The Group Ch. 01, In the Beginning

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Ch. 01, In the Beginning

As I lay on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed they approached me. Both hot young men they were in their late twenties or early thirties about six or eight years younger than I at the time. Both with beautiful uncut cocks. They were still soft and this was my dream come true. I love sucking a cock from its flaccid state to hardness to shooting its essence down my throat. They looked at each other and one stepped closer. So close his wonderful cock touched my cheek. I turned my head to take it into my mouth sucking the long foreskin in. I almost died it felt so wonderful! I sucked it in and out until it started to fill with his life’s blood and then worked my tongue into it to cover his cock crown. I was fucking his foreskin with my tongue while licking around his crown.

He moaned and I could see his legs shake. I knew he was enjoying this almost as much as I! I maneuvered him so that his legs straddled my face and went to work. This is what I lived for, feeling a virile young man’s cock come to life in my mouth. As he hardened I held him in my mouth sucking like a baby on a nipple. He was a very big man! As he filled my mouth and throat I had to move him back some to prevent him from choking me.

The other had moved to my side and tried to caress my pulsing cock. I gently moved his hand and reaching out for him found his cock. It was now as hard as his friend I was sucking. Looks like I’ll miss feeling him come to life in my mouth! I reached under his cock to cup his balls but all my being was centered on my mouth and the hot throbbing cock within.

I reached behind the one in my mouth and gripping his ass cheeks maneuvered him into a fucking motion so he was quickly fucking my face.

I see his knees buckle a little as he moved forward to support himself on his hands and we get into an erotic dance. Him leading and I following.

His cock feels huge and I am glad for all the men that came before him that readied me for this.

I now trust him to stay in this rhythm and move one of my hands to reach out blindly searching for the other cock. The second moves to my touch so that I can slowly stroke his cock to the timing of my lovers fucking.

They both are moaning and saying things to each other like: “I told you he would be good, he sucks like an Olympian. Next time I get the mouth! Look at how hard his cock is! He is leaking drool down to his balls. I can’t wait until I can taste that.

And finally the one in my mouth says: “Oh fuck I’m going to cum. If you swallow you will be a lock to join “The Group”.

As I feel the sweet man juice shoot up his length and hit the back of my throat I feel the one I am stroking shoot all over my cock and balls.

This is so maddening that I start to cum myself without any stimulation on my cock!

“Well he will get my vote!” James, the one I had sucked said.

As we all lay back against the headboard we are sung up against each other our hot sweaty bodies touching. I am in the middle and don’t know where to put my arms. Behind them? Down between our legs? I decide after bursa escort what has just happened nothing is off limits so I reach down to caress each of their cocks.

It is then that I ask: “So what is The Group and what is all this voting?”

James says: “I bet you thought you picked us up didn’t you? On the prowl looking for fun?”

Sam the one I had stroked off said: “GONG! Wrongo! No soup for you. We picked you. We were looking for some new blood to join a sort of private club we belong to.”

“Well tell me more, but as Groucho once said: “I would never join a club that would have me as a member!”.

James adds: “We are 6 guys and 4 women that belong to a sort of commune. We are second generation Hippies of a sort. All of our folks were free spirits and we either knew each other or added someone who was like-minded. We are all between 25 and 55. We meet as a group once a month and as smaller pods more frequently. We are all bi to some degree. Some not as much as others but you must be at least comfortable being in a mixed group setting while all naked and not freak out. You are bi aren’t you? You do like women to some degree?”

“I am open to fun with both sexes and have had a fair amount of threesomes and a few couples swap.” I offer.

“You must be accepted by all the members and this was sort of a test to see if you might fit in and I think it is safe to say that we, Sam and I, would welcome you in.” James said.

“Wo, you got your cock sucked, all I got was a nice hand job. Speak for yourself!” Sam laughed.

“Unless you guys are ready to leave, I think we all can change that.” I add.

I rolled to my knees and put my hands on either side of Sam’s legs. His cock was soft but still about 4 inches long; down from the 6 it had been when I stroked him off. It lay across his leg and I leaned over to cover it at the base. I love having the underside of my cock sucked just under the crown and at the very bottom and sucked him like I want it done to me. I could feel the length of him on the side of my face and his ball sack was pressed to my other cheek by his legs held together. I love the feel of a cock harden in my mouth and wanted this so I worked my way up his length before he could do so.

As I worked my way to his tip I covered it with my wet mouth and licked into his foreskin. I love sucking cock but uncut are my favorite and having two made my night. As I was sucking on his skin he started to get hard and he said: “Fuck me! You are World Class! If you can eat pussy this well you will make a lot of our friends happy.”

“Do you fuck? I mean do you take it in the ass? ‘Cause that is also part of who we are.” James asked.

As I rose up on my knees I spread my legs and still sucking Sam I reached back to spread my cheeks to show him my shaved anus. I flexed it to show him how eager I was for a fuck.

I did not want to let the now hot hard cock out of my mouth but did and looked back over my shoulder to James and said: “What do you think?”

