Sedona Sexcapade

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Thanks to Rex Brookdale for the input and editing assistance

The following story can be read as a stand-alone, or you might want to first check out my previous story called ‘Dani and her magic wand’.


I hadn’t seen my dear friend in over a year. We texted and talked almost every day, but between her recent divorce and my busy life, neither of us had been able to make the trip to see the other. Our friendship had seen us through almost twenty-seven years of ups and downs. Regardless of what life threw our way we’d supported each other through it. We’d made many plans, but they had always seemed to fall through for one reason or another. At one time we had made a pact to do a girls’ weekend at least once every year, but again life seemed to get in the way.

My cell phone rang and it was her, my best friend Gina, calling to tell me she had just driven over the state line into Arizona from California. I was so excited. The last time I had seen her was when we’d each driven to meet in Palm Springs, about halfway between us. We had stayed at a great hotel with a spa and a pool. I had really needed to let loose and escape the responsibilities of my daily life. She was the one person with whom I could do that. I have great memories of us lying in the sun by the pool drinking margaritas. We’d gotten massages, facials, and in-between we’d drunk wine. We’d talked and talked; it was a lot of fun, very relaxing, and just what I’d needed in order to recharge. Gina and I had met through her first husband, Mark, he had brought her over to meet my husband and me. We’d connected immediately. We seemed to have a lot in common: a similar sense of humor that was a little twisted and with plenty of sexual innuendos mixed in. We had laughed a lot that first day. At first the four of us would do things as couples, but then the two of us, Gina and I, started to do more together. After Gina and Mark divorced, she and I had remained friends.

She quickly became my best friend; I could tell her anything and never feel judged. I was able to share many thoughts and life experiences that I had never felt comfortable sharing with anyone else in my life. She too shared many of her thoughts and experiences, and knew I would never judge her or try to give unsolicited advice. One example of this was related to our friend Dani.

I’d introduced Dani to Gina early on in our friendship. She was a very attractive, fun woman I’d met shortly after Gina and I had. Dani and I experimented a bit sexually and we’d had a mutual masturbation experience. It was an incredibly hot experience and she’d thought it was hot too. She shared with me about her threesome experience with her ex, Mark, and a girlfriend. As we began confiding in each other about many of our sexual fantasies, we discovered that we shared many of the same ones.

Gina’s a beautiful woman inside and out. Her sexual magnetism has always drawn me to her. About five-foot-ten; she’s got curves but she’s not overweight. She has a beautiful smile and her eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue. She keeps her curly hair long and blonde — like Nichole Kidman’s, only more blonde than strawberry. I have always considered myself straight; I love men and I love cock. But sexy is sexy.

For years I’ve fantasized about having a threesome with another man and woman. In this fantasy I see me, having my pussy licked by a woman while I am laying on my back, she is between my legs; and a man is kneeling above my face feeding me his cock.. I found myself asking Gina frequently about her threesome and she obliged, relating more details like how it had felt when she and the other woman stroked her skin and licked her nipples. Her descriptions fueled many of my masturbation sessions. I got so turned on when we talked about things like that. And it was Gina who featured in my fantasies about having sex with another woman. I would get so wet and cum so fast while picturing her stroking my large breasts and her tongue licking my pussy. But I’d had neither the courage nor the opportunity to do anything about it … until our Sedona weekend.

And so over the years we’d confided more and more about the many sexual escapades we had experienced. I had married when I was young; but during the long periods of separation, and given my high sex drive, I had several memorable experiences to share. Her stories of her days as a single woman yielded for more escapades for her, while they fueled many fantasies for me.

Back to our weekend….

My family was there when she’d arrived; everyone had been happy to see her. We’d gone out to dinner and had a great time; all I could think about was how excited I was for Gina and me to begin our trip. We got up early the next day and packed up the car. We were ready to start on our adventure to Sedona. It’s one of my favorite places to visit and it’s not far from where I live. It’s such a beautiful town: the red rocks are legendary, and the energy there is unlike anywhere else that I have ever been. As soon as I enter the city limits, waves of relaxation wash over me.

Gina and I talked the entire drive up there, mostly about her divorce. It had been rough on her, Onwin and this time it was she who really seemed to need to let loose and escape the responsibilities of daily life…. By the time we arrived at the hotel, I could feel the relaxation set in already; I’d left all stress and responsibilities back in Phoenix.

