Casey’s Recovery Ch. 08

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“Baby,” Mom said to Casey “we better let Jack rest a while and then he can clean up supper.” With that she patted me on the head, stood up and took Casey into the den. I sat on the floor for a good 10 minutes recovering and then cleared the area and went to join them.

When I came into the den I could see that Mom had raised the head of Casey’s bed and then snuggled in beside her. They were watching Alex Trebeck’s Jeopardy. I got comfortable on the bedside chair and watched the program with them. As it came to an end, I asked Casey “Do you mind if I ask you a question?”

“No, not at all,” Casey said “what is it?”

“Chuck … before dinner you said he was scared I might find out about you guys. What might I find out? Hmmmm?” I said.

Mother sat up and looked at me and then at Casey curiously, “Yes Baby, what?”

Casey screwed up her face and paused. I looked at Mom and realized how lovely she was sitting there naked on the edge of the bed, full breasts, soft lush brown nipples, a few turfs of curly taffy blond hair peeking up from her crotch; man I am one lucky man! Then she asked Casey again, “What?”

“Well you guys remember that I said that I had had sex, kind of, ah not much, sort of?” Casey said.

“You fucked Chuck?” I said.

“Well kind of, actually he didn’t want to, well he did but he was afraid he’d hurt me or that I might get pregnant, you know,” she said.

“No I don’t,” I said.

“Neither do I,” said Mom.

Casey struggled into a sitting position, folding her good leg and slipping her foot under the cast. As she did so, I could see her pussy easily, I am most certainly a pervert because I was thinking whata’ hot, hot little girl.

“Ok, it’s like this, Mom you remember the Friday night before I got hurt, Jennifer and I went out for burgers?” Mom nodded. “Well that was not exactly true. I wanted to have sex, it seemed like everybody else as school was having some and I wanted some for myself. So Jennifer dropped me off at Pacific Burger and I met Chuck there. He’s really, really sweet and I thought he would be a good guy. Anyway, we went over to Barkers Cove and parked on the cliffs and started kissing and stuff.”

She looked at me and I made a windmill motion with both hands indicating she should get to it, hurry up, tell the story. It seemed strange to me after everything today and just an hour ago, she was blushing. I looked at Mom and she had a strange little smile as she waited.

“Ok, Ok, so we made out a while and I took off my blouse and that got him all excited. Then I unzipped him and took out his penis … it’s not as big as Jacks’ but it’s still nice … it got him going and he shot off all over my hands and then he started apologizing; I stepped out of the car and wiped my hands off in the grass and stripped my pants off and told him he owed me, we had to have sex. He was still really hard and we got in the back seat and we did it right there. Well not for very long, as I said, I kinda’ had sex, it didn’t hurt or anything and pretty soon he was shooting off again and that was that.”

I was pissed, saying “No protection, nothing?”

Mom reached over and patted my arm saying, “I’ve had Casey on birth control pills for a couple of years now, it helps control her periods and provides protection.”

“Aren’t you upset?” I asked Mom.

“No honey, I’m not. Pretty much every girl has that kind of sex the first time or two,” she said. Then she put her arms around Casey snuggling next to her and asked, “Are you Ok baby?”

“Yeah Mom, I’m fine. To tell you the truth, it was really no big deal, just a little messy. Chuck felt really bad, like he’d failed me or something, he has been so sweet since. It’s so nice that I can talk to you guys about this; I’ve been thinking that I would like to do something really nice for him; like you did for Jack. It was beautiful to watch and I could tell that Jack loved it … you liked it too, right?”

Mom squeezed her tightly saying, “I’m glad you were honest with us. You can always trust us to listen and be fair, no judgments; right Jack?” I nodded my agreement; she went on to say, “You’re right, I loved sucking Jack. I’ve always loved sucking someone I love, not that there have been very many. It’s so rewarding; when you give oral sex you have so much power to give pleasure, it can be wonderful. Actually, when I watched you and Jack this afternoon it was exactly that exchange of giving and receiving that was so special!”

Casey smiled such a big smile and said, “Oh gosh Mom, I’ve never, ever felt anything more wonderful.” She looked at me saying, “Mom would it be Ok if Jack made love to me too?”

“Hold it a minute. Yes, it would be an honor to make love to you; but I think it would be really special to have Mom here for the first time; what do you think Mom?” I asked.