He jumped up and went across the room where his bursa escort bayan jacket was and pulled out a bottle of my favorite, Astroglide. He quickly returned to the bed as he flipped the cap up and squirted a lot into his palm. For just a second I was a little unsure of fitting that big cock in my ass as he was noticeably bigger than Sam.

As he was covering his meat with the lube working it around the crown and under his foreskin, I had to say: “You might have to take this slow. I haven’t had anyone as fine as you in some time.”

“So, if I was to try to stick my tongue in you first it would help?” He said smiling.

“Oh yes. I always say, “If you think it is tight, give it a couple of kisses and anything is right!” I say still flexing my ass hole dying to be double ended.

James moves behind me and I feel his slippery hands spread my ass cheeks and feel the heat of his breath on my hole.

“He is pretty good at this so why don’t you get back to my cock so you have something to hang on to!” Sam quips pulling my face back to his cock which is leaking juice and bobbing around in front of him like a divining rod looking for something wet. I oblige him by filling my mouth with spit and kissing his cock head sucking sloppily.

I am loving the feel of this perfect size cock, but it is all but forgotten when James kisses me right on the anus. OH FUCK! I love this! I first ate a young ladies ass hole so many years ago and the shocked look on her face was something I will never forget. Thank gawd she loved it because it was the beginning of a lifelong love of the act. But the day someone returned the favor to me is one of the top spank bank memories for me.

But right now James is showing me just how it should be done. He obviously loves doing it as much as I. I would be hard pressed to decide whether I wanted to lick a sweet clean ass hole or have it done to me.

Still holding my cheeks open he covers my ass hole with his lips and works me over with his tongue. It is maddening the pleasure this brings. It is more than the physical pleasure it is also knowing what the person doing it is giving you.

I am still sucking the cock in my mouth but it is far from the center of my attention. James is now sliding his fingers of one hand up and down my ass crack while still working my hole over with his tongue. I flash the thought that Astroglide should make a flavored lube!

James says: “Hold yourself open for me so I can get you ready fucker.”

As I reach back to spread my ass open for him he runs a finger over my hole. After the job he has done with his tongue I am already loose and his middle finger slides right into me. I feel him squirt some lube between my cheeks so that it runs down to where his finger is working. Spreading the lube I easily open for him accepting another finger and he works them in to caress my prostate.

Hearing me moan around the cock in my mouth he says: “Like that slut? You are so the type of member we are looking for.”

He soon has three fingers fucking me and I am leaking escort bursa juice from my cock and shivering with desire.

“Fuck me, fuck me now.” I beg.

I feel so empty as he slowly slides his fingers from me, but know what is next is going to be so much better. As I feel his cock head touch my anus I inhale and open myself so that it easily enters me. He holds there letting both of us enjoy the feeling. This is the ultimate sexual submission for a man. No doubt for a woman also but it was just us guys here and it was like I was giving James the entry to my soul. His cock was making me light headed and I had to suck on Sam harder to keep from passing out.

James slowly was pushing some of his manhood into me and holding my hips would wait to feel me open myself to more cock. He would them pull almost out of my ass and wait again, then feed me more cock, flexing his meat to show me that he was the one in control of this.

Soon I could feel his legs against my ass and knew he was deep in my guts. He started to fuck me with a hip rolling movement that was working my ass over from end to end. As he fucked in and out of me his cock was touching all of me like I don’t think anyone else ever has. This boy could fuck!

I jumped as I felt Sam reach for my ball sack and squeeze me. He maneuvered himself so that he could slide under me and takes my soft cock into his hot mouth and suck. This is about as close to heaven as one can get. A cock in my mouth, one in my ass and mine in another mouth. I sometimes lose my hard on when being fucked as my being is centered around my ass and what is being done to it but Sam quickly changes that.

As I spread my legs like the slut James just had called me it pushed my cock deeper into Sam’s mouth and I leaned down to let his fill my mouth. As I was now completely into what was happening my cock filled with blood and Sam groaned with pleasure. We were locked in this erotic dance of men pleasuring each other while enjoying the pleasure of the others.

As I was the one getting the most attention I felt my nuts pull up to my groin and started shooting my hot juice into Sam’s mouth. My ass was spasming from my orgasm so that it was squeezing James’s cock and he was the next to cum. He pushed even deeper into my bowels and holding me tight to him, he blew hot cum into me. Shot after shot almost scalded my insides intensifying my orgasm filling Sam’s mouth and throat. This pushed Sam over the edge and he started shooting his load into my mouth. For guys that had just cum they both seemed to shoot even more than they had before.

I think I was the first to actually stop shooting but we all held still, not wanting the first to break the connection we had. As I was swallowing the last of Sam’s cum he was the first to move as his cock slipped from my mouth. As I was also softening and feeling very sensitive I lifted to free myself from Sam’s grip.

Sam moved out from under me and I could hear him say to James: “Fuck me! We have had some great times bro, but this has to be one of the best, ever!”

James slipped from my ass and I felt so empty. I wanted to be filled back up, at both ends, but knew that we all would need time to recover.

“I hate to leave but we have to work tomorrow, would you like to meet some of our friends next week end and see if they are as hot for you as we obviously are?” Sam ask seeing James nod in agreement.

So begins my journey into The Group.

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