First Encounter

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You stand at the airport, waiting for me to arrive. My heart is pounding and my palms are sweating, anxious to finally see you. When I get off the plane, I recognize the skirt and sheer top you described. I smile at you, and wrap my arms tightly around you, picking you up and twirling you around. Your lips fit perfectly against mine as we share our first kiss. Everything around us disappears as we lose ourselves within each other. I can feel your heart pounding against my chest as I let you down slowly, becoming aroused as your body slides against mine. Your hand slips naturally into mine as we go retrieve my bags from the carousel. We remain hand in hand, not wanting to let the other go.

Talking and laughing, we make our way out to the car. I open the door for you, stealing a kiss as you climb in. My eyes wander to your rear end, admiring the view. After putting your bags in the car, I climb into the front seat and look into your blue eyes and reach my hand out, sliding my fingers from your chin to the side of your beautiful face and up through your light brown hair. You tilt your head to my touch, placing your hand on mine and squeezing it tenderly. I lean across the seat and give you another kiss. This one filled with even more passion than before, our tongues meeting for the first time. Touching fleetingly at first and then becoming bolder.

My left hand reaches across rests on your right thigh, my nails tracing light circles on your leg. You bring your right arm around me, pulling me close and we embrace again, the world vanishing, leaving us lost within each other. Too soon, the kiss ends and we just hug. I kiss your neck lightly, followed by your ear.

By the time we arrive at the hotel, we can hardly keep from touching each other, not as sexual advances, but as little signs of affection. I can hardly stand releasing your hand long enough to walk around the car to open your door and take it once again to assist you out. Wrapping our arms around each other’s waist, we feel almost like teenagers when we go in to register at the front desk. My hand trembles slightly as I fill out the registration and you run your right hand lightly up and down my back, grazing it gently. You can almost feel the goose bumps surface, even through my jacket.

I carry my suitcases up to the room, again admiring the view as I follow you. When you open the door, we enter silently. You turn to me and place your arms around my neck sliding them down my shoulders, urging me to put the suitcases down. I begin to kiss you gently as I comply.

After releasing the bags, I wrap my arms around you, my right hand on the back of your neck. Once again our tongues keçiören escort begin to dance together, the passion like electricity in the air. My hand strokes the back of your neck and your hair softly, feeling like a whisper in the air. Meanwhile, your hands are leaving streaks of fire as they glide lightly across my back. I slip my hands inside your jacket, easing it off your graceful shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.

I move my lips to your neck, licking and biting gently. Your soft moans encourage me as I continue on the side of your neck. When I move up to your ear, you start tugging at my shirt, sliding your warm, gentle hands underneath it. I moan as I feel those wonderful hands running over my back. My kisses on your ear and neck become more passionate as my desire continues to build. You can feel my erection pressing against you as you continue to graze your fingers lightly over my back.

You pull my shirt up over my head and start to kiss and lick my neck. I lean my head back, providing you with easier access as you nibble gently. I can’t stop my moans from escaping my lips as my hands wander over your back. The first time my hand brushes against your breast through your shirt, you moan softly into my neck. I respond by applying more pressure, send jolts of electricity through your body as your nipples stiffen to my touch. I pull your shirt out of your slacks and run my hands up and down your spine, tracing circles as I go.

I unbutton your shirt slowly and slide it off of your shoulders while beginning to kiss the upper slope of your breasts. I can see your erect nipples through the fabric of your bra and kiss them gently, eliciting another moan. I reach around your back and unfasten the clasp, slowly and teasingly letting the straps slide off your delicate shoulders.

My hands caress your breasts gently, as if afraid to break them. My lips continue to work their way down, agonizingly slow, to your firm nipples. I start at the left breast, sucking the nipple into my mouth. My teeth graze it gently, and then hold it in place as I stroke it tenderly with my warm tongue. You arch your neck and run your fingers through my hair as I continue to excite you. I leave a trail of soft, wet kisses across your chest as I move to the other breast, repeating my actions.

You pull my head firmly into your chest as my hands begin to work on your slacks, undoing the belt and then unfastening them and sliding them down over your shapely rear and legs. After I slide to my knees and take your shoes off, I take your hand, assisting you out of the slacks. I kiss you gently through your panties as you moan once again. kızılay escort Picking you up, I carry you to the bed, kissing you as I lay you down softly.