Mother looked at both of us and said, “That’s Escort Bayan Gaziantep very sweet, I’d like to be there too; maybe tomorrow evening? Oh my Lord we are truly a very strange family.” We all smiled and nodded in agreement.

I stood up and stretched saying “Ok guys, I’m pretty tired and I have several things to do tomorrow, not the least of which include looking after your pretty butt Missy; how about sleepy time?” I said.

Mom stood and stretched saying “Sounds good to me too.”

As we got Casey settled she looked at me and said, “I’m sorry, but could you help me onto the toilet, nature is calling again.” I lifted her easily and maneuvered her into the hall bath room easing her onto the toilet seat. Because of her large leg cast, seating was awkward but we made it work.

“Better turn on the fan” she said with a grimace.

“Would you like me to massage your tummy?” She smiled and said, “Please.” Sure enough we had production, but due to her large leg cast it was easier for me to clean her than for her to manage it herself. When I carried her back to bed Mom had neatened up the sheets and fluffed the pillows making a nice, snug sleeping place. Once down she spread her legs and slipped her right hand to her pussy saying, “Ok guys, I think I’d like some private time.”

“Nonsense” I said, “we’re family, let us help.” I looked over at Mom who smiled back at me as I slipped my hand between Casey’s legs and began to gently massage her pussy. Casey sighed, put her arms over her head and spread her leg widely as I said to Mom, “You take one breast and I’ll take the other.”

Mom replied, “Good idea.” She leaned down gently massaging Casey’s breast and knurling her nipple as I did the same on my side. Casey became immediately wet allowing me to easily put two fingers up and inside seeking her G-spot for a nice little massage and I knelt down to softly suck and chew her nipple. The combination of stimuli had her hissing and sighing very quickly. Soon, her hips moving up and down as I worked her pussy and thumbed her hard red clit. As her response intensified, I took her breast in my hand and bent over to suck and tongue her clit continuing to work her pussy with my fingers. That did the deed; her body stiffened as she banged her pussy into my mouth and cried out happily.

As Mom and I straightened up she smiled broadly at us saying, “Now that’s the way to bring my day to a close, thank you both so, so much. I love you guys!” We kissed her, hugged her and tucked her in, walking upstairs hand in hand.

I walked into my bathroom, washed my face, brushed my teeth and had a very nice piss. As I finished, I looked up to find Mom in the doorway saying, “I have always enjoyed watching a man pee, it must be my kinky side.”

I said “Kinky or not, you can watch me pee anytime you want, anywhere.”

“Thank you baby; would you like to sleep with me tonight? I really enjoyed having you in my bed last night. But all I want to do is sleep, think you can manage that?” she asked.

I walked to the door and ran my hands over her soft breasts taking hold of her at the waist and pulled her bushy pussy hard against my soft cock; giving her a deep kiss with lots of tongue. After a moment we pulled apart and she caressed my face with a soft smile.

“Yes Mam, I can manage that; for tonight at least.” And we walked into her bedroom and snuggled into bed; she spooned against me reaching back to snuggled my cock between her lovely ass cheeks and went immediately asleep. What a way to sleep!

The next morning was a carbon copy of the day before until lunch. As I was serving, Casey looked at me and said, “Jack, would you let me try sucking you off? I don’t know exactly what to do but after watching Mom last night, I really want to try,” she said with a smile.

We polished lunch off in record time and after a quick clean-up I ask Casey, “Where would you like to start, here in bed or somewhere else?”

“By the pool,” she said “you can sit on the table and I can scoot up easily in my wheelchair – what do you think?”

“Sounds like an inspired idea” I said. Out to the pool we went, moving the big table into the shade and up on to the top I hopped. Casey rolled over nestling herself between my legs and began fondling my balls and gently stroking my stiffening cock.

“Is this a good start?” she asked.

“You’re doing great,” I said “take my cockhead into your mouth, keeping your teeth out of the way, and use your tongue and lots of saliva to lick and suck me, moving your mouth down and back. But don’t take too much in too soon, it could choke you.”

Holding my dick at the base with one hand and continuing to fondle my balls with the other, she did as I instructed for several minutes until I was completely swollen and oozing precum. Then she puckered her lips around my cock slit and sucked really hard for a few seconds, letting me go.

