Air Arkansas Ch. 01

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2349 words

A work of fiction. Contains incestuous group sex, male on male, female on female and our personal favorite male-female-male. All despicable, oops meant described … All described characters are well over 18 years of age.

Our apologies to anyone from Arkansas, besides our fictional characters don’t even live in Arkansas. They live in another state a tad east of the St. Francis River next to a big World War Two Army Air Field. Well, they would if they weren’t fictional. But they certainly don’t live in “misery.”

“You won’t tell anyone, daddy, will you?”

I was lying naked on my bed, clutching my Mexican wool blanket to my chest.

“No, kitten, of course not.”

My left knee was up tight against my breast, my left arm crooked under my knee as daddy’s long turgid cock vigorously pumped, going in and out of my soppy wet cunt as he enthusiastically fucked me from behind, doggie-style.

“You won’t tell mommy? Will you – “

“No little one, this can be our little secret.”

“Don’t worry, baby, he never thinks to tell me anything,” said mom, smiling from behind the camcorder. “Well, other than ‘bend over and take it.'”

“That’s good,” I said, “I wouldn’t want anyone to know my daddy was fucking me and making me all wet – “

“Really wet,” said dad.

“Especially my brothers, I don’t want them to know … oh … oh … oh.”

“Know what, baby-girl?”

“Know that my daddy just made me come.”

“No, I won’t tell.”

“Tell who?” asked my cousin Ace, as he momentarily removed his mouth from the pussy that his three cousins had emerged from all those years ago.

“You,” said mom.

“What?” Said Ace, But he went back to work without waiting for an answer.

“No, Daryl, I don’t want Daryl to know my daddy is fucking me. Fucking his baby-girl, using her, making her his cum-bucket.”

“What Edna, what did she say?” said Ace as he took the camera from mom.

“You know how your sister gets when her father’s cock in her cunt, delirious”

“Daryl … is that you Daryl?”

“Yes, Frannie, it’s Daryl,” said Cephus.

“I didn’t want you to see me like this Daryl.”

“Like what Frannie?”

“Getting fucked by my daddy … being a big slut … a cum-whore wanting to get fucked by our daddy.”

“Oh, is my little sister being a big slut again?” said Cephus, aka Daryl, as mom started to stroke his erect cock.

“The worst kind, Daryl … wanting to be used hard and bred by our daddy.”

“Really,” he said, “does Daryl know?”

Mom gently used her open hand against Ace’s cheek to direct his mouth to her hand that was holding Cephus’s hard dick.

Ace opened his mouth to accept Cephus’s cock saying, “know what?”

“You don’t know anything do you, Daryl?” Said mom looking down at Ace, and then turning to me said, “Your brother Daryl, doesn’t know anything baby-girl, and neither does your other brother Daryl.”

“That’s good,” I said panting. “I wouldn’t want them to think their sister was a skanky whore getting fucked by their daddy and loving it.”

“No of course not, kitten, you aren’t a whore. Whore’s are greedy, selfish, skanks who charge money to spread their legs … You’re a slutty little cum-bucket who begs your daddy fuck you for free. Because you love the feel of his cock and the taste of his cum.”

“Thank you, mommy, I knew you would … oh bursa eskort bayan … oh … oh … understand.”

“Was that number two, baby?”

“Yes, mommy, daddy’s cock has made your baby come twice now.”

“You’re up Daryl,” said mom, stroking Cephus’ hair as Ace’s pursed lips went up and down on his cousin’s rigid shaft.

“One sec,” answered Cephus.

“Don’t come, Daryl, your cum belongs to your baby sister.”

Daryl-Cephus used both hands to separate his dick from his cousin’s wet, warm, mouth. Daryl-Ace shifted to eating to his aunt’s sodden twat again as my brother, Daryl-Cephus, walked over to my face where he stood next to the bed. He was holding his wet, erect cock in his fist.

“That’s a good boy, Daryl,” said mom.

“Oh, daddy,” I said, “that feels so good, daddy, so good.”

“Are you enjoying daddy’s big, hard cock?”

“Yes daddy, fuck your little girl.”

I grabbed my left breast hard with my hand as my arm was looped under my knee holding my leg to my body. I started pinching and pulling my nipple and my brother slapped me on the cheeks with his erection.

“I’m going to come, Daddy. I’m going to come.”

