Busted in Balloonville Ch. 05: Clean Up Time

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Busted in Balloonville

Part 5: Clean Up Time

The door closed behind Suzette, and Jeff found himself alone for what felt like the first time since he had walked into the Balloonville General Store to find Alicia huffing and puffing into that giant red balloon.

How long had he been in Balloonville? He looked at his watch and was surprised to see that it was only 3:00. He been here for only a few hours, and yet it felt like weeks—and what wonderful weeks they were! He’d seen four amazing women with incredible lungpower (five if you counted Janice at the front desk). He’d had fucked one of them, come about as close as you can get to it with another, and ejaculated more times than he could count. Not bad for half a day.

Jeff realized that he had been wearing the same clothes for all of these encounters, and figured a change of pants was definitely in order. His poor underpants had been alternately stretched and soaked, and he wondered if they were even salvageable. His pants were already open (thanks to Suzette); he started to drop them, then hesitated. How long it would be before another balloon-blowing babe bounded into his path? So far, the record seemed to be about five minutes.

Surely he had time to change, though. He dropped his pants to his ankles, followed by his underwear. He started to step out of them when there was a knock at the door. My goodness, what was it with this place?

“Who is it?” he called, desperately trying to free his feet from his pants and nearly falling on his face.

“It’s Janice from the front desk,” a voice called.

“Just—just a minute! I’m, er, I’m—” Jeff managed to free himself from his cum-soaked clothing. He balled them up and yanked open the wardrobe. Oh, thank goodness—a bathrobe! He dropped his pants into the corner, grabbed the robe, slipped it on and tied it, and ran for the door.

He opened the door to find the tall, thin desk clerk, the one he had seen blowing up red and white balloons at the front desk. He couldn’t imagine why she had come up to his hotel room, but he was quickly learning that if anything strange was going to happen, it would happen in Balloonville.

“Hi,” he said, thinking he sounded terribly lame. “Uh, come on in.” He could

“Hi,” Janice said, stepping inside. “I hope you’re happy with your room. I take it Suzette took care of you?”

“She, uh- what?” Jeff said, feelig himself blush.

“Took care of you,” Janice said with a knowing smile. “You know, blew your mattress up the way you like it, made you feel welcome, that kind of thing.”

“Oh, she welcomed me, alright,” Jeff said. Janice smiled and lowered her voice and said, “Suzette told me you might have a balloon that got a little… dirty?”

“A balloon that—Oh!” Jeff could feel his cheeks getting even hotter. Could she mean the balloon that he came all over after nearly fucking Suzette through her panties as she blew the mattress they were lying on until it was rock hard? Just the Onwin memory started to get him aroused, and without thinking, he glanced over at the cum-covered balloon, then back at Janice. He felt his cheeks get hotter yet. She was meeting his eyes with a knowing gaze, and he dropped his—then realized in a panic he was staring right at her chest.. He moved his eyes down to her feet.

But Janice had followed his glance to the big balloon that he had blasted with jizz.

“Oh, that, I, uh…”

Janice smiled. “Oh, don’t be embarrassed, this happens all the time. It means our guests are happy. In the future, you can just call down to the front desk and tell whoever is on duty that you have some balloons that need refreshing.”

Jeff had a hard time taking his eyes off the carpet. “Oh, so you, ah… you come up and…”

“Well, normally it’s the maid on duty, but Anya’s busy right now.” She lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “I’m not supposed to talk about other guests, but one of them is really into rapid pin-popping, so she’s got a bunch of balloons to replace. She can’t wait for him to check out. She’s up there two or three times a day. She says she feels like she spends half her day in his room blowing up fresh balloons. Have you met Anya yet?”

“No, I don’t think so,” Jeff said.

“Well, just you wait. She’s an eyefull. If I was a guest, I’d probably pop all my balloons just to watch her blow up the new ones.”

Jeff felt the heat spread to his ears.

“So, let’s take care of this balloon of yours,” she said.

“No, really, you don’t have to-“

“No, it’s fine,” Janice said. “I actually started here as a maid, and I don’t mind helping out.”

“But the balloon, I, uh, it’s just that I…”

“Oh, honey, I see what you did” she said. She pulled a pair of latex gloves out of a pocket and put them on. “OSHA regulations,” she said, looking at the balloon. “Wow, you must be a real gusher!”

Jeff’s ears were so hot he thought they would catch on fire.

“So what do you do, with, uh…”

“I’ll pop it and blow up another one to replace it,” Janice said. “It’s just a balloon, and we have no shortage of them around here.” Jeff was surprised to find that the casual way she talked about destroying the balloon was turning him on. “I’ll go out on the porch so I don’t make more of a mess.” Janice slid open the balcony door, then picked up the cum-covered balloon.

She took the balloon out on the balcony, set it on the ground, and raised one thin leg. It was a big, tightly-blown balloon, and Jeff braced himself for the noise. Janice stomped down hard, and the there was a tremendous BANG and the balloon was gone. Jeff flinched; Janice didn’t. She picked up the rubber shards that had, just a second before, been a beautiful, tightly-blown balloon.

She walked back in, took off the gloves, put them in a plastic bag she produced from another pocket, and dropped them into the trash can.

