Cassie Gets Divorced

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Everything was great with Cassie and Dillon until it wasn’t. I guess that how divorce always looks from the outside, but it was weird seeing it with family. The weird part is that everyone assumes that “faking it” looks like a perfect little suburban, two and a half kids and a dog family. Faking it, in their case, meant minor problems instead of major ones. Keeping family out of the picture as much as possible. And I get it. Who wants their parents to think they’re a fuck-up?

Cassie was my sister-in-law, my wife’s sister. And we saw them mostly at the holidays, or when their parents were in town. We lived in the same city, not even a far drive, but had never been all that close. Maybe Dillon was more of that than Cassie. By the time I met them, they were newlyweds. Maybe he’d been different when they were dating, but I sure as hell knew that she could do better. Cassie was tall, beautiful, and one of those artsy types. Her hair had been about ten different colors in the few years that I knew her, and she pulled them all off well. Her right arm was covered in colorful tattoos, and she had a few others on her right leg from what I had seen. Just the right side though- she was funny like that.

Dillon was quite the opposite, but not the opposite that would have worked. If I had just met her, I would have pictured her with one of those “opposites attract” pairings: an ambitious, hardworking, square. That would have kept her grounded, and maybe helped with some of their tensions- life seems to go smoother when the bank account is full. Dillon was none of those things. Although he did have a stick up his ass, he spent more of the years I knew him on the couch than at a desk, and rolled more papers than he pushed. None of that is terrible on its own, but for some reason when he finally got a reasonable job, he chased the wrong skirt. It was pretty cliché to sleep with the secretary. Even worse if it was the boss’s daughter, home from college for the summer. And even MORE stereotypical to get caught in bed when your wife comes home early from work… but I guess they’re stereotypes for a reason. Last I heard, Dillon was fired and back on the couch, although the rent was coming due; he might even lose the couch.

Which brings us to today. I had just finished helping my sister-in-law grab the last of her things from their little apartment, and we were driving back to our place in my truck. Cassie had called Samantha, my wife, a week ago in tears. When she asked if she could stay for a while, I’m not sure my wife even saw me nodding before she said yes. She and Cassie had been very close when they were little, and even before this she had felt guilty about how far they’d drifted apart. Now I’m sure she felt like she hadn’t been there for her sister, and the chance to do something tangible was an automatic “yes”. We made up the guest room, cleared some space in the garage, and started moving her in. A week later, we were finally done, and although there would surely be some paperwork to sort out, it was finally a real possibility that none of us would ever have to see Dillon again.

It was going to be nice to have Cassie around the house. In the short week while we’d been moving, she’d cooked a little and kept mostly out of the way until dinnertime, which was frankly perfect for me. And honestly, it was nice to have a little more eye candy around the house. My wife was beautiful, don’t get me wrong. She and Cassie shared the same build, tall and slim, but she had blonde hair and freckles. Hell, maybe Cassie had blonde hair too- at this point I wasn’t even sure what her real color was. At the moment it was a light purple, which somehow still looked elegant enough to not seem silly. I loved the way my wife looked, even if she glared at the mirror occasionally. It was just nice to have a fresh set of legs around the house too. Obviously that wasn’t why I was okay with taking her in, but hey- sometimes a guy likes to look.

It didn’t take long to unpack, since the last load had really been more like half a load. When the three of us finished, my wife went to put the finishing touches on dinner while Cassie headed to the guest bathroom and I headed to the master, to shower off the sweat from moving. We seemed to mutually decide, unspoken, that tonight was dinner in front of Netflix, and so we ended the night with a bottle of red wine on the couch and the TV in the background.

You’d be surprised how difficult it is to find a show without infidelity these days. The girls both liked these stupid adult dramas, and sure enough, it wasn’t long before so-and-so was flirting with so-and-so instead of her husband. (I teased the girls about them being “modern soap operas”, but just got a pillow in the face for my insight.) I snuck a glance at Cassie to see if the show was going to hit any scars, but to my surprise she was giggling instead of… I don’t know, whatever I expected.

“What’s up, Cass?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s just funny,” she replied, “that girl talking about… butt stuff.”

She giggled as she said it. Now, I was no prude, Bayan Escort Gaziantep but I had always assumed that based on her appearance and her clothing choices, that I was the least experienced of the three of us.

