Audacious Sister

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Just as the elevator door started to close, several young girls wearing black leotards and sporting bright pink jackets jumped in. The bedazzled dance logo on the back of their jackets with the emblazed word Middletown Dance caught our attention. Before we could ask them a question, the elevator had reached the ground floor.

When the elevator door opened on the ground floor, we discovered the breakfast area was a sea of chatty teenyboppers. They all had the same dance logos on their shirts and jackets. As we took our seats at the only empty table, a female voice asked, “May I sit with you?”

We looked up to see this drop-dead gorgeous woman maybe in her early forties, medium height, dressed in denim slacks, jacket and a white top. She looked like the actress, Teri Hatcher, best known for her role on the hit television series Desperate Housewives. She was clutching an arm full of notebooks and several clipboards while holding a cup of coffee.

Karen, my wife said, “Sure, You can join us.”

“Thanks, I’m Tracy, one of the coaches,” Saying, as she put down her books and coffee. She extended her hand to Karen, apparently thinking we were one of the group’s parents.

“Nice to meet you Tracy, but we’re not part of the group.”

“Oh, my bad, I just assumed anyone here this early is with the team.”

Karen asked, “What is the completion all about?”

Tracy started telling us about the dance academy and how important this win is for the girls. We listened and asked questions, more to be polite, than genuine interest. She asks why we’re here and Karen started telling Tracy about the web training class we were attending.

Karen and Tracy seemed to hit it off and I finally had to remind Karen that we had to finish our breakfast so we can make an 8:00 a.m. web designer conference.

Our conference was over by late afternoon and we returned to the hotel to unwind and get ready for dinner. The area was once again full of teenyboppers, all excited and talking at the same time. We originally planned to sit by the fireplace, close to the bar and enjoy an adult beverage. The excessively noisy teenyboppers put us off, so we went back up to our room.

After a few hours we decided to go to dinner hopping the noisy crowd had dispersed. Our plan was to go to dinner at a large Pennsylvania Dutch smorgasbord restaurant. As we entered the hotel lobby, we saw Tracy, alone and distraught.

Karen went over to her and asked, “Is anything wrong? … Can we help?”

Tracy, looked as if she is about to cry as she blurted out, “They all left me.”

We were in the middle of nowhere and it was 28 degrees outside. Even the nearest restaurant was five miles away, so Tracy can’t walk to join them. Taxis are scarce out here, so we know Tracy has few options, since she doesn’t have a car. Her team came by tour bus and they all traveled together.

Karen asked, “Would you like us to take you to where your team went?”

Tracy replied sniffling, “I don’t think they wanted me to come along … They just left me.”

Karen put her hand on her shoulder and asked, “Tracy, we are going to the smorgasbord for dinner, would you like to come along?”

“Yes, I would love to, if it’s not an imposition. I don’t want to stay here by myself and starve.”

We both chuckled, “We can’t let you starve.”

Tracy still dressed in the same denim outfit as in the morning, put on a white down filled ski jacket and a knitted cap over her long flowing auburn hair, “I’m ready to go.”

Thankfully, the drive to the restaurant was short, since it had started to snow. The country roads up here can be nasty when it snows.

At the smorgasbord, Tracy could not believe the cornucopia of food, prime rib carving stations, whole turkeys, baked hams and many other foods.

Tracy really seemed to be enjoying herself, trying all sorts of different foods. She loaded up a plate, with a sampling of everything that would fit.

She said, “This my first time at a place like this; I never get out after my husband Carl died a few years ago.”

Karen said, “We’re sorry to hear that.”

Tracy proceeded to tell us the complete husband-dying story; shortened version, it was a freak traffic accident in a rain storm.

“I’m all alone at forty two, no children, and the dance group is my only outlet besides work. The other coach is trying to push me out of the group. For some reason she thinks I am trying to take over.”

Karen kept listening and commented how nasty the other coach must be.

Tracy removed her denim jacket to get more comfortable. Every time Tracy leaned forward to eat, her blouse would open just enough for me to view her tits. I hadn’t noticed that she was braless until now; her hard nipples just barely showing through the gaping white blouse. I tried not to stare at them, but there they are, almost screaming, “Hey, look at me.”

“This is more food than I normally eat,” Said Tracy as she went back for more. It was though she was trying to prolong the Bycasino dinner so we could stay at the restaurant longer.

