The Hanky Code Pt. 10

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I was still strapped to the bench and completely helpless, the electric butt plug fucking my pussy steadily and the weights from my long extended nipples swinging gently on the end of my huge D size saline injected tits. My moans were steady and constant, those of a complete pig in pure sexual heaven. I was in my perfect place, wallowing in the degradation and humiliation, simply craving more abuse, much more.

The harness I was strapped so tightly into, was holding my new breasts firmly and pushing them out and the handles and belts on the harness, were there for any tops to get a good hold of for leverage should they need it. I felt that the harness just finished the look off perfectly.

The only guys left as I opened my eyes were the 8 suited ones, elegant, smart tailored suits and crisp white shirts. All 8 of them, good looking guys and all athletic. Looking at them I realised the cost they had just spent on me, would have been a fraction of the cost of just one of their suits.

I wondered how this would all work, 6 hours of trying to satisfy 8 guys, could be interesting, I thought in true pig mode. Not having had a real cock in my pussy for the 24 hours since my adventure began, meant it was becoming an itch I longed to have scratched, over and over again.

They had pulled a table up off to the side but in my vision, chairs were pulled up and then a waiter came in with food and drinks and cards. Shit they were settling in for a poker night.

I couldn’t tell if they were even bothered about me at all. Instead of relief, I felt loss and desperation, I longed to be used. I shouldn’t have worried.

I realized one of the guys was by my side, as he started to stroke my oiled back and ass, cupping each cheek in turn. He then gave the base of the plug a good push upwards and that squeezed a louder moan from me. He continued his ministrations pushing the plug up deeper in time with the electrical contractions.

“Shhhh slut, be quiet or we’ll have to gag you, won’t we piggie.”

I got the distinct feeling the gagging was inevitable from the way he said it. Then he reached down to the Estim box and turned the dial up higher and turned a second dial. The effect of this was both immediate and intense to me. The electrical contractions of the plug speeded up considerably and the strength of them was so much greater.

Now instead of me being in a gentle soporific, horny state, I suddenly felt as though my pussy was being raped by a horse. The speed of the contractions was mind blowing, not only that but every few seconds a rapid pulse of contractions would make it feel like my pussy was being stretched beyond its limits. I guess a pig doesn’t have limits. I couldn’t help it, I screamed out loudly with a mix of sexual ecstasy and pain.

“No that’s far too loud slut, I told you we’d gag you bitch”.

At this stage I hadn’t even seen the guy, I saw his elegant pants and the back of the crisp white shirt walking away from me as he went to the equipment cupboard, coming back with a butterfly gag in his hand.

The 2 inch wide black rubber butterfly bulb was pushed into my mouth as I let out another load moan at the fucking I was taking. Then he proceeded to inflate the gag to fill my entire mouth and absorb my louder cries. I couldn’t get it out of my mouth even if I tried now, it held my jaw wide open and was effectively locked inside my mouth by my teeth.

With the chance to breathe through my mouth gone totally, all the air I could get now was completely and heavily saturated with poppers from my mask. The level I had been taking on was greatly increased.

I was entering the state where all I wanted to do was to give myself over to being a complete popper pig as I had in the past so many times alone in my hotel room whilst eagerly watching “Sissy Hypno videos” and bouncing on various anal toys.

Nothing mattered more to my addled mind than getting more poppers into my system, maximising the levels in my blood stream. I could feel my nipples, clit and pussy being worked and I loved it, every single second of it. It was hugely intense but I was levelling out at the new higher level of pain and pleasure, growing to not just accept it but also to like being in that new place.

He walked away and sat down leaving the butt plug on the higher power level. I was being fucked royally without anyone even near me.

Moaning into the gag, building me to the edge of orgasm as my prostate reacted to the electrical reaming of my pussy. I could no longer focus on anything other than the feeling of the horse cock in my ass (even though it was simply a 2 inch wide metal plug) fucking me. It was all consuming, the only thing in my mind as my pussy, clenched and relaxed, clenched and relaxed, violently every second or so.

The it washed over me, alone, restrained, harnessed and with no one even near me, no one touching me, I came, long, hard and repeatedly. It was undoubtedly the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.

