Early Days of Summer Ch. 03

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Chapter 1

The weather had finally broken and had taken on a somewhat different aspect, more in keeping with the early summer. Whilst it remained quite warm, the temperatures had tumbled down to around 18-20 degrees, and a noticeable wind had stirred the air.

It had been some weeks ago that Matt had last been around – the last encounter had left both Laura and I stunned, having never previously strayed from our completely strict and safe marriage. On that particular Saturday morning – the one that found me catching Matt going down on Laura – our session had stretched into early afternoon as Matt had fucked Laura once more before leaving. I was astounded not only by his prowess but also by his youthful virility. He had fucked Laura for almost two hours non-stop, bringing her to at least two further orgasms whilst I watched again, jerking my rigid cock for all I was worth.

Incidentally, the kitchen guy didn’t show at all, unless we had been too busy with Matt to hear him knocking the door!!

We had discussed the events of the day that evening, in bed, and came to the conclusion that, whilst we both enjoyed Matt’s company enormously, (or Matt’s enormous company!) we should keep our distance in the future as to assure that our marriage remained happy and that no-one else would find out. I had divulged to Laura the previous incident in the garage, but had left out my involvement altogether. Although I yearned to gorge on Matt’s huge cock again I felt too ashamed to confess my out of character bi-sexuality to her, instead electing to tell her half-truths – that I had caught Matt jerking to the porno’s after our work-out. She asked a few questions about the event, but I thought I’d covered up pretty well, being put on the spot.

Anyway, weeks had passed, and I hadn’t clapped eyes on Matt since. I couldn’t say if he was avoiding us because he felt the same as we did, or that he was just a busy lad with a great social life. Either way, it seemed a lot easier not to have run into him.

My weekend was going well so far. Laura and I had gone shopping on Saturday, then called into Paul’s (my son, if you recall) for a while. Laura had arranged to take Becky, Paul’s girlfriend, out on Sunday to look for bedding and curtains for their spare room. No big deal to me as I was due on the golf course with Clive anyway. Our day finished at home with a few glasses of wine followed by a long, hard fuck on the downstairs sofa – something that had become something of a habit over the last few weeks, for some reason.

Sunday morning arrived and Laura was showered and dressed, looking a bit too stunning for a simple day out shopping, but I suppose she was just making an effort to impress Becky, as she did. We were both in the kitchen, me sipping at my coffee whilst she unloaded the dishwasher when the phone rang. Laura skipped into the living room to answer the call, returning several minutes later with the news.

“Clive can’t make it today, he’s caught chicken-pox!” she laughed.

I grinned back at her, wondering how the fuck he’d got to his age without having it before.

“So I take it that golf is off then” I mused

“Expect so” she replied “fancy coming out with us?”

“Er, no!” I answered dryly, adding “but I may call over to Paul’s at lunch-time, help him out with the wall-paper stripping – let him know”

“No problem” she said as she continued to empty the dishwasher, before kissing my cheek and setting off to meet Becky.

Chapter 2

With Laura gone I showered and dressed, deciding that I wouldn’t go around to Paul’s after all, I could do with a chill out day. I would start by lifting a few weights.

Descending the stairs, I crossed the hallway to the front door to collect the post off the mat and caught sight of Matt walking up the road and past our window to his house. He was with some other guy, about the same age as him, but I didn’t really pay much attention to him. My heart skipped a beat and my eyes briefly dropping down to Matt’s groin, then quickly back to his face before he noticed. As he passed by he peered in through my window, saw me looking back, and gave me a cheery wave and a flash of his fantastic smile. Fucking hell, how on earth could I stop my obsession with this kid and his huge cock?

I waved back, threw the letters onto the table in the hallway then hurried into the garage-come-gym to start my workout. Commencing my session, all I could think about was Matt. I couldn’t help myself from fantasising about him, despite my strenuous efforts, and my cock strained at my shorts with desire.

Suddenly there was a rap at my front door. I put down the dumbbells I was currently using, and crossed the hallway again to answer my visitor’s call.

“Hi James”

It was Matt plus one.

“I wondered if we could use your equipment,” he enquired politely, “you did say a few weeks ago that I could come around whenever you were home, to workout”

I had, too.

“Sure” I spluttered nervously, aware that I still had a sex izle semi in my pants. I looked over to his friend who had slyly shifted his eyes to his feet, wondering if he had noticed my slight bulge.