Tracy hit the dessert section sampling a variety of chocolate cakes, brownies and such. Her dancing must burn off the calories, because she is super trim, not skinny but trim and tight.

We found out that Tracy lives about 100 miles away from us in another state, not too far from a large outlet mall.

Tracy said to Karen, “You’ll have to come over to the outlets and so we can get together.”

“Really, I would love that, I hate to go shopping alone.”

“Tracy, maybe you can come over and visit us this summer, we live at the beach.”

My mind raced ahead trying to picture Tracy in a bikini, dam, I could have almost pictured her tight body when Karen brought me back to reality.

“Bob, don’t you think that would be fun?”

“What? … What would be fun?”

“Having Tracy come over to go to the beach with us, aren’t you paying attention?”

“Yes, but does Tracy even like the beach?”

Tracy leaned over and put her hand on my arm, “Of course I love the beach Bob,” all the while displaying those lovely nipples for me.

I wondered if Tracy knows I can see her nipples, I didn’t think Karen did.

We finished dinner and drove back to the hotel carefully on the snow covered roads. The girls chatted away, exchanging emails and phone numbers. I try to get Tracy to come up to our room saying we could talk some more and have a nightcap, but she begged off.

The dance team left early in the morning and sadly we didn’t get to see Tracy before we left. I figured that would be the end of Tracy and we would not see her again.

Part 2

Karen and Tracy have been emailing each other since we got back home and developed a pen-pal relationship. They had decided to get together and shop the outlet mall one early summer weekend.

I decided the 90-minute ferryboat ride was much easier than a 3-hour drive in traffic.

Tracy meet us at the ferryboat terminal and I drove everyone to the outlets. Tracy was dressed in denim pants, lose fitting turquoise blouse and a light spring jacket. Her long flowing auburn hair was in a braided ponytail. Karen, almost had the same outfit, complete with ponytail, had they coordinated outfits?

As Tracy bent to get in the back seat, her blouse fell away, giving me a perfect view of her bare breasts. I saw her areolas but not the actual nipples. She looked at me as she was getting in and just gave me a big smile. Was that smile for appreciating her tits or just a hello smile?

Once in the outlets, Karen and Tracy were walking arm and arm as if they had been best friends for years.

Shoe stores, clothes, and even a kitchen store, I was soon bored with shopping. It always amazed me that there aren’t any stores for men in these malls. We entered a Bass outlet store because Karen had been searching for penny loafers, once she found them and I went off to find a men’s room.

When I returned, Karen and Tracy were looking at clothes in the back of the store. From afar, they almost looked like sisters

Tracy said as she held up a top for Karen, “Oh, you would look good in this.” Karen held up stuff for Tracy to look at. They both disappeared into the dressing room with several tops, skirts and dresses, I settled down for a wait.

I waited and waited, they spent a long time in the dressing room. Finally, Karen came out and modeled a top for me saying, “How’s this look?”

Tracy followed wearing a short skirt, wow; she had great looking legs. Tracy told Karen, “This skirt would go good with your top.”

They both went in the changing room, and Karen came out with the top and skirt on and modeled it for me. As I looked at Karen modeling I could see Tracy’s reflection in the dressing room mirror wearing only a red thong. Did Tracy leave the door open or was it an accident?

Dam what a sight, Tracy has a fantastic body and nice pear shaped breasts. I didn’t know if Tracy could tell I was watching her in the mirror, my impulse was to look away, but she was too gorgeous to ignore. Shopping has never been this much fun.

Karen went back in the dressing room and I heard some commotion. At first I thought Karen might have thought that Tracy was showing off for me. It didn’t sound like they were arguing but I could hear their voices. They had stayed in so long and made so much noise; the store clerk came over and knocked on the door asking if everything is all right.

They replied, “We’re OK, just having trouble changing.”

He walked away and I heard giggles. They were up to something.

Karen and Tracy came out with a few outfits to purchase, but there was something that looked wrong. They have exchanged clothes. Karen had on Tracy’s clothes and vice versa, I was sure Karen wasn’t wearing a turquoise top before.

They looked flushed and Karen had a strange look on her face, now I knew they had been up to something. They were holding Bycasino giriş hands and giggling like schoolgirls all the way up to the checkout counter.

