Chastised, Feminized, Sodomized

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My name is Kim Lee. I am half Korean and half Chinese. My first name got me teased quite a bit when I was in school. Nor did it help that I am a bit small and slender. Consequently I grew up rather shy and reserved. I never really had many girlfriends, as most women that I ever met seemed to prefer bigger, more macho guys. So I was not prepared at all when I met Erin Powell. The woman literally changed my entire life.

I met Erin at the bank. I got hired as a teller and Erin was my supervisor. Over the next six months that I worked there I remained a teller, while I watched the aggressive Erin rise all the way up to the position of bank manager, and then eventually regional manager over the entire state.

Erin was smart, a graduate of Wharton Business School, and absolutely gorgeous. She had the face of a model, classic features like Elizabeth Hurley, only her hair was lighter, dirty blonde.. When she pulled it back into a ponytail, put on her glasses and wore one of her business suits, she looked like a corporate executive from Sweden. She worked out at the gym three times a week, and had a strong, lean body with voluptuous curves. When she walked through the bank, the way her hips swayed back and forth, every man within 30 feet of her was completely mesmerized, hypnotized, myself included.

When we first met Erin was 38, while I was only a few years out of college, 25. I never would have thought a woman of class and sophistication like Erin was even the slightest bit interested in someone small and scrawny like me. That was until the bank Christmas party. Surprisingly she didn’t have a date. There had been this big hunky football player guy that had come in a couple of times to pick her up after work named Hank. I thought they were dating, so I was completely and utterly blown away when Erin came up to me at the company party and asked me to dance.

“Kim, you’ve been sitting here all alone all night. Come dance with me.”

I was shocked, but of course I readily complied. We danced a few fast numbers, and then they played a slow song. With a sly smile, without even asking if I wanted to dance close, she put her arm around my waist and drew me to her. I’m 5’8″ and rather on the slender side, while Erin is a good 5’10”. In her 3″ heels, she towered over me, so much so that my head only reached her shoulder. With her arms around my waist, I didn’t know where to put my arms except around her neck. All of which felt awkward. I got this odd feeling that our roles were somehow reversed, and that Erin was in the masculine position, and I the feminine.

As we danced, Erin swirled her body against me. Her thighs were level with the crotch of my pants. Her muscular legs seemed to keep rubbing back and forth against my zipper. I tried to control myself, but I was completely and utterly intoxicated by Erin’s presence, her perfume, her pretty face so close to mine, her hair, her eyes, her lips, and her incredibly toned, round body undulating against me… I couldn’t help becoming aroused.

Blushing bright red, I mumbled, “I need to stop dancing.”

“Don’t you dare,” Erin said. I heard her chuckle above me. When the slow song ended and a fast song began, Erin didn’t let go of me. She held tight to my waist and danced against me, gyrating her pelvis rapidly back and forth against my poor excited manhood. The more she danced, the more excited I became… so excited I feared that I would lose all control. I moaned and tried to pull away, but her strong arms held me tight. “Please! I need to stop!”

Erin read me like a book, redoubled her efforts, and in mere seconds I exploded, right in my pants. Erin didn’t miss a trick, and just smiled knowingly.

Totally mortified, embarrassed to the core, terrified that Erin was going slap me, as I tried to catch my breath and recover, my mind racing…Erin pulled my head to her shoulder, and bid me relax against her. “It’s all right,” she cooed. She leaned her chin against my hair and played with it. “You are so easy,” she said. I looked up at her exquisite profile and followed her eyes to the wall of the dance hall lined with mirrors. She was looking at our reflection. She towered over me in her pants suit and heels. “You have very pretty hair,” she whispered. “I like the way you leave it long. We almost look like two women, don’t we? Two lesbians,” she chuckled.

When the song was over, Erin lifted my chin and kissed me. It was more than just a peck on the lips. Her lips held onto mine like suction cups. Her passion took my very breath away. When she finally broke free, I was gasping for air. She grinned down at me, in complete control, and she knew it.

“I’m taking you home with me,” she said, taking my hand. The way she said it, it wasn’t a question, she wasn’t asking me if I wanted to go home with her. It was a pure fact. I was going home with Erin. My heart fluttered with nervous excitement. This woman was light years out of my league. I’d only had one girlfriend in my life, Kathy, my high school sweetheart. Only Kathy was kind of istanbul escort the shy, mousey type. So we’d never really ever done much, I was always too nervous, and she was just as nervous, so here I was 25 and could count the number of times I’d slept with a woman on a couple of fingers.