“Doesn’t Onwin giriş that, er, seem a bit wasteful?” he asked. “I mean, if you have to pop every balloon that gets a little, uh, messy… doesn’t anyone get upset? You know, like, management?”

“What, about popping balloons? Not at all,” Janice said. “Balloons are cheap, and management wants them looking fresh. We’re trained to pop any balloon that isn’t perfect, and replace it with a new one right away.”

“That’s… that’s a lot of balloon popping,” Jeff said, a thrill running through him as he heard his own words.

“Oh yeah,” she said. “When I first started working here, I once blew up about two dozen orange balloons to decorate, and then I realized it was St. Patrick’s day. I told Mrs. Inflar, who owns the place, and she told me to just pop them and blow up some green ones. I was, like, ‘Really? Pop all of them?’ She said, ‘They’re just balloons. Bust them and blow up more.’ ‘But cn’t we use them somewhere?’ ‘Not worth it,’ she said. ‘Just pop them. Don’t worry about it.’ And then she grabbed one, dug her nails into, it, and bang! So that’s what I did. I popped them all.

“I tried stomping a couple, but they kept getting away. I’m better at it now, as you can see. I squeezed a couple until they exploded, and then she reminded me about the pins on my cleaning cart. Gosh, I had so much to learn. So I popped them all, bam bam bam, then swept up the shards and inflated some new ones. And that’s what I learned. If a balloon isn’t perfect, just pop it and blow up a new one. Like this one.” She picked up a blue balloon from the floor and turned it.

“Look at this clear spot,” she said. “It’s clearly defective. Anya should have seen this when she inflated it, but when you’re blowing up so many balloons at once, it’s easy to make mistakes. Me, when I see something like this, I just keep blowing it until it explodes. Good practice.” She dug her long fingernails into the balloon and BANG!! It exploded. She dropped the shards unceremoniously into the garbage can.

“So you must carry a lot of balloons,” Jeff said, his voice shaking slightly. She hadn’t expected her to bust the balloon so suddenly, and his heart was beating.

“Oh yes,” she said, and reached into a pocket, pulling out a bag that must have had fifty balloons in it. “This is what I carry, and I’m just a desk clerk. You should see what the maids have on their cart. Everything from 6 inch rounds to 6 foot cloudbusters.”

“The maids have six foot balloons?”

“Oh yes,” she said. “For the suites. We usually send a couple of maids up there, one to blow the six foot balloons and one to blow up the rest.”

“Don’t you use a pump for the big ones?” Jeff asked.

“A pump? In Balloonville? As if!” Janice laughed. “No, if you can’t blow up a six foot balloon by mouth, you have no business working at the Balloonville Bed and Breakfast. Now, let’s see,” she added, picking through her bag of balloons. “I think the one you came all over was a Qualatex 16, right?” and from another pocket out came a bright orange balloon. She took a deep breath, puffed out her cheeks, and blew a long, hard breath, the balloon bulging in her hands. Quickly and efficiently, Janice filled the balloon, and soon she had blown it tight and translucent, and he could see her face right through it as she blew the last few breaths into the balloon’ sbig, fat neck. Before long she was finished, and Jeff cringed as she put the giant balloon under her arm, sure it would pop. But it didn’t, and Janice expertly tied it, then placed it on the bed, blown perfectly tight and pear shaped.

Next, she pulled out a blue balloon. This was a 12″ balloon, and Janice quickly blew it big and full, tying it under her arm.

“Wow,” Jeff said.

“Wow yourself,” Janice said with a smirk, inclining her head towards the middle of his body. He looked down and was horrified to see his firmly erect member sticking out of the front of his bathrobe.

“Oh!” he said, grabbing at the robe to cover himself.

Janice smiled. “Why do I think you’ll need another balloon clean-up before long?” She winked and walked out the door, pulling it shut behind her.

Jeff picked up the blue balloon she had just blown so tight. The knot was still wet with her saliva. He thought about its predecessor, the one she had popped so casually. He thought about the way her long, slender fingers had dimpled the latex, just before the balloon burst. He wondered how many other balloons those beautiful hands had destroyed, how many she had blown to shreds with her mighty lungs. He thought of her stomping her mighty foot down on the big cum-covered balloon. How many had she stomped before? How many balloons had yielded to her powerful feet? Now Jeff picked up the orange balloon]and looked through it, thinking of how he had seen her cheeks bulging through the latex she had blown nearly translucent. The balloon had been blown solid as a rock, and he thought she could probably have blown one more big breath into either of the balloons he was holding and blown them to bits, without so much as flinching.

He thought of the tension in the balloons, how tight they were, the build up of air inside them, how ready they were to pop. He thought of Janice, her mighty lungs, her mighty feet, her mighty fingers, blowing, squeezing, stomping, increasing the pressure in the balloons until the latex suffered catastrophic failure… pressure… building, building, building…

And the pressure was building inside him, and then there was release, a mighty explosion, but not from the balloons. Again he heard the sound like rain on a tin roof as his big, hard cock blasted cum on the balloon he was holding. His cock spasmed for a long, long time, and he let it, closing his eyes and thinking of Janice.

When the last drop of cum had shot from his cock, he stepped through the open balcony door and set the tightly-blown balloon gently on the deck. Maybe he would ask Janice to stomp them later, but for now, he needed a little rest before he had to report to Nan’s. Goodness knows what Tracy had in store for him.

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