Daddy Please

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It started off as a good enough day for Steve. His rebellious twenty year old daughter Jenny had gone out last night to spend some time with her friends, giving Steve the house to himself. It was the first night had had the house to himself in a long time… since his wife had passed away in fact. Ever since then, it seemed as if him and Jenny had been slowly drifting apart. First the nose ring, then the tattoos, and now she was spending entire nights out partying with her friends.

Steve dully looked over at the alarm clock as it beeped incessantly, and decided he could get away with sleeping in a little today. He turned off the alarm clock and It wasn’t until about noon that he actually got himself out of bed and went downstairs to eat breakfast. No sooner had he cooked himself a nice, warm bowl of oatmeal than there came a knock at the door.

“Hang on a second,” Steve said reluctantly as he got up to answer the door, “I’m coming.”

When he finally got to the door, he was shocked to see his daughter standing there. She was obviously still a little drunk from last night. She looked pretty damned hot though. A tall, slender brunette, Jenny was dressed in torn jeans, boots and a tight black leather bustier that really showed off her more than ample cleavage. In fact, if you got rid of the piercings and tattoos, Jenny was the spitting image of her mother.

But that wasn’t what caught Steve’s eye. No, instead his eyes went straight to the gigantic boa constrictor wrapped around her neck.

“Holy shit,” Steve exclaimed as he jumped back, literally recoiling in terror, “What the hell is that… that… thing!?!?”

“Isn’t he great,” Jenny said, her speech still somewhat slurred, “Can I keep him dad?”

She stroked the snake’s head, lovingly caressing it. Steve stepped even further back. God damned snakes! If there was anything in the world he hated, it was snakes. He couldn’t quite put his finger on why he was afraid of snakes of course. He just was, and now his daughter had brought a huge freaking snake into the house.

In all fairness, he probably should have expected this would happen sooner or later. His daughter Jenny had quite an exotic animal collection in her room down in the basement. It all started with the iguana, and before he knew it, she soon had a tarantula, a couple of ferrets, a few more lizards, and God only knew what else down there. She ran up quite the electricity bill with all of the heating lamps, but he never complained.

Truth be told, Steve secretly enjoyed seeing his daughter run around the house in her underwear when it got really hot down in her room. He knew he probably shouldn’t be thinking about his own daughter like that, but what the hell, it was never anything more than a little fantasy for him. He was lonely and she was sexy, that was it.

But Steve had to draw the line somewhere, and he decided that was bringing snakes into the house. It was one of the few rules he was firm about. Mostly because the reptiles just gave him the creeps. He shuddered as he looked into the snake’s cold, blank eyes… Christ, it was like the damned thing was staring into his very soul.

“Jenny,” he said, “We’ve been through this. No way. I’m not letting any snakes into this house.”

“He doesn’t bite,” Jenny pouted, “Can’t we keep him?”

“I’ve already told you no! You’ll just have to take him back wherever you got him.”

“Daddy please,” she begged.

“No,” Steve said sternly, “And that’s final!”

“Come on daddy,” she cooed, “I’ll suck your cock…”

Steve was not expecting that one.

“What,” he exclaimed in surprise.

“Oh come on daddy. I’ve seen the way you look at me ever since mom died. Admit it, you want to fuck my sexy ass.”

Jenny slapped her hand against her curvy ass.

“Do it,” she continued, “Fuck me daddy! Fuck your little girl!”

“Jenny,” he said, “What the hell got into you? Are you drunk?”

“No,” Jenny giggled, “Me, Rachel and Krissy just went out to the bar for a few beers… I’m not drunk.”

Despite her protests to the contrary, Jenny clearly was drunk. She was stumbling, giggling and her speech was definitely slurred. Steve knew as much when he first answered the door. He quickly pulled his daughter into the house, peeking out to make sure none of the neighbors had heard their conversation. Last thing he wanted was to have some rumor start about him nailing his daughter.

“Listen young lady,” Steve said as he slammed the door shut, “You go down to your room right now. We’ll talk about this once you’ve sobered up a little.”

Jenny angrily stomped her way down to the basement.

“I hate you,” she screamed, “Fucking HATE you!”

