’s no need for you to be jealous Rae,” He paused to lift my chin with his index finger and thumb before continuing with, “You are my Sunshine. You are mine,” He clenched his teeth around the last word and his eyes became more alert.

“It didn’t seem that way when Tiffany shoved her tongue down your throat,” I said with more attitude than I had anticipated and his eyes narrowed slightly at me.

“Did you hear me ask her to do that Rae? I was looking for you but she attacked me . . . And just to let you know, I only had 23 of my birthday kisses and most of them were on my cheeks. After Tiffany, I was sure to have a cigarette or a blunt in my mouth.” I bit my lip as I studied his agonized face before asking vaguely, “23?”

“I saved the last one for you,” He said as he moved my hands so they were wrapped around his neck and his fingers felt their way up my arms then down my sides. His palms brushed against my breasts and they lingered before coming to rest on my hips. He pulled me forward so our hips were pressed together and my hands twirled with the ends of his silky black hair before I pushed them to massage his roots. The peaks of my breasts just barely brushed against his chest as he leaned down to kiss my mouth passionately. I sucked on his pierced lip first, brushing the metal against my lips as I closed them around it. He allowed me to lead the kiss and it was an enticing thing to be in charge. I moved my lips so my bottom lip was held in his mouth and he nipped at it softly before grazing it with his tongue. God, his tongue! As if I’d forgotten about his tongue, I sucked hard so it was in my mouth. His grip on my hips tightened as I sucked on his tongue then he moved his hands so his palms were flat against my bottom. His fingers angled down toward my sex as I held his tongue prisoner. When I let it go, Spin broke the kiss to gasp for air and then he said, “Do. That. Again.” With that command a gasp escaped my lips and I pulled his hair lightly to angle his head down again. I kissed him softly, nipping at his lips with mine, and his tongue finally grazed my top then bottom lip. I opened my mouth and when his tongue touched mine, I began sucking again. He made almanbahis adresi a noise that seemed to be a mixture of a groan and a whimper. I responded to that noise by pressing my entire body against his as I sucked on his tongue. He shuddered slightly against my body and I felt his body heat warm my already over-heating self. I released his tongue and he stopped kissing me to catch his breath again. His hands moved up my back underneath the loose tank top to feel my bare skin and his breathing was not slowing with that action. Spin held my eyes as his chest rose and fell quickly with his fingertips dragging down my back. I closed my eyes from the sensations and his hands left my back to hold the hem of the shirt.

“I want to take your shirt off but I know that if I do I will fuck you right now,” He said lustfully and I gasped at his words. I felt his shoulders under the cotton of his black tee then down his arms to remove his hands from my shirt. I took two steps back from him and his brow was furrowed with his arms outstretched for me. I bit my lip as I pulled the white tank top over my head and his jaw dropped. I snickered at his expression but my laugh faded as his eyes darkened.

“Take off your panties,” He ordered and I gasped at his command as my cheeks heated. I glanced down to my hand holding two fingers from my other hand resting right before my black panties. He raised his eyebrows at me and crossed his arms as he waited for me to obey. I swallowed nothing before I moved my hands to skim my panties. As I slid them down my legs I held his gaze and I watched him swallow similar to the way I did. He closed the distance between us with two small steps and I flushed in the moonlight seeping through the window. He pushed me to my bed until I fell back. His green eyes roamed my body greedily before he whispered, “You are so beautiful.” I lost my breath and he slowly began unbuttoning his black long sleeve shirt. His jeans slid down his legs to expose his black briefs. I moved so I was on my elbow as I tried to get a better view of him undressing. His briefs fell to the floor springing free his erection and my eyebrow rose at his largeness. My eyes never wavered from his length but I got the sense he was smiling down at me. I moved so I was lying on my stomach and my ankles were crossed in the air. I looked up to him once I was in the perfect position to have him in my mouth. He shuddered once he met my gaze and then I watched his eyes graze my bare back and ass. I kissed the cloud tattoo on his hip before trailing kisses down the rainbow till I reached his ‘pot of gold.’ I smiled his wild smile and he pushed his hair behind his ears as he watched me. I’ve never pleasured a man this way before but I’ve read a lot of Cosmo articles and heard a lot of stories (particularly from Celia.) I reached out tentatively and wrapped a hand around his length. He inhaled sharply at the sight of my small hand against his pale, pulsing member. Short, audible breaths escaped my mouth and my lips parted as I pulled his head closer to my mouth. My tongue darted out to taste him and he gasped. I glanced up to him before I pressed my lips against the soft, spongy hardness. I gave him a light, wet kiss before slowly sucking his member into my mouth, careful to protect him from my teeth with my lips. His fingers wound through my hair and pulled my mouth on him a little faster. I went as far as I could without gagging and then I pulled back, making quiet slurping noises. I used my hand to stroke the base of his cock as I lapped him like a lollipop.