Erin led me to the table where she’d been sitting with the corporate exec’s Tom Bradley, Marty Winston, and Kay Brown. “I’m leaving,” she announced picking up her purse and sweater.

“Are you driving Kim home?” Kay asked, raising her eyebrows. “You practically raped the poor boy on the dance floor.” Kay’s eyes said it all. Sleeping with the tellers, eh?

I blushed hotly. What if Hank found out? He’d stuff me in a cash box.

Erin didn’t say a word, she just smiled, said her “good nights” and led me from the building to her Mercedes.

“What about my car?” I said. “Maybe I should…”

“Just leave it,” Erin snapped. “We’ll come back for it in the morning.” I was staying the night??

I gulped as I tried to keep up with her as she strode across the parking lot. She opened my door for me. “Thanks,” I mumbled.

As she pulled out of the lot and drove across town, she glanced at me in the passenger’s seat. “You really enjoy dancing, don’t you?” she asked.

I turned fifteen shades of red. “I’m very sorry! It’s just that I find you very beautiful… and the way you were dancing against me… I’ve never felt anything like that before!”

“If you stick with me, you’ll do a lot of things you’ve never done before.”

“I-I don’t understand. Why are you interested in a boy like me? You could have any man you wanted. I am nothing.”

Erin shrugged. “Macho men are such pigs. I hate them. I hate them all. I much prefer, a cute young thing like yourself… that I can dominate.”

I gulped. “You… you would go out with me?”

Erin laughed. “Maybe. You’d have to agree to certain terms.”

“What kind of terms?”

Without looking at me, continuing to drive, she replied, “You’d have to agree to be my submissive.”


“Yes. Have you ever heard of Dominant and submissive relationships?”

“Not really.” I’d heard of them through the internet, but didn’t want to admit it.

“Well, I can tell you’ve got a submissive personality. And I’ve been dominant since the day I was born. I much prefer dominating a man like you, than having some Neanderthal try to dominate me.”

“What exactly would I have to do?”

“Anything and everything that I ask.” Erin glanced at me for a second to gauge my reaction. “The deal is this. If I ask you to do something, and you refuse, our relationship is over. Finished. It’s that simple. So. Do you agree? Do you want to be my submissive?”

“I’ll try.”

“You’d better do more than try, or you’re not going to last very long.”

“All right. I’ll do whatever you want. How’s that?”

“Hmm… Let’s try a little test. Take your pants off.”

“What!? Ms. Powell!”

“Come on. You heard me. Either you do exactly what I ask, or I turn around and take you back to your car. So… take your pants off. And I mean your panties too.”

Nervously, hands shaking slightly, I undid my belt and unzipped my pants. “I don’t wear panties. I wear men’s underwear.” Outside we sped down the well lit Main Street. Slowly I pushed them down to my shoes.

“And the underwear.”

My heart racing as fast as the Mercedes’ engine, I slid my briefs down to my ankles.

“Push your shirt out of the way so I can see it.”

I lifted my shirt and we both peered down at my crotch. In the darkness there wasn’t much to see.

Erin stopped at a traffic light, and squinted. “I don’t see anything,” she chuckled. She reached over and pulled my knees apart. “Good Lord. I’ve never seen one that small before. It looks like a gumdrop.”

She cupped my manhood in her palm like it was a baby mouse. Immediately my body reacted to her touch. From a sparse tuft of black pubic hair my manhood sprouted to its full length.

“What are you, about three inches?”

I was too embarrassed to reply. “Can I pull my pants up now?”

“No, leave them down.” She examined my tiny shaft with her fingers, bending it too and fro.

I gasped, and shuddered. “Please be careful!” Oh no, too late. Semen coughed up and spewed forth.

“Oh my God! Not on the leather seats!” Erin handed me a kleenex and told me to clean myself up. “Never in my life have I see a man cum that quickly.” She laughed out loud. “You’ve got the tiniest penis I’ve ever seen, plus you’re a premature ejaculator. Ha! At least you’re not impotent.”

“I’m sorry! I really am!” I said almost in tears as I cleaned myself up. “Does this mean it’s over? That you don’t want me to be your submissive?”

Erin started up the car from the light. “No. Not at all. In fact, I think you’re going to be perfect. Take off the rest of your clothes. Go ahead. I want you completely naked.”