We checked in and then decided to go out on the town. First though, I’d wanted to shower. When I stepped under the water I noticed the showerhead was one of those hand-held types that you can dial to adjust the water flow. It sparked vivid memories of another trip, staying at a hotel that had a similar showerhead and boy had I enjoyed that…. Just the thought of it makes me horny to this day. This time was no exception; my nipples hardened and I began to feel a familiar stirring inside. I reached up, pulled down the showerhead and turned the dial so the water stream pulsed. There was a soap holder so I was able to raise my right leg and place my foot onto it as I leaned back against the wall. My thoughts turned to Gina and some of the scenarios we had talked about. They began playing in my head like a movie; I imagined her between my legs, licking my pussy. The pulsating water felt so good against my clit as I imagined her hands on my tits, playing with my hard nipples. When I closed my eyes I imagined her licking my nipples, sucking my large breasts and massaging them. I saw her hand in between my legs fingering my clit with the same rhythm as the pulsating water. I could feel my clit becoming more engorged as it began to throb. Soon all I could think about was the orgasm brewing inside me, as it rose up and waves of pleasure took over my body. A moan escaped my mouth but I didn’t care; all I cared about was the pulsing water that was making me cum. I got lost in my pleasure. As the waves subsided, I opened my eyes. I was back in the shower. Wow! I thought. That was pretty intense. I rinsed off, finished my shower, and stepped out. Toweling off, my body still felt on edge; I couldn’t seem to come down completely from the intense orgasm. My body wanted more. Gina was waiting to get into the shower, so for now I needed to set aside the charge I still felt deep inside my clit. A cock was what I really needed to satisfy the ache, but that would have to wait. I exited the bathroom wrapped in just the towel and saw Gina lying on one of the beds.

“Sounds like you had a nice shower,” she said with a smile.

“Ha, yes it was nice, the showerhead is quite fun,” I said as I winked.

Once she’d closed the bathroom door, I let my towel fall down to the floor. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror hanging on the wall. My nipples were hard and protruding. I touched them as I squeezed my nipples. My nipples had always been very sensitive and seemed to be directly connected to my clit. I had a hard time ignoring the desire that was racing through my body. I opened my lotion bottle; I squirted some of the coconut-scented lotion into my palm and rubbed my hands together. I began applying the lotion to my left leg first. As I worked my way up my leg, my hands moved up to my thighs. I was rubbing my inner thigh when my hand grazed the fold between my legs. I felt a surge of heat race through my body. I squeezed more lotion from the bottle and applied it to the other leg. Again, I worked my way up and this time my hand lingered a bit longer as it slowed down my stroke as my fingertips glided across the outside of my sex. I felt a surge of juices run through my folds. I placed more lotion in my hands, and I worked them up to my breasts. I massaged them simultaneously as I looked in the mirror. My large breasts overflowed into my hands. My nipples were hypersensitive and every movement against them seemed to send ripples of fire down my spine. The slick softness of the lotion on my hands felt good as I massaged my tits. My ache became deeper and stronger. As I heard the shower turn off I realized my need must wait, so I continued to get dressed. I put on my DDD bra that was black and sheer. I could see my nipples and the dark pink circle surrounding them through the fabric. I stepped into my black sheer thong. I could see my bare, freshly shaven pussy through the fabric. I finished getting dressed.

Gina came out of the bathroom and looked me up and down. “I love the sheer.”

I smiled and thanked her as I felt goose bumps travel across my skin.

I finished my hair and makeup while she got dressed. When we were all ready we looked at each other and said, “Damn!” We both looked good and I know I felt incredibly sexy and turned on.

The bar down the street from our hotel wasn’t too crowded for a Saturday night and had a great vibe. We sat at the bar and immediately started chatting with the bartender. As he made our drinks, he began asking us about where we were from and what our plans were while we were in Sedona.

Gina said, “Well if we could find a strip club we would happy girls.”

His eyes lit up as he told us there was a strip club outside of town and gave us the name. “I wish I wasn’t working, I would take you there myself.”

