Blood Is Thicker

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Amanda bit her lip and tried to stifle the sharp hiss of her breath, as she felt the cramp knotting her belly. It seemed worse than usual this month and it was all she could do to hold back the groan of pain. Desperately, she looked up at the clock on her office wall. The hands pointed to half past two, another hour and a half before she could finish for the day. Slowly, as though she were eighty rather than twenty, she stood up and shuffled to the ladies room. Inside, she shut herself in one of the cubicles, thankful that nobody had seen her.

She lifted her skirt and eased her panties down, groaning quietly when she saw the spots of crimson, on the soft cotton, signifying that her period had started. Even the sight of those few spots of blood was enough to trigger another cramp that doubled her over like a punch to her tender belly. She could feel the prickling in her breasts that heralded the soreness that would begin, probably tonight, and torment her until her flow subsided. She pushed her panties down to her ankles and wriggled them over her shoes, then reached into her purse for a tampon.

Lifting her skirt, Amanda raised her leg and rested her foot on the toilet lid and reached down to open the lips of her shaved pussy with her fingertips. Taking the tampon in her other hand, she pressed the bullet shaped tip into her pussy, pressing slowly and gently. The smooth cotton slid easily inside, lubricated by the few drops of her menstrual blood. The touch of her fingers on the lips of her pussy made Amanda shudder with excitement. She knew that she became insatiably horny during her period, but the cramps made love-making painful and difficult. She sighed and resigned herself to a week of frustration.

The afternoon dragged slowly on, the cramps clawing at her with the monotonous regularity of birth contractions. She tried to hide her discomfort, but Linda at the next desk to her guessed the problem. Linda scurried off to the drinks machine and returned with a cup of tea and two painkillers. Amanda gave her a pale smile, by way of a thank you and swallowed the pills, washing them down with a careful sip of the warm liquid.

It seemed to take forever but, at last, the hands of the clock pointed to four pm and Amanda gathered her coat and purse, shuffling for the exit as quickly as she could. She drove carefully, as usual, but she could not swear to remembering any of the journey home. Pulling onto the driveway, she was mildly surprised to see her boyfriend’s car parked outside. She opened the front door, looking around and catching the smell of hot chocolate.

“Tim!, Tim?” she called, closing the door behind her, “What are you doing at home?”

“Up here! ” Tim shouted from the bathroom, “Linda rang me and said you weren’t feeling too good, so I finished early and came home.”

Amanda dropped her briefcase on the floor before climbing the stairs and stepping into the bathroom, filled with steam from a warm bath. Tim Stepped close and gently folded his arms around her hugging gently. Then he slid her jacket from her shoulders and hung it on the hook on the bathroom door. Tired and aching, she just stood still as he unbuttoned her blouse, slowly opening the material, as though he were unwrapping a delicate and treasured gift. He tossed the blouse into the washing basket and unfastened Marmaris Escort her bra, easing the straps from her shoulders and gently scooping her tender breasts out of the lace cups. His thumb accidentally brushed against her nipple, drawing a tormented gasp from her lips but, then, he had her bra off and was dropping it in the washing basket.

Tim gently unfastened Amanda’s skirt and rolled the hold-up stockings down her smooth legs. His hands were light on her skin and she shivered at his feathery caress. Amanda stepped out of her shoes and stood, naked, in the centre of the room. Tim ran his fingers lightly along the inside of her thighs, pressing gently, so that she parted her legs a little. Taking the string between his finger and thumb, he gently pulled, drawing the cotton plug out of her pussy. Amanda moaned softly as the tampon slid from between her lips and left a bloody trail across the inside of her thigh.

Tim slid an arm around her shoulders and lifted her into his cradling embrace, then turned and lowered her slowly into the steaming water. The scent of jasmine filled her nostrils as the water buoyed her tired, aching limbs. Tim reached for a sponge and gently began to sprinkle warm, scented water on the back of her neck, letting it trickle in silky, sensuous rivulets down her spine.

The warmth eased the aching tightness of her belly and Amanda slowly leaned back, Tim slipping a pillow behind her head. She looked down her body, watching the round globes of her breasts sway as they floated in the water. Tim picked up the sponge and tipped it into the water, lifting it over her breasts and allowing a spatter of droplets to fall onto the sensitive skin. Amanda closed her eyes and abandoned herself to the caress of the water on the fullness of her swollen breasts. Tim brought the sponge closer and closer to her nipple, until the water droplets fell on the hard nub. She gasped as the droplets splashed against the ripe nipples and ran across the puffy aureoles before they trickled down the sides of her bosom.

Amanda lay back in the cradling water and closed her eyes, feeling the pain ebbing away as the heat loosened her aching muscles. She whimpered quietly when Tim took her arm in his hands and began to slowly knead the firm muscles and stroke the silky smooth skin from her shoulder, right down to the tips of her fingers. Gently lowering the arm back into the warm water, Tim took her other arm in his hands and began to massage his way along to her fingers.

Amanda sighed as she relaxed further into the water and Tim slid his hands beneath the surface and began to stroke her belly with the tips of his fingers. As he spread his hands over her smooth skin, Amanda relaxed, feeling the muscles loosen. She did not try to stop him from reaching lower and running a fingertip along the lips of her pussy in fact, she parted her knees so that he could slip his hand between her thighs and touch her tingling clit.

Amanda whimpered quietly as Tim slid his hands along her thigh, massaging gently and kneading all of the knots out of her muscles, all the way down to her feet. When he had finished, Tim pulled the plug to drain the water and scooped her into his arms. Carrying her into their bedroom, he laid her on a huge towel and wrapped the soft, absorbent material Marmaris Escort Bayan around her body, blotting her dry. When all of the water had been absorbed, he unwrapped the towel and gently turned her onto her belly.

