Lost in a Female’s Pleasure Pt. 03

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Synopsis: Damien had been looking forward to a relaxing weekend free from his abusive father, but things quickly take a downward turn when he’s kidnapped and wakes up in a confusingly elegant room and learns that his life is about to change forever.

After a confusing few hours of fear and pleasure he collapsed, and after waking up he is dressed and led towards his first training session

Everyone in this story is over the age of 18. This story contains themes forced feminization, transsexuals and soft non-consensual acts. This story is a work of fantasy.


Chapter 3: The trainer, Selene

I tugged at the skirt in a futile effort to make it cover more of my thighs as Tegan unlocked the door. She’d just finished dressing me, adding knee-high socks and a pair of black Mary-Janes to the rest of the uniform, fully completing the schoolgirl image. Looking down at myself made my heart beat faster as all I saw was a girl in a school uniform, with the realization that I was the girl making my head spin. It didn’t help that I was intensely aware of each piece of clothing hugging my body, so soft and comfortable as they were.

‘Alright,’ Tegan said as the door clicked open, ‘let’s go and see Lain. You’re to stay by my side at all times, okay?’

I nodded and stepped up to her, relieved that I wasn’t going to be restrained. I’d been worried the collar would be used with a leash or I’d be forced to wear cuffs or something similar. I guess they weren’t too worried about controlling me due to how small and weak I was.


Tegan smiled down at me for a moment and then opened the door, which led into a spacious hallway with black carpeting. I bounced past her and took in the surroundings, eager to learn as much about this place as I could. The hallway was quite long and ended in a large double door, with two other halls branching off at the end. There were some colorful flower vases set on small cabinets along the shiny white walls and I counted four doors on each side of the hall, with mine and another one along the back wall.

‘Do those rooms have gir-people like me in them?’ I asked as Tegan closed my door behind her.

‘Yep,’ she patted me on the shoulder as she walked past me, ‘you were our last acquisition, although a new spot is probably going to open up in a few months. One of the girls is ready to graduate to working at the brothel full-time.’

‘What does that mean? Is she going to live at the brothel?’ I followed after Tegan, having to almost jog to keep up with her pace.

‘No,’ she laughed, ‘she’ll be living in the same apartment complex I do. It’s just across the road from here.’

I froze as my mind struggled to imagine that. I’d thought we were in the middle of nowhere, so it’d be easy for Lain to hide what she was doing to us, but an apartment complex made it sound like we were in a city.

‘Is this place in a town or something? I thought we’d be in a desert or some place far away from people.’

‘We wouldn’t get many clients if we were,’ Tegan turned back to look at me with a tight smile, ‘don’t worry about where we are too much, sweetie. You need to be focused on what happens in here, not on the outside.’

I grimaced and followed after her, not bothering to try and match her pace anymore. Moving too quickly made the skirt bounce up to my waist and almost reveal my panties, which I really didn’t want happening. It felt strange to just walk in the skirt but it wasn’t a bad kind of strange. The feeling of my legs brushing against each other was nice and the airiness of the skirt wasn’t unpleasant, just unfamiliar. I didn’t mind the knee-high socks either as they were comfortably snug and the Mary-Janes were flat-heeled so felt the same as any other shoe.

Being dressed like this was embarrassing but not…horrible. I’d never admit it out loud but these clothes were far more comfortable than any of the boys clothes I’d worn in the past.

‘So,’ Tegan said as she reached the end of the hall, ‘I’ll show you these tomorrow, but down to the left is our library and games room, and to the right is the exercise room. You’ll have every Sunday free and several nights off too, so you can make use of them then.’

I thought she was joking at first and scowled, but when her expression didn’t change I blinked. ‘W-what? Are you serious? A games room?’

‘Yes,’ she let out a breath and brushed a strand of hair from her eyes, not looking at me, ‘the training you’re going to go through will be very…stressful…and if you have to endure it without break then you’ll collapse go insane. These rooms will help take your mind off things and relax, or to socialize with the other girls if you make any friends. You don’t have to use them, of course. If you’re happier just staying in your room, that’s fine, but I’d encourage you to spend at least some time in them.’

It was hard to imagine I’d have that much freedom and I scratched the back of my head, looking down the halls. Was there really a games room down Bostancı Öğrenci Escort there? And a library?

‘Did you use the rooms when you lived here?’

‘Yep. Most of my free time was spent in the library,’ she said with a wry smile, ‘I taught myself how to sew with Lain’s help and eventually started making soft toys and cute clothing for dolls.’


