Bob , Angie Pt. 02

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This is the story of an older couple who shared building a business but ran into trouble with their relationship and are getting back together in a more open manner. In Part 1 Angie is caught cheating. Bob is scheming to get her back.

Edited by WindySwimming

Bob’s makes a plan to get Angie back on his terms

After catching Angie with Q, Bob spent the afternoon scheming. He could not get out of his mind how sexy she was with the young black man’s dick in her big beautiful ass. He thought her body was better than ever. He knew it would be hard to keep his hands off her until he was ready but he would. He called his secretary Tammy, into his office.

“Bring me the partnership agreement and the agreement with my wife on the partnership. Also call Harrington Investigators and ask them to come by ASAP. Make sure he brings an agreement with him for my review. And Tammy keep this to yourself. I don’t want anyone to know what I’m doing.”

“Okay,” Tammy said.

She came back in about ten minutes with the agreement. “Here are the documents and the head of the firm can be here at four. Okay?”

“That is fine and thank you Tammy.”

He read the agreement and found the clause. It was clear that the photo he had was enough to divorce Angie and he could take her share to the business. But that wasn’t what he wanted. He decided he really loved Angie and wanted to restart their relationship. Or was it that he just wanted to fuck her again. What he wanted was an open relationship. It excited him to see another man fucking his luscious wife. It was clear to him now that she could be his whore at his bidding. She enjoyed the life style they could now afford. And he admitted to himself she had earned that and he really didn’t want to take it away from her.

Tammy announced that Mr Harrington from Harrington Investigators was ready to see him.

“Invite him in Tammy.”

“Hi, I am John Harrington, call me John,” Mr Harrington said.

“Can Tammy get you anything John?” Bob asked.

“A bottle of water will be fine.” Bob nodded at Tammy who got the water and closed the door as she left.

“John, tell me about your firm.”

“Here is a brochure but the summary is we have been doing business as Harrington Investigators for over fifteen years. My brother and I started the business after four years in the Army and 20 years as detectives with the NYPD. I am a year older than my brother, so we are both in our late 50’s. We have five younger PI’s on staff and they do most of the work. There are also operatives that do a lot of the ground work. We pride ourselves on results and your privacy.”

“Tell me more about privacy. I want it iron clad that you turn all material over to me and it cannot be made public.”

“You will see that in our agreement but more importantly our reputation depends on it,” John indicated as he handed him the document.

Bob asked as he started reading the document, “What kind of work do you do?”

“Anything from protection to divorce evidence collection. We have a lot of high tech surveillance capability. We have top notch geeks on staff and work with several equipment manufacturers. We also do security assessments with designs and installations. How does the agreement look?”

“It looks iron clad to me.”

“More important to me is my word is my bond. It always has been and will be. You can ask any of our clients.”

“Actually, I have,” Bob said.

“Why don’t you tell me your situation and what you want?”

“My wife is cheating on me and I want you to make a movie of her exploits. I think if you set up cameras in my house you will be able to get enough material for my movie. When your portion is complete I want the equipment left so I can record at my house. After you finish I want to be the only one with access. I also want to know who she is diddling. I don’t want her to know until I am ready. What do you think?”

“I think we can do the job easily for you. Do you have an idea of how long you want the surveillance to last?”

“Two weeks and only during the day. If I have to go out of town, then we may need evening. I plan to be home by eight the next two weeks.”

“Can we get into the condo tomorrow?”

“Yes, she works out every morning. I will give you a key. I don’t want anyone in the building to know about this. I think we only need the master bedroom and den covered with cameras. Can you make them invisible?”

“I don’t think you would even be able to find them.”

“How much?” Bob asked.

“We bill the on the ground surveillance by the hour but the cameras plus monitoring will be $5000. We will throw in making it available to you after we finish. To produce the movie will be about $2000. So the film will cost $7000. Fourteen days of surveillance at $800 per day is $7200. So about fourteen grand.”

“Done deal. I am ready to sign.” Bob extended his hand to shake John’s hand. Bob and John signed the agreement.

“Let me show you why I am so sure she is cheating on me. Escort I walked in the condo this morning and got this.” Bob showed John the picture of Q screwing Angie in the butt.

“Well, not a high quality photo but no doubt about what is happening. Do you know who he is?”

“Not exactly but I think she met him at the gym,” Bob considered. “By his build and age I would guess he is one of her fitness instructors.”