We finished a few more drinks. My head was buzzing, my body was Onwin giriş relaxed and I was ready for an adventure. One click of the Uber app and we were on our way to phase two of our girls night. I had butterflies in my stomach as we pulled into the parking lot. I had only been to a female strip club one other time in my life, and that was with my husband, years ago. As we walked in, I grab Gina’s hand and held onto it. “Hotline Bling” by Drake was playing in the background. The room was dimly lit, I could see there were glass jars with small candles lit in them on each table. As I looked around the room I noticed the surrounding walls had mirrors from floor to ceiling. We chose a small round table in the center in the room with two empty chairs, facing the stage. Two men sat at one of the tables nearby ours and the one behind us also with two men. At first I felt self-conscious, and then I looked up at the stage where the woman was almost done with her set. She was topless and twirled around the pole. Her long blonde hair flew away from her body as she leaned way back. She looked over at Gina and me and winked. We immediately looked at each other. This was going to be fun. Gina ordered us two shots of cinnamon whiskey, which I had never drunk before. She had been talking about this stuff all night and how easy it goes down.

“You mean like me?” I grinned.

She laughed that contagious laugh that I loved. We lifted our glasses and made a toast to Girls’ Night. I took a big gulp of the chilled whisky and licked my lips. “My lips taste like cinnamon.”

“Let me see.” She leaned over and kissed me softly. She lingered on my lips and I shivered. I liked how she kissed, soft and slow. Her full lips felt nice against mine. She took a sip of her whiskey and looked at me and I knew what she wanted. I leaned over and kissed her back. My lips pulled and gently sucked on her lower lip. “Mmm nice.” Looking back now, I would say that was the moment when we crossed the first line. The DJ announced a girl named Scarlett was coming up onto the stage to dance next. She wore transparent, high-heeled shoes that look like sandals but with a big chunky heel. She seemed in her twenties and probably about five-foot-nine. Her body was long and thin and her legs seemed to make up most of her height. She had long auburn hair that was straight and it seemed to fan out as she circled the pole. A tattooed vine with small pink flowers curved along her side and along one hip. The song that started playing was a popular one I had heard on the radio; I remembered some of the lyrics: “Guys my age don’t know how to treat me.” Scarlett’s movements were fluid and sexy. She started her set wearing a red sheer bra and a sheer red thong. I became fascinated with the way she was moving; she seemed so languid. Gina nudged me. “Go on up to the stage and sit.” I grabbed some dollar bills, walked up and found a chair. My heart beat faster; I was the only one sitting up there. Scarlett looked down at me and smiled. “Hi there.” I smiled back, watching her slide her bra off of her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Her tits were so pretty. They looked to be about a c-cup. Her nipples were perfectly proportioned to her white soft-looking mounds. They were a peachy color and tilted up slightly as if waiting to be fondled. She dropped to her knees as she faced me, her legs slightly spread. I could see a thin landing strip of hair through her sheer panties. She leaned forward so she was on all fours, as I held up the first dollar bill. “Wow, look at those!” She smiled, looking down the front of my low-cut top. I stuck the bill in between my overflowing tits and she immediately swooped forward to take the bill between her lips and pull it out of my cleavage. Up close I could see she had beautiful blue eyes, and I smelled vanilla. Her skin was pale and glistened.. As the song continued she danced in front of me, she was long and graceful even as she gyrated against the pole. When the song ended I walked back to Gina. We smiled at each other.

“She is beautiful,” she said.

Seeing Scarlett walk off the stage, Gina waved her over to our table. I wondered what she was going to do. She asked Scarlett how much a lap dance was.

“It’s for my friend.” Gina nodded toward me.

I flushed. Scarlett sauntered over to me and whispered “You can touch me anywhere on my body.” She moved closer to me and asked if she could touch me.

“That would only be fair I think.” I smiled.

In the background, I could hear Weekend’s ‘The Hills’ as she placed her hands on my knees and moved them apart. She spread my legs as she started dancing to the music. Her beautiful breasts came up to my face “Can I kiss them?” “Yes.” I kissed her right nipple and she moaned. I went to her left nipple and licked it with my tongue, she moaned.