‘Really,’ her cheery smile reappeared and she leaned down so we were closer to eye level, ‘in fact, I made that kitten on your bed for you. Her name’s Berry, do you like her?’

I stared at her with wide eyes and then turned away as a happy warmth ran through my chest and warmed my cheeks. Nobody had ever made anything for me before, not even mum. Why would Tegan do something like that? Did it take a long time to make a soft toy kitten? Was I supposed to thank her? I…she was keeping me prisoner here though! Why should I thank her? I shouldn’t even feel anything about her making me something. It was creepy!

‘She’s going to become a good friend,’ Tegan said in a soft voice, ‘having something soft and cuddly to snuggle up to after a hard day is invaluable, trust me.’

‘I’m not going to hug a soft toy.’ I muttered and she let out an amused breath, but said nothing.

I heard her open the double doors and I quickly turned to follow her into a huge brightly-lit room. It was about the size of a school gymnasium and had a blood-red carpet with a cream wall devoid of decoration. Two glass chandeliers hung from the high ceiling and there were busts of topless women on either side of the myriad doors along the walls. My attention, however, was drawn to a silver elevator in the center of the wall opposite us. It was large enough to fit several people and I could just make out a keypad next to it. That had to lead to the upper levels, to Lain’s mansion! And that meant it led to the outside as well, to freedom.

As I took a step forward to see it better Tegan grabbed my hand and pulled me against her with a smile.

‘Don’t wander off, sweetie,’ she patted my head and turned me toward the left wall, where several other doors were, ‘Lain’s that way.’

I didn’t bother trying to escape her grasp and just looked at her. ‘Does that elevator go up to Lain’s mansion?’

‘It does, but you shouldn’t worry about that,’ she said as she led me to the door, ‘like I just said, your focus needs to be in here, not out there.’


‘You’re not going to escape from here,’ she said in a heavy tone and met my eyes, ‘and thinking about the outside will just make you miserable.’

I returned her gaze with a frown and then focused back on the elevator. From what she’d said I couldn’t imagine she’d tried too hard to escape from here, not that I blamed her considering how bad her life had been before. But that meant she probably didn’t know how hard or easy it was too get out of here so I wasn’t going to believe anything she said on the matter.

I WAS going to get out of here, no matter what.

She let out a small sigh and led me through a door that had ‘Training Rooms’ emblazoned on it, which led to another hallway with six numbered doors. She gave the Number 1 door a loud knock and after a moment Lain’s voice came from inside, telling us to enter. At the sound of her voice my thoughts of escape wavered and I increased my grip on Tegan’s hand.

‘Don’t be scared,’ she looked at me for a long time, a sympathetic expression on her face, ‘this isn’t going to be as bad as you think. The first few days are always the hardest but things will get easier. I promise.’

Before I could reply she opened the door and pulled me inside after her. The aroma of vanilla permeated the room and coolness seeped into my skin, as if we’d entered a cellar. The room was the size of my bedroom but far less welcoming, with black walls and a polished wooden floor that echoed out footsteps. The left side of the room had a large wooden closet and shelves, with the side wall being one giant mirror. Along the right wall was a lavish red couch and my stomach trembled at the sight of Lain reclining on it, legs crossed and glacier-blue eyes focused on me like a predator.

She was wearing a short black dress today along with sheer black stockings and matching high heels. The dress ended just mid-way down her thighs and its plunging neckline showed off her large breasts, which were nestled in a silky bra. Her hair was brushed to the right and tumbled down her shoulder in a golden stream, standing out against the blackness of her dress.

‘Mistress,’ Tegan curtsied to Lain and then to the other side of the room, where to my surprise another woman stood, ‘Selene.’

I focused on the other woman, who was in front of a small cabinet where some wine bottles and glasses were. She was almost as tall as Lain but dressed completely different, favoring leather pants with thigh-high boots with a tank-top. All of her clothing was black and skin-tight, emphasizing her athletic, toned body Bostancı Çıtır Escort and wide curves. She had thick black hair running just past her shoulders and a small fringe similar to Sophia’s, just slightly higher. Her nose and right eyebrow were pierced along with the area above her left lip, and there seemed to be a spiderweb tattoo crawling around her left arm.

‘Tegan! You’re right on time,’ Lain said as I tore my eyes from Selene and back to her, ‘did Lily give you any trouble?’

‘A little, but nothing worth mentioning,’ Tegan patted me on the shoulders and beamed at Lain, ‘she and Sophia seem like they’re going to get along great together.’