So scared, I thought I was going to have escort bayan a heart attack, I did as she ordered, and sat there beside her in the passenger seat feeling utterly exposed and vulnerable. Ten minutes later we arrived at her home. Thankfully she had an automatic garage door opener. For a minute I thought she was going to make me run from the car to the front door naked. Whenever I tried to put my clothes back on, Erin smacked my hands and told me to stop. It seemed she preferred me nude.

Once inside the garage, she came around and opened my door for me. I felt awkward and nervous as a doe, as I climbed out, barefooted, entirely unclothed. Meekly I follow as she led the way inside.

Her house was gorgeous. I lived in a small two room apartment. Erin owned a huge, 2-story, four bedroom house, with a 2-car garage. There was a deck off the kitchen and a built-in swimming pool in the back yard.

Erin led the way up the plush carpeted steps, past a statue of the Greek goddess Artemis, and took me right to her bedroom, where she bid me help her undress. I got down on my knees and pulled off her shoes… unbuttoned her blouse… and helped her off with her pants. Beneath she wore a very sexy matching black lace bra and panties. She stripped these off as well, without the slightest inhibition at all. My little thing stood straight up at the sight of her perfectly shaped nude body.

Erin didn’t miss a trick, and shook her head. “No more for you,” she said slipping into a cute black see through chemise. With her luscious body still visible through the sheer material I almost had an orgasm just looking at her. “You’ve had enough excitement for one night.” She opened a bureau drawer and removed something. “Come,” she said sitting on the edge of her bed, “And stand in front of me.” In her hand she held a tiny little metal hood connected to several steel rings. “Do you know what this is?”

“No,” I said nervously.

“It’s a chastity device. It’s the smallest one I have. Hopefully it fits.”

“I don’t understand…”

“It’ll keep you from getting hard, and keep you from cumming prematurely.”

“I don’t know…” I said backing away.

“It’s perfectly all right. I have the key. I’ll let you out of it later. I just want to see if this fits. Hm… you’re little thing is not going down. Hold on. I’ll be right back.”

Erin disappeared for a minute and returned with a waddled up white wash cloth. She held it to my groin. I nearly jumped a foot in the air. The wash cloth was filled with ice cubes. She held them to my stiff little member until it softened and shriveled.

“Look at it now,” she giggled. “It’s small as a little thimble. I just hope this fits.” She fit the silver hood of the shaft of my penis as well as the straps and locked them in place. “It’s too big. You don’t fit all the rings, but that should keep you under control for now, until I can find you the right size. Hopefully they make them this small. Now come here. It’s my turn.”

She reclined back on the bed, and positioned me with my head between her thighs. With her hands on my head, she guided my face to her shaven pussy, and bid me to: “Lick!” For the next 45 minutes I licked and wiggled my tongue, obeying Erin’s every direction. “Not there. Over to the right. Down some. Yes! Yes! Right there!” Her sex became soaking wet, squirting tasty juices like a succulent, ripe plum.

As she became more excited she began to moan loudly, buck her hips, and grind her pelvic bone into my face. The more excited she became, really turned me on, but the chastity device around my member prohibited me from becoming aroused. Instead, as I got excited, I groaned in agony and frustration as my penis tried to expand painfully against the silver tube. But at least Erin was enjoying herself. After a noisy orgasm she collapsed backward among the pillows, gasping for air.

“Come here,” she said, pulling me into her arms. We snuggled together beneath the sheets. Within minutes she was fast asleep, with my head on her strong shoulder.

I lay there looking around her spacious bedroom, listening to the rise and fall of her breathing. Could this be happening to me? Could I really be here in Erin’s bed? It was like sleeping with a movie star. She was more incredible than I ever could have imagined. She was the woman of my dreams. I was so happy to be in her arms, but at the same time horrified by what she had locked about my manhood. In utter confusion, cried myself to sleep.

The next morning Erin had me revisit her moist “little flower” as she called it, and I brought her to another orgasm. “It’s a wonderful way to start the day!” she said.

When I asked her about removing the chastity device, she said, “No little one. You’re going to have to wear it for a few days.”

“A few days! You said you would take it off.”

“Oh I will my darling, I will. But I want you to learn a little more self control first. You don’t expect a woman like me to have a lover who can’t even control himself, Bostancı escort do you? You would wear that for me for a few days, if it meant keeping me happy, wouldn’t you? You’ll do it for me, won’t you?”

