Chav Sex Ch. 01

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Definition of Chav – from the ‘Online Slang Dictionary’

“Chavs are ‘townies. Origin: UK. All are known fundamentally for being loudly low-class. The wearing of new, name brand athletic clothing and shoes, tacky Gold Jewelry (particularly hoop ear rings, large pendant necklaces, and gaudy rings) and, perhaps most importantly, Burberry are quite important. Associated with low level criminal activities and other crass/drunken misbehaviour, they are most often found in housing projects and other low-income neighborhoods.”

From ‘Wiktionary’

“The etymology is unclear, but the word probably has Romany origins — compare Romany chavo ‘male child’, chavi ‘female child’, chal ‘boy’, chavvy ‘mate, friend’. It thus may be related to charva (from Romany charver ‘prostitute’)… It seems to have originated in the south-east and may represent a development of, or influence from, certain towns names including Chatham (which has a Romany community)… As the word became more widespread, a variety of backronyms have also been suggested (Council Housed And Violent, Council House Associated Vermin, etc.), all equally unsubstantiated.”


Chapter 1 – The Late Train

August. I was on the late train from Charing Cross after an office party – the retirement do of a fellow partner at my law firm.

I wasn’t drunk, just merry, reading the Metro and listening to the other merry and drunken passengers returning home from a night on the town that sultry summer’s evening.

The train was fairly full, and two girls tottered down the carriage looking for a seat. They spotted the empty seats in front of me, and plonked themselves into them, giggling.

I looked up from the paper and checked them out. The one that attracted me was blonde, skinny, short, maybe twenty. She was pretty in a hard way; her blue eyes were bright, her nose well formed (despite the stud in her left nostril), and her teeth only slightly crooked. Her long hair was piled up, 2 huge gold hoops hung from each of her ears. She wore a cheap floral summer frock, the hemline was very short showing her very white uncovered legs. She wore a simple gold chain on her left ankle, just hanging below a small, badly etched butterfly tattoo, Bostancı escort bayan and her small feet were encased in dirty white stilettos. In short, she was a Chav… and I was aroused.

The friend, was about the same age, dark haired, plain, short and plump. This didn’t stop her from wearing a light blue woolen top which was 1 size too small for her and a short white skirt. Her chubby legs were likewise adorned with ankle chain, ankle tattoo and white shoes.

I concentrated my occasional glance from the paper on the blonde. They talked loudly about how ugly and feeble the blokes who had chatted them up in Convent Garden were, munched on the remains of a MacDonalds, and slowly calmed down as the train pulled out of the station.

I ignored them for a while and concentrated on the paper. However after the train left Bromley, where many of the passengers had got off, I looked up and noted the blonde staring at me, a crooked smile on her face. I returned the smile and returned to the Sports section.

A minute later, I looked up and she was whispering to her friend, who in turn looked at me almost sorrowfully. The blonde slouched in her seat, and raised her left foot to rest on my seat just to my right. I thought better of asking her to move it, and was in fact turned on.

Knowing that I was being watched, I took my time looking at her scuffed shoe, her slim ankle and it’s chain. I inspected the tattoo. My eyes slowly traced up her small but well formed leg. Her dress had ridden up her tiny thigh. I looked up, and saw them both staring at me: saying nothing. She parted her legs a fraction, and I returned my gaze to her leg. The dress had ridden up further and now I could just see a flash of white knickers.

The blonde whispered something to the brunette, who in turn put her left arm around the blonde, and with her right hand raised the blonde’s face to hers and then kissed her on the lips.

Looking around, I saw that the only other passenger on the bank of seats on the other side of the carriage was sleeping.

The kiss became more passionate, and soon turned French. They seemed to get a great deal of pleasure exposing their tongues and licking each Escort Bostancı other with extremely wet kisses – they had done this before.

As they snogged, the brunette moved her right hand down into the blonde’s dress and clasped her breast. The blonde tilted her face slightly towards me and looked me in the eye, she smiled as she lightly bit her girlfriends bottom lip.

I became very aroused, I had given up pretending to read the paper, but used it to hide my raging hard on. I was sorely tempted to join in, if only by caressing the pale white leg next to me. I couldn’t do it, despite their obvious lack of inhibitions, so I decided to play it cool.

We came into Sevenoaks, and the girls stopped their embrace as the remaining passenger got off.

Our carriage was now empty. As the train started again, the blonde whispered once more to her playmate, who nodded her head seriously. They resumed kissing, less deeply this time, but no less erotically. Slow touches of lips, prolonged intertwining of tongues – clearly for my benefit as well as theirs.

The brunette’s right hand moved this time to caress the blonde’s left thigh. Slowly moving her hand up and down, but ever more up her dress. The blonde spread her legs to give her access. I could see her knickers clearly now. Then she surprised me by raising her right leg and placing the foot on the seat between my legs. This gave the brunette greater access, who moved her hand up to massage her cotton clad mound.

With a little difficulty, the brunette eased aside the strip of material to get to the blonde’s moist vagina. The blonde moaned in response, the kiss became more passionate, as the brunette continued to stimulate her clitoris, alternating that movement with occasional thrusts of two fingers into her vagina. After a couple of particularly forceful thrusts, the blonde pushed the brunette’s head back and said hoarsely, in a Kent cockney accent:

“You fat cunt, you will pay for that later.”

The blonde looked at me, while her girlfriend continued unabated. Her breathing was getting heavier, her tiny bosom rose and fell more quickly. She skillfully flicked off her right shoe, and to my absolute shock, drove Bostancı Rus Escort her foot into my groin. Before I could think how best to respond, she released the pressure and started working my cock with her toes through my trousers. She smiled. I purposely didn’t.

She turned her attention to the brunette, and whispered:

“Taste it, whore.”

The brunette obediently took out her fingers and started licking them. She replaced the fingers, then took them out for her blonde girlfriend, who licked them with pleasure.

The blonde looked at me, her foot still working my cock (I had widened my legs considerably to help her), and asked:

“Want some?”

I merely nodded, and unbidden, the brunette finger-fucked the blonde some more, and then raised her chubby fingers to my face. I smelled the fecund aroma, roughly grasped her hand, slowly pushing her fingers into my mouth, and then sucking them out again. To me, at that intoxicated moment, it tasted like nectar. I held the brunette’s hand longer. Squeezed it hard and looked into her eyes as she winced. With my other hand I grabbed her hair and drew her head to me, our faces only an inch apart.

“Finish her off, bitch.”

Letting her go, the brunette obeyed my command, replaced her hand, and started working the blonde’s clitoris with her thumb, while she continued to finger-fuck her. The blonde looked at me, her harsh smile on her face.

She had found a kindred spirit.

Without taking her eyes off me, she grabbed the brunette’s hair and raised her head, so they could restart their kiss. Her orgasm didn’t take long, she started groaning into the brunette’s mouth. The kiss became passionate and wet. Saliva dripped from their mouths. Then suddenly, the blonde pulled apart, pushed her head back and bit her lip as she stifled a mighty wave of pleasure.

They sat there for a while, breathing heavily, temporarily oblivious to the world, and then started to sort out their clothing. The brunette had lost her jocularity, her eyes were downcast, while the blonde, who had never really lost her composure, sat up, put her arm round the brunette, and idly fondled her massive breast.

“Did you enjoy that?” She asked.

Before I could answer, the train driver announced ‘Maidstone East’.

“This is where we get of mate, do you fancy a bit more?”

My stop was further on at Ashford and I had a wife and family to go home to.

I thought about it for a moment, then decided.


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