Bad Girl in the City Pt. 02

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My cherished readers,

I want to thank all of you for reading what I write! If you haven’t read part one, you might want to do so.

In this part, I reveal to Blue, and to you, my secret mental ability the lab gave me as a surprise gift for her!

As always, I only write about the real events in the life of Blue and I, so, THIS IS REAL. Also mixed herein, are parts having to do with my fantasy of having been created in a lab according to Blue’s specifications…she had me created with an eight inch tongue, to ALWAYS be horny for her and a hot desire to please her sexually

anytime she wants me, 24 hours a day. THAT part is real…I really am that way anyway.

Just sitting here writing about it makes my pussy so sloppy-wet!

I am always naked when I write, since Blue and I don’t wear clothes. It is my firm belief that you should be naked when you read it. I hear from men, women and couples, saying how well they’ve cum from reading my writing. Fuck, I love that!!

Some of this will sound as though we are dom/sub. We are not. There’s nothing dom/sub about our life or our sex.


The trip along the way to the city wasn’t so bad. Blue was busy, working…I was lying on her shoulder with my breath on her neck. My hand was under my short little skirt, idly playing with my pussy.

My skirt was lose-fitting…I don’t like tight skirts or dresses and never wear them. The only other things I was wearing was a filmy little top that draped over my breasts, and six-inch “fuck me” heels. No bra or panties…it was bad enough that I had to wear clothes! I liked my skirt because there wasn’t much to it. It allowed half of my tanned ass to show when standing up. I loved it!

Blue had picked it out…she wanted me to look as hot as possible…so my dress doesn’t cover my ass. Its how I dress in real life when we go to the city.

I know…that’s shameless. I don’t care. I love showing my body, and it sets my pussy on fire when she takes possession of me in public when in the city, showing the world I belong to her, and no one else can have have me. We are MADLY in love with each other!

It makes me hot as hell to let her own me, to be her possession, to be her lady who gets to satisfy her sexually…it thrills me to death when she’s horny for me and needs her hot slutty nympho who gives her ANYTHING she wants…anytime…and you’d better KNOW I make her feel VERY lucky every time I do…

She slides her hand under my dress to hold her arm around me, her hand resting on my hip. That shows so much of my ass, it seems I shouldn’t have bothered getting dressed! That’s why I tan my entire body, so there you go.

I was playing with my pussy and giving Blue wet little kisses on her neck, rubbing Bostancı Escort my lips on her. I could tell she was enjoying it, but she was so, so busy. I spoke softly in her ear…

“Let your hot fucktoy know when you’re done so I can fuck you…”

Blue stopped working long enough to turn her head and kiss me…I slid my tongue into her warm, wet mouth and purred for her, then spoke against her lips…

“Sunny wants Blue’s pussy…real fucking bad.”

Blue smiled and went back to working.

I had to have more of her attention…maybe now was the time to tell her my secret…the mental ability the lab gave me as a surprise for her…

“That’s okay…I can make you cum without even touching you…and without you touching yourself.”

Blue laughed and kept working, then stopped, looked up, then looked at me.

“Uh…wait. What? What was that?”

I giggled…

“Yes…you heard me. You cumming. Me not touching you. You not touching you OR even looking at me!”

She laughed it off, thinking I was joking…

“Yeah…wouldn’t THAT be amazing, huh?”

We both laughed, then she went back to work.

Hmmmmmm…okay. Time for a little demonstration. I slid far enough away from her so that I wasn’t touching her. I looked at her and concentrated. Right away, she started squirming…then was bent over, little mini-spasms making her body jump a little. She set her computer aside and looked at me…

“Hey…uh…Sunny? About that cumming thing….”

I kept looking at her and smiling. She had both her hands on her pussy. I removed them and held them…

“Yes, baby?”

With my mind, I made her body jump a little…

“FUCK! Sunny! What are you…how are you…doing this?”

“Just using my brain to communicate with your pussy through your brain. I don’t have to make you cum…I can bring you to the edge and just stop…and do that over and over. Or, I can cause your orgasm ABOUT to start and keep you that way for as long as I want. Does baby like it?”

I was making her body shake now…still holding her hands.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhh….baby likes! Baby likes it a lot, Sunny!”

I kissed both her hands, then laid them on her knees. I just kept her nearly cumming…right at the edge. She was trembling.

“Um, Sunny? When does it…you know…end? How long does this go on?”

I giggled, but kept concentrating on her…

“For as long as I want, or when you say, “stop.”

“Well, what if I want a LOT of it? What if I don’t want it to stop?”

Immediately, I stopped concentrating and her body relaxed…her shaking ended.

“Sunny? What happened? Why did it end?”

“That’s simple! You said “stop”.

Bostancı Escort Bayan “When? Oooooohhhh…when I asked ‘what if I don’t want it to…stop.”

