Hands on Procedure

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In the future, modern medicine has gone through drastic changes over the past few decades. Anyone today would think it was out of science fiction, or just think you were crazy. New advances in technology have led to impressive feats in medical research and treatment, as well as a few inadvertent changes in the human biology as well. Of course in the wake of all this social practices had also gone through just as many, if not more drastic changes.

And one specific doctor had a not so little hand in at all.

It is early morning in front of a very ornate looking doctor’s office, and here we see a very well dressed man walking through the front double doors.

“Greetings Dr. Foreman,” said the young secretary.

“Good morning to you too Ellen,” he replied cordially.

Dr. Perry Foreman. His contribution to the medical field of urology and male fertility were nothing short of ground breaking, both in medical discovery, as well as the invention of new medical tools. He had grants, awards, and was the proud owner of this prestigious urology practice.

The good doctor stepped into his office and put down his briefcase, looked into the mirror he had in his office and took himself in. Dr. Foreman had always taken great pride in his appearance, both physical and in his wardrobe. He was in peak physical form for a man in his early thirties. Today he wore a fine-looking dark grey suit with matching pants and black loafers, crisp white spread collar shirt, and a patterned gold tie, tied in a perfect windsor knot. He took a closer look and scratched at his chin a little. It seems in his rush this morning he forgot to shave. He didn’t mind too much, a little scruff was a becoming.

But enough vanity for today, he had patients to attend to. With that, he shed his suit jacket, put it on his coat hanger and pulled a lab coat out of his office wardrobe. He stepped in to the nurses station, said hello as he always did, where one of the nurses gave him a clipboard with his first patient of the day.

Benjamin Court.

Today he was in for a fertility exam. Apparently he and his wife have been trying to get pregnant for months, but have been unsuccessful. Today’s visit is to see if there are any lingering issues or if a treatment is necessary.

Dr. Foreman stepped into the exam room to see a handsome looking young man sitting on the exam bed. Upon first glance, he looked to be in healthy shape. He had the appearance of a man who exercised regularly, and kept an active lifestyle. This was made more apparent by his sun tanned and skin, as well as his attire of a dark blue polyester golf shirt tucked into his khaki pants.

“Hello Benjamin,” said the doctor holding out his hand for a handshake.

“Hey doc,” said Benjamin standing up to meet his handshake. “You can just call me Ben.”

“Okay Ben.” He pulled his doctors stool behind him and sat down. “So, why don’t you go over with me the reason of your visit today.”

“Well, even before my wife and I got married, we always fantasized what it would be like to have a family together. We both love kids, it’s one of the reasons I love her so much. We had only been married eight months before we finally decided to make the jump. But with all our efforts, we can’t seem to conceive. We’ve tried home remedies, we adjusted our diets, and believe me we have had no shortage of intimacy.”

Dr. Foreman listened intently taking it all in. “Do you have any suspicion as to why?”

“Well, my wife is having tests of her own done, but what results she has gotten back so far have come up normal. So I’m worried that it might be my fault.” Ben grew a little sullen at this admission.

“Listen Ben,” said the doctor in a reassuring tone. “If there is anything wrong, it’s nothing that you could have done to be at fault here. There are just parts of our bodies that we have no control over. But we are here to determine if anything is out of sorts. So let’s cut right to the chase shall we?”


“And that means seeing your equipment,” Dr. Foreman said with an innocent grin.

“Oh right, duh.” Ben laughed.

As doctor Perry went to put on a pair of rubber gloves, Ben zipped down his zipper and with a few tuggs had his flaccid cock and balls hanging loose from his fly.

“Ah, going commando today I see,” Dr. Perry jibed.

“Yeah, I do when I work out,” said Ben confidently. “I figured with what I’m here for, they would just get in the way.”

“Smart man. Now just lean back and relax and let’s have a look here.”

Ben leaned back on his elbows and took a deep breath as Dr. Foreman went to work. First he lifted up his cock to get a good few the underside. He also maneuvered his fingers along Ben’s balls, griping and tugging where needed. Dr. Foreman took notice of how neatly trimmed they were. All the while Ben simply observed curiously. Everything seemed to be in good condition at first Antep Bayan Escort glance. No obvious abrasions or bruises that would suggest physical damage, and there were no signs of any masses or cancerous lumps.