“Come, baby,” mom said, “come while bouncing on your daddy’s big dick.”

“Here I come,” I said, then I did.

“That’s three,” mom said, as Cephus climbed into the bed on his knees in front of me.

“My turn,” dad said.

He lifted my left ankle up very high and continued to slowly fuck me. “That’s right, I’m fucking my little baby-girl.”

“Fuck me, daddy.”

“How does it feel having your father fuck you?” His words were short. His breathing was hard. He was getting close.

“It’s wonderful, daddy. Fuck your baby. Fuck me hard, daddy.”

Dad put several more long strokes into me before he shivered and came inside of me.

He still held my ankle up high. I licked the head of Cephus’ dick while I played with my tits.

“Yes, sis, suck it just like that, you skank, you dirty whore.”

Dad continued to slowly fuck me while his erection subsided.

“That felt so good, daddy. That felt so good.”

Using my left ankle and leg has a lever, dad rolled me onto my stomach and began to kiss my butt cheeks.

I broke contact with my brother’s dick to say, “lick me, daddy, lick my ass.”

“Hey sis, stop yapping and suck your big brother’s cock,” Daryl-Cephus said.

“Do you want me to suck your cock?” I asked him coyly.

“Uh, huh.”

“Well, what if I don’t wanna?”

“Suck your big brother’s cock, baby doll,” daddy said.

“Do you want your little sister to suck your cock? Do you want to come down your little sister’s throat?”

“Suck my cock and make me hard,” Daryl-Cephus said. “So, I can ruthlessly fuck your ass.”

I took my brother’s cock inside my mouth.

“Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about,” mom said.

Dad was finger-fucking my cum-filled cunt as he went from kissing my butt cheeks to licking my rosebud.

“Oh, that’s so good Daddy,” I said removing my mouth from Daryl-Cephus’ dick.

Daddy grabbed his son’s cock and said, “here, suck your brother’s cock.”

“Is it a nice cock Daddy?”

“It’s a very nice cock, now suck it, baby.”

“Show me.”


“Why don’t you suck on his cock, daddy?”

Daddy opened his mouth and put the head of my brother’s cock bursa merkez escort inside. Daryl-Cephus moaned and pushed into our father.

“I told you it was a good cock,” mom said. Isn’t it a good cock, daddy?”

Daddy went up and down on the shaft of Cephus’ cock. Licking the head and stroking it with his fingertips a couple of times before pausing.

“Yes mommy, you were right, our boy here has a very good cock.”

“Can I have some of Daryl’s cock please daddy?

“I don’t know, it’s awfully good, and you didn’t want any before.”

“Please, pretty please, daddy?

“Please what little girl?”

“Daddy, can I please have some of my brother Daryl’s cock?”

“If I give you some his dick, kitten, what are you going to do with it?”

“Suck it really good, daddy.”

“You are going to suck your brother off good?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Like you do me?”

“Just like I suck you, daddy.”

“Then, of course, baby, you can have some of Daryls dick.”

He held my brother’s cock for me and guided it into my open lips.

“Suck your brother’s cock,” mom said.

“Yes suck it, Daryl,” said my other brother, Daryl, or rather my cousin Daryl.

Daddy was playing around with his long middle finger in my asshole while licking my rosebud.

“Get our baby-girl nice and wet,” mom said, “so she can take her brother Daryl’s big, hard, cock deep up her little asshole.”

I couldn’t say anything because my mouth was full.

“Yes sis, get ready because I’m going to put my great big cock up your ass.”

“How does your sister’s mouth feel baby,” mom said to Daryl-Cephus.

“She’s almost as good of a cock-sucker as you are mommy.”

“That’s quite a compliment, nobody’s better cocksucker than your mom,” dad said.

“Lil-sis here is pretty darned close,” my brother said, smiling as he pulled his dick out of my mouth

Dad leaned over and licked some of my saliva off his son’s cock as the Daryls switched places. Dad stood and walked over to my mother.

“On your knees, Billy-Bob,” mom said. “Daryl left you a treat.”

“Suck me, baby, suck me dry,” my cousin Daryl-Ace said as he positioned himself in front of my face. “Suck your baby-daddy dry while your big brother fucks you up the ass.”

“Bro … are you going to fuck me in the ass?”

“Lil-sis, I am most definitely going to fuck you in the ass.”