I had never put my mouth on a woman’s breasts before, and I discovered that I really liked it. I felt the wetness between my legs grow as she stuck her knee in between mine and pressed against the crotch of my pants. My hips tilted up a little, to meet her knee. My hands began stroking her hips and breasts. With each of my strokes against her skin she offered them up to me; my mouth met them and my tongue tasted them. She reciprocated, stroking my tits and cleavage with her face and hands. This was the most touching licking I had ever done with a woman. In my peripheral vision I could see the men sitting at the table next to me turn their chairs to face us and I realized we had an audience. This turned me on even more. I felt emboldened to caress her hips even more sensuously, and I reached around to her beautiful ass as she bent over in front of me. As the song ended she turned around one last time and kissed my neck. Her hands cupped my large breasts as she pushed them up to meet her mouth one last time. She leaned forward and whispered, “You are beautiful.” I smiled and told her she was too. As she strutted away I looked over at Gina. Her mouth hung open for a moment before she came out of her reverie. “That was hot!”

I laughed and told her she needed to pick a girl next.

Gina pointed out the next dancer who’d just strutted onto the small stage.

Her name was Dahlia. She had long black hair, dark eyes, and lovely large breasts. She was a little thicker around the waist than most of the girls and she looked a little older. When she swayed her hips side to side, she removed her black lace corsett and revealed her tits in all of their glory. Her nipples were large and the encircling skin was a beautiful brown. She clearly understood that her tits were some of her best assets as she touched them often while she danced, and played with them in front of the customers’ faces.

Gina glanced over at me. “Her tits are almost as big as yours.”

When her set on stage was over, I waved her over to us. “My friend would like a lap dance.”

When Dahlia’s eyes turned to Gina, I noticed her gaze rest for several long seconds on Gina’s full tits; under her opened shirt, they overflowed out of the camisole.

Dahlia asked if she wanted to have her dance at our table or in a more private area. Gina opted for having it at our table. Our audience would be disappointed if we left the table and we couldn’t let them down. And so it began, Dahlia began slowly working Gina in her seductive dance. I could see Gina’s face in the mirror on the stage so I found myself torn between watching the tits and ass next to me, or the face of my friend that was filled with desire. As Gina’s hands began touching Dahlia’s hips and she bent over in front of her, waves of excitement washed over my body. I felt entranced as my friends hands roamed over the dancer’s body. And when Dahlia would move her face to Gina’s tits I could see her mouth open slightly to tongue them. I felt like a voyeur watching seduction right before me. Close enough to see but too far to touch or join in. Gina would throw her head back and close her eyes at times to savor the feeling of Dahlia touching and licking her tits.

After Gina’s lap dance was done.The guys at the table next to us sent over two more shots of whiskey. Scarlett came over again to me and told me someone had paid for another lap dance for me. I looked at Gina and she shrugged her shoulders. I looked next to us and one of the men smiled and winked at me. The evening continued like that. By the time we were done it had become a lot more crowded, we had drunk quite a bit more and I needed to cum. All of the pent up sexual energy of the night had taken me to the edge. Any inhibitions I had were gone. My nipples were hard and tight, they protruded quite a bit through my shirt. My clit was on fire and my pussy was so wet it sloshed a bit whenever I moved in the chair. One small tilt or movement in the chair sent waves of pleasure through my body.

I think Gina was in the same place; because we looked at each other and said at exactly the same time, “We need to go!”

The Uber took us back to our hotel. I was really relaxed and buzzed at this point, so when we were in the back of the car I leaned over and kissed Gina. Our tongues met; her soft, wet mouth tasted like cinnamon. While part of me was in disbelief about what was happening with my dear friend, the other part didn’t care. All the years of teasing and innuendos were coming to fruition on this night.

As soon as we walked into our room I took my clothes off, and lay back on the bed.”I am so horny now!” I looked over at her and watched as she began taking off her clothes.

I had seen my friend naked before; she is beautiful. But something about this night made me want to touch her body. I looked at her with desire and she returned the look. She walked over to me wearing only her sheer pink panties and sat in the bed next to me. She told me that when she was watching me suck and lick the stripper’s tits it turned her on. She leaned over and her beautiful D cup breasts were in my face. I stuck my tongue out to tease her nipple. She leaned forward more into my mouth and moaned. I cupped her breasts and began licking her nipples moving from one to the other, gently flicking them with my tongue. I felt a surge of wetness spill over my panties as I squirmed to attempt to appease my clit. She noticed me squirming and put her hand in between my thighs. She began to rub the inside of my thigh, working her way up to my crotch. My pelvis tilted up to meet her hand and electricity shot through my pussy and up my spine. A moan escaped my full mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32