“Well, the good news is that there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong so far. The next step though is that I’ll need you to get hard for me so I can see your penis at performance. Will that be an issue?”

“Not at all.” Ben said, reaching one hand forward to grab his flaccid cock.

“Okay while you do that I’m going to take a few more notes here.” Dr. Foreman said as he slid back in his chair began writing information down on his clipboard.

As he wrote, Ben put all his focus to pleasuring himself. He gripped is flaccid cock and pumped up and down repeatedly. Doing soft and hard to tuggs, slapping it back and forth against his pants and shirt, and even getting his other hand to slightly rub one of his nipples through his shirt. He even went as far to lick his hand as to apply lubrication.

“Would you like some lube?” asked Dr. Foreman taking notice.

“Oh sure, if you have some.”

Dr. Foreman pulled a bottle of lube out of a drawer and squirted a dollop into Ben’s used hand.

“Thank you,” he replied.

Dr. Foreman nodded and went back to his clipboard.

Ben returned to his work of self pleasure, the only sounds in the room being wet slapping, pen on paper, and a slight hum from the ceiling lights.

After another minute though, Dr. Foreman noticed that Ben had not made any progress and was still just as flaccid as when he started.

“Anything wrong Ben?” Dr. Foreman asked.

“No nothing’s wrong. Umm… well at least there shouldn’t be.” Ben gave himself a couple more hard pumps. To his frustration, no effect. “I guess this whole situation just has my nerves on edge.”

“It’s all right, it happens all the time. If you’re willing, would you object to some assistance?”

“Not at all go for it.” Ben said, leaning back on his hands with a neutral look.

Dr. Foreman set his clipboard down and slid forward in his stool. He grabbed the bottle of lube squirted some to his own gloved hand. After which he reached forward and grabbed a hold of Ben’s cock. He then began doing some simple motions, rubbing his hands all over to make sure his cock was well lubed and then began pumping up and down. He then took his other hand and also began to start fondling his balls, tugging and gripping each individually. All the while, Ben simply watched with an expressionless look. This went on for a while more without much change though. Dr. Foreman tried alternating hands, rubbing the tip, anything that would get this mans cock going, but to no avail. Thinking he needed to up the ante, doctor Foreman leaned his head forward and glanced up at Ben, who just simply nodded in approval.

With that, Dr. Foremen leaned in and took Ben’s cock into his mouth. Not wasting any time, he applied suction to Ben’s shaft and slowly drew his head back, pulling Ben’s cock straight out. Once at the tip, he pursed his lips, pressing on the head then made his way back down and repeated the motion. Suction, pull, purse, then back down again. Dr. Foremen found this technique to be effective in his line of work, putting less focus on pleasure and more on stimulating a state of arousal. And sure enough, it had the desired effect as Ben’s cock already started to attain a level of firmness, as well as leaking precum. Ben began to show reactions as well, resting back on his elbows and leaning his head back, taking slow deep breaths. As Dr. Foreman worked, he made sure to draw his tongue over Ben’s slit to grab tastes of his precum. It had a pleasant taste and texture, which was a good sign. For the next couple minutes, Dr. Foreman repeated his reps until Ben’s rod was as hard as a rock.

With one final motion, Dr. Foreman pulled back his mouth up to the tip, and let Ben’s cock slip out of his mouth with a pop, rebounding backwards and slapping against Ben’s shirt.

“Wow,” Ben said sighing contentedly. “Didn’t think you would be able to pull one out of me.”

“It’s my job, and so I have to do everything I can to help all my patients.”

Dr. Foreman then began examining his erect cock in more detail. It was a fine-looking specimen. Not enormously girthy, but it was long, hard, and stood proud at a slight curve. No signs of erectile dysfunction to be seen.

“Well mister Court, your penis seems to be well put together. Firm, proper blood flow, and above average precum production I do say so myself. And there don’t seem to be any physical abnormalities that would suggest anything wrong.”

Ben sat back up, inadvertently reaching down to grab his dick.

“So there’s nothing wrong then?” he asked with a hopeful look. Seemingly unaware of his forefinger and thumb sliding slowly up and down his dick

“There’s nothing physically wrong. However we still need a sperm sample to run some tests to know if that’s where the problem lies. And a sperm test can take a few days to see the results.”