Steve waited until he heard her door slam shut Beylikdüzü escort to let his guard down. As much as he hated to admit it, having his hot young daughter mouthing off to him like some filthy slut sort of turned him on. Just the thought of fucking her tight little ass made his dick start to get hard. In fact, he was already sporting quite an erection.

‘Damnit,’ Steve thought to himself, ‘While at least I’ve probably got time for a quick wank before Jenny gets back up.’

With nothing better to do, Steve decided a quick shower was the way to go. He went upstairs and stripped naked, quickly getting into the shower. The fresh water washing over his body felt good, but it sure as hell didn’t make him feel any cleaner. For crying out loud, he was fantasizing about fucking his own daughter! As he worked up a lather, Steve started it masturbate furiously to Jenny’s hot little body. It wasn’t long before he shot a load of jizz, letting it fall to the shower floor and sink down the drain with the rest of the flotsam.

His task done, Steve turned off the shower and stepped out. He carefully wrapped himself in a clean linen towel and looked in the mirror. His own daughter… and he just masturbated to her.

“What the hell am I thinking,” he shook his head, “Damnit! She’s my daughter! My own flesh and blood!”

Steve slammed his fist down on the sink’s marble countertop and then started to cry.


Several hours passed before Jenny even started to stir. If it weren’t for her splitting headache, she probably wouldn’t have remembered anything about what had happened last night… Or was it this morning? What time even was it? Jenny groggily turned over and looked at her alarm clock. It was already 2:00 in the morning! It must have been a damned good party last night for her to be this tired.

Jenny slowly got out of bed, slipping into an old Led Zeppelin t-shirt and a pair of black panties. Her room was mostly dark, lit only by the small heat lamps that shone above the numerous cages of her menagerie of exotic animals. A large female boa constrictor, her latest acquisition, silently sat in a large plastic shoe box in the corner of her room, small air holes soldered along the side so she could breathe.

Too hung over to remember anything that had happened earlier in the day, Jenny hoped that her father hadn’t seen her bring the boa constrictor into the house. He hated snakes… he was absolutely terrified of them. If he ever found out, he would probably make her get rid of it. Fortunately, Jenny also knew that her father almost never went into her room.

Steadying herself against the rail, she slowly walked upstairs to the kitchen. Jenny was starving… she hadn’t had anything to eat in a while, and could already hear her stomach growling. So she decided to make herself a bowl of cereal. It might not be the fanciest thing to eat, but at least it’s fast and easy.

By the time Jenny actually got upstairs, she was more than a little surprised to see her father slouching over on the couch. Normally he would be asleep by now.

“Dad,” she said, “Your still up? Don’t you have work tomorrow morning?”

It was then that she noticed the empty beer cans strewn all about the dining room. They were everywhere… on the table, the floor. Her father had been drinking all night? Jenny was shocked. He was never the type to do that sort of thing.

“Jenny girl,” he mumbled absent mindedly, “Is… is… is that you?”

Yep. He was definitely drunk. There was little doubt of that much.

“Dad,” Jenny exclaimed rushing over to him, “What is going on? Are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” he groaned, stumbling to get up, “It’s you that has the problem!”

“What,” she said confused by her father’s anger.

“You,” he said pointing to her, “You women… all you ever know how to do is walk around with your tits hanging out, wrapping us around your little fingers… You have the problem baby, not me!”

Jenny wanted to cry. She’d literally never seen her father act or talk this way.

“Is… is this about mom,” she asked meekly, knowing that her father hadn’t taken her passing well at all.

Neither had Jenny, for that matter. All of her rebellion… the piercings, the tattoos, dying her hair black, getting drunk and sleeping with strange men… all of it went back to when her mother passed away. Jenny had never been the same since. She put on an act of being tough and wild in public, but deep down inside she was still lonely and scared. Scared of her own vulnerability. Not that she would ever admit as much.

“Nuh-uh,” her father shook his head in a wildly exaggerated manner, “Leave your mother out of this. It isn’t about her. It’s about you… you and SEX!”

“Dad! Beylikdüzü escort No,” exclaimed Jenny as she tried backing away.