“How am I doing?” she asked with a great smile on her face.

“Great, great, great … I am about to cum a bunch. If you think you’re ready for that; I’ll let you know before I blow. I’d like it if you’d keep my cum in your mouth until I finish. You don’t have to swallow it like Mom; you may not like the taste,” I said.

“No, no,” she said excitedly “I want to do it exactly like Mom and I want to swallow too!”

“Ok honey, stroke me and suck my cockhead really hard, I’m going to blow pretty dang soon,” I said.

Sure enough, she did as I asked and very shortly that old familiar burn began deep in my belly. My rectum tightened, my muscles firmed and I heard myself breathing loud and hard. I tried to be as gentle; even so I held her head firmly and began to fuck her mouth when the first blast blew into her throat.

As I came, I slipped off the table and stood tall and proud in front of her as she sucked and sucked. It was wonderful sharing this with her. When my cock softened and slipped from her lips, she pulled me down to kiss me hard on the mouth. I opened my lips and eased my tongue into her mouth tasting the salty sweet cum; the she leaned back and swallowed.

“Sorry dear brother” she said, “I got excited and swallowed it down; a little salty, but I am sure I will come to love it!” She radiated a thousand watt sweet, loving smile directly at me.

I pulled the big beach towel off the table and tossed it onto the pool deck, then picked her up and laid her down on the towel. Once there I lay down beside her and spooned next to the best I could. Her big leg cast was in the way, but we managed.

After a few minutes basking in each other’s arms I said “You know this frickin’ cast is really in the way. Although I don’t want too, what do you say if we postpone making love until your leg is well enough for it to come off?”

She smiled at me and said, “Yeah, I guess that will be Ok; but, you’re still going to eat me right??”

“Absolutely,” I said “anytime you want.”

“Ok then, we’re good to go my bro!” And things went pretty much like that for the next three weeks with a few interesting exceptions …

Lillian called mid-afternoon to apologize as she was being called out of town. It seemed that her older brother Karl had suffered a mini-stroke and would need some help for the next several days. Karl lives in Brown Station a central state farming town where the family owns several thousand acres. We both wished her well and told her that we would miss her.

Not 15 minutes after Lillian’s call, the doctor’s office called to schedule daily physical therapy for Casey. It seems a Mr. McGregor, Registered Physical Therapist, would be spending 30 to 45 minutes a day with us for the next few weeks helping Casey rebuild muscle tissue. I began to think we were becoming a regular railroad station with all the comings and goings.

When Mr. McGregor came that afternoon he explained to Casey and I that Mom’s insurance would only cover 15 home visits after that she would have to come into the clinic for therapy. So he wanted me to pay particular attention to him as he worked with Casey so that I could duplicate, to the best of my ability, his work stretching and applying counter pressure to help her build muscle tissue and recover even more quickly … I agreed, albeit nervously.

During that first visit he took extra time to show me reverse pressure therapy and certain stretches designed to tire the muscle and get increased blood flow into her muscles, all of which would lead to a faster recovery. I paid close attention, took notes and reviewed it all with him before he left. My particular favorite was a series of exercises where I placed Casey’s foot into my shoulder while pressing her leg down into her chest.

Sort of like closing a folding door … the best part was that when we did it together she was naked and as her leg pushed against me creating pressure, her pretty pussy would pop open exposing her vaginal tunnel. To tell the truth, it was all I could do not to stop and eat her right then; but the goal was recovery not sex, and she was trying really hard each and every time, so we worked hard at it together.

I waited until Mom got home that first evening to demonstrate and she was please that we were working so well together. I’d come to love our family time together and seeing the girls moving around naked. It was a real pleasure to see their bodies moving so naturally, and of course it was more than a little stimulating. After supper I explained that Casey and I had decided to postpone making love until after her cast came off so that we could completely enjoy each other.

“I think that is an excellent idea” said Mom, “and I have an announcement of my own. I have to be out of town for the rest of the week maybe a little bit longer.”

“What?” said Casey, “What’s going on?”

“You guys remember that I did the audits and general accounting for Vaughn Recycling” she said?

Vaughn Recycling was located on the outskirts of town for several years and did lots of business recycling metals and other materials. They had a location of about 40 acres and employed some 50 people; but because they were located over a large limestone deposit the State EPA office decided that the rainwater runoff from the various metals posed a potential hazard and they were forced to move.