An all-consuming, van escort multiple orgasm took hold of me, as I bucked against my bondage,so tightly restrained, the orgasm crashed through me like a tsunami of pleasure.

The same guy in the white shirt came back over “Look guys our little piggie is so turned on at the thought of taking all of our cocks, it’s cum, without even being touched.” I think it’s ready for round 1 don’t you.

With that two of the other suits stood and stripped and folded their expensive trousers and shirts carefully, draping them over the chairs until they were completely naked. I stared hungrily at their swinging dicks as they walked over.

It seemed that these guys were the ones after the mustard hankies, both packing a good 10 inches of hardening man meat. One white and one black, both with rock hard abs and powerful legs. Both obviously athletic, toned and with their dicks above smoothly shaved balls, they were beautiful to look at in my current state. Master S had turned me into a complete fuck pig.

I remembered the time I’d been in session with Mistress Valeska and she’d told me that the plug on its highest setting would feel like I was being gang raped by a group of horny black guys. That was the day she’s first fisted me with her petite hand. She’d then said she would invite her black big cocked boyfriend to come and make me his bitch. I had screamed no at the time as I reached a huge orgasm and she laughed saying maybe next time I’d beg for it to actually happen.

I’d moved on from that mistake (looking back I’d always wished I had asked Mistress Valeska to get her boyfriend to make me his bitch., now I knew that I wanted their meat, I wanted it in my mouth and down my pig throat. The guy who had spoken removed my gag and I moaned loudly. He turned the butt plug off and swiftly pulled it out, leaving my pussy gaping wide open like a true slut, ready to be ravaged.

The shirt guy picked up the tray that had been underneath me and had caught the copious ejaculate that had made it past the urethral plug and to my amazed eyes he lovingly coated the black guys cock head with my pig cum. Seemed that they were very good friends.

The massive black circumcised rod in front of me was jutting skywards, with my cum having made the cock head a creamy mocha colour, which I was hungry for, desperate for.

All I could do was strain to get closer to it, I needed to be fed more. I breathed in as many poppers as I could loving the descent into depravity.

The beautiful black guy, just smiled down at me and moved a step closer. I could smell my cum on his cock and wanted to clean it off, with my tongue and devour it.

The salty, bitter aroma, instead of revolting me as it had earlier, made me ravenously hungry, I had been re-programmed for this over the last day. Knowing this was just my pig appetizer before I started the main course of load after load of spunk to fill and make my belly pregnant once more.

I was reaching out with my tongue, much to their amusement until he deigned to put his cock head into my mouth, at which point I sucked and licked every last crevice of his cock to get my fix.

Lovingly sucking on the head, working my tongue in 360 degree motion under the glans, trying to make love to this magnificent black cock which made my clit look so pathetic, but also showed my true place as a white pig faggot. I cleaned every part of his cock head, revelling in the manly taste, knowing that I was just inferior to this God.

In my mind I had truly become what Master S had set out to turn me into, a gay pig. I was licking the cock clean and was glad it hadn’t been washed perfectly clean, I was enjoying tasting the heady cocktail mix of cum, sweat and piss, it was what I deserved, all I was good for, that I now knew.

I stretched my neck forward in an attempt to straighten my pig gullet to take more of his manhood. He put his hand under my chin and forcefully lifted it a little further. He then gripped the strap of my harness with his other hand and in one single, swift motion, he rocked forward and sunk his entire shaft deep into my throat.

In all the times I had taken cock kin my throat in the last 24 hours, there had been some working up to get past the muscles at the back of my throat, but not for this man, in that one movement he owned me, I was his completely.

As I gagged and gagged unable to breathe, massaging his manhood with the contractions of my throat, I marvelled that I was managing to do this and was no longer scared out of my wits by not being able to draw breath.

As he withdrew until only the head was between my lips, instead of finding it to be a respite, I felt bereft. Then he and the white guy, who I had not noticed behind me lining up his own impressive cock at my pussy, both took me with one single thrust. Within one second the breath was squeezed out of me from both ends. I swear I could feel their cocks almost van escort bayan touching deep inside my piggy body.