Dr. Foreman then stood up and took off his lab coat, hung it on a wall hook. He then tossed his gloves into the trash, after which he loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. “If you’re willing to let me assist you further, we can do a mobility test immediately. Do you mind if I get changed here?”

“No, go for it,” Ben replied.

“Great. Try to keep your erection going while I get changed.”

“Okay,” said Ben immediately turning his gaze to his boner, slightly surprised his hand was already there.

Walking over to a wardrobe on the side of the room, he opened it up revealing a collection of hanging dress shirts and ties on wall hooks. Undoing his tie, he hung it around his neck he’s and unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and pulled it out of his pants. He then shed his tie and shirt, hanging them both up in the closet and swapping them out for a new tie and shirt.

Undoing the buttons of the shirt, he slipped his arms into the sleeves, did up his collar and hung the tie around his neck and put his collar back down. Starting from the second to top button he begin to button it down. When at the bottom button, he undid the belt of his pants and zipped down his fly to tuck in his shirt. Once that was done he fixed up his belt and pants and began to roll up his sleeves to his elbows. Afterward, he buttoned up the final button and began to tie his new tie. In the middle of all this, Ben had looked up from his own cock at the doctor just as he began to tie his tie into a fat balthus knot. The shirt he wore was a light blue spread collar dress shirt with noticeably large stains the collar, as well as more sporadic stains down the button line. The tie was dark blue with equally darker gray stripes, though the gray stripes did not look to be made of silk like the rest of the tie, looking almost synthetic.

Dr. Foreman finished at the mirror tying his tie then walked back and sat down in his stool and scooted forward in front of Ben.

“All right that’s enough, you can let me take over from here. Just lean back and relax. When you feel yourself about to cum just give me a tap on the head all right?”

“All right,” said Ben smirking.

With that final go ahead, Dr. Foreman then dove back down on Ben’s cock, putting his hands on Ben’s thighs to brace himself, while Ben leaned back on his elbows.

Dr. Foreman went with more vigor this time, pumping his head up and down with slow but gradually increasing speed, wet slapping sound escaping from his mouth. Ben’s cock had understandably lost a little of its girth in the wait while he changed clothes. That was quickly rectified as Ben’s cock was back at full attention, secreting precum at vigorous rates to the doctors impress. Taking his hands up, he then took one hand to Ben’s shaft and began pumping as he sucked, while his other hand began fondling his balls, squeezing and tugging. This had an obvious effect on Ben, who was getting more than a little flustered. Unlike before though, his face had turned a noticeably light red color as his body began to heat up. Obviously getting hot under the collar, he undid the last button of his polo shirt in an attempt the help ventilate himself, revealing more hairy chest. Them he just leaned back breathing heavily, wiping a few beads of sweat from his brow. In an attempt to get more comfortable, he lifted his shirt up, revealing toned abdominals. Then he undid his belt and opened up his pants letting his cock swing more freely without the confinement of his zipper encasing his manhood. Over the next couple minutes, Ben was having trouble maintaining his composure in the wake of pleasure emanating from his loins. Finally, that fateful moment arrived, as he began to feel his balls churn, preparing to shoot from is rod. Remembering what the doctor told him, he then tapped on the doctor’s head, who then began to suck more forcefully and increasing his speed. As he did, Ben’s chest began to heave up and down in labored breaths, trying to get words out of his mouth.

“Doc, this is… I’m about… I’m about to cum. Uhh. OH, yeah. Here It COMES!”

With that final word, Dr. Foreman pulled off his mouth and exposed his neck, arching his chin upwards a little ways away from Ben’s opening. With one file grunt, Ben sat back up and watched as he began to shoot out from his cock, grunting and moaning all the while. The first few wads of white hot cum reached past Dr. Foreman’s chin and across his mouth and face. Adjusting for the next volley, he moved Ben’s cock closer to his neck, the remaining streams catching on his neck, shirt collar, but most of all the large knot of his tie. This went for several seconds, Ben’s cock unleashing surprising amounts of cum before his contractions finally subsided, leaving his cock to begin to deflate, and a flustered Ben left panting.

Dr. Foreman then slid back, grabbing his tie and adjusting it to make sure it was still fastened neatly.