“Oh, this is Josh” he imparted “he usually works out at the gym with our mates, but when I told him about your offer of the gym, he looked really keen, so is it ok if he joins in too?”

I looked back at Josh. He wasn’t as handsome at Matt but he was not a bad looking boy. He had sandy coloured cropped hair and blue eyes, a little ginger stubble on his chin and a few freckles across the bridge of his nose. He stood at about 6ft – about the same as me, and looked to be about an average build underneath his baggy t-shirt and jeans, which were halfway down to his knees as all the kids wore them these days. Both had gym bags and a bottle of water with them so they had already assumed that I would agree.

“Sure, come on in” I replied. I was a little taken aback and not quick enough to think of a suitable excuse so just stepped aside and beckoned them in.

Matt crossed over to the garage where the door was already ajar, and stepped in.

“Already working out, eh?” he asked.

“Yep” I replied, following the boys inside.

Matt looked across to the TV and casually stated “No entertainment today then? Let’s get it sorted”

He moved over to the entertainment unit before I could refuse, and fingered through my quite extensive collection of DVD’s. Pulling one out of the line-up, he studied the case.

“This one, I think” he exclaimed, and proceeded to insert the DVD then turned the TV on. With Matt’s friend – a stranger to me – present, I felt a little uncomfortable.

“Relax James,” Matt called over to me “Josh is no stranger to porn, and we’re all guys together after all”.

His words failed to relax me.

As the film started – one of my favourites, by the way, Cockzilla vs Megatits – both of the boys started to divest their clothing.

Matt pulled off his top to once again reveal his absolutely faultless torso. His chiselled pecs, with the tuft of dark hair in the middle and his glorious six-pack churned my stomach. He whipped off his jeans, and again revealed his preference for going commando. His thick cock jiggled about as he stepped out of them, still and impressive size when flaccid. He then opened his gym bag to obtain his work-out clothes but seemed in no great hurry to get into them.

Josh was already undressed, staring at the screen as if he were a rabbit caught in headlights, not even attempting to get his clothes out of his bag. His naked form was at odds with his dressed state. Although he was not bulked up like Matt, he had a superb, athletic body. His arms and legs carried well defined muscles, his chest quite broad and well toned too with a smattering of freckles over it, and he had a good set of abs on him. His nipples were a lovely pink colour – not unlike Laura’s but obviously not the same size! He was completely devoid of hair over his body, but sported a lovely bush of gingery blonde pubes above his cock although he had shaved his low hanging balls. He too had a pretty decent sized cock, which had started to plump up with the DVD being played.

His hand dropped down to his big balls and he absent-mindedly began to scratch beneath them, somewhere around his perineum.

“Look guys, I’m going to let you carry on” I said, taking a step towards the door.

“No.” Matt replied, “You have already started your work-out, so you may as well finish”

“Well I can’t do much with you two using the equipment, so I’ll let you get on.” I tried to sound confident but managed to sound unsure of myself. He caught me eyeing up his manhood so I quickly looked away. It wasn’t that I was afraid to look at him anymore, but his mate was with him – I didn’t know how Josh would react to my leering at Matt.

“I insist – you carry on, me and Josh can wait” he said, and swiftly but gently shoved me over to the multi-gym seat, then back to close the garage door.

As I took up the handles of the multi-gym weights, Matt and Josh turned to the screen. Pretty soon the two young men were egging on the huge cocked porn actor, yelling at him to ram his monster 12 inch dick onto the Latina slut’s tight arse!

Both were sporting raging hard-ons by now, and had started to yank on them excitedly. Watching the boy’s tight arses clench as they rocked their hips forward soon had my own cock stirring and standing to attention. Matt spat loudly onto his cock to provide sufficient lubrication for his jerking motion.

“I wish that was me.” Josh leaned across to whisper to Matt. “I’ve not been blown for days, look at this.” he motioned down to his groin, still out of sight of me.

Matt looked down to Josh’s dick. “Nor me” he replied looking back up to Josh “but I think I can remedy that”.

