Free Use Ch. 01: Meeting the Staff

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Big Tits

This story is purely a work of fiction and based in an alternate setting where laws have been created that allow the “Free Use” of females sexually (all over 18) by males of the society. All characters and situations are purely fictional.


Ch 1 – Meeting the Staff

“Last chance to back out, hunny. I won’t think less of you if you do.” Your father says as you pop the door of the SUV open.

Holding up the signed contract “Sorry dad, it’s something I need to do, if I’m going to get ahead in the world.” Stepping out onto the sidewalk beside a plain looking building in a commercial neighborhood. The white sanitary walls stand maybe 15 feet tall, extending half the length of the block, with a large ’18’ as the only markings on that side of the building. The small alley you took to get to this point at the rear of the building, led you to the walk-in door marked ‘New Arrivals’. As soon as the SUV pulls up, a decent built white male in his mid 30’s in jeans and a black polo shirt walks out to greet you, helping you with your bags. So far everything seems on the up and up, just like a couple of your older brother’s friends told you they would be.

“Go ahead and take care of any family issues you need to, then come inside and follow the signs. Don’t worry, we don’t let any randoms come back here.”

Your helper walks in with your roller suitcases in tow, disappearing through the doorway and into the relative unknown, while you kiss dad and thank him for everything so far, telling him that you’ll make sure to message him and mom all the time. And just like that, you’re back on the sidewalk, opening the ‘New arrivals’ door, and heading for your ‘training’.

Once inside, you find yourself in a sanitary looking hallway with numbers on the doors, and opaque windows to the rooms on both sides. A scrolling digital sign hanging from the ceiling in the hallway reads “New arrivals to room 100” and you continue down the hallway as the numbers count down. Finally reaching room 100, you push down on the hook shaped door handle, opening it and find 5 other girls seated in waiting room type chairs. They’re all dressed much the same as you are, jeans, leggings, some in shorts, and all with nondescript tops. Nothing would suggest what you’re here for.

You take one of the two remaining seats in the room, looking at the ‘crowd’ of girls, you don’t see much of a pattern. 3 of them look much like yourself, late teens, white, average build, 1 slim black teenager, 1 girl that looks to be of Asian descent, and just as you sit, one more girl for the last seat…also a young looking Asian.

You’ve been seated no more than 30 seconds when the front door to the room opens, and in stride 3 men, all appear to be in great physical shape, all wearing jeans and black polo shirts. The first speaks, standing between the two that followed him in, his hands softly clap together before speaking:

“Good morning girls, my name is Mr Eyler. I own ’18 Rentals’ and run the training facility here. The two men behind me you may have already met. They are 2 of your resident trainers. The other 4, you will undoubtedly meet in the coming days. They will mold you from whatever stage of sexual prowess…or lack thereof, that you’re currently in, and turn you into fully trained and viable ‘lease girls’. Whatever circumstances have led you to walk through that door today, you are now here, and you are on the path to bettering your place in society. This will of course require a couple years of regular use on your part. I see that you all brought your signed contracts with you. That is good, so we can skip right past that little administrative step and go straight to introductions.”

The man on the speaker’s left steps forward “Good morning, my name is Evan, and I will be one of the ‘on call’s’ for your stay. If there is a serious issue at any time that you’re not being trained by one of our staff, for instance…if you have a pressing need while in your quarters for the night, you press the button on your nightstand, and it will likely be me that will answer. Try to do this only for genuine pressing needs or emergencies. We like our sleep just as much as you do.”

With that, he takes two steps back, to his former position, and the other man steps forward.

“My name is Jay and I will be the other ‘on call’ for your class. You will find your class designations on your contracts. Don’t worry, they will be in your quarters and in other literature you are given. All yours sir.”

With that, Mr Eyler steps forward again, speaking up “Alright girls, if you will follow me” motioning toward the door, as you stand up as a group. He turns on a heel and moves out the door, trailing a line of 7 young girls, about to begin training as sex slaves, eager to be leased.