‘I’m glad,’ Lain nodded, beckoning me over with her free hand, ‘come here, honey. Let me see how good that uniform looks on you.’

I hesitated a moment before going over to her, knowing that nothing good would happen if I didn’t. My cheeks burned as I felt the eyes of all the women in the room on me and as I stopped in front of Lain my knees trembled. A wide grin lit up her face and she sipped at her wine before leaning forward to see me better.

‘You look adorable,’ she said as she uncrossed her legs and ran a hand down the front of my shirt, ‘if I hadn’t seen you naked I’d never believe you were once a boy.’

‘I am a boy,’ I muttered and she laughed softly.

‘You won’t be saying that for much longer,’ she drank the last of her wine and put the glass on a small table next to the couch, licking her plump lips, ‘so, what do you think of your room?’

‘It’s…big. And way too girly,’ I said and she just smirked.

‘She loved the bathroom,’ Tegan said, ‘especially the bathtub. She wanted to use it right away.’

‘I don’t blame her,’ Lain grinned at me, ‘with how small you are it’s probably like a having your own personal pool.’

I choked on a displeased growl and then crossed my arms, glaring at the ground. Why did everyone have to make fun of my height? Jesus.

Lain let out a short laugh. ‘Ah, you’re way too sensitive. Anyway, Selene, what do you think of her?’

I swallowed and turned around as the other woman came over to look down at me, her eyes narrowed and hands on hips. Her face was sharp and pretty, high cheekbones and a bold nose. She was wearing makeup that gave her a Gothic aesthetic and from watching mum get ready for work as a child I recognized some of it. Dark eyeliner and eyeshadow, crimson lipstick outlined by a thin black line and blush. It made her look stunning but caused her to stand out from Lain and Tegan.

‘She’s…interesting,’ she said and I squeaked as she put a hand under my chin and made me meet her gaze, ‘she’s like a porcelain doll that’s come to life. I’d like it if she had a fringe though, I think that’d make her much cuter. Why isn’t she wearing any make-up?’

‘I didn’t think it’d be worth doing it today, considering…’ Tegan trailed off and Selene nodded.

‘Fair enough. That’s probably for the best,’ she grabbed my waist and then arms, with her hands being able to completely envelope them, ‘you’re pretty skinny, huh? Do you exercise at all, or play sports?’


‘What about at school? How did you do in gym class?’

‘I uhm,’ I scratched the back of my head, ‘I haven’t been to gym class in a long time.’

‘Ah,’ she nodded, ‘I imagine the changing room weren’t a very safe place for you, huh?’

I shook my head, surprised that she understood. ‘They’re horrible. All the boys make fun of my body and hurt me sometimes because there wasn’t a teacher around. They used to steal my clothes or put them in the toilet just to mess with me too, which made dad angry because he’d have to buy new ones.’

‘You went to an all-boys school, right?’

‘I still do,’ I said in a firm voice and her lips twitched.

‘Well, you don’t have to worry about being made fun of here,’ she squeezed my arms and then ran her hands down my shoulders, ‘your body’s amazing, and hormones are going to perfect it.’

I blinked and looked at Lain, having completely forgotten about hormones. ‘W-when are you going to make me take them?’

‘It’s already been done,’ she said and I gasped, ‘we injected your first dose last night when you were unconscious.’

‘What?’ I stepped towards her as ice pooled in my stomach. ‘You can inject hormones? I thought they were tablets!’

‘They can be, but injections are easier and usually more effective, especially for you with your tiny testosterone levels.’

My legs started shaking and I swallowed. ‘What’s going to happen to me? I don’t look any different.’

‘It’ll take a month or two for you to really notice anything,’ she said in a gentle voice, ‘although your emotions might become a bit unstable for a while.’

‘C-can you undo the changes after they’ve happened?’

Lain raised her eyebrows. ‘Well, yes, the first few months of changes can be reversed, but why would we do that? Making you more masculine is the last thing we want.’

I let Bostancı Elit Escort out a relieved breath as my panic alleviated somewhat. Oh thank god! If I escaped with the month, or even the next, then everything would be okay. Whew.

‘Are you thinking that you can escape and have the changes undone?’ Selene asked and I spun around to glare at her. ‘That’ll never happen.’

‘W-who are you anyway?’ I demanded, finding a spark of anger amongst my fear. ‘Why are you here?’

‘She’s in charge of your training,’ Lain said with a hint of amusement, ‘she specializes in cases like you.’

