Encounters Ch. 01

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It seems at times that the first encounter with someone who will change your life unalterably forever can occur without expectation. Mine occurred about six months after my divorce from my wife of 15 years was finalized and my life has never been the same.

A little background is in order at this point. I am 52 years of age, and met and married my wife when I was 37 and she was 33. Jane had been brought up in a very strict Baptist home and was still a virgin on our wedding night. Unheard of in this day and age? Actually, I have since learned that it is more prevalent than one might believe. Jane’s parents lived out a rather poor existence and taught their only daughter that sex was unclean and only for the purposes of procreation. No enjoyment was expected nor allowed.

Myself, I was a shy, introverted man who had tried many times to screw up the courage to ask women (and girls as I was growing up) out on dates. Since I was not very handsome and was short my entire life, I was seldom able to go beyond one date and those always left me feeling more and more isolated and alone.

Then, at a company picnic, I first saw Jane. She was quite plain (almost mousy) in appearance and she appeared as shy as myself. We seemed drawn to one another as the others frolicked and basically got drunker by the moment. As the two outcasts, we started to shyly speak to each other until, after a couple of hours, we became well acquainted. For the first time, I felt comfortable in the company of another.

Cutting Antep Bayan Escort to the chase, we met at work – lunching together almost daily – until I asked her out to dinner and a movie. This required me to meet her parents who finally, after three months, allowed the first date. Eventually, we married and sort of fumbled through the wedding night. I was technically a virgin (having only masturbated either with magazines or my fantasies) and Jane was sorely injured when we first made love. This only reinforced what her mother had been telling her. Sex was evil!

Needless to say, our marriage bed was unhappy and within a year of moving into our small house, Jane moved into the spare bedroom. After 13 years, I began to suspect that she was going elsewhere for her sexual gratification since we simply stopped completely. Her moods however seemed better and this made life tolerable. Then one evening, when I had to work late on a deadline at work, I came home earlier than I expected and discovered my cold-hearted wife giving an enthusiastic blow job to one of my co-workers; to add insult to injury, he was at least 15 years younger than Jane and much better hung than I.

When they saw me at the door of our bedroom (well mine actually), they simply grinned and continued. I turned and walked out returning only to gather my clothes the next day while Jane was at work and then went to a lawyer. It was all over within a couple of months.

During the marriage, Jane refused to have a computer in the house – she termed it a tool of the devil. Since I worked on a computer constantly at work as the company accountant, I had become quite adept at its use. With some help from a fellow worker, I chose the latest computer and programs for my home and thus started my surfing the Internet. That same co-worker had told me that I should investigate online chat rooms and dating services in the hopes of meeting another woman. I found the idea repulsive at the outset but as I became more familiar with the process, I came to spend many an evening in the company of my home computer.

When I discovered a chat room restricted to those looking for a mature partner – the cost was fairly high to join but the site obviously hoped that it would discourage panderers and those who were only looking for a ‘good time’. For the first few weeks, I spent most of my time reading others conversations until I chanced upon a rather pleasant sounding lady slightly younger than myself. Her name was Julie and she struck me as someone who was as shy as I was. She explained how to get into a private chat room that she maintained and we were soon chatting for hours every evening.

I became obsessed with this mystery woman and wanted to learn as much about her as possible. She too had divorced under unhappy circumstances and was as cautious as myself to begin anew. It was after two months or so of chatting daily that our questions became more and more intimate. It was as if some walls of fear were tumbling down around each of us and we were discovering our sexuality for the first time. This was a surprise to each of us at our middle years; since neither of us had experienced a full sex life in our marriages, this was uncharted territory. And it was truly erotic and exciting!

I started to write long letters – love letters, actually – and sending them to her e-mail address. She would respond in kind and this went on for several months. We learned that we lived within 500 miles of each other and this fact seemed to drives us to even greater heights of passion.

One night, I received e-mail from Julie inviting me to become a member of a live chat room called MSN Messenger. When I signed up, we started to talk online live and the discussions became more and more explicit with us sharing masturbatory experiences while online! I had never imagined such things possible and I just had to meet this woman.

After one particularly erotic night of self-gratification and exchanging words of mutual satisfaction, I ventured forth with a profession of love for this woman I had never met. There was a very long pause before I finally saw the message “I think I love you too..”

There followed rapid fires exchanges of expressions of love and how deeply we cared and I then took it one step further and asked if we could meet. Her response had my heart leaping with joy.

“Considering what we have just said, I think it would be almost required don’t you agree?”

We set a date in a city midway between us and sign off.

To be continued

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