“Email me the photo and I will find out who he is. You just want to know his name and how to contact him, right.”

“Yes,” Bob said assuredly. “I am not even mad at him. I am responsible for this but think I can use the information to our mutual advantage. I want her back but on my terms.”

“I understand. Not a good photo but she is a really hot woman. I would work for that myself. No offense.”

“None taken,” Bob smiled. Bob gave John a key to his condo.

They shook hand as John departed.

John’s team got in the condo on Tuesday by faking a cable install in a different condo. They placed six cameras in various locations in the condo to get good coverage. Bob had his trap set.

Angie steps into Bob’s trap

On Tuesday Angie did her Yoga class and then on to her tutoring appointments. She spent the afternoon with a brother and sister, exceptional students, whose parents wanted them in college with every advantage. They were great students.

Wednesday was much the same except Bart caught her as she was leaving the building. Bart informed her, “We have all the material needed to complete your bathroom. I will have a tile guy with me. We want to start tomorrow and finish on Friday. Is that okay?”

“Oh that will be fine. I have appointments most of tomorrow but will be there on Friday. Maybe, I can help.”

“Good,” Bart smiled. “You don’t want to be there Thursday as the demo will be messy but would love your company Friday.”

Angie had a fantasy of two workers taking her by force and could not get it out of her mind that this was her opportunity. Thursday afternoon Bart and his contractor were still working as Angie got back to the condo.

“Angie this is Jeremy,” Bart introduced the contractor. Jeremy was a very handsome rugged young man. Angie immediately wanted to fuck him.

“Hi Jeremy,” Angie cooed. “Good to meet you and thanks for doing this job.”

They went back to work as Angie changed into something casual. She wanted to flirt with the two guys. She put on a pair of old tight shorts and a tank top with no bra. She tried to make herself visible to the pair while they worked. Jeremy did stare her down a couple of times and clearly Bart noticed the signals being sent.

When they finished Bart and Jeremy were met by Angie at the door saying, “See you tomorrow Jeremy.” She shook his hand and gave him a ‘come get me’ smile. “Bart can we talk for a couple of minutes.”

“What do you think about the project?” Bart asked as they sat at the kitchen table with glasses of water.

“I think it is great. I have a favor to ask of you.”

“What is it?”

“Well, this is a little embarrassing,” Angie demurred. “I have a fantasy about being forcibly taken by two workers. Would you and Jeremy help me fulfill that fantasy?”

“You know I am in for that and I think Jeremy would be interested. I mean showing those tits gets most male’s attention.”

“Can you trust him?” Angie asked.

“Yes, he is a good guy and somewhat of a lady’s man anyway.”

“Yes, I noticed.” Angie smiled.

“He will keep the whole thing to himself if I ask him to. He does most of our tile work so he has every reason to keep this quiet.”

Angie decided to proceed, “I want to come in the condo tomorrow morning from my work out and be a bitch. Of course I am going to dress seductively. Don’t tell Jeremy but at some point you say you have had enough and take me roughly. Maybe tie me up and punish me for being a bitch. You can call me a bitch or anything derogatory you want. Gosh I am getting hot just thinking about it. Here feel.” Angie took Bart’s hand and shoved it into her pants to feel her wetness.

“Yep, I think you are going to enjoy tomorrow but probably not the way Jeremy and I will. We will do a great job on the bathroom and your pussy tomorrow.”

“Thank you,” Angie said as she kissed Bart with his finger in her pussy giving her a nice little orgasm.

Angie spent the night thinking about the fucking she was going to get the next day. She was just leaving as Bart and Jeremy arrived. Bart winked at her but did not say anything. She went to her work out.

When she got back to the condo, she went to the bathroom saying with a scowl on her face and hands on her hips, “Are you guys still here? This is taking forever. I want to take a shower. Bart, you and this nobody here are worthless.”

Both men were on their hand and knees grouting the floor. Bart said, “We are doing the best we can. Can’t you use the guest bathroom?”

“I guess but all my stuff is here.”

“You can come in and get things you just cannot use the shower or get water on the floor.”

“I don’t like it even a little Bart,” Angie said loudly, “You are on notice.”

“Yes ma’am,” Bart said curtly.

As she left the bathroom Jeremy said, “What’s gotten into her? She was so nice yesterday.”

“I think she just needs to be fucked,” Bart said casually.

“Think we can do that?” Jeremy asked.