As you came in almost last, your chair was in the second row, putting you next to last to fall in with the group. The two ‘trainers’ step in after you and another petite girl, fulya escort only she stands shorter than you, coming in maybe at 5’3″. Walking beside her, you two exchange names, finding out that she was flown in this morning, her situation much the same as yours. Rich parents willing to let their daughters be lease girls, to ensure that they’ll be placed in management positions in some firm to be determined later (or married to their lessee, if things go perfectly). After all, they don’t want to see their precious girls hired on by a company to be the ‘office holes’, or be randomly pulled off the street and used by an entire room full of men, before being sent back home. That’s not the way a girl ends up finding a husband these days. Your conversation continues until the group comes to a stop, with Mr Eyler asking if you can all get a good view of the window to your left. After hearing you all respond yes, he hits a button, turning it from opaque to transparent, the scene behind the window causes your skin to warm, your heart to beat faster, and your juices to flow into your innocent cunt.

In the room on the other side of the window you see a brunette on her knees, her hands taped behind her back, while a trainer towers over her, his stiff prick sliding into her mouth, causing her cheeks and throat to bulge as he thrusts.

“Girls, this is a member of the training class in front of you. She is in the process of being throat trained, and if I had to venture a guess, she has been trying to stop her trainer with her hands. Notice hers are immobilized behind her.” With this he pauses for a second “Trust your trainers.” Special emphasis is placed on the last sentence “They are here to help you.” Tapping the window, he gets the trainer’s attention for a quick second. The trainer turns his head toward the new group at the window, before withdrawing his shaft from the girl’s mouth. Then you see a full thick 7 inches glistening with her saliva, as she inhales 3 sharp breaths, before her breathing returns to normal.

“Girls, before you leave, you will be able to accept a penis that size fully in your throats, cunts, and assholes. You may not believe me, but trust me, every girl that has left here has been able to do so.”

You notice a girl near the front raising her hand, as if to ask a question.

“Yes, trainee? You have a question?” Mr Eyler answers. You hear the trainers speaking softly behind you, a chuckle here and there, since the group started watching the show. Now you hear one softly mock her ‘But sir…I was told there’s no anal’, making both laugh.

As if on cue “Sir, is anal an absolute requirement? I’ve never had it, and I was told it really hurts.”

More low level laughter behind you, enough to make a couple girls turn their heads.

“Yes, trainee. Anal is a requirement. Your first time will no doubt be painful, but contrary to popular belief, some girls learn to love it.” His stark answer catches her by surprise, and you see her hand go behind her, to cover her butt in a reflexive action.

On cue, he turns to start walking, waving the group on down the hallway. On the way by the window, you pay particular attention to the trainer sawing his hips into the young girl’s mouth. You notice her build, petite and toned, as she struggles to accept his member in her throat. As you pass by, one of the trainers behind you hits the button to black the window back out. You pass another darkened window, before the group stops in front of another window, Mr Eyler taps 2 buttons on the datapad on the door frame, before hitting the button to flip the window from dark to clear. Two girls let out little gasps, while our question girl from earlier has her same reaction again..involuntarily her hand goes to her butt, trying to shield her poor hole from a non-existent invader. The reason for her fright is the thick shining rod forcing its way in and out of another girl’s ass with amazing speed. The girl is laid over a low table, her upper body pressed firmly down to it, smashing her large breasts. Her eyeballs barely visible, hiding mostly behind her upper eyelids, her mouth hanging open in a long sustained moan that matches her breathing. Her hands grip the sides of the table, her fingers turned almost white, as her ass takes his assault. Her cheeks shake and rebound with each thrust, but they come so fast that it’s one continuous motion. One girl in the group pays special attention…the girl right beside you. One hand involuntarily goes to a breast, the other moves down to her shorts, hovering in front of the crotch, almost daring it to start rubbing.

“If you are wondering, yes she is enjoying herself. She came to us as an anal virgin, so it has taken her some time to get to this point. But she REQUESTS an extra training session per week, always with the same trainer.” Moving his hand over beside his mouth, almost as if he’s telling you girls a secret “We think she’s in love.”