I’d been spit-roasted before but only by one cock and a strap-on, never by two cocks, and I’d never had one this size let alone two. The pain was phenomenal and without the dulling effect of the huge levels of poppers I’d had, I would have been unable to cope.

The crest of the wave of the drugs though meant the pain melded with pleasure as the strokes continued. Thank God the Electric butt plug had given my pussy such a work out stretching and contracting the muscles in preparation for what I was being fucked with now.

They settled into a rhythm whereby both rammed into me at exactly the same moment, overwhelming my senses completely. The harness provided great traction for both of them allowing them to lever themselves relentlessly deep into my body.

The cock in my pussy was so big that I felt sure if I could see it, my pussy hole would be clinging to it on every out stroke and distending outwards. He was pushing with both hands on each of my butt cheeks prising the big globes apart to ensure that he sank every last morsel of his beautiful rod into my willing hole.

My nipples were on fire as the weights swung wildly both ways, stretching my already distended tits and nipples mercilessly. What a movie this stage was going to make. I no longer cared that many people would see my degradation, I revelled in it.

I was just a pig in a harness to be fucked, to be used, ravaged and hopefully filled and fed, the only noise I could make being to grunt with each thrust of my superiors cocks. As they proceeded to work together, they encouraged each other to harder and harder strokes and getting themselves to the right position where they could feed me simultaneously, I focussed only on taking in any poppers I could, when I got a brief chance to breathe.

Master S, must be loving watching his pig get properly fucked, I wondered briefly if he’d be hard himself whilst watching this stage of his pigs training now. The man I was when I walked into the shop, had gone and been completely replaced now. Just a glistening oiled, white, pregnant pig ready for breeding by real men.

Their pace quickened if that was possible.

“You ready to give this bitch his feed Drey?”

“Fuck yeah Mike, let’s give it both barrels.”

Their use of “it” rather than “he” to describe me, was becoming more of a common theme, it seemed appropriate to me.

At that moment, I felt my pussy being filled with what felt like a pint of hot cum, whilst the black cock in my throat spat out its load in a number of pulses, delivering it straight to my sow stomach without me really even tasting it.

As the cock finished spurting my gagging increased as I ran out of breath, Drey just rested there enjoying the moment. I gagged more and more urgently like someone under water for too long, until Drey finally let me breathe once again. As he withdrew my tongue washed most of the slime from his cock.

“Just remember bitch, I’ll withdraw when I’m good and ready, you pull that again and I’ll stay deep inside your piggie throat until you pass out faggot, you got that?” slapping my face hard after the question.

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir I weekly added.”

Mike took his deflated cock from my pussy and then instructed me to clench if I could. My pussy could no longer do that, I felt him holding something to my pussy hole and he instructed me to try to expel my feed from my pussy. Only one thing that could mean, feeding time again for pig.

I did as instructed and when I’d finished pushing out my pussy as much as I could, he came around to the front with a big babies dummy, the teat of which was full of his cum straight from my ass pussy. He pushed it into my willing mouth. The ultimate humiliation.

“Now suckle on that piggie, get your feed now.” I did as I was told eagerly.

The two guys sauntered over to the card table, apparently happy with round 1. Fuck I was exhausted, how many rounds would there be. They simply sat down naked to play the next hand, apparently waiting for their next turn.

As I lay on my stomach, tethered I felt the desperate need to piss, and just like a pig, I couldn’t stop myself even if I’d tried. The urethral plug meant it came out in a constant dribble coating my massive ball sac and dripping rather than a stream and collected in a tray below me mixing with a little of the cum still dripping from my red raw pussy. The first guy in the shirt and slacks strolled across to me.

“Hey guys you fucked the piss out of the pig.”

“Time to drink up and clear that mess piggie, now open wide.”

I knew that the urinal gag was going in, presumably before round 2 started. Once he had the black shiny latex urinal gag strapped over my pig mask I was again only breathing poppers and he then began to pour from the tray below me, all the piss I had just passed into my urinal escort van gag.

“Ok guys the piss pig is open if any of you want a comfort break from the cards.

