Chardonnay , Lolly Crops

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Leaning over the kitchen counter, occasionally glancing at the clock, I waited for my boyfriend to come home.

At the moment, my only source of entertainment came from the bright screen of the laptop in front of me, which had soft rock playing as I tapped away at the keys, attempting to finish another page of my novel before he arrived.

Knowing that he usually worked a semi stressful job, I did my best to dress to impress him.

Although we had been together for quite a few months now, the fact that I still dressed up in tight jeans, with crop tops and red bottom stilettos didn’t bore me.

Seeing as I was eighteen and he was in his early twenties, neither of us minded me dressing up.

At the sound of the apartment door opening, I walked over to the door and wrapped my arms around his neck in a passionate kiss.

“Would you two mind not going fifty shades of grey tonight? I have parents visiting in an hour.” Richard asked, poking his head out of his apartment across the hall.

“No promises.” I replied, closing the door and going back over to my laptop.

“Jessica did you finish your water today?” he asked walking to a stand behind me and placing a warm hand on my exposed waist.

“I had two Dr. Peppers and a toaster pastry” I replied, continuing to tap away at the keys on my laptop.

I tensed as I felt his hand trail down to my backside and gave it a firm squeeze.

“Where’s your collar?”

“In the bedroom” I replied, not drawing my eyes from the screen in front of me.

“You’re in for a treat tonight.” he stated, pressing a soft kiss behind my ear. “Because the toys I ordered just arrived. Toys I’m only going to use when you’ve been bad.” he finished, leaving one more kiss before leaving me there, leaned over the kitchen counter.

Bringing a shaky hand to my spot behind my ear, I touched the place where the gentle kiss was left.

He was only exceptionally gentle when there were quite a few punishments lined up in the bedroom.

Quickly closing my laptop and sauntering over to the couch where he now sat, I walked to a stand behind my dom and snaked my hands down his shoulders.

“Would you like anything to eat? Back massage? Blow job?” I asked, beginning to message his shoulders.

“I’m good for now. I do need you to drink plenty of water though, you’re going to need it.” he answered.

Standing up, I walked back over to the kitchen, the sound of my red bottom heels clicking against the wooden floor, pounding in my ears.

Opening the refrigerator, I glanced back at him before grabbing the bottle of Chardonnay and pouring it into my cup filled with ice.

Taking a large sip, I put the bottle back and leaned against the counter, inhaling as I felt myself visibly calm down.

“Good girl.” he complimented, gesturing for me to come and sit on his lap.

Quickly finishing off the cup of wine, I filled another with sink water in a rush and walked over to the couch, taking a seat in his lap.

Silently thankful that he didn’t ask me any questions, I relaxed into his arms, tensing when I felt him inhale.

“Open” he stated.

Slowly Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort I opened my mouth, watching as he placed my cup down and pulled my hips so that I was straddling him.

“Jess, you know I only tell you to do things for your benefit right?” he asked, grasping my hands in his.

“I know, I’m sorry I was just-” I started, only to have him interrupt me with a kiss.

“I think it’s time we go to the bedroom, don’t you?” he asked, gesturing for me to wrap my legs around his waist and standing up.

After arriving in the bedroom, I was immediately tossed onto the bed.

The look in his brown eyes was different.

It was evident that boyfriend mode dropped as soon as we crossed the threshold, he was now my dom.

“Everything off with the exception of your panties and shoes” he stated, walking over to the dangling cuffs in the corner of the room, beginning to fidget with them.

Quickly stripping, I stood with my hands behind my back.

“Where’s your necklace?” he asked, now standing with a suede flogger.

“Fuck” I hissed, moving to get my necklace.

“Wait here, I have a better idea” he stated, walking over to the wall and picking out one of the many thick collars.

“No worries” he whispered, tying the collar around my neck.

My heart hammered against my chest when he finished fastening the collar.

“Green?” he asked, slipping a finger underneath the collar and tugging.

“Yeah” I replied, wincing when he delivered a sharp smack to the right side of my face.

“Yes sir” I corrected, biting my lip as he gripped by nipples and squeezed them, before pulling me across the room toward the dangling chains.

“Arms up” he instructed, releasing my nipples and grabbing my wrists, firmly shackling them to the chains and stepping back.

After reaching forward and fondling my nipples until they were hard and sore, he walked and retrieved the flogger, efficiently swinging it back and striking my right breast, causing me to throw my head back in pain.

“Fuck! I’m sorry!” I exclaimed, jerking as he struck my left breast.

Pausing for a moment and resting his chin on his fingers in a thoughtful gesture, he drummed his fingers on his chin before stating, “I don’t think I want to hear you right now.”

I groaned in frustration as I felt my arousal beginning to pool in my lacy red under ware as he walked over and grabbed the ball gag.

After fastening the gag around my mouth, he continued flogging my chest.

On one particularly hard swing, I pulled at the chains as my knees collapsed, leaving me dangling an inch above the floor.

“All nice and red” he stated, gripping my breasts and squeezing firmly.

“I hope you enjoyed the warm up” he added giving my sore nipples one final squeeze and walking back over to his trunk full of toys.

“This just came in the mail. Do you what I purchased it for?” he asked, holding up what appeared to be a riding crop with a lollipop attached.

“It’s called a lolly crop. Perfect for spanking your clit. It always hits its mark.” he answered, emphasizing his point by whacking Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort his palm.

