An Artist , Her Passion

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(Author’s note: I have already published this story on another site, but it needed a few minor tweaks and improvements, so I did that, and now I am happy to present it here. Please enjoy!)

Donna hurried home after her last midterm. She was a junior at the University of Houston, and after her midterms grades were posted, she was in a mood to celebrate for a change, and it was Friday night, so no class tomorrow! Normally, she was a study maniac, so serious that her roommate Julia would often kid her about it. Once she walked in the door, she was, as usual grateful for the size of the comfy two-bedroom apartment. Instead of rushing to her inner sanctum as she so often did, she tossed her books on the table by the door and called hello.

Julia was already home watching television, her feet propped on the coffee table. Whereas Donna was an art major, Julia was a business major, and they were as different as night and day. Julia was outgoing and social, and Donna was quiet and little on the shy side. Julia was in school to get a degree, get out and make a living, and beyond that, she could care less about business. Donna on the other hand was passionate about art, had taken every course on the subject she could and studied it even when she wasn’t studying for school.

They really looked different too, Donna thought as she enviously appraised her roommate. Julia who had gorgeous red hair and pale, creamy skin, was tall and so rounded with curves that she would have looked fat if there had been an ounce of fat on her. She was almost an exaggeration of a woman, reminding her so much of Frank Frazetta’s females and those of Boris Vallejo. They were both artists that consistently featured fantasy art portrayed by muscular men and women and though the women were lushly curved, and usually huge breasted, but they always had great muscles too, particularly calf, thigh and tummy muscles.

Describing redheaded Julia as a Frazetta girl would be perfectly accurate except Julia didn’t have huge breasts, but with all her time on the tennis courts, all the muscles were sure there. Oh, she was amply endowed enough with two lovely breasts that weren’t exactly small, but they certainly wouldn’t be considered huge.

Donna was more of an average height for a girl, a long-haired brunette and bordering on having large breasts, but instead of Julia’s wide hips, her own were narrower, more boyish in the butt department. Her legs and thighs had always been slender when she was a child, but years of traveling everywhere on campus on roller skates had muscled up her calves and thighs considerably. She was no Frazetta girl, but she turned heads wherever she went, unless she was with Julia, of course, then she might as well be invisible.

Donna had sketched herself in pencil, watercolors and oils often, since getting people to model for you without paying them was difficult. She had many sketches of guys, since men will do anything for a girl, but she had much fewer female subjects to work with. She had pestered Julia often about it, but Julia was firm in the belief that she looked like a fat cow next to the slender-shaped brunette. Donna began to feel almost obsessed with the desire to draw Julia, and she thought about it quite a lot.

Donna had even taken her online and showed her Frazetta and Vallejo’s women, and although Julia would admit the resemblance in terms of “big butts”, she refused to see herself as gorgeous and desirable, despite the obvious evidence to the contrary every time she walked across the quad. Donna figured that the other girl’s self image problem must have had its roots in her childhood.

Or more likely, the real reason was Julia’s Southern Baptist parents that would disown her for posing nude. She had pointed out this theory to Julia one day, and told her what would they say about all the boys she dated, and frequently slept with. Julia had archly replied, they’ll never know, and just to be sure, you won’t ever see one of those boys go into my bedroom swinging a camera!

Donna was pretty, and knew she was, but she knew her artist’s eye didn’t lie – Julia was drop-dead gorgeous and that was that. If only she could get the redhead to pose for her… And of course it would have to be nude, that was the whole point of drawing Julia to capture that wickedly graceful, athletic musculature and bone structure. Painting or drawing Julia clothed would be like draping a Sears housecoat over the Venus de Milo!

“Hello yourself, girlfriend, How’d ya do on scores?” Julia turned her head to look at Donna as she walked over.

“Great! My worst grade was an A- in that science course they are making me take, and you?”

Julia groaned, “And I was happy with only one C! Well, I’m still happy. I made an A- in one of my business courses, and the C was that stupid Spanish class.” Julia stretched, then added, “Made a pitcher of margarita’s just waiting for you to get home, and I rented that movie you wanted to see – the thriller one! So we are set for a great night in, unless you want to go Ümraniye Escort out, hit the town, paint sidewalks or something.”

Donna grinned, “A movie and margaritas sound great, Jules. Just what the doctor ordered! I’ll go grab the pitcher and some glasses while you start the movie.”