“Oh fuck Sunshine,” He gasped as he watched me work his length inside my mouth. I wanted to chuckle at him but it came out more as a moan since my mouth was full. He grunted and rocked his hips against my face. When I reached to fondle his balls, he’d had enough. He groaned loudly before pulling away from me.

“I want you on top of me, now!” He ordered and I moved to my knees so he could lie down on my twin bed. I wanted to caress him with my fingertips but he grabbed my hips and pulled me on him. How he did this so quickly and still managed to get a condom on quietly, I have no idea. I was hovering above him and my hands were on either side of his head. His hands pushed my body down to his and he carefully guided his member to my opening. I hissed quietly as he flexed his hips up against me. His green eyes were burning holes through mine and I moaned at the intensity of his stare. My nipples hardened against his chest and I wiggled around to create some sensation for them. His hands gripped roughly at my hips and he used them like handlebars to fuck me. I moaned and fell on his chest completely lost in sensation. I was vaguely aware that I was biting his shoulder and he was moving faster but other than that, there’s nothing but skin on skin. I turn my head into his neck as he pulls my hips down hard against his. I could smell his body wash and his cologne as I buried my nose to the nape of his neck. His black almanbahis adres hair tickled my forehead and I opened my mouth so my tongue could dart out to taste his skin. He sighed as I licked his neck and I felt myself building up. My insides clenched and I moaned right into Spin’s ears. He grunted in response but he stopped using my hips as handlebars.

“Wha—” I said and he chuckled as he tried to catch his breath. I didn’t wanna catch my breath, I wanted to orgasm.

“I want you to move on me,” He said as he stared up at me. His hands snaked their way to hold my breasts hanging inches from his face. “So that I can play with your tits while you fuck me.” Oh God… Me fuck him? My spine shivered and he just looked at me expectantly as his fingers absent-mindedly began fondling my chest. I gripped his biceps for support and slowly lift my hips up off of him then ever so slowly back down. He growled and I understood his frustration, but the noise was so hypnotic I had to do it again. Slowly up, slowly down, growl. Slowly up, slowly down, growl. Slowly up, slowly down, silence.

“Ok now I think you’re just teasing me…” He said breathlessly and I tried hard not to smile. His eyes narrowed at me before he whispered lethally, “Fuck me like you mean it.” With that order, back came my hungry lust. I lifted my hips up and down, gradually picking up speed until I felt I was close again. He moaned for me not to stop so I tried to go faster.

“Come with me Sunshine,” He said as he started to lift his hips to meet mine in a loud, hard smack. I moaned as his fingers tweaked and twisted my nipples. My hips ground into his until I felt my walls clutching and gripping him inside me. His timing was perfect and I felt him spasm and shoot his seed into me as I moaned. Somehow I end up lying on Spin’s chest and he’d pulled out of me but we just lay, wrapped around one another. He’s breathing hard and playing with my hair as I think about what just happened. “That was one hell of a birthday kiss,” Spin said while he smoothed my sweat dampened hair that was tangled up in a mess of curls down.

“We can’t keep doing this,” I say as I shake my head against his bare chest. He heaved a loud, dramatic sigh, lifting my head into the air.

“Why not?” He asked but from the look on his guilt-stricken face, I had a feeling he knew the answer.

“I’d like to discuss this ‘relationship’ possibly this millennium,” I rolled my eyes and his hand had strayed to trace circles across my back. I sighed as I let my forehead hit the hard muscles in his pecks and closed my eyes while I relaxed against him. I blinked my eyes open after a moment to see him lying with his eyes closed. I smacked his chest and he gasped as his eyes flew open.

“Sunshine,” He whined before he rubbed at his eyes, “I’m trying to sleep, here. That’s all a man wants after a good fuck. A good-ass nap . . . Well, that and a sandwich.” His brow furrowed while he completed his statement then he asked, “Rae? When I wake up, will you make me a sandwich?”

“No! Because you’re not going to sleep! We need to talk about this!” I said as I gestured wildly between us with my hand.

“I don’t know what to say, Rae,” He said softly, looking to the ceiling fan spinning slowly, willing it to give him the answer to our problem.

“I don’t want to be your fuck toy Spin,” I said harshly and he raised his eyebrows at my colorful language.

“What do you want to be, then?” He demanded leaning forward so his green irises were less than inches away from my eyes.

“I—I don’t know,” I stuttered at his intense gaze and as my lips trembled his eyes lowered to my mouth then back to my blue eyes. I closed my eyes as I tried to think about what I wanted from Spin but his impatience grew and he thrusted his hips under me. My eyes widened as it awoken a part of me that was put to rest not too long ago and my fingers pressed into his shoulders.

“Spin,” I gasped and his eyes gleamed excitedly before I continued, “Please stop. I’m trying to think, you’re distracting me.” The corners of his mouth drooped slightly as a look of realization came over him, “Oh,” He choked.

“I want,” I started after a few moments of uninterrupted thinking and micro managing. I had Spin’s full attention as I continued and not only was it unnerving but it made me feel anxious.