“Y-Yes Erin… of course. I’ll do anything you want.”

“Good. If all goes well, I’ll take it off next weekend, and we’ll see how you respond then.”

I was shocked by her request, and not just a little bit upset, especially when I got home and realized it prevented me from masturbating. During the course of the week at work, Erin said very little to me, except when no one else was looking, and she would give me a big smile. Once while I was counting money in the back, she came up behind me, and hugged me. Her body felt lush and full against my back, especially her breasts. I moaned in agony, and she chuckled. “What’s the matter my darling? Your little peanut hurting?” She patted my crotch, feeling the chastity device beneath my pants, making sure it was still there. “Don’t worry. Just three more days, and we’ll take it off for a while…”

When the weekend came, after a night of dancing at the clubs together, and we were in Erin’s bedroom, she ordered me to strip, and examined my caged member. My penis was encased in a silver hood over the top and then belted around my little shaft with two small leather straps. Additional leather straps encircled the base and my testicles. From the bottom strap hung a tiny padlock.

Erin massaged my manhood, making me moan. Instantly it began to swell and strain against the tight confines of the restraining device. The more noise I made, the bigger Erin’s smile, as she continued to stroke, tickle, and tease me. She seemed to derive immense amusement out of my discomfort.

“All right. I’m going to unlock you, but I’m telling you right now… if you have an orgasm too fast… in less than five minutes… I’m putting it right back on, and you’re going to have to keep it on for two weeks this time.”

“Two weeks! Erin no, please no. I don’t think I can take it!”

“Why? Did you miss masturbating that much? How often do you do it? Tell me!?”

Cringing, I reddened, and admitted, “I do it every day.”

“All by yourself?”

“Well, yes, of course.”

“That’s horrible. You should never have sex alone. It was meant to be shared with someone else. And since you’re nothing but a premature ejaculating, little masturbator… you need to be restrained like this.” She glanced at me out of the corner of her eye to see if I bought this.

“I-I… don’t know Erin…”

“Are you disagreeing with me?” she asked in a mock firm voice. “If you don’t want to be my submissive any more, I can remove your chastity belt, and you can go home. You can go back to masturbating as much as you want, all by yourself. It’s like I said. If you don’t agree to all of my rules, you can leave… and you’ll never see me again.”

“No! No! It’s okay. I’ll do whatever you want. Anything,” I said glumly.

“All right then,” she said unlocking the little padlock. “I’m going to time you,” she said fondling my penis. It sprang to life immediately. “You’ve got to last five minutes, or your little peanut goes back into bondage.”

Disappointingly I didn’t even last 60 seconds. I was so excited, just a few quick strokes of her soft hand and I gasped and groaned as my whole body erupted.

“Goodness, either I’m just too sexy, or your little peanut definitely has a problem with premature ejaculation,” she said shaking her head. She cleaned me up with a wash cloth, and put a new, smaller chastity belt around my poor little manhood. “You’re so small, I had to have this one custom made,” she said locking the clear plastic tubing around the small shaft. She wrapped two leather straps from the hood around the shaft, and two more straps around the base and my testicles. I heard a tiny padlock snapped shut. “Wonderful! It fits perfect. How does it feel?”

How would it feel to have your penis belted tightly? “It’s okay, I guess.”

She looked up at me. “We’ll try it again in 2 weeks, and see if you’ve learned any self control.”

Nightly, before I licked her “little flower,” Erin fondled my little peanut. She said she was just checking to see if the chastity belt was still on properly, but I know she loved teasing me, making me squirm. As the nights went by, each time she played with me, it became more and more intense torture. My testicles felt compressed by a vice and bursting with cum.

Erin let me loose in two weeks… with the same premature results. That increased my chastity to three weeks… then a month… then before I knew it, Erin was locking me away and letting me know it would be six months before she would let me out again.

“Please Erin,” I said tears in my eyes. “I can’t do this anymore. You are driving me crazy. I want you so badly!”

Erin laughed like I’d made an outrageous joke. “What? You want to make love to me? With your little peanut? And how do you propose to do that? For one thing, this time you didn’t even last 10 seconds. As soon as I touched you with my hand you came. You’re getting worse, not better. And for another thing, you’re much too small my darling to give any woman pleasure. No dear. You’re much better with your tongue. Your peanut is useless.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32