As Donna walked toward the kitchen, Julia mocked astonishment, “You mean you are actually going to do something besides sit in your room, making page turning noises? Sometimes I wonder if that is just a tape of page turning, and you’re really in there just playing with your toes.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Donna jibed back, veering off to her bedroom, “That is, I’ll get the drinks after I change into something more comfy.”

Julia, thinking that sounded like a good idea, headed to her room to change as well. While the redhead stripped naked then changed into terrycloth shorts and a tee-shirt, she called out, “How about dinner? What do you say to an order out for pizza?” She heard Donna call back that the idea sounded fantastic. A moment later they nearly collided in the hall, and Julia looked Donna over, “Hey great minds think alike!” Sure enough, Donna was dressed in skimpy blue jean cutoffs and a tee-shirt she had bought in Austin. It was obvious from the nipples that the brunette wasn’t wearing a bra. That is what comfort is all about, thought Julia, who hadn’t worn bra or panties.

An hour later, the girls were both half tipsy, full of pizza and halfway through the movie. Unexpectedly, it seemed to Donna, the two main female leads started making out just because they were sharing a bed. She snorted with disgust, “Good grief! There is no plot justification for this, I mean, just because they are in the same bed, they have to make out?”

Julia giggled, “Hey, it used to be the obligatory shower scene, at least the new trends are kinkier. Besides, don’t you think it is kinda pretty, watching them kiss?” She giggled again, “Better than watching men kiss each other.”

Donna agreed with a shrug, although now the women were more than kissing, they were feeling each other’s breasts and removing clothes. As one woman’s neck arched so she could take the other woman’s nipple in her mouth, Donna began to feel a little uncomfortable with it for some reason. Hoping it wasn’t because she was finding it arousing, she interjected a dig at Julie, “Well, of course you would think it’s pretty, you’re the sex maniac around here, remember how you carried on when you saw Bruce Willis’s dick in that movie, the color of something?”

Julia laughed, “Like you’re a virgin! Oh Greg, faster, faster, yeah Greg!” She was doing an imitation of Donna and her last boyfriend screwing when they didn’t know that Julia had come home.

“That was six months ago!” said Donna indignantly, and you date all the time! Isn’t your current that Brian guy?”

“Sure is, and he fucks great! But hey, I heard you beating off just last week; it was Wednesday night! So what were you fantasizing about, doing it with a Muppet, or was it the old standby with Vincent Van Gogh?” asked Julia with an evil grin.

Donna felt herself turn bright red because she did remember doing that a week ago, she certainly didn’t think she had been noisy, maybe a low moan or two at the big moment… By now the sex scene was over and the two women were kissing again the next morning while one of them was cooking breakfast. “So have you ever kissed another girl?” She asked, trying to steer the subject away from the masturbation incident.

Now Julia shrugged, “Yeah, one night at a slumber party in high school. You?”

Donna shook her head, “Nope, never even considered it. I guess I am straight as they come. And it obviously didn’t turn you around,” she giggled, “You are never without a boyfriend!”

“True,” agreed Julia, stretching her gorgeous legs and noting Donna looking at them, “But I did enjoy it, so much that I let her do more.”

“What?” squealed Donna, “Get out! You actually fooled around with another girl? Well, you can’t stop there; tell me what happened?” She gulped down the last of her drink and poured them both another.

Julia scooted closer and lowered her voice, “We’d been drinking of course, and I don’t know, it just felt really good, this girl was kissing me and squeezing me here and there, and I mean, like wow, it felt really, really good. She was a great kisser, and I don’t know, it was the same as kissing a guy, only a little different see, but good different. So like when she wanted to kiss my breasts, I let her, and that felt so good that when she put her hand in my panties, I had to let her do that, too. “

“Damn Julia! I can’t believe you let her do all that! And she put her hand in your panties!” The brunette just shook her head. “Did you come?” Donna was disgusted, but it was so interesting at the same time.

“Of course, I came,” grinned Julia, “and it was one of the best orgasms I have ever had, too! She asked me if she could eat me out, but I said, no. I have always regretted that, Ümraniye Escort Bayan really. She would have probably been super at that as well as everything else. And now and then I have a fantasy about what it would be like. But I did let her kiss my panties a few times.”

“What an awful story, Julia, and you’re probably pulling my leg as usual, trying to gross me out. Telling me disgusting stories just because I’m so gullible! How do you sleep at night?” Donna was mostly kidding, but she did really want to know if it was true for some reason.

