Becoming Daddy’s Little Girl Pt. 03

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The next few minutes of Brittany’s life were euphoric. Her daddy had laid her down softly on the bed, before kneeling between her legs. Kissing the inside of her soft, supple thighs as he gently teased her clit with his thumb. One hand sliding up and down her waist slowly, moving it’s way up until it rested on her right breast. He squeezed it softly as he kissed his way towards her pussy – she gasped with every light, loving kiss that her father gave her and as the heat of his breath touched her slit, she let out a desperate moan as her fingernails dug into the bed sheets.

“You don’t have much experience, do you baby?” he asked, his lips inches from her pussy. His hot breath tantalizing her – making her claw the bed sheets harder, her nipples rock hard in the dark motel room, as goosebumps covered her body.

“No.. no daddy, I don’t..” she whimpered, inwardly begging for the man to touch her pussy. His thumb had moved slightly away from her clit. He was teasing her.

“Nobody has ever..” he leaned in slightly, “touched you here, have they?”

As he talked, his lips brushed against her sex slightly, making her whimper louder. She wanted to wrap her legs around his head, or to ask him nicely to please – pleeeease, touch her.

“N-no, daddy, nobody has..”

“It’s only right that your daddy should be your first.” he says, pulling his lips away from her and kissing her left thigh softly, before biting it. Making her squeak.

“y-..” she stammered, “y-yes daddy, you should.. you should be my first, sir.”

The mans cock had been twitching beneath him so violently. He felt totally in lust for this girl – but there was something else there. Something drew him Lefkoşa Escort to her, he felt enamored to her person. Was it simply how kinky she was, wanting him to pretend to be her father? That couldn’t be it, he had felt it in the bar. Before he had spoken to her.

He wanted her so badly. He wanted to own her.

“pl-please daddy..” Brittany whimpered, he had been lingering at her thigh for so long, “please, I’m so needy.”

“Oh?” he asked, turning his attention back to her wet slit. She was absolutely soaking – practically dripping before his eyes. He leaned in slowly, but did not hesitate this time. His tongue pressed against her slit flatly, moving up slowly. He savored the sweet, metallic taste of her juices as his tongue moved up towards her clit.

Brittany’s whole body went rigid when she felt his touch. Thousands of nerve endings teased simultaneously, her eyes shot open as her head tilted back into the bed. She felt as the motel sheets ripped in her grip, but it only made her hold them tighter.

“Ohfuck-ohfuck-” she gasped, wrapping her legs around Damian’s head, “oh fuck oh fuck, daddy please-“

She was moaning so desperately as he began to lick her, flicking the tip of his tongue up and down her clit, then side to side, then pressing the entirety of his tongue against her and moving up and down. He was feeling her out slowly – figuring out what buttons to push, but the truth was it seemed she responded to everything the exact same way, with loud moaning and swear words.

“You know, I should punish you for using those naughty words.” he said, pulling back slightly on the legs on the back of his neck.

“S-sorry Girne Escort daddy.” she tried looking down at him, but as he licked her cunt some more she had to let her head drop back down to the bed.

“I don’t think sorry cuts it, sweetie..” he squeezed her breast tightly, before taking her nipple in his thumb and forefinger, “you’ve been very bad, swearing at your daddy..” he twisted and pulled, before focusing back on eating her out.

“Oh god, daddy, I’m- oh god, I’m sorry daddy, please..”

“Are you sorry?” he asked, easing up on her nipple, “or are you just saying what you think I want to hear?” he dived back in, licking more ferociously now, toying with her nipple more roughly. Brittany’s eyes rolled back, one of her hands darting from the sheets to her father’s head instead. Fingers running through his thick hair, grabbing a handful, pulling it roughly as she moaned.

She was cumming. She had never came before – she had felt close previously, but could never keep that feeling going, but as she yanked on Damian’s hair he didn’t let up. He had realized what was happening and had latched onto that feeling with both hands, toying with her clit in just that right way that made the feeling inside of her grow and grow, until finally, she screamed.

“Oh, FUCK!” she yelled, her hand tightening on the man’s hair, practically yanking out a fistful as he made her orgasm for the first time, her legs shook as they wrapped tighter around his neck, her whole body becoming seeming to simultaneously convulse and stiffen up as she rode the waves of pleasure.

Then, it was over. Damian had stopped teasing her, for long enough Magosa Escort for her grip on his neck to loosen up. Her legs fell limp as the man stood up and for a moment, Brittany was terrified that her night was over.

But a wave of realization washed over her as the man moved to kneel on the bed, between her legs. His body moving to lie on top of hers. His naked chest pushing against hers, as he brought his lips to her mouth. He kissed her softly, lovingly, the sensation after cumming was almost enough to make her cry as the man’s cock rested on her stomach. She tasted herself on his lips; something that would normally gross her out, but now felt natural. His tongue slipped into her mouth and she found herself teasing it with her own. Meeting it, dancing, the kiss felt like a ballroom dance. Slow, sensual, the pair of them intertwined for what felt like hours.

She didn’t even notice as the man adjusted his hips downwards slightly, as he angled his cock just right. The first she knew about what he was doing, was as he thrust inside of her soaking wet cunt. Her virginity lost in an instant, as her father kissed her passionately. She moaned into his mouth, her legs wrapping around his waist. Pulling him deeper and deeper. Every thrust was harder, deeper, faster, until his pelvis was bouncing off of hers – finally, he pulled away from the kiss.

His face inches from hers, he stared down into her eyes. He was so confused, he had been used to one night stands, to never caring about women – hell, it was rare that he would actually go down on one, but as he stared down at Brittany he really felt something.

“I love you daddy..” she whispered as he looked up into his eyes. As he fucked her.

“I-” Damian’s own eyes widened, he stared back at her, confused by his own emotions. After a few moments, he leaned in closer. Resting his forehead on hers.

“I think I love you too, baby.” he replied, as his cock slowly, gracefully pushed her towards her second orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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