I exhaled as he walked over and undid the ceiling shackles and bound me to the bed, spreading my legs as far as they would go.

I jerked as he took the crop and delivered a sharp whack to my clit, tugging at the bonds.

After a few more whacks, I wiggled the fingers on my right hand, signaling that I needed a break.

Immediately he put the crop down and untied me, taking the gag out of my mouth.

Knowing , that wasn’t the sign to completely stop, he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to my knees.

“This is one of the other toys I purchased” he stated, holding up a nice sized butt plug attacked to a fox tail.

I exhaled and relaxed my muscles as I felt him squirt a bit of lube into my ass, and coat the plug before working it in.

I bit my lip as the steel plug slowly eased its way into my butt, no doubt stretching me.

When the plug finally slipped in with a little pop, he ruffled my hair.

“Good girl” he cooed, walking and getting a leash.

After kneeling down and attaching it to the collar, he stood and tugged sharply.

Crawling on my knees behind him to the other side of the room, he sat down in a chair in front of me.

“May I suck your cock?” I asked, only to receive a hard smack.

“May I suck your cock what?”

“May I suck your cock sir.” I begged.

“Yes , you can. ” he answered, undoing his pants and pulling down his boxers, allowing his large cock to spring free.

“Go slow and deep throat” he instructed, watching as I grasped his cock and leaned forward wrapping my lips around the tip and licking the small amount of pre-cum, before taking as much of him as I could into my mouth.

“Good girl.” he groaned, placing a hand on the back of my head and pushing me down further.

Using one hand to play with his balls, and the other to stroke the base that I couldn’t fit down my throat, I used my tongue, efficiently swirling it as I continued to suck him.

With his eyes closed in bliss, I continued sucking, only gagging twice when he thrust his hips forward in pleasure, ramming his cock down my throat.

After thirty minutes, he shot his load down my throat and I swallowed, licking the remained of his cum from the corner of my lips.

Standing, he tugged the leash once more and led me back over to the bed, tugging me to a standing position and pushing me down on all fours.

“How many glasses of water did you have today?” he asked, running a hand along my backside.

“None sir” I replied, wincing as I felt the firm slap of his hand coming into contact with my ass.

As he delivered another smack, I groaned as I felt my ass contract around the butt plug.

Pausing in spanking me with his hand, he picked up the flogger and continued the punishment.

“Sir, I promise I’ll never forget again” I pleaded, letting out a sharp exhale as the flogger came into contact with my skin one last time.

“Alright, down on your back” he replied, running a hand over my entrance to ensure I was Ataşehir Vip Escort wet before thrusting into me.

I whimpered and clawed at the sheets at the feeling of his large cock entering and stretching me.

In addition to the but plug wedged up my ass , I felt completely full and ready to burst as he picked up the pace and relentlessly drove himself into me, hitting each of my spots at once.

As he hit the one spot that drove me crazy, I screamed and bucked my hips as I constricted around his length and had my first orgasm of the night.

“I didn’t give you permission to cum” he stated, slapping me across the face and not pausing his thrusting.

“Oh my god” I whimpered, gasping for breath as he fucked me straight into another orgasm and once again smacked me.

“Please” I whispered, my voice cracking after my third orgasm hit.

My body was already worn out and he wasn’t even half way exhausted.

As he pulled himself out, I tensed up at the empty feeling.

“Are you going to drink your water from now on?” he asked, handing me the glass of water he keeps on the nightstand.

“Yes sir” I replied, taking the water and taking a well needed sip.

Thinking back to yesterday, I could have kicked myself.

I was well aware of his stamina in the bedroom, and if I had a snow balls chance to last, even laying on by back, I’d need water to keep from passing out from dehydration.

After finishing the glass, he entered me again, picking up his rough pace that was sure to leave a bruise on my pelvis in the morning.

My mouth opened into a small o as he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to my throat, before biting into the junction of my neck.

I gasped as he dipped his head and roughly sucked on my sore nipples, no doubt tasting the metallic taste of my nipple jewelry in his mouth.

I jerked and let out a small shriek as he tugged the jewelry with his teeth.

The pain from the bite and the assault on my left breast, mixed with the roughness of his thrusts was enough to send me over the edge for a fourth time.

My eyes rolled back in my head as he slapped again and fucked me into another orgasm.

We nearly had a rhythm going.

I would cum without asking, he would slap me and proceed to fuck me through my next orgasm and slap me again, thankfully he never slapped me more than six times in a row, which was still enough to leave my caramel cheeks flushed red.

After a long hour of him relentlessly pounding into me, he finally came, and withdrew himself from my body.

Feeling his hot sticky cum running down my legs was blissful.

I closed my eyes as he withdrew the plug from my ass and set it down with the toys to be washed later.

When he finally removed the collar from my neck, he pressed a bruising kiss to my swollen lips, before pressing one to my forehead.

“Ready to go take a shower?” he asked.

Ready for me to fuck your brains out against the shower wall?

“I’ll need some help” I replied, knowing I wouldn’t be able to walk straight after being pounded into the mattress for a little over an hour.

“We’ll take a bath” he stated, getting up to run a hot tub full of water.

Glancing down at my bruised and battered body, I grinned.

Sure, our sex life was fucked up and down right kinky, but outside of the bedroom, a sweet gamer guy treated his ill-tempered goth girl like he loved her, and that was all I could really ask for.

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