“Yeah, I guess it’s kinda funny.” It didn’t hit me the same way as it did her, apparently, but whatever. A few glasses of wine in, everything is worth a little giggle.

“Yeah, like any girl likes that.”

Now, I had been the only guy around my wife’s friends in a few situations. Our house was pretty good for hosting get-togethers, and I liked to play chef and bartender. Again, a little bit of eye candy is a fun thing, and when you get a group of 30-something girls together and a bit of alcohol flowing, well… let’s just say that although I never crossed any lines, I knew some intimate details about quite a few of Samantha’s friends. Now obviously I knew a lot about Samantha too, and she did indeed like “butt stuff”, as my sister-in-law had just put it. But when her friends were over, she was always embarrassed to mention that. So if the topic came up, she played the part every time- “ewwww” or something like it. So I was extremely surprised when my wife responded to Cassie,

“Well… SOME girls like it.”

Cassie laughed, “Well sure, I guess nymphos or whatever. But no real girls.”

My wife was feeling bold from the wine, I guess: “I like it.”

Cassie laughed again, but when Samantha didn’t join in, she looked at me to see if my wife was fucking with her. I just raised my eyebrows and sipped.

“Wow,” Cassie said, “I guess I just never thought that you… or that you two, ya know…”

“What, that we fucked?” I laughed this time, trying to soften the little tension in the room.

We all giggled a bit, and I got up to fetch another bottle of wine for us. When I came back, Cassie was unloading to my wife a little. Apparently, she and Dillon had had sex often enough, but not the kind I would have expected. Maybe he was more uptight than I thought, because apparently it was always missionary, under the covers, and even the lights were either dim or off. Every time. I walked in as my wife was questioning Cassie, almost in shock.

“Wait, so you’ve never cum? Like, never?”

Cassie was flushed from more than the wine at this point, and I hesitated to come into the room. My wife was finally bonding with her adult sister, and I didn’t want to ruin the moment. But then, wine never hurt some open honest conversation, so I decided to sit down after all.

“No, I’ve orgasmed plenty Sam. Geez. Just not from him.” She took a little breath before continuing. “Well, not from any guy, actually.”

“So what, he just gets off every time and then rolls over? What about when he goes down on you?” Samantha was incredulous. I guess I should explain that we cum pretty much equally in our relationship. Lucky for her, I like eating pussy… and lucky for me, she has a good one. We didn’t exactly promise in our marriage vows, but I’ve always felt that we BOTH have a duty to satisfy the other physically. I always knew that we weren’t the norm, but… damn.

“Well…” now Cassie was actually fidgeting. I felt like maybe my wife had crossed a line, but I was the outsider in this relationship, so I kept my mouth shut. Cassie finally looked up at my wife, and responded “he never went down there. Said it was gross.”

“Oh, my FUCKING-”

If Dillon had been there, my wife probably would have broken his nose right then. Instead she took a deep breath, and shook her head. “I’m so sorry, sis. You’re fucking gorgeous. I hope you know that you deserve… that. I mean, every girl should get off once in a while. And from more than her fucking fingers.”

Cassie bit her lip, clearly unsure if she was about to cross a line. “Well… do you guys… you know…”

“I think that a man should satisfy his woman,” I said, reaching out and taking Cassie’s hand to reassure her. “So yes, I pleasure Samantha pretty regularly. But don’t feel too bad. Not all relationships are like ours.”

My wife chimed in at that point. “Honestly, most men aren’t like David. I mean… honey, plug your ears.” She winked at me and continued, “Cass, you know I was with quite a few guys before him. None of them went down on me as eagerly as David does. But most of them DID make me cum, at least.”

Cassie had finished her wine, and stood up. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to hope I find my David.” She smiled at me, but this time there was just a hint of wistfulness in her eyes. I didn’t know what to say, but Cassie headed towards the bathroom before I would have had a chance anyway.

Samantha and I cleared what few dishes were left from dinner and our wine glasses, and when Cassie headed for her bedroom instead of the living room, we did the same. As my beautiful wife changed from her day clothes to a skimpy little nightgown, she was clearly turning something over in her head. I wanted to ask her, but knew that she would tell me when she had it all worked out. Sam was funny like that- she processed anything important a dozen times over in her head before saying anything about it. She seemed to shake herself out of it after a few minutes, and grinned at me when she noticed me simply staring at her. Instead of snuggling next to me like I expected, she came to my side of the bed, and suddenly threw her leg over me and sat on my face.