You turn on your side and gaze into my eyes as you remove my jeans. Smiling coyly, you run your hand gently up the length of my erection, causing me to arch my neck. I lie between your legs and again begin to kiss your chest, working my way down your beautiful body, kissing and licking and nibbling the entire time, not leaving any part of you untouched by my lips.

Using my teeth, I grasp the edge of your panties and slowly pull them down, exposing you completely. I kiss my way back up your left leg, massaging and biting gently as I go. I start at the top of your foot, where it meets the ankle, and make my way up to your hip. I then kiss my way back down to where I started, and again move up your leg, this time on the inside. When I reach the top, I nibble tenderly on the tendon in the crease where your leg meets your torso. I inhale your scent as I cross over to the right leg and repeat my actions.

Finally I kiss your clitoris, causing you to moan loudly and arch your back. My hand snakes its way up to your breasts, rubbing lightly, my touch gradually becoming firmer. My tongue reaches out and licks your clitoris for the first time, savoring your taste, your smell. Overcome by the passion in the air, I wrap my lips around it and suck it into my mouth, allowing my tongue to dance lightly across it. I can feel your hands in my hair, pulling my mouth closer, deeper. I release your clitoris and lick your entire length, sliding my tongue inside of you. Following several minutes of that, I pull the folds of your lips into my mouth, again teasing your clitoris. I stop only after I feel and hear your orgasm. I slide my way up your body, kissing your breasts again as you regain your breath.

With a sly smile you push me onto my back and kiss me deeply, your right hand rubbing my chest while your left hand runs up the inside of my thigh, grazing against my erection. You break the kiss, your mouth slithering down my neck, biting and licking as you go. When you reach my chest, I arch my back, in ecstasy as your warm mouth and tongue go to work on me.

A moan escapes my lips as you take my nipple into your mouth, biting it gently, tugging on it with your lips and teeth. My hands run through your hair as you kiss your way over to my left breast, continuing where you left off on the right. Your right hand is between my legs, massaging me through my boxers. You continue your journey down my body, leaving a glistening trail of your gentle kisses.

Sliding my shorts down, sincan escort I gasp as your warm hand caresses me. I gaze down at you as you look up and smile at me, your tongue snaking out and licking lightly around the top of my hardness. I close my eyes as they roll back into my head, overcome by pleasure. You lick your lips, moistening them as they slowly part and begin to take me into your mouth. Another loud moan escapes as your warm mouth envelops me. Your tongue works on me as you slide your lips up and down my length. My back is arched as my breathing becomes rapid. You slide your mouth off of me and lick the uppermost part of the inside of my thigh, sending even more waves of pleasure through my body. You caress my erection and scrotum kiss and lick them gently as you switch over to the other thigh, continuing to lick and kiss it.

You look up at me, a twinkle in your eye, and then proceed to take as much of me as possible into your warm, moist mouth, eliciting another audible gasp. You continue this way for several minutes, your tongue swirling around me as you go, sending fire throughout my body. After one final lick up my entire length, you stop and look at me.

Three words escape your lips, “I want you.”

With a smile, I whisper three words in response, “Take me, then.”

You slide up and place me at the entrance. Again you smile at me and then start slowly sliding down. After what seems like an eternity, I am completely inside of you. You pause, allowing us both to savor this moment of sheer pleasure, our love for each other radiating throughout our bodies. So intense, so passionate, it is almost tangible, touchable. We are one; nothing can touch us.

I place my hands on your back, massaging gently as we slowly start making love. Soft moans of pleasure escape our lips as we continue our union. I pull you down against me, holding you tenderly in my arms as we kiss deeply. Our lovemaking is slow, unhurried, overflowing with passion. I run my fingers lightly up your face as we kiss. Moving over to your neck, while you gradually increase the tempo, our bodies moving in perfect unison, unconsciously knowing exactly how to move, our hearts beating as one. I take your breasts into my mouth, kissing your nipples, listening to you breathe and moan.

Wrapping my arms around you, we roll over and you begin to kiss my neck and ears once again. I slide slowly in and out of your body as you wrap your legs around me, prolonging our pleasure. My fingers trace the shape and curves of your neck and jaw, memorizing them. My mouth soon follows in suit.

I can feel your muscles start contracting around me as you begin to near your peak. I increase my speed and slide completely in and out of you as your excitement pushes me closer and closer to the edge. And then, finally, over it. We both gasp and moan loudly as we climax, again together. Your muscles grip me tight as I explode inside of you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32