When we reached the car, they both got into the back seat, still giggling.

Karen jokingly said, “Take us back to the ferry, Jeeves. “

I looked back at them, they were kissing passionately, and Tracy hand was on Karen’s tit. What the Fuck?

I tried to watch them, drive, and not have an accident at the same time. We pulled into the terminal parking lot with them still going at it. Tracy’s hand was inside Karen’s blouse, the car windows were fogging up and both of them had their blouses partially unbuttoned. They were oblivious to the fact that I had stopped and they were back at the ferry parking lot.

I looked back at them, what a sight, two gorgeous women making out right there in the back seat. I wanted in on the action, I wanted to suck Tracy’s hard nipples and feel her tight body.

My first instinct was to let them continue to go at it, no telling how far they were going to go and I had a front seat view. However, I had to think about missing the last ferry for the day.

I said, “Girls, “We have to get in line for the ferry now, how about Tracy coming back with us.”

I hoped this would continue back at our house with me getting in some action with Tracy. However, once they came back to reality, they arranged their clothes as if nothing unusual happened.

Tracy declined taking the ferry back to our house and Karen didn’t insist either. Their encounter ended in an instant, what a letdown. I thought I was so close to having a threesome.

Silently we rode the ferry back. I was not sure if Karen was mad that I interrupted their interlude or that I was enjoying viewing Tracy’s body.

Back at home, Karen realized that she still had on Tracy’s clothes.

“I have to get my clothes back and give Tracy hers. I have no idea how this is going to happen.”

Later, when Karen came out of the shower, I noticed she was folding Tracy’s clothes.

I decided to ask the puzzling question, “Why did you two exchanged clothes?”

She blushed and sheepishly said, “I don’t know why, but we did. At the time it seemed like I was more intimate with Tracy, almost like I was climbing into her body.”

Karen called Tracy the next day to find out about exchanging clothes and it ended up being a several hour call. Karen was going to hold Tracy’s clothes until she came over the next month.

Karen grew up as an only child and always wanted a sister and Tracy was almost making that wish come true for her.

Part 3

The emails and phone calls had become more frequent between Tracy and Karen. Karen kept them somewhat confidential, almost secretive. If I didn’t know that she was talking with Tracy, I would have thought she was having an affair with some dude.

In June, just after school let out for the summer, Tracy planned to visit with us for a week. The weather had been iffy, some days in the 80’s and some in the 60’s so it was hard to predict if it was going to be good beach weather for her visit.

My main concern was Tracy may not be able to sun herself in a bikini, not that was a show-stopper, but it would make the visit more entertaining for me.

Tracy arrived Sunday as a passenger on the ferry. The girls kissed and hugged each other as they meet and she gave me a big bug as I picked up her bags.

We drove back to our house for a BBQ lunch out on the patio.

Over lunch, I asked Tracy if she was dating anyone and what she did in her spare time. The dance school was her only hobby and she tried dating a few times and it didn’t go well.

“What went wrong with dating?”

“All the guys wanted was sex, not that there is anything wrong with sex, but I am not ready for that after Carl died.”

I decided to let that subject go and stick to general conversation.

After we all sipped a few glasses of wine, I quipped to Tracy, “I hope you brought your bikini, it’s going to be hot this week.”

“How did you know I had a bikini?”

“Just a good guess, you have a great body and you should show it off.”

Karen just gave me a look after that comment.

“Bob, just so you know, I picked a new sexy string bikini just for you.”

With that comment, Karen just smiled at Tracy.

“Well, I can’t wait to see you wear it.”

“If you like, I’ll put it on now so you can see how it looks, Matter of fact, I brought another one for Karen so we could look like sisters.”

“Sisters, huh, that’s what I am looking forward to seeing.”

Karen and Tracy cleared off the table after lunch was finished. The two of them started giggling and went back in the house.

When the girls came back out to the patio they were both wearing the string bikinis. They decided to put on a modeling show for me, Tracy had on a bright blue metallic string bikini and Karen had a bright lime green one. The suits were not like the one that Bycasino deneme bonusu Karen had, there was no foam padding and considerably less material. Their nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric top and Tracy’s pussy lips were visible through the bottoms.