My wife got aggressive with a little wine in her, and honestly, I loved it. I wasted no time as my tongue met her lips, drawing an immediate gasp from her and an immediately hard cock from me. Samantha leaned forward to push the covers down and reveal my dick, and I ran my tongue gently up and down her perfect slit. She kept herself perfectly smooth, and her pussy really was a thing of beauty. She tasted lightly of the red wine (or maybe I just smelled it on her still), and I eagerly thrust my tongue into her, while she reached for my shaft. Soon she was rocking her hips, and ready to burst. She moved from my face to my cock, and sank down on me in one smooth motion. Her lovely ass still faced me, her long hair falling down her back, as she bounced up and down. It was less than a minute before I was swelling, ready to explode, and her tight little gasps implied that she was ready as well. I grabbed her hip and her hair, and thrust up with a grunt as the first jet of cum filled her willing pussy. She shuddered and twitched, cumming with me. I pushed her hips down with my hands, bouncing her gently on my cock, while her pussy milked me for all I was worth. When Samantha cums, her pussy throbs almost enough to hurt me, and she was cumming hard tonight. Her head was thrown back, and she was silently gasping in pleasure.

When she finally came down, she rose off of my softening shaft and fell to the pillow beside me. “Mmm,” she murmured, “that was perfect.”

I had to agree. It was pretty rare for us to cum together, and even rarer for it to happen without planning. Samantha snuggled into me, still coming down from her orgasm. “David?” she whispered.

“Yeah, honey?”

She paused for a second, and then simply said “I feel bad for her. If we could do something for her, what do you think?”

I was too drowsy now to ask questions. And of course if Cassie needed us I was there. I guessed my wife was thinking of asking me to help her sister find an attorney or something, so I just mumbled yes. She snuggled a little closer, and we fell asleep that way.

When I woke in the morning, it was to the smell of coffee and bacon. My wife was still in bed with me, so I guess Cassie had started Saturday morning with a little treat for us. I used the bathroom and splashed a little water on my face, then quietly headed down to the kitchen while my wife stayed asleep. Cassie was a cute little whirlwind in the kitchen- not only was coffee and bacon on, but she was frying some eggs and making pancakes at the same time. It was a few seconds before she noticed I was there, and I took the opportunity to take in the view. Her top was a thin tank, and she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra. But that paled in comparison to her legs. She was wearing some black panties that barely covered her ass, and that was all. Her long legs were in great shape from running every morning, and watching her bounce around the kitchen in a ponytail and just her sleepwear was making me think about waking Samantha up for round two.

“Hey handsome!” Cassie looked up and smiled at me, probably noticing that I was checking her out, but letting me off the hook for it.

“Wow, this looks amazing!” I said, reaching for a strip of bacon. She playfully slapped my hand, and pointed to the coffee instead. “Not till your wife comes down, silly.”

Samantha came down a few minutes later, and we had a nice breakfast together. Cassie said she was going to go for a run, and my wife was going to head to the store for some groceries while I caught up on the yardwork. We all went our separate ways (with maybe a few more peeks at Cassie’s ass- those running pants were nice and tight), and I threw on my headphones and got to work on the lawn.

An hour or so later, I came in to wash my hands, and headed for the hallway bathroom without thinking. It wasn’t until I was reaching for a towel that I noticed the sound of running water during a gap between songs. I looked up and there was Cassie, showering after her run. She must have finished up and come home while my back was turned, because I didn’t see her come in. I had used the hallway sink out of habit, not knowing she was home.

You know those moments when time slows down a bit? I had frozen up, not sure whether to apologize or try to leave before she noticed, when I started to really look at what was in front of me. Our hallway shower was clear glass, and I could see every drop of water on her skin, every line of her tattoos, with perfect clarity. She really was gorgeous. Her head was back, rinsing the shampoo out of her hair, and with her arms raised to run through her hair, her breasts thrust forward beautifully. Her nipples were pink and tantalizing, soft and wet as they were. Her stomach was flat and smooth- the morning workouts apparently kept her in very nice shape. Her hips were turned just slightly to the side, so although I couldn’t see much of her ass, I did get a wonderful view of her legs, and where they converged. Apparently she was naturally blonde, at least based on the small “landing strip” above her pussy. At that moment she screamed and fumbled to cover herself, and I yelled in equal surprise as my trance was broken.