“I think I want to be your girl—” His phone rang loudly on the floor in his pants pocket and he frowned deeply at the monkey noises his IPhone was making. He grumbled as he rolled me off of him and then rolled onto the floor to answer his phone.

“Hello?” He said harshly into the receiver and I heard a faint buzzing noise that I assumed was the person on the other line. After a few seconds Spin’s frown merged to a look of utter worry and guilt.

“What?” He demanded as he turned to look out my window and then said quickly, “I’ll see you in a bit. Pray for me little brother,” He ended the call with a flex of almanbahis adres his thumb before turning to me still sprawled naked on my tangled sheets.

“That was Fyer,” He said and his eyes shook crazily as he consumed my body from afar. My questioning look prompted him to continue, “He said that your brother is here with Lana. Well he’s coming here because Fyer told him you weren’t feeling well.” I stared at Spin with my jaw nearly off its hinges and he snapped after a moment to get my attention.

“Wait, wait,” I put my hands in front of me before continuing, “My brother? As in Ben’s here . . . Ben’s coming here!?” I yelled and Spin rolled his eyes while gesturing exasperatedly towards me with his hands.

“Yes, yes now the wheels are a-turning,” He encouraged me and I scrambled to my feet to put my dirty clothes in the hamper. I pulled clean panties on and resumed my party outfit, complete with the horrid black bombshell bra. Spin was lacing his belt through its loops when we both heard the roar of a motorcycle outside. Spin whipped his head in time to see Ben talking to a small brunette outside. She pointed to the second floor and he smiled nodding a ‘thank you’ to her as she walked to her car.

“He’s here,” Spin said gravely towards his shirt on the floor, “Here,” I said as I shoved it at him.

“Stop this madness,” I said lightly slapping his cheek, “You will go in the closet and you will not speak until I say you can come out.” When his eye glazed over momentarily, I pushed his shoulder, “Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” He said sexily and I gasped slightly as he moved close to me holding my arms with his fingers tightly.

“That was kind of hot,” He paused as his gaze touched my lips, “You, ordering me around like that.” I inhaled his scent and wished we could just stay like this for the rest of the night, but that is an impossible idea.

“Get in the closet, now!” I demanded quietly and he shivered slightly and I slapped his ass as he passed me to go in the closet. Soon enough I heard footsteps in the hall and glanced around to see if I was missing anything. Spin’s leather jacket was still in the corner so I stuffed it in the hamper quickly before kicking his combat boots under my bed. Then I saw the condom, in the middle of my bed, I gasped quietly before snatching it and throwing it in the garbage under my desk. Three knocks hit the wood of my door and my heart beat quickened slightly as I felt like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Rae? You in here?” I heard Ben’s voice creep under the creak and he knocked again as I made my way to the door.

“Hey big brother!” I said as I opened the door and my arms flew around his neck. He lifted me and spun twice before returning me to the ground with a confused look on his face.

“I thought you didn’t feel well?” He asked and I didn’t miss a beat as I said, “I started my period. I was gonna go back to the party.” I shrugged and he smiled with a nod, “Good, because now Lana and I are here so the party can really start.”

“Oh?” I chuckled and he nodded laughing with me before saying, “Wanna ride back with me on the bike?”

“I’m wearing a dress Ben,” I said with my head cocked to the side innocently and he glanced down just now noticing my clothes.

“Oh, you look nice,” He said approvingly and then with a scratch of his messy black hair he said, “Then I suppose I’ll send Spin back for you with his new car.” He jingled a set of keys on a yellow chain in front of my face. Normally I would’ve asked what sort of car and questions like that but normally I didn’t hide rock stars in my closet.

“I’ll see you in a bit Benji,” I said kissing his cheek and he squeezed me once before waving ‘goodbye.’ I shut the door and sighed against it before I told Spin he could come out.

“I guess I know what he got me for my birthday,” Spin said around a wide goofy smile. “So, you’re coming back?” Spin asked hopefully, with his brows lifting to his widows’ peak.

“Yes,” I sighed and he moved closer to me as he said, “Is it just because Ben’s here?”

“Yes . . . No,” I admitted to his black socks and I felt his fingers curl under my chin to meet my gaze to his.

“So, what were you saying before Fyer called?” He asked with his head cocked to the side, his eyes gleamed knowingly.

“I—uh don’t remember,” I stammered and his smile taunted me as his eyes danced with amusement.

“I think it started with something like ‘I want to be your girl—’and then my phone rang,” He said helpfully than he seemed to realize the words that came from his mouth and his eyebrows pulled together slowly. I folded my lips in my mouth as I wait for him to react to what I’d said.

“Mmm . . . My girl,” He said it as if he was testing the words on his tongue, testing if they would burn him like acid. I nodded weakly and his smile widened slightly.

“What would everyone say?” He asked with extreme over-exaggeration and I quirked my mouth at his expression. He frowned slightly before saying, “No one would trust that we’d last.”

“Who cares about them?” I said dismissively and his frown deepened as he moved his hand so it fitted with the curve of my neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32