3 guy stood up and walked over one, by one treating me to a pint or so of warm salty piss to make sure my stomach not only didn’t shrink, but positively grew back to its former pregnant glory.

As I gulped down one after the other, desperate to do my job and keep up with their streams, the guy leaned in saying “You really are a dirty fucking whore pig aren’t you, you’d do anything your told won’t you pig.”

I could only nod fractionally with the urinal gag full of piss, but I did so.

“I thought as much, you dirty little bitch, I might just have to buy you from Master S, I could use you at home you fucking cum slut. Ohhh the things I will do to you and make you end up loving, make you end up begging for. Let’s see how you get on over the next few hours and see if you can be enough of a pig to satisfy me.”

He was obviously the Alpha male of the group and determined to push my limits still further, something which should in reality have frightened me, but in my current headspace it just made my clit harder.

I was desperately trying to drink the last of the piss as he poured more in, but I had reached that stage where my stomach felt it would burst, where you just don’t want to drink, where you can’t drink and I slowed down my consumption, the level of the piss rising in my urinal.

It seemed this man wanted to encourage me to drink more as he pulled hard on the weights attached to my nipples, stretching them still further and sending pain coursing through every fibre of my body. The salt from the piss had dried my mouth out and weirdly made me feel dehydrated but just getting more piss down into my pig stomach was getting harder and harder.

I swallowed each mouthful with real effort, just to get the warm liquid down, as he worked my tits using the pain to force me to take on more and more piss into my squashed pig belly. I was wishing I was lying on my back rather than my stomach now.

As always in this trial I should have been careful what I wished for.

He snapped on a rubber glove and reached behind me to scoop out any remaining cum which he then scrapped onto the edge of the urinal gag so that it mixed with the last of the piss I had to drink. I realised for the first time that all I’d had to eat for 15 hours or so was cum, but I certainly felt full on it.

I was left empty, sucking the last few remaining drops of my pig cocktail, my pussy gaping wide open if the feeling I had was anything to go by.

“Time to prep for round 2 guys, get the equipment from the corner.” Again the guy in control ordered the others around, he was plainly in charge.

I could see the sturdy metal frame they brought out from the dark corner. A rectangular shaped frame, 3 m tall, by 3m square, with springs hanging from the 4 top corners and a leather sling attached to those springs. Stirrups hung from one end to support the legs of the sub too. I had a basic idea of slings having been in a couple during a couple of sessions. At last I wouldn’t be resting on my huge pregnant belly, I would be able to lie back and relax. Well maybe not…

The bench I was on was wheeled from over the tray with me still attached to it. Then it was replaced with the sling positioning the edge of the sling over the tray, not a drop to be wasted again.

The nipple clamps were removed and caused me to gasp out in pain, as much as they hurt so much whilst they are on they always hurt so much more intensely when they come off. I was moaning in pain as the Alpha male pinched my nipples bringing them back to full erections, with the amount of saline in them they were now more impressive than ever after the torture they had received whilst I was spit-roasted.

Straps were unbuckled from my thighs and I was unlocked from the bench and lifted up by 4 guys, two under my arms and two under my knees. The two on my arms, lifted me up and backwards as the other two hooked their hands under my knees, effectively lying me on my back and they rotated to position me to be laid on the sling.

I presumed that they didn’t think I’d be able to walk, but then thought it might just be about complete control of my body.

As they lifted me into place and began to padlock my cuffs to the straps in each corner, my arms were lifted to full extension up and out to my sides. Then my legs were lifted into the stirrups and buckled tightly. This lifted my knees out and up and to the side of my big belly allowing total access to my ass pussy which was right at the edge of the leather sling. My feet held high and wide, out of the way.

I looked up an there was a massive convex mirror reflecting me in all my piggie glory, so that I could see whatever was done to me, every stroke, every jiggle of my fat white pig body.

My sow belly reflected the lighting and looked huge in front of me, obscenely rounded, massive but also beautiful, to me in the state I was in, just like a truly pregnant pig. The piss and cum wallowing around in their meant the belly was as tight as a drum, with the leather harness forming a perfect push up bra for my big udders topped off by the two swollen purple almost inch long nipples.

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