“Well mister Court, it is clear that volume is of no issue,” he said smacking his lips slightly. “Viscosity seems normal, which is a sign of good sperm count.” He then reached over to his clipboard and began taking down more notes.

Ben then set back up, resting one elbow on his knee. “Wow doc, if I wasn’t married I’d be asking if you did house calls.” He then looked up to Dr. Foreman. While his chin and collar of his shirt we’re still covered in ropes of cum, his tie seemed oddly dry, as well as the dark gray stripes on the tie knot itself had begun to turn white.

“Sorry. Office visits only,” he said jokingly.

“Still, you must be very popular if you can work wonders like that.”

“In some ways you are right. But not all my patients are always willing. Sometimes just a sperm sample given in private is all they are willing because my assistance would make them too uncomfortable.”

“Seriously? What is this the 21st century? You think they’d never had a guy suck them off before,” Ben said incredulously.

“Oh? Have you performed fellatio yourself Ben?”

“Well… no,” said Ben, tucking his penis back into his pants and zipping up his fly. “But one of my best friends used to give me blowjobs all the time before I met my wife. I just thought guys these days are usually more open about that stuff. I mean we both have penises don’t we? What’s so awkward about it?” As he spoke, he watched Dr. Foreman’s tie closely, the white stripe beginning to make its way down the dark gray of his tie

“Everyone’s tastes are different, you for example being only a receiver. That also means some men are strictly interested in women. Nothing wrong with it though and we shouldn’t judge them for it.”

Dr. Foreman continued to write on his clipboard, the white streak making its way down further down his tie.

“So, am I in the clear Doc?”

“One moment,” he said, continuing to write on his clipboard.

Ben continued to put himself back together as Dr. Foreman wrote. Tucking his shirt back into his pants, looping his belt, and buttoning the bottom button on his shirt again. Dr. Foreman finished writing, set the clipboard down, and stood up in front of the mirror. He took a paper towel and wiped the ropes of come off his chin and mouth, as well as dabbing off the globs on his shirt collar. Afterward, he inspected his tie, the dark gray stripes on the knot itself had turned totally white, and said whiteness had made its way down his tie, but only to just the halfway mark.

He turned to Ben. “Unfortunate to say that I have some bad news. It does seem to look like you have a case of low motility in your sperm.”

“You’re serious?!” said Ben with a little fear in his voice. “Maybe it’s a mistake!”

“Unlikely. The purpose of the procedure is for me to make sure you are at peak arousal when you ejaculate,” he put his thumb and index finger around the knot of his tie. “And subsequently catching your semen when your sperm is at its most mobile.”

Ben looked defeated. “Does this mean does this mean I can’t get my wife pregnant?”

“Not entirely,” said Dr. Foreman sitting back down on his stool, unbuttoning his collar and untying his tie to hang around his neck.

“I will still need to get your sample tested to know the full extent. But low motility by itself just simply lowers your chances, it doesn’t mean you’re sterile all together.”

“I see,” said Ben slightly relieved. “But what now?”

“Now? For the time being I’ll prescribe you a medication to hopefully help with your Mobility problem.” He pulled the tie off his neck and began to fold in his hand. “Then we send the rest of your sperm sample back to the lab for more testing, but all in all it doesn’t look like your case is totally hopeless. With proper treatment hopefully you’ll have a little bundle of joy crawling around your house within the next year or two.”

“That’s a relief. You have no Idea how much this means to me, and my wife especially,” Ben said with more confidence. He stood up to shake the doctor’s hand.

“It’s my pleasure, and I wish you and your wife good luck,” shaking Ben’s hand. He then opened the door and ushered him out of the room handing him a slip of paper. Just have this filled out at your pharmacy and we’ll get back to you with the results of your tests.”

“Thank you Dr. Foreman.”

Ben then left the exam room with a noticeable spring in his step. The doctor then shut the door, leaving him alone in the exam room, happy that you could make a budding couple into future parents. He stopped for a second in front of the mirror, and simply chuckled looking at himself. He began unbuttoning his shirt and walked over to the wardrobe to retrieve his old shirt. No one would have objected to seeing him like this, but he did have image to upkeep, and Dr. Foreman loved looking his best.

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