“Didn’t they move down to the high desert just east of Los Angeles” I asked?

“Exactly right” said Mom, “the State EPA office called me today and asked me to do a forensic accounting audit of their operations since I was very familiar with their books when they were located here. I don’t know what exactly is going on but I suspect that the State thinks something stinky is going on with their cash flow. Anyway, I will be there for at least a week maybe a bit more.”

“So you guys are going to be on your own; unless, you want me to call your Aunt Rena to come in and lend a hand. What do you think?” she asked.

Aunt Rena is dad’s older sister and although she only lives about 25 miles away in Atherton, she’s never been much involved in our family life. I don’t think she and dad got along very well and while she has always been civil to us, I’m thinking probably not.

“Casey, you’ve been pretty quiet” I said, “would you like to have Aunt Rena around?”

Casey turned to Mom saying, “So if you have Aunt Rena come in, assuming that she would, no more naked living; am I right?”

“Yes, I guess so; it would be pretty hard to explain to your Aunt, don’t you think?” said Mom.

Casey looked at me and said, “Well that clears it up for me. Jack and I will get along just fine together.”

“Yeah Mom, I’m with Casey; we’ll do just fine together” I said.

“Well, just so you have backup, I will call her and let her know I am going to be out of town and that I have instructed each of you to call her if you have any problems,” she said.

Almost together Casey and I said, “Ok, if you really have to.”

“Changing the subject a bit” Mom said, “Casey do you still want to keep this bed downstairs or are you ready to relocate upstairs to your room?”

“Frankly I think I’d like to keep it for a while longer until I can manage the stairs by myself rather than have Jack haul me up and down; besides, I can get to the bathroom downstairs in my wheelchair more easily that if it were upstairs” she said.

“Fair enough” Mom said, “we’ll leave things as they are.”

We settled in to a quiet evening of television until the nighttime news was over. Mom and I got Casey tucked in and kissed her good night. As we went upstairs together I softly cupped Mom’s right butt cheek and gave it a slight squeeze saying, “You know, if you’re going to be gone for a while this would be a great evening for us to make love.”

She was quiet until we reached her bedroom door and then she said, “Well if you’re going to sleep with me, you better get ready for bed!” and smiled a sweet smile at me.

As she turned away, I slipped my arms around her and said, “Are you up for a nice shower?”

She gave me a smoky look and said “I don’t want to wait; come in here are rub my back, it’s been a little stiff.” With that she pulled the top covers off her bed and stretched out face down with her arms stretched out above her head.

I knelt on the bed and positioned myself over her body with a leg on either side of her little round bottom, nestling my cock and balls at the intersection of her legs and butt cheeks. Then I leaned forward and began to gently work her back from the shoulders to the top of her bottom. Her skin was very soft and smelled like warm springtime as I worked it. After several minutes I concentrated on the small of her back and the top of the butt cheeks which resulted in the cheeks separating with the strokes of my hands. Each time her bottom would open up giving me a beautiful view of her anal ring and the tissue leading down to her apple shaped pussy.

It wasn’t long before I could see an accumulation of moisture along the back of her pussy lips and the musky woman scent floated up to my nose … it was stimulating and intoxicating. Next I took a butt cheek in each hand working the tissue with great energy. As I did this, Mother took in a deep breath and gave out a lengthy sigh. Slowly I reached my cockhead and scooped a bit of pre-cum onto my thumb and then began to work it into her rectum as I massaged her bottom.

As I worked my right thumb into her bottom up to the first knuckle, Mom began to rotate her butt and gently push back toward my hand. With that I reached over to the nightstand and picked up a small bottle of hand crème and squirted a small blob into her butt crack. She shivered lightly and sighed again as I began to insert my right forefinger into her rectum slowly but with sufficient pressure to get it inside about an inch and a half, working it in and out.

“Baby,” she said very softly “that feels really good but my pussy really wants your attention.”

Without a word I carefully wiped my finger off on a tissue, stepped off her body and turned her over onto her back gently rubbing my hands all over her body from toes to shoulders. Her nipples were hard as stone and the little milk nubs on her areolas stood out in excitement. I spent a minute or so loving her breasts and then slid down spreading her legs as I nestled down in-between them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32