“Ohmygod I’m so sorry! I was just coming in to wash my hands and I completely forgot…”

I trailed off as she started laughing. “Holy fuck, you scared me! Get out of here, creeper!”

She winked at me and turned away, still laughing. I snuck one more glance at her tight little ass as I closed the door, and shook my head. Luckily, these shorts hid my growing… reaction, and I headed for my own bathroom to rinse the yardwork sweat (and now embarrassment) off in the shower. As I ran the soap over my body, my hand drifted to my cock as I remembered the sight of Cassie just moments ago. I had barely stroked myself twice when the door swung open and Cassie walked in, clad in a towel and with another wrapped around her hair. I guess she wasn’t mad after all.

She raised one eyebrow, stared directly at my dick, and said “turnabout’s fair play, right?” with a smirk. Then she turned the hot water handle of my sink, taking the heat out of my shower, and walked away with a little wiggle as my shower turned ice cold.

By the time I finished my shower and got back out to the kitchen, my wife was home and putting away groceries. When the fridge blocked Samantha’s view of Cassie, my sister in law put her finger to her lips in the universal “shh” gesture. I guess this morning would be our little secret.

The rest of the day was uneventful- we each had things that we had put off the last week in order to get Cassie situated, and today it seemed we were all catching up on those at the same time, although not together. That evening my wife cooked, and the dinner was very elegant and delicious. This time we sat around the table, and once again the wine flowed pretty freely. We all laughed quite a bit, and it seemed like the stress of the last week was finally dissolving. Samantha suggested moving to the living room, and she and I cleared the plates while Cassie refilled all of our glasses. When we sat, girls on the couch and me on the nearby easy chair, Samantha started the conversation on a serious note.

“Cassie, David and I were talking last night. And we both agreed that if we could help you, we should.”

Cassie started to interrupt, probably to say that we were already helping, but Samantha held up a hand to stop her.

“Please, let me finish. So we wanted to help you in a different way tonight. David is going to show you what it means to really cum.”

I literally choked on my wine. I guess that’s what Samantha had been preoccupied thinking about, but when she had asked me about helping Cassie I thought she meant with finding a place or divorce papers or something.

“Umm…” Cassie voiced the confusion I was feeling. “I don’t… I mean…”

Sam continued, “Now look. We’re all adults here, and no one has to do anything they don’t want to. But after all those years of a dead bedroom, aren’t you curious what it’s like to really be appreciated?” She turned to me, “And don’t even pretend like you won’t jump at the chance. I know you would never cheat on me, don’t worry. And this wouldn’t be a permanent thing. Just while Cassie is here… it might be nice to show her what she deserves in a man.”

My head was spinning, and I’m guessing Cassie’s was too. We sat for a bit, my mind racing a hundred miles an hour. Samantha was patiently pausing, knowing that Cassie and I needed a second to process. Cassie probably thought I already knew about this, and had to be replaying this morning’s encounter just as I was. However, she was probably reevaluating intentions, while I was a little more focused on physical attributes. My wife was right, of course. Even if I hadn’t seen her in the shower, Cassie had shown enough skin in the short time here that I would have to be dead to not show some attraction.

After what seemed like an hour (and was probably less than a minute), Cassie said “Well, how would we even…” and then trailed off.

My wife took Cassie’s wine glass and set it on the table, and motioned me over with her eyes.

“Just relax, Cass” my wife whispered, taking my hand and placing it high on her sister’s thigh.

That was all the encouragement I needed, and I leaned in as I sat next to her, kissing Cassie’s gentle lips tentatively. I didn’t want to scare Cassie off, but apparently I was worrying for nothing. In a few seconds Cassie was nearly attacking me, enthusiastically thrusting her tongue into my mouth like it was the first time she’d been kissed. My hand slipped under her dress, still on the outside of her thigh but now clearly beyond the boundaries of appropriateness. When my other hand moved from her neck to her breast she tensed for a moment, then pushed forward into me with a tiny moan.

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