Amanda felt the trickle of warm, scented oil as Tim poured it in a thin line along her spine. She could smell lavender and geranium in the mixture, the perfume relaxing her body but stimulating her senses at the same time. She felt the warm caress of his hands, as he spread his fingers on either side of her spine and began to stroke her soft skin, sliding his palms from her shoulders to the curve of her buttocks. Amanda wriggled into a more comfortable position, spreading her legs a little and giving Tim a glimpse of her alluring asshole, winking at him.

Slowly, Tim stroked her back with his fingertips, making tiny circling motions over her skin. Amanda sighed as his touch soothed and excited her. She felt him spread his hands over the cheeks of her ass, squeezing gently and then parting them, so that he could run his fingertips along the cleft and over the dark ring of her anus. She felt him grip her thigh and ripple his fingers against her skin. Gradually, tormenting her with his caress, he kneaded his way down her thigh, past her knee to her calf and leaning over cradled her foot in his hands and gently blew on the sole. Amanda shivered and moaned quietly as the sensation rippled through her nerves and settled in her pussy. Tim gently rolled her onto her back and poured a little of the oil into his had, warming it gently.

Tim cupped Amanda’s face between his palms and began to stroke his fingertips over her brow and across her eyelids. Amanda sighed and parted her lips, moistening with the tip of her tongue. Slowly Tim moved his hands onto her neck, stroking and caressing the smooth skin, and down her shoulders. Amanda moaned as she felt her tender breasts tightening and the heat in her pussy slowly mounting. Tim just smiled to himself and wrapped his fingers sensuously around her arm, drawing them down, past her elbow and wrist until he could stroke the back of her hand. His fingers danced over the skin and then entwined with hers, before releasing her hand and moving across to her other arm. All she could concentrate on was Tim’s feathery caress as his hands moved over her skin.

Tim laid her arm back on the towel and began to stroke the smooth skin over Amanda’s hips and down the front of her thighs. Amanda groaned very quietly and eased her legs a little wider apart. Tim slowly caressed her thighs with the tips of his fingers, moving them slowly across her skin and down the insides to her knees, then over her calves, back down to her feet. The feel of his fingertips caressing the top of her foot and stroking her toes sent delicious shivers up and down her spine, seeming to make her melt into the bed.

Tim brought his hands up to her breasts and he began to stroke the sensitive skin. Amanda felt his touch, like fire, on her tender globes and imagined that she could feel them swell and become hotter as Tim caressed her. She lifted her head, for a moment, and looked at her swollen nipples, like hard ripe berries. Letting her head fall back, Amanda looked into Tim’s eyes, gasping as the muscles of her empty pussy tightened.

“Is that Escort Marmaris better, sweetheart?” Tim asked her.

“Yes, but now I want you darling.” she whispered, breathlessly.

“Now? You never want me when you’re on your period.” Tim murmured back.

“Tim, darling, please just fuck me.” Amanda begged, reaching for him.

Tim slowly kissed her throat and down her chest into the valley between her breasts. His lips nuzzled against the side of her neck as he slid his hand over her tender belly, to the smoothly shaven skin of her pussy. She moaned softly as he slipped the tip of his finger between the lips of her pussy and touched the base of her hard, swollen clit. Tim leaned over and took the hard bud of her nipple between his lips and flickered the tip of his tongue against the tender point.

Amanda bucked beneath him, trying to swallow his finger into her pussy. Tim pressed her gently back onto the bed and swung his leg over her thigh, pressing his knee between hers and spreading her legs wider. She could feel the heat of his cock, as he positioned himself to thrust into her wet pussy, and a thin trickle of his sticky pre-cum on her belly. H reached between them to grasp the base of his cock and guide the head between the lips of her pussy. Amanda groaned as she felt the head of his cock pressing into her, sliding slowly into her tight passage. Tim could feel her hot slippery blood on his cock as he sank into her, sheathing his cock in her pussy and pressing his knob deeper and deeper inside her pussy.

Tim pushed harder until the base of his cock was pressed against Amanda’s swollen clit and then slowly pulled back, looking down at his cock sliding out of her pussy, smeared with her blood and pussy juices. Slowly he pushed it back inside, feeling the slick wetness as he thrust right inside her. Amanda could feel the thin trickle of blood, forced out of her pussy by Tim’s cock, as it trickled between the cheeks of her ass. Tim rocked his hips back and forth, moving the head of his cock deep inside her pussy, making her bleed even more. Amanda bent her knees, spreading her thighs wider, so that Tim could thrust harder and deeper into her pussy. Her hair whipped across the bed as she thrashed her head from side to side, grunting as he thrust his cock as far into her pussy as he could.

He had never fucked her on her period before and, if she had not been so aroused, he would have balked at the thought this time. Now he had felt her slimy pussy on his cock, he could not hold back and began to thrust hard and deep, pinning her to the bed with his cock buried deep inside her. He felt the stickiness of her blood smeared between them and knew that a thin trickle would be staining the sheets beneath them. He felt the walls of her pussy grip his cock tightly and he pushed harder, grinding the base of his cock against her clit and covering her mouth with his lips as she screamed her release. She bucked beneath him, almost throwing him off as her muscles spasmed violently. Tim felt his cock throb and swell, then begin to jerk as he pumped his thick, sticky cum into her.

Slowly, their grunts and groans quieted and their pounding hearts slowed. Tim felt his cock softening and sliding out of her pussy, leaving a sticky trail of blood and cum across the inside of her thighs. Gently, he took her into his arms and held her, her flushed cheek resting on his chest and her fingers toying with his nipple.

Gradually, sore and sticky and exhausted, they drifted into a deep and refreshing sleep to waken later, conscious of new sides to their loving, that they were determined to explore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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