Despite her splitting head ache, Jenny was still cognoscente enough of her surroundings to blush at her father talking so frankly about her sexuality.

Her father got up from the couch, letting his bath robe fall open as he stood up. Jenny could see that he was wearing nothing underneath the robe. His fat cock simply hung there, dangling about in the open. It was considerably bigger than anything Jenny had ever seen before. She gasped a little at the sight of it. Now, she had slept around quite a bit, but her father’s cock was much larger than any of the men who had fucked her in the past.

“What are you doing,” she asked nervously.

“You walk around the house all day teasing me with your lithe young body,” he said as he lurched towards her, “Well I’ve had enough. You said you were going to give me a blowjob. Then let’s get to it already!”

Her father grabbed her, roughly forcing her down to her knees. Jenny struggled at first, putting up a mild resistance, but her father easily overpowered her. She was now eye level with her dad’s semi-hard cock.

“Come on,” he said, grabbing the brunette by her head and trying to force her to give him a blowjob, “You wanted to keep that damn snake. Well you’ll have to try my snake first slut.”

“Daddy! No,” she cried, “Please stop! Don’t make me do this! It’s wrong!”

But her pleas fell on deaf ears. Her father felt only lust, only the need to penetrate and fuck his own daughter. There was no going back at this point.

His now rock hard cock eventually pushed its way past her lips and into her mouth. With rapid thrusts, he forced her to fellatiate him. Jenny struggled to accommodate her well-endowed father’s massive cock. She had given blowjobs before, but never to anyone this big. The tip of his prick was slamming against the back of her mouth, nearly going down her throat. It made it difficult for Jenny to breath. And she could feel it getting bigger.

“Nnnnn,” she mumbled with the cock stuffed into her mouth.

A mixture of shame and revulsion washed over Jenny as the realization that she was being fucked — no raped — by her father sunk in. She just wanted it all to end, for the humiliation to be over. Almost instinctively, she started bobbing her head, sucking on her father’s dick as she had so many others before him. Her father simply tossed his head back and moaned in pleasure.

Jenny reached out and grabbed his cock, then began stroking it while she sucked him off. Sometimes she did that with her boyfriend when he wanted a blowjob. She found it usually made him cum quicker. Hopefully her father would be the same way. Her father’s thrusts began to slow. Jenny braced herself for his load, but he never came. Instead, he pulled out of her mouth, letting his gigantic member stand erect, her saliva dripping off of it onto the floor.

“Damn Jenny,” he said grinning, “You suck cock really good. You really are a little slut, aren’t you?”

Jenny simply knelt there on the floor, still in the same position, as she sobbed and looked up into her father’s eyes.

“Fuck you,” she said defiantly.

“You will baby,” he said, almost taunting her, “But first I want to see your tits.”

“What,” she said, still shocked by the depths of her father’s depravity.

“Come on,” he said, pulling on her t-shirt, “I want to see those big tits of yours.”

Once again, Jenny struggled but it was of little use. Soon her father had pulled off her t-shirt, revealing her breasts. Even though she was generously proportioned, Jenny seldom bothered to actually wear a bra. Nonetheless, her big breasts were still firm and perky due to her youth. And both of them were pierced through the nipple, an act of rebellion that Jenny now deeply regretted. Her father drooled lecherously at the sight of her tits. She never really thought that her father would see them. Out of some last vestige of modesty, she quickly tried to cover her bosom with her hands. She was now clad in nothing more than her delicate black panties.

“Please baby,” he said menacingly, “Let daddy see your tits.”

“No,” she cried, “This is so wrong! Dad, please stop!”

“Not till I get what I want,” he said, “Ever since your mom died, you’ve strutted around her like some stuck up cunt. Well cunts get fucked, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to fuck you. I promise I’ll be gentle…”

And with that, he roughly yanked off her panties, tossing them into a pile on the floor with her t-shirt. For a brief moment, Jenny simply stood there, completely naked in front of her lust-crazed father. He stared at her, sending a shiver down Escort Beylikdüzü her spine.

“You… you… look just like your mother,” he said.