Oh fuck, Matt is going to suck his mate off, I thought with a rush of excitement. My face obviously betrayed my thoughts sikiş izle as Matt turned around to face me. His gorgeous cock came into view. It was every bit as beautiful as I remembered, nine inches of rock, as thick as my wrist and naturally ribbed from the huge blue veins running all over it. His ball-sac looked like it stored a couple of tennis balls, completely hairless from a recent shave, with a nice crop of dark brown pubes neatly trimmed above the colossal stalk. And then there were that tempting trail leading to his belly button. His fist was tightly wrapped around his beefy cock; forcing the blood through his entire 9 inches and making the thick veins stand out impressively.

“Josh needs a blow job James” he said matter-of-factly. “Get around here Josh”

Josh turned around to face me too, his hard dick also in his hand. Jeez, he was another blessed fucker! His cock was a fraction smaller and not as thick as Matt’s – I likened it to a tube from a kitchen roll – but it was truly beautiful. His foreskin was pulled back to reveal a mushroom-shaped head of a deep red colour, the entire shaft long and smooth apart from the column running from his balls up to its head, and it seemed to curve slightly upwards.

My brain blew a warning fuse as my heart pounded in my chest. Nevertheless I reached down to my cock, once again massaging it through my shorts, as I had done after catching Matt with Laura, waiting for Matt to sink to his knees in front of Josh.

Josh had a huge grin and walked over to me.

“No way, boys” I spluttered, realising what they intended. “Laura could be back at any time”.

“Great!!!” said Matt, laughing “I don’t think she’d object.” I quickly considered his meaning – would she give them a blow job, or not mind that I was? This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Josh inched closer to my face, his fat, luscious cock tantalisingly close to my mouth as I sat on the seat of the multi-gym. What if she DID walk in right in the middle of me blowing some fat cocked kid? Matt continued to jerk his gigantic cock whilst I anxiously wondered what I should do…. if she caught me I’d be a dead man; either that or she’d be fucked stupid….

First looking at Matt then to Josh’s waiting, pre-cum dripping cock, I took the plunge.

I slipped my arm behind Josh’s slim waist and pulled him closer, enjoying the feel of his warm, tender skin as I eased my tongue out of my mouth. As my tongue made contact with the tip Josh’s bulbous, upturned cock he took a sharp intake of breath. His full young balls jockeyed for position in his sac, each fat globe churning around down there. I slowly extended my tongue to take in the taste of him and as I did a strand of pre-cum stretched away from the tip, lengthening and thinning until it snapped, slopping onto my lips. I savoured his sweet flavour, licking my lips to drag the rest of his juice into my mouth. My tongue re-emerged and I licked across his tender, flared helmet and around the ridge before plunging my mouth onto him. As I mentioned, he was smaller than Matt, but my mouth still strained to get his girth inside. He stood stock still, but whimpered in sweet agony as I began to move my head from side to side, his mushroom cock stroking the inside of my cheeks.

Matt slowly moved closer towards us as he continued to slide his hand up and down his fat member, until he was directly next to us. His next move completely shocked me.

He swapped his right hand that had been sliding up and down his magnificent rod with his left, and leaned across to Josh’s rampant dick, encircling it with his big meaty hand. Slowly – and with my mouth still covering the knob – he started to jerk Josh’s cock at the same time.

The reason for my shock was that I had given no thought to Matt being bi-sexual; I had assumed that he had felt pressured into getting a blow job from me, he had shown no interest in returning the favour, and he had positively LOVED licking and fucking my wife.

He then leaned further, parted his full lips, and latched onto Josh’s mouth, sliding his tongue in assuredly.

This was getting better by the minute.

They parted after a few moments, and Josh looked down to me. Initially he had been completely still, but he started to gently push his stiff cock into my mouth, moaning quietly. I moved my hand towards his arse-hole, but he reached back to push it away, he obviously wasn’t into the same things as Matt.

After a few more minutes of jerking Josh’s smooth cock Matt released him and dropped to his knees in front of me, still wanking his own swollen dick. He placed his now free hand upon my knee, and slowly inched it up my thigh, toward my stretched shorts. Across the material his hand went, squeezing the outline of my bulging prick as he moved towards the waistband.

“Stand up please, James” he directed. Holy fuck, was he going to suck me off?

Josh took a step back, his cock withdrawing from my stretched jaw with a clear popping sound, and bounced in front türk porno of me.

I stood up, bringing my bulge directly into line with Matt’s inviting mouth then he grasped the waistband and eased them down. My rigid manhood flicked out from the shorts, throwing a small blob of pre-cum up onto my vest and I then stepped out from the shorts at my feet. At the same time, Josh had grabbed the bottom of my vest, and tugged it over my head. I was as naked as the two young studs, all three of us throbbing and aching with the same male urgency.