You bebek escort become almost transfixed watching her ‘session’, the speed of his thrusts slamming into her. Her apparent pleasure from his assault. How her body has gone limp, allowing and asking for more. You hear one of the trainers behind you ‘He’s going to break her heart…and her ass.’ Causing both to get a laugh.

“Continuing on girls” Mr Eyler turns and walks further down the hall, with 5 of the girls following him. You and the girl next to you conspicuously stand and stare longer at the scene in front of you, until a trainer taps you on the shoulder “Keep moving please”. Polite, yet unwavering and matter of fact. It’s a theme that you’ve noticed so far. Catching up with the group as you walk by yet another clear window, the button tapped by Mr Eyler on the way by, you all see a trainer sitting back in a specially designed chair that curves to match his posture (seated but laid back at almost a 45 degree angle, and just wide enough for him to sit on comfortably) with a trainee facing away, bouncing on his cock. Her legs flexing intensely while she moves up and down, balancing herself on 5″ high heels as she works to please him with her young cunt. Only when you walk by the window, do you see that the trainer appears to have a large amount of cock left outside of the girl. ‘She must be new’ is your first thought, but you soon see why. She pulls all the way up off him until you can make out the head of his cock, before sliding back down as far as she can…it looks like there’s almost a foot of cock jutting up from his lap.

“Don’t worry girls, you all get a chance to fit that monster in every hole, in the next couple months.” Evan, or Jay…or whichever, it doesn’t matter in your mind, quips to the both of you. Everything else is drowned out by the size of his monster, and the girl trying to fit it fully inside her.

Mr Eyler walks into a room on the left side of the hallway, the group in tow until all the girls are standing in front of numbered stands. You find yourself at number 6. It stands at waist level, about a foot across in both directions, made of stainless steel. The 3 men step in front of the line of stands:

“Girls, it’s time to get your clothes off, so we can confirm your photo information and other vitals.” Mr Eyler states matter of factly, no sexual desire or innuendo in his voice. His two companions flanking him watch over the room, paying attention to no one in particular, while the 7 of you undress completely. Our ‘question girl’ takes the longest, taking her time with her jeans, folding them neatly on the table, doing the same with every item of clothing, before stepping back to be in line with the rest of you..with her hands over her most intimate spots. You look down the line and see she’s the only one trying to hide. The rest of you understand that the staff are going to see plenty of your bodies, specifically your there’s no need to try to hide. The man who helped you with your bags spots this and moves quickly to ‘Questions’, as they’re now calling her, taking her by the wrists and placing them at her sides, before whispering something in her ear. Her arms are shaking as he walks back to take his place, with ‘Questions’ now fully exposed like the rest of you.

“Girls, there’s no reason to hide any part of yourself from any of us. Your trainers will become very familiar with every bit of your bodies over the next couple months.”

With that, the 3 start moving down the line, starting at station 1:

‘Step in front of your podium please. Feet shoulder width apart, hands at your sides. Good. Now turn around. Bend over. Hands on your butt cheeks, and spread yourself open. Good.’

You hear the series of commands from Mr Eyler as he ‘inspects’ the first girl. This pattern continues on down the line, with little comments mixed in. One girl showed up with a hairy cunt, so the comment ‘have her shaved bald for tomorrow’ is added into her inspection. They get down to you, beckoning you to the front of your podium. You smile as you take the expected position. Jay walks up, grasping your left tit as Evan walks behind you to get a handful of your butt. Mr Eyler looks over your entire body as they inspect the minutia. Each roams a hand to your slit at different times, and each taps a finger on your backdoor after roaming over your slit…testing your reaction. Each make a mental note of how tight and compact your little slit is, and that you jumped each time their fingers tapped your tight ring. Jay even pinches a tuft of your pubic hair between his fingers and thumb and gives it a tug “probably should have this one shaved too” comes his quick remark. And like that, the tidy little neat bush you’ve been growing specifically to show off, will be removed before the training begins. They go through the rest of the commands, remarking on your rear view, before allowing you to stand and go back florya escort in line. Number 7 gets the same treatment, before the men return to their spots at the front of the room.