“I think so,” Bart said. “Let’s see how she acts. I know her very well and I think she wants us to take her. She is very frustrated sexually. You know a dick-less husband.”

Angie took her shower, dried off, put on a red thong and an old thin white cut off tee shirt. She had cut the shirt off the night before planning for this. It barely covered her nipples with her arm lowered but with arms raised not at all. With hands on her hips and only the top half of her tits covered, she said in a condescending tone, “I need to get to my toiletries and dry my hair. Can you guys at least let me do that? Don’t stop working. I want this finished and you out of here.”

“Sure we have finished in front of the sink,” Bart said as he pointed to a spot in front of the sink. Jeremy’s eyes were bugging out. As Angie turned and bent over to get the hair dryer Bart looked at Jeremy and nodded. Angie took a comb and started drying her hair with the dryer, both arms up and he big tits rolling like the waves of the ocean.

Angie glared at Bart and Jeremy who were just staring, “You perverts never seen a woman dry her hair? Get back to work.”

Bart and Jeremy pretended to get back to work but in truth they had finished the grout and needed to give it time to dry but were not going to leave as long as Angie was putting on a show. Angie knew enough about tile to recognize they were finished for a little. Bart whispered to Jeremy, “Let’s just watch a little longer.”

Angie continued to dry her hair with them still on the floor and watching her every move. She then put on deodorant again exposing a large breast with each armpit. Next she bent over and pulled her box with cosmetics in it. She turned her ass to them, bent over all the way and pretending to be looking for something. As she raised up she blared at Jeremy, “Have you never seen a woman’s ass? I mean really. Get back to work and ignore me.”

“Yes ma’am,” Jeremy said with a smile. But he did not stop staring.

Angie then starting applying heavy mascara and lipstick with Bart and Jeremy were staring. “I have had it with you guys. I am going to fire you both and not pay for this job. You are lowly blue collar shmucks who probably have never seen a woman of my class. All you can do is stare?”

“Ok bitch that is it,” Bart said as he rose. “You have gone too far. Jeremy grab the rope out of my box.” Bart grabbed Angie around the stomach and pulled her into the living room. “You are about to learn some respect.”

As Bart held the struggling Angie, tits flying all over the place, he said to Jeremy, “Tie a rope around each hand.” Jeremy did this. “I am going to position her on the couch as you tie her hands to the back legs.”

“Let me go you low class shmuck!!” Angie yelled loudly. “Someone will hear us and then you will be in trouble.”

“Actually cunt bitch, the walls are sound proof,” Bart said back. “We can and will do anything we want to you. Not so high and mighty now are you.”

The couch in the den was directly in line with one of Herrington Investigator’s cameras. He forced her to kneel on the couch seat with her torso draped over the back. Jeremy tied each rope to the foot of the couch.

“Untie me or you are going to be in so much trouble,” she said to Jeremy. “I can’t believe you are letting this brute do this. You are both perverts.”

“Lady, you deserve what we are doing to you,” Jeremy said but Angie could tell he was worried. “Are you sure we should be doing this Bart?”

“Yeah, this is what the bitch wants,” Bart said. “Let me show you.”

He slapped her right ass cheek five quick times. “Bitch, what do you say to that?”

“You better not do that again,” Angie said. Then screamed, “I hate you both!”

“Your turn buddy,” Bart said the Jeremy. “Ok bitch, get ready to have a real man spank you. I bet no one has ever done this to you.” Bart nodded to Jeremy who gave her left ass cheek five quick but not as loud smacks. “Now let me show you.” Bart pulled her thong down to her knees and said to Jeremy, “Lift her up.” He pulled them off and threw them across the room. “You won’t need those for a while. Now let’s see how much she likes this.” Bart put his finger in her erupting pussy and licked his fingers. “Check it out,” he instructed Jeremy.

Jeremy stuck in finger in her pussy saying, “My God she is soaking wet.” He sucked his fingers loudly. “Yum that rich bitch cunt sure tastes good.”

“Put a couple finger in and see what happens as I spank her,” Bart said to Jeremy. “Ok my horny bitch, are you going to gain some respect for us working people.”

“No, filthy low life!” Angie yelled and shook her head and tits violently.

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack went the licks Bart gave her. “Her pussy is contracting with each lick,” Jeremy said excited, “and my hand is getting wet.”

“Let’s try that again,” Bart said to Angie. “Are you going to have more respect for us from now on?”

“No!” Angie said with less intensity.