Expecting Matt’s mouth to lock onto my dick, I grabbed hold of it intending to present it to him. Instead, he held my hips and turned me around in silence as Josh pushed by shoulders down towards the seat of the bench. As I leaned over the bench, Matt slipped his tongue into the crack of my arse and centred on my puckered virgin hole.

Although I had frequently used my fingers on Laura’s arse – I loved the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy whilst I massaged the tip through the thin sheaf of skin between her pussy and arse – and I had jammed my finger into Matt’s arse to massage his prostate, I had never had anything inside my own hole. Laura did occasionally tickle it as I fucked her, and I enjoyed that enormously, but Matt’s tongue took it to a whole new level.

His tongue danced around my tight sphincter, sending waves of pleasure through me and shrinking my ball sac. I groaned passionately, and pushed back against him, willing him to push his tongue in but not summoning the courage to ask. My arse twitched with each flick of his erect tongue, God I could appreciate Laura’s ecstasy during Matt’s licking of her clit – this young guy’s tongue was astoundingly dexterous. Matt had soaked the entrance to my virginal tunnel with his saliva so as I felt it trickle towards my balls.

Without warning, Matt pulled away from my arse, and turned me 45 degrees, then positioned himself in front of my mouth. During this swift movement, Josh had kept his hand on the back of my head to keep me bent over. As soon as I was in position, he released his hand, and bent down himself, to study my arse. Once again I felt a probing tongue rimming my arse and returning me to my blissful state.

Matt had stood up and was waving that veiny snake in front of me.

“I know what you want to do, Bitch, so open wide” he said, slapping his cock forcefully onto my cheek.

I was only too willing to obey and dutifully opened wide. He pressed his rock hard cock into my hot, waiting mouth, sighing as he stretched my lips to the max, sliding it in further to get the complete helmet inside. He withdrew immediately, and then shove his know back in, loving the sensitivity of is glans plopping in and out of my mouth. Every now and then he would take it out fully, and slap me around the face a couple of times.

“Fuck me” I moaned quietly, as Josh’s tongue finally pushed into my tender hole and Matt’s cock was again slapping my cheeks.

“Don’t mind if I do” came the response from Josh as he pulled his tongue out from my hole and stood. It was the first time that he had spoken until now, and what a shocker it had been!

“Whoa” I quickly responded. Whilst I was loving his tongue in my arse, a cock as big as these lads’ bore was completely out of the question. Besides that, I was more than happy to suck their cocks, but that was far enough.

When I tried to stand up straight Matt immediately forced me back down with his huge arms and Josh pushed down onto my hips with his own. Matt was way more than enough to hold me, without Josh aiding and abetting too.

Knowing I was in no position to defend myself, I pathetically threw myself onto their mercy.

“Please Matt, please don’t” I begged, “I don’t mind sucking you, but that’s it”

“Shut the FUCK UP with your whinging for fuck’s sake, you fucking cock slut” Matt spat back. “Did you ask me – that first time – if I wanted you to suck me off? Did you fuck! Your blackmailing fucking arse is getting it! Just be grateful Josh is first in.”

Now I felt bad. Guilt wracked me, but I was fearful that they were going to tear my arse to pieces.

“Now open you fucking mouth for me” Matt demanded, before ramming a solid six inches down to the back of my throat in one clean movement. I gagged on his cock, which produced a stream of saliva from my mouth that drizzled down his hugely bloated dick before splattering on to the floor.

Behind me, I could feel Josh’s long smooth dick rubbing up and down my crack, Josh dribbling his saliva from his mouth and onto his cock to get it as slippery as he could.

“Now listen, James,” Matt said as he started to slide back and forth in my mouth “This is going to be a lot worse for you if you don’t start to relax. When he shoves that big cock of his in, don’t fight it, or it’s going to be more painful. He knows how to fuck an arse, so he will start gently at first.”

He nodded at Josh then pushed his cock in to my mouth again.

I felt Josh’s huge mushroom head prodding at my hole, and fearful of being hurt, I tried as hard as I could to relax. Slowly he sank his helmet into the tight confines of my arse. It hurt like fucking hell as my ring muscle clamped, involuntarily trying to shut tight.

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