“Correct! So, if you don’t want it to end, don’t say stop!”

I started sending hot tingles to her pussy.

She spread her legs and leaned back…

“Oh…Sunny…fuck…not now, baby…noooooooo.”

I laughed and kept looking in her eyes…now sending waves of hot pleasure through her…

“Really? Because, I’m sure I haven’t heard you say it!”

I then sent a few hard, hot spasms through her, rocking her pussy…


I stopped…then I kissed her.

“Can you do this to just anyone?”

“I can, but I will not. It’s you I love! I’m devoted to YOU. I will not go around, giving people orgasms!”

“Thank-you, Sunny.”

We still had a ways to go before arriving. I slid to the floor in front of her, lifted her dress and gave her a bunch of hot kisses all over her pussy. She wove her fingers through my hair and spread her legs more for me, purring hotly for me.

I slipped out of my dress…no panties…I stayed on my knees and held her hips, pressing my tummy against her pussy…I LOVED her juices flowing down my tummy to my pussy. I threw my hair back and looked into her eyes…

“Blue? When we get to the hotel, please hold onto me and show everyone I belong to you and no one else may have me, okay? That would make me soooooooooooo fucking hot.”

I used my brain to get her pussy more fired up. She squirmed a lot…

“You’re mine, Sunny…you’re all mine, baby!”

I kept her pussy throbbing steadily…I looked in her eyes and just kept her pussy throbbing at that level…

“I want your hand under my dress and around my hip, taking possession of me, baby.”

“But, your dress doesn’t even cover your ass!”

I sent a strong jolt to her pussy with my mind…she jumped a little, closed her eyes, then reopened them with that hot, sexy look in them…

“My sweet Blue, if you hold me like that and show me off properly as your hot, slutty fucktoy, I shall tongue-fuck the HELL out of you when we get to our room. Would my baby like that?”

Her juices POURED down my tummy and I could feel her pussy throbbing against me…

“Fuck YES, Sunny! Hold me down and fuck me with ALL eight inches of your tongue!”

I used my brain to keep her pussy at a constant level of hotness while holding her hips and looking at her through my bangs…

“Oh…my baby…I’m going to suck your pussy mercilessly…and I’m not stopping.”

Now, she was fucking her pussy against my tummy…

“Sunny…fuck, baby….I have to cum…Sunny…make me cum…..”

I hit Escort Bostancı her pussy hard with my mind and made her scream…I smiled at her. I couldn’t wait…I had to have her NOW.

“Are you ready to cum a whole fucking lot? I mean…enough Bluecum to fill my mouth? Hot enough to burn my throat as I swallow it? Enough to make my tummy feel soooooooooo good inside?”


I slipped my arms under her and firmly held her ass…my brain already driving her insane…


I lowered my open mouth to her pussy and POUNCED on her, my mouth covering all of her and sucking her big, swollen pussy lips AND clit into my mouth…my brain sending very strong jolts through her body…


I screamed into her pussy and came hard just from what I was doing to her…my orgasm rocked my body…my cum flowed down my thighs…Blue was fucking my mouth…I drove my loooooooong tongue to the back of her pussy and licked her there….


Blue had a hard-shuddering, full-body orgasm! It was all I could do to hold onto her while she came and came into my mouth…my tongue fucking hard against the back of her pussy and shoving her body…she held onto the back of the seat and fucked my mouth…I sucked and sucked the hot flow of her cum, swallowing it hungrily!

Her body finally collapsed…I held my tummy against her still-hot pussy and let the last of her cum ooze onto me…


I leaned down and licked her pussy, giving it little sucks here and there and purring for her…Blue whimpered back at me…her body was very busy with little after-spasms…

I straightened back up on my knees and rubbed the sexy mixture of Bluecum and Sunnycum all over both of us…I got our little bottle of musk oil and dabbed it all over both of us..

“Mmmmmmmmm….your cum feels so good inside my tummy, baby…I can’t get enough of you…”

Blue sat up, held me by my ass and kissed me very deeply, then spoke quietly and hotly against my lips…

“Sunny belongs to Blue…you are mine…all mine.”

“That’s right, my precious baby…I’m your very own hot, slutty whore…I will do anything you want done, anytime…and it makes me soooooooo fucking hot to do it! I love you so much!”

“I love YOU, Sunny! Uh oh…just a few blocks from the hotel. Put that little dress back on, baby.”

I put it back on and threw my hair back, letting it hit my ass. We’d arrived at the hotel and stopped.

“And Sunny? When we get to our room, remind me to hold you down and fuck you real hard with a strapon?”

“Oh…I’ll remind you, my love.”

With that, I gave her something to think about as I excited the SUV ahead of her…bending way over and showing her my darkly tanned pussy and ass…

I’ll write more as soon as possible…

Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,


(c) 2017 Sunny Johansen

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