Julia gave Donna a brief look up and down, “I sleep very well after a hard day of disgusting you, and anyway, if you’re so disgusted, how come your nipples are hard? And it is all word for word true, Donna, cross my heart and give me a tattoo of an anchor with Mom under it! Her name was Elaine, and she was pretty, too. Her hair was just like yours. Dark brown and she wore it halfway down her back like you do! Hmm, you are kinda similar really…”

Donna ignored the last dig and looked down. God! Her nipples were sure enough hard as rocks and obvious against her tee-shirt. She also noted Julia’s were just as hard. In fact, Donna noted with some surprise that even though Julia’s breasts were smaller than hers, the redhead’s nipples seemed larger than her own. She gulped more margarita and noticed Julia doing the same. Time to steer away from nipples, “Well, didn’t she want you to do anything back? You didn’t just leave her in the lurch, did you? That would be so typically callous of you!” For some reason, the moment seemed too serious and Donna wanted to keep the banter going.

“She wanted me to, sure,” said Julia nonchalantly, “but I was kinda intimidated, Jeez, I was only fifteen; so I just kissed her a bunch and felt her breasts while she beat herself off. I kinda regret that now, too. It might have been interesting to have at least returned the hand job. I’ve also wondered what it would have been like if I had of gone down on her. She sure kissed my panties sweetly!”

“Julia!” Donna was trying not to be shocked, but she was, “I can’t believe you did all that, much less more!” It was not easy to get the image out of her head, Julia kissing a pretty brunette, feeling the girl’s breasts, the girl’s hand slipping down inside her panties, her hips wriggling with pleasure…

“Actually I did suck on her nipples a little too, just while she was coming.” Julia rolled her eyes at Donna, “What I want to know is why you are acting all shocked. I know you were enjoying watching those two women do it in the movie. That’s when your nipples first got hard.”

Donna shrugged, maybe that was true. She wasn’t sure and didn’t really feel the issue needed to be addressed right now.

Julia took Donna’s empty margarita glass and set it on the coffee table. Then she put her arm around Donna and said, “Let’s kiss and see if you still think it’s gross and disgusting. I dare you! And if you don’t take the dare, you’re a sissy without any nerve – just an all talk Art Major!” Julia put a lot of sneer in the words ‘Art Major’.

Dares were one of Donna’s vulnerable buttons, but she tried to resist it, “What would be the point? And why would I even want to?”

Julia came closer, “So you can see if it feels as pretty as it looks, of course,” Then Julia just kissed her. It wasn’t that fast, but it just didn’t occur to Donna to do anything to stop it. The kiss was slow and very soft, much more tender than any kiss she had ever gotten from a guy, not even French, just soft lips molded to hers, feeling warm and tender.

At least at first there was no tongue, then Donna felt Julia’s hot tongue slip over her lips, and she just automatically let her own lips part a little, then their tongues were touching ever so slightly. Donna began to realize that she was pretty damn tipsy when it occurred to her that she didn’t even know how long they had been kissing. But now they were kissing deeply, their arms around each other, and their breasts were pressed together – when had that happened?

Donna thought she should end this, but it wasn’t unpleasant at all, in fact she was getting pretty turned on, feeling Julia’s hard nipples pressing against her breasts, and the woman was a fantastic kisser, so soft and yielding but firm occasionally, and definitely more responsive than any boy she had ever kissed. And her shapely body felt so warm and sexy where it touched hers…

When Julia finally broke the kiss, Donna felt really confused. She didn’t really want to stop. She felt dizzy, and knew most of it wasn’t the alcohol. She became aware that she was breathing heavily, and worse, her cutoffs felt greasy between her legs. God, she must be soaked, and thought she could smell herself a little, if it wasn’t Julia, but that she just couldn’t bear thinking about that.

“Well?” panted Julia.

“Um, what?” whispered Donna, noticing for the first time that her right hand was still tangled in Julia’s shoulder length red hair Escort Ümraniye – such beautiful hair, really.

Julia giggled, “Well, how about it, was it pretty? Did you like kissing another girl, Miss Goody Two Shoes?”

Donna smiled, “It was so nice that if you had a penis, I’d be begging you to shove it in me right now, but you don’t.” Donna concluded sadly. Maybe she should have lied and said it was just a kiss, but she knew the lie wouldn’t fool Julia for a minute.