“Your turn,” Bart said to Jeremy. Jeremy pulled his hands out of Angie’s pussy which was replaced with Bart’s. Bart however expertly caressed her clit like he had done many times before. He knew Angie’s body well by now. Angie moaned and shook with an orgasm.

“Did you see that?” Jeremy asked. “This bitch just came and it was a good one.”

“Give her five more licks and let’s see if she has learned anything.” Bart said.

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack. Angie big beautiful ass was now turning red.

“Are you going to have more respect for us?” Bart said with more authority.

“Please don’t hit me again,” Angie cried.


“Yes just please don’t hit me again.”

“I think what you need is a real man’s cock in your mouth,” Bart said. “Jeremy give her a real dick. I bet she has never had one like yours in her mouth.”

Jeremy pulled his trouser down and stood in front of Angie, raised her head by pulling her hair and said, “What do you think of this?”

“I think that is a big ugly dick, keep it away from me,” Angie said. Bart was still stroking her clit. She had another quacking orgasm that shook her body.

“Did you see her whole body shake?” Jeremy asked. “Can you believe the size of those jugs hanging down?”

Jeremy rammed his cock in her mouth and took a breast in each hand. Angie’s nipples were extended and sensitive. She did her best to take it in but a gag reflex from Angie made Jeremy pull out a little to let her breathe. He started a gentle rock back and forth while kneading her large jugs.

Bart had removed his trousers and had his dick at the entrance of her sopping pussy. “Bitch tell me how much you want to be fucked.”

“I want you to … slurp … fuck my pussy,” Angie begged between thrusts from Jeremy.

“Say please Mr. Bart fuck my pussy. Jeremy give her a chance to speak. I want to hear her beg.” Jeremy pulled his dick out of her mouth.

“Please Mr Bart, I want you to fuck me hard!” Angie screamed. “My pussy is hurting from wanting your dick. Please now!”

Bart shoved his dick all the way in with one press. Angie moaned as best she could with Jeremy’s dick back in her mouth. She had gotten her throat relaxed enough to take it all in. Jeremy was fucking her face now while kneading her sensitive nipples.

Bart was crashing into her ass with all he had then stopped. “Let switch places. I can’t hold out much longer.”

Jeremy pulled out of her mouth as Bart pulled out of her pussy. As they positioned to reenter each hole, Bart held up his hands and said, “Do you want us lowly blue collar workmen to fuck you?”

“Yes, please fuck me hard!” Angie exclaimed.

“Are you our bitch?” Bart said.

“Yes, I am your cunt bitch. Please fuck me.”

With that Bart untied her hands as Jeremy reentered her pussy. She took both hands and wrapped them around Bart’s dick and pulled him to her mouth. Jeremy was slamming away at her wet excited pussy. There was so much juice flowing from her hole that Jeremy slamming into her sounded like someone hitting a wet carpet. She was working on Bart’s dick with both hands and licking with her mouth while he squeezed her tits.

“I am going to cum,” Jeremy said. “Should I pull out?”

Angie pulled Bart dick out of her mouth and screamed like he was in another county, “No, fill up my cunt bitch pussy! I am going to have another…”

Jeremy started a rivulet of jizzum in her pussy. Angie pushed Bart dick out of her mouth and yelled a primal scream. Bart went to take Jeremy’s place as he finished. Jeremy barely finished his last contraction as Bart took his place in Angie’s now soaked pussy.

“Thank you, thank you!” Angie said with tears in her eyes. “Fuck me hard. I am your filthy bitch.” Jeremy sat beneath her on the back of the couch and sucked one nipple then the other. She bent way over to make this easier, giving Bart a little different angle at her sensitive clit. She was now in a daze of orgasm.

“Angie, I am going to cum,” Bart said. “Have one last good one.”

“Suck them hard Jeremy.”

With that last instruction Angie and Bart came hard. Both making primal sounds.

No one moved for a little. Bart and Angie sat cuddling on the couch. “Jeremy come join us,” Angie instructed. Jeremy came and sat next to Angie putting an arm around her. She kissed Bart and then Jeremy.

“So how did you like your fantasy?” Bart asked Angie. Jeremy looked shocked.

“What! You mean you two planned this?” Jeremy asked.

“Yes, I asked Bart to do this for me,” Angie smiled at Jeremy. “You both were great. It was even better than I imagined. Sorry Jeremy put I thought it would be more real if you didn’t know. It could not have been better.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32