‘Cases like me?’

‘Yes,’ Selene leaned down so we were face to face, ‘I’m an expert at turning people like you into happy little feminized sluts.’

I shivered at the look in her eyes and turned to Lain. ‘I-I thought you were going to be doing that.’

‘I will be,’ she smiled, ‘but I don’t have nearly enough free time to do it all myself. And while I enjoy it, I’m no expert. Selene’s an actual Domme and ran her own business before starting work here.’

‘She worked outside?’ I looked back to her. ‘Do you know that I’ve been kidnapped? I’m a slave here!’

‘I know,’ she nodded as her eyes darkened, a smile playing on her lips, ‘but I’ve always found it far more pleasurable to work on unwilling subjects, so when Lain gave me the opportunity to do so I leapt at it.’

I stared at her with wide eyes as a whimper escaped me. She was just as crazy as Lain, dammit.

‘Aww. She makes some cute sounds, doesn’t she?’ She said and Lain laughed.

‘You should hear the ones she makes when she’s turned on,’ she tapped her lips with a manicured finger and tilted her head to the side, ‘and speaking of, why don’t we get started?’

Selene nodded and got to her feet. ‘Yeah. I’m eager to see how how this goes.’

‘I should get going then,’ Tegan said and I stared up at her in surprise.

‘You’re leaving?’

‘I’ll be back when they’re done, don’t worry,’ she said with a solemn expression, ‘I’ll run you a bath and give you a nice massage, okay? It’ll help.’

‘Help with what?’ I asked but she just gave me a sad smile and squeezed my shoulder.

‘Thanks Tegan. See you later,’ Lain smiled at Tegan, who curtsied and went to the door.

She looked at me for a few seconds before leaving, closing the door behind her with a small thud. The room immediately seemed to grow darker and I turned to Lain as the panic inside me increased exponentially.

‘What’re you going to do to me?’ I asked as I sat next to her, scared that my trembling legs would give out.

She patted my thigh and looked at Selene. ‘Why don’t you fill her in? I didn’t go into any real details last night beyond the fact that she’d be working as a prostitute.’

Selene nodded and stood in front of me. ‘You’ll have training sessions with other people while you’re here, but with me we’re going to focus on making the ideal sex toy. You’re going to be a bottom, a submissive. Do you know what that means?’

‘No.’ I knew next to nothing about sex, and even if I did I was in too much of a panic to think clearly.

‘It means that you’re the one who gets fucked, instead of the one who fucks,’ she said with a smirk and I shivered, ‘you met Sophia today, yes? She’s a top, and her training is very different to what yours is going to be. Even though you’re both trans your appeal is vastly different.’

‘What do you mean?’

Selene frowned and looked at Lain, who shrugged. ‘She’d never even kissed someone before yesterday so her naivete is to be expected. Just go slowly.’

‘Mm,’ Selene pursed her lips and focused her eyes on me, ‘when I say appeal I mean what turns our clients on. Some like to have sex with a dominant woman and some like to have sex with a submissive one. Your size and femininity is your appeal and lets you fill out a lot of different roles. Slave play, age play, daddy-daughter stuff-‘

‘What?’ I squeaked and grabbed the edges of my shirt. ‘Daddy-Daughter?’

She smiled at my expression. ‘Yeah. It’s a pretty common kink and probably the scenario you’ll end up enjoying the most. You play out the role as the client’s daughter, or in some cases their sexy crossdressing son, and they’ll be the loving, horny father who wants to fuck you.’

I choked at the imagine and my dad caressing my face with an aroused grin.’Agh! That’s awful.’

‘Believe me, it’s one of the more enjoyable roles,’ her smile faded somewhat, ‘some of the clients are going to want to humiliate and hurt you, take pleasure in your dehumanization. There’ll be times when you’ll be tied up, gagged and abused just for their amusement.’

‘We won’t let any of them seriously injure you though,’ Lain said in a quiet voice and I met her serious eyes, ‘I have rules at my brothel. No violence that leads to bleeding or serious bruising, and nothing that leaves a permanent scar, physically or mentally.’

‘But,’ my mouth ran dry and I let out a shaky breath, ‘they’ll still hurt me?’

‘You will have some rough clients,’ Selene patted me on the knees and gave me an encouraging smile, ‘but that abuse, how to endure it and take please from it, is what I’m here to teach you.’

‘Uhm,’ I rubbed my legs together and clenched my hands in my lap, ‘can’t I be top instead?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32