“Will you fuck me really, really hard? Will you pound me like you do mommy?”

“Really, really hard.”

“Will you make it sore?”

“Oh yes, Frannie, I’ll make you really sore.”

“Can you make me feel it all night? I want to feel you in me later after I leave.”

“Sis, you’ll feel it all the way to Massachusetts and back.”

“Fuck my ass, Daryl”

“Enough with the chitchat already,” said Daryl-Ace. “Suck me good, my sleazy, slutty, cock-kissing-cousin.”

“Yes, Daryl.”

“That’s a good girl,” said mommy as Daryl-Ace entered my mouth joining Daryl-Cephus who was already at work in my asshole.

“Hey, there’s an idea,” dad said, taking a moment away from eating mom’s soiled pussy. “How about we make us a nice spit roast for the get-together on Saturday?”

“Sure, with cream-pie for dessert,” she said returning his face to the place.

“Oh that’s good,” said Daryl-Ace.

“Sure is,” said Daryl-Cephus.

‘How bursa sınırsız escort bayan does your sister’s ass feel, baby?”

“Oh mommy, her ass feels so good on my cock.”

“Your sister’s ass is amazing.”

“That it is Ace, that it is.”

“So is her mouth.”

“Fuck her ass hard, baby.”

“Yes, mommy, I will.”

“Dump lots of sticky goo in her.”

“I will Ace, no doubt about that.”

“I want her to leak your jizz out of her ass and her dad’s cum out of her cunt all night long.”

“You gonna make her sit on a plastic bag again?”

“Yep, once the doors are shut she’s gonna have to drop her drawers. The little slut is gonna sit on a garbage bag for the whole flight, leaking cum.”

“Man. that’s wicked.”

“Nah, she’ll be okay, the cabin heater works.”

I came again. Orgasming while thinking about what my cousin had in store for me tonight while Daryl-Cephus pounded my ass hard and Daryl-Ace simultaneously held my head tightly. Restricting my breaths as he filled my throat with cum that tickled my tonsils.

“Man, when she comes she clenches like an Anaconda.”

“Tell me about it, Cephus.”

“Oh, oh, fuck…”

“Right behind you cousin…”

“I can feel her cunt all the way from here.”

“Yeah, she really works on it.”

“Man, it’s hard to believe she’s dropped four kids.”

“Daryl,” dad said, “time’s up, you and Frannie need to get all cleaned up so you two can get the truck over to the airport before her other brother Daryl gets back from Detroit.”

While the benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks, one problem with working in a family business is that everybody knows everything that’s going on. I couldn’t for instance decide to stay a little bit longer get fucked a couple more times, and be a little bit late for work. I had to go take a shower put on my big-girl pants. But we had a wonderful time, I couldn’t say the same for my cousin Bo or brother Jed who were bringing an airplane back from Willow Run or Aunt Edna and Uncle Virgil who were watching all of the kids at their house so the rest of us could play together next door.

“Oh, baby-girl, you’re looking mighty snazzy,” said mom as I emerged from the bathroom after a hot shower.

“So, you fancy a gal in uniform?” I asked as I walked over and fondled her left breast, which together with its twin ‘right breast’ nourished me when I was an infant.

“You know it, kitten,” she said, grabbing my ass through my black trousers.

“Who the fuck needs Twix candy bars when I can enjoy these two treats?” I continued as I flicked my tongue across one nipple and then the other.

“Hate to be the bearer of bad news,” Ace said as he entered the room.

“I know,” I said looking at him.

He was wearing exactly the same uniform as I was – a white tee, mine is long-sleeved to cover my tattoos, a white pleated uniform shirt, black and silver epaulets, silver wings, black belt, trousers, and postman’s shoes – although it was tailored differently to fit his male physique. I don’t know why, Ace is a handsome dude – I hope our son grows up to look like him- but to my eye, the uniform isn’t nearly as sexy on him as it is on a shapely gal like my cousin Fern. I kissed mom on the lips with a little tongue and went to grab my cap and chart case. We had an airplane to fly to Manchester, almost Boston.

“Dibs on the left seat,” Ace said holding a folded black plastic garbage bag in his hand.

We walked out the front door and climbed into the pickup truck parked next to the old porcelain bathtub sitting on the grass in front of the double-wide mobile home.

“In your dreams, Daryl,” I said, “in your dreams.”

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