Tracy’s body was everything I thought it would be once she was up close. Karen was standing beside her and they almost looked like sisters. Tracy started putting her fingers in the top and sliding them up and down, pulling it out further with each pass. It looked like her tits were going to fall out the sides, Karen started doing the same thing as she twirled around.

Tracy came over and sat down in my lap and Karen came over and sat down beside me. Just as I thought I was going to be the center of attention, Tracy leaned over and started kissing Karen, the two of them were kissing passionately, as Karen started feeling Tracy’s tits. Karen slid her fingers into Tracy’s top and pulled her tit out by the nipple and started sucking.

Tracy let out a moan and I thought what the fuck, and pulled out her other tit and started sucking her nipple. As the two of us were enjoying Tracy’s tits, she started grinding away in my lap. My cock got rock hard and I was going to shoot my load right in my shorts if she kept up.

Karen whispered something in Tracy’s ear, and Tracy got up off my lap. I was almost ready to shoot my load, when she got up. Dam, I thought that was going to be it.

Karen started removing Tracy’s bikini bottoms, moving her head down to Tracy’s clean-shaven pussy as the bottoms come down. Karen’s tongue was darting in Tracy’s pussy and circling her clit, Tracy’s pussy juices were flowing soaking Karen’s face.

Karen continued until Tracy arched her back and let out a loud scream as she came. She reached out for Karen’s head, pulling it closer to her face. She started licking off her pussy juices from Karen’s lips, while her fingers were seeking Karen’s pussy lips. She inserted her finger into Karen’s pussy, eliciting a soft moan as she continued kissing her.

Karen was pumping her pussy on Tracy’s fingers trying to get off, by the sounds of her moans, I knew she was almost ready to cum. Tracy held Karen’s nipple out, pulling gently with her teeth. Karen shuttered into multiple orgasms, each time pulling her nipple in Tracy’s teeth.

Both girls slumped into the chaise lounge and gave a sigh of relief, they had orgasmed themselves out.

I thought, who was this woman pretending to be my wife, Karen never acted like this before, and Tracy was having a strange effect on her.

“Wow, this is the first day, what are you going to do for day two?” I asked them.

“You’ll see.” said Karen, smiling.

Part 4

The rest of the day was anticlimactic compared to lunch. I cooked steaks out on the grill and we had a quiet dinner on the patio.

Over dinner, the girls talked about Monday’s beach trip.

That night when we got into bed, I was ready for action, my cock ached all day waiting to fuck Karen. Something was different about Karen that night, she now sported a shaved pussy.

“When did you get a shaved pussy?”

“Tracy did it tonight when we showered.”

“You mean you and Tracy showered together.”

“Yes, we did and after looking at Tracy’s pussy I decided I wanted mine to be the same.”

“Tracy did the whole job for me. She is great.”

“Yes, she apparently did a fine job.”

While Karen was riding me like a Symbian, I noticed Tracy watching us through the open bedroom door. Knowing Tracy was watching made the experience more exciting that night. I almost invited Tracy to join us, but wasn’t sure of her reaction. After I came, she disappeared, so Karen was none the wiser.

Monday we packed up the car with all our beach stuff, chairs, umbrella, cooler, blankets, towels and picnic basket with lunch. We trekked to a semi-secluded spot where we usually go; it had large sand dunes that provided a windbreak.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the sun heated up the sand so it was almost too hot to walk without shoes on. The beach umbrella provided a refuge from the heat of the sun.

The girls had spread out the blankets, readying to get some ‘rays’. The girls started removing their clothes, underneath Tracy has on the same bikini she had yesterday. Karen also has the same bikini, but I noticed something different, with her bush removed her pussy lips were prominent through her bottoms, just like Tracy’s.

The girls sunned themselves for a while, and then decided to go into the ocean to cool off. As Tracy and Karen walked into the water, their nipples turned hard and stood at attention in the thin bikini.

Just as Tracy got about knee deep, a wave hit her, she screamed as the cold water crashed over her. Karen turned to see what happened and the wave hit her, she also let out a scream as the cold ocean water washed over her.

As the second wave hit Tracy, it took her top down, the force just pulled the strings apart at her neck. Her beautiful tits were in full view; you could see the goose bumps developing all the way to her nipples.

As Karen tried to go to Tracy’s aid; the waves crashed over her, and pulled her top down, now both are standing there topless and freezing.

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