Jenny thought that maybe her father’s senses were returning to him when he said that. Instead, though, he grabbed Jenny by her slender waist and pushed her down onto the floor. Then he roughly spread her legs and forced the tip of his cock up against her tight, young pussy. He was going to rape her, there was little doubt of it. And yet, Jenny still felt a certain amount of sympathy for her father.

“Daddy,” she said, a single tear rolling down her cheek, “It’s okay… I understand. You can fuck me… if you want to.”

Her father needed little encouragement. Forcing her thighs apart, he pushed the tip of his erect member against her sensitive young cunt. The excitement of being fucked by her own father had already made Jenny wet. She elicited a slight gasp as he put more pressure against her privates, but her father simply kissed her on the head.

“Shhhh,” he said gently, “It’s okay baby. It’ll feel good soon. Real soon.”

Jenny simply bit her lip as her father pushed into her moist cunt. Her father was definitely bigger than any of the other men that Jenny had fucked in the past. Her cunt tightly hugged her father’s cock. Jenny literally felt like she was being torn in half. But it still felt so good.

Steadily, her father began to increase the speed of his thrusts, pumping in and out of his daughter’s dripping wet pussy. He was using so much force that she was almost being pushed across the floor. As Jenny tried to arch her back, her father placed his hands around her ripe, full melons. Cupping her breasts in his big, strong hands, he started to grunt in pleasure as her fucked her.

Jenny closed her eyes. By this point, she was overcome with ecstasy. She could feel the pressure beginning to build in her father’s cock as he penetrated her. She knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he shot his load.

“Do it daddy,” she screamed in pure delight, “Cum inside of me! Make me pregnant!”

Steve was taken aback by her dirty talk.

“Are you sure baby,” he said.

“Yes,” she shouted, “Oh God yes!”

But by this point, her father was too far gone to notice, or to care. Primal instinct to mate, to procreate, had long since overcome reason in his mind. He was going to cum whether she gave him permission or not.

His molten hot semen shot deep into Jenny’s fertile young womb. Spent and out of breath, Steve could feel his cock begin to grow flaccid. He pulled out of his daughter and observed his handy work as his white seed spilled out of her cunt. His senses were beginning to return to him.

‘Dear God,’ he thought to himself, ‘What have I done?’

He spent the rest of the night cuddling with his naked daughter on the sticky kitchen floor, their hot, sweaty bodies keeping each other warm throughout the night. Neither could think of anything to say for the rest of the night. They had just committed incest… they were now at a loss for mere words.


Nine Months Later

Jenny made her way up the stairs towards the kitchen, her silky black night gown struggling to cover her pregnant belly. Her breasts, which had already been quite large to begin with, threatened to pop out. Ever since that fateful night when her father had impregnated her, she couldn’t keep his hands off of her. And being pregnant had only made things worse. Fortunately for both of them, Jenny’s hormones made her equally horny.

Her father was already waiting for her downstairs in the kitchen.

“There’s my sexy ass pregnant daughter,” he said, “So what did the doctors say?”

“The baby is due next week,” she said cheerfully.

She went to the pantry and got out a box of cereal.

“Listen dad,” she said, “I know you let me keep the boa, but I was thinking, with the baby coming soon, maybe I should give it to Rachel instead.”

“Okay,” he said, “If that’s what you want.”

Jenny nodded.

“Cool,” she said, “She’ll be over in a couple hours to pick it up. Which brings me to my next question…”

Jenny’s father looked up at her.

“I was wondering if you’d like to have a threesome with Rachel,” she continued.

“Your friend from art school,” he asked, “The one with the purple hair?”

“Don’t worry, she knows all about us and she’s cool. But she didn’t believe me when I told her how big your cock was.”

“Well,” he said smiling, “I guess she’ll have to find out for herself.”

“All right,” Jenny said, “But maybe before she gets here you’d have time for a quick fuck…”

Jenny slowly pulled off her lacy black lingerie, revealing her pregnant young body.

“Just the two of us,” she said smiling.

Jenny’s father didn’t need any more encouragement. Not when he had a ripe, pregnant young girl coming onto him in his kitchen and promises of another freaky chick later on. This really was shaping up to be a good day indeed.

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