“So you think I am a good kisser, even if I don’t have a dick?” Julia asked, smiling back. Then she closed for another kiss, and once again, Donna just let her, only this time, she kissed back eagerly, right away. She felt this was pointless, but it felt so wonderful, so dreamy, she just didn’t want it to stop yet.

And it was more than a tad taboo, and that had some attraction, too. Sometimes Donna just wanted to be dirty, to be a little wicked. Just let it go on a little longer, that’s all. This time she felt Julia’s hands becoming a little more aggressive, gentle, to be sure, but wandering more. So she let her hands wander too, down Julia’s back, over the swell of the redhead’s right cheek (nice and firm), down her naked thigh (smooth and also firm).

Now she was pushing her tongue in Julia’s mouth, licking underneath her tongue where it was so soft and slippery, and Julia’s hand was moving between the brunette’s thighs, and that oh-so-knowing hand was cupping the crotch of her jeans, squeezing oh so warmly. It felt so good, so right, that Donna just had to let this go on for five or six squeezes, or maybe it was seven or eight or fifteen. Abruptly, Donna broke the kiss and gently pushed Julia’s shoulders back a little.

“Honey, you are too good a kisser. We have to stop now!” Donna protested, sounding a little too feeble even to her own ears. And apparently Julia thought so, too, the redhead just smiled and cocked one delicate golden-orange eyebrow and continued the rhythmic squeezing of Donna’s vulva through her very damp cutoffs. She glanced downward and saw in Julia’s terry cloth shorts a very definite camel-toe, and it was probably pretty damp too, although it was hard to tell with terrycloth.

She raised her eyes from her roommate’s cleft shorts and cleared her throat, and she knew she could feel herself blushing furiously – she was actually thinking about another girl’s pussy. Not to mention, Julia was looking at her and still squeezing hers. “Please stop that, Julia, I just can’t, not with a girl.” Donna heard the words come out of her mouth, and the editor in her mind approved, but her pussy didn’t, and right now, it was practically yelling at her.

With a sigh, Julia took her hand out of Donna’s lap, “What’s the problem, Donna? I know you are as turned on as I am. And it’s not like you’ll get pregnant. And you know damn well, I don’t need a dick to make you come.” Julia presented all this in soft, reasonable tones. But her hand was still on Donna’s thigh, stroking her softly, giving Donna’s flesh more gentle squeezes. It was maddeningly distracting, and Donna was also having to deal with what she really wanted: that hand back on her pussy. At least, that’s what Donna’s pussy wanted, and wanted it pretty badly, too.

Donna shook her head and covered Julia’s wandering hand with her own. “I’ve never shot heroin either. I am sure it would feel great, but I know I’ll never be an addict if I don’t try it even once.” She gave Julia her most earnest look, “And Julia, you are my best friend, and the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. What if I fell in love with you? What if you didn’t and didn’t want to give up your boy friends, or what if it was the other way around? Then we wouldn’t be friends any more, and that would hurt me more than any boy ever could!”

Julia laughed, “You really know how to hit below the belt, for a best friend!”

“Sorry,” mumbled Donna, wondering if she was going to cry, wondering if Julia was going to take her hand off her thigh, wondering if Julia was going to kiss her again, wondering… Maybe if Julia just tried a little harder, she wouldn’t be able to resist. Then it wouldn’t be her fault, would it?

But then Julia was still laughing, “I mean, what a collection of what ifs? What if you went to class and fell off your roller-skates, hit your head on the curb and died? Are you going to stop going to class because you’re scared now? Jeez, girl! With my parents, I might have some problems about turning gay, but you? You’re an artist! You could have a husband and a wife and no one would be surprised! I’m sure some other artist has done it!” Julia shook her head, “And try this what if – What if you liked it and still liked boys, and so did I, and we were best friends ever after, who even had sex now and then? Maybe even when we’re old ladies and our husbands can’t get it up anymore! That, at least, is what I would hope and expect!” That had to be the longest speech that Donna had ever heard Julia make.

And it made more sense than her refusal, but still, Donna had a real hang up about the whole homosexual thing. She didn’t mind it in others, but she could never imagine herself… Although she had several times tonight… In fact, she was still imagining it now… “No, Julia,” she said softly, but firmly this time, “I just don’t think it would be a good idea.”

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