“Girls, you will pick up your clothing, exit the door behind me, and follow this hallway until you come to the room with the corresponding number on the door plaque. 1 goes to 1, 2 to 2, etc. After you drop these clothes in the room, you will report back here. Understood?”

He sees 7 heads nodding yes, before motioning for you all to go to your assigned rooms and drop your clothing. You find a number 6 on a plaque by a wooden door, turning the knob to enter the room. Before you looks much like a normal bedroom, complete with your own bathroom. Following your simple instructions, you drop your clothing in a pile on the bed, then walk back into the hallway and find yourself in the same room you were in earlier, standing behind your podium with 4 of the other girls. The other 2 trickle in a few seconds after you, taking their places at their podiums.

Mr Eyler and his two assistants have been joined by 4 other in shape men, only now, they have lost all of their clothing, showing off various sizes of impressive cocks.

“Now girls, you’ve all written on your applications what you think you’re good at. What you have and haven’t done, etc. But that is a very subjective way of going about things. We are not subjective here. We are empirical. And to that end, we have to do some empirical testing viewed from our trainers’ perspective.”

With that, the trainers and Mr Eyler walk forward until they’re two paces in front of your podiums, you smile as you see Evan walking up to you, pointing for you to come out in front of your podium, then pointing to the floor before calmly stating “On your knees, hands at your sides”.

Each of you go quietly to your knees, and you peek to your sides to see that the other girls are in the same aroused, yet nervous state you’re in. One in particular, ‘Questions’, is visibly nervous, with her hands fidgeting at her sides, breathing shallower than normal, her cheeks flushed. Mr Eyler chose to start with her himself.

“Girls, we’re going to do a quick feel test of your mouths, and, if applicable, your throats. Open please.” Again, you notice, kind yet firm. You eagerly open your mouth, your eyes flicking up at your trainer’s face, then down to his hardening member pointed straight for your open mouth. He gently pushes the head into your mouth, before releasing one hand, the word “suck” comes from his mouth. His remaining hand simply ‘guides’ you as your lips glide up and down his shaft. He allows you to continue for about a minute of slow, soft cock sucking, before he simply commands you “go as deep as you can”.

You force your jaw open as far as possible, pushing forward as his bulbous head pushes further into the back of your mouth, coming into contact with the opening of your throat, forcing a cough. Releasing and moving off, you jam him further in the next time, the head starting to make its way into your throat, before your reflexes push him out. He allows you to do this a few more times, before he places his hand in a ring against your lips, when you’re as deep as you can go on his cock, before pulling himself free of your lips, with a soft pop.

Evan looks down at his glistening prick, his fingers still in the same spot. “Looks like about 5 and a half. Not a bad start, but I’m sure I can get you all the way down in a couple weeks.” His hand that remains on your head goes to your cheek, almost in a loving way, before you realize he’s bracing you as he pushes his member back in your willing mouth.

“Hold still hunny. We’re going to see if I can’t get a little more worked in, my way.”

With that, he starts slowly pushing into and out of your mouth, encouraging you to breathe normally, through your nose. His hips saw into your face for the next two minutes, gradually pushing further as you relax at the intrusion. After 2 minutes of sustained mouth fucking, he pulls back, before shoving forward with more force, feeling you try to pull away against both of his hands. He holds you in place as you struggle around him for the next 5 seconds, before ringing his fingers around his shaft at the point where your lips surround him. Pulling completely free of your mouth, you gasp for a few deep breaths, noting the sounds of the other girls doing the same, some coughing and panting in the process. You look over at the lone girl to your left, to find her sitting back on her haunches, not struggling at all. A trail of spit traces down over her trainer’s balls, a satisfied smile on her face. Her eyes meet yours “Uncle started me early. I’ve been throat trained since 15” with a shrug.

You hear the trainers call out estimated numbers for each girl, including Evan with a “6 inches, give or take”. When the final trainer on the line calls out “full length”, Mr Eyler gives both of them a look of ‘well done’, before instructing the lot of you to stand up and bend over your podiums.

“Now we’re going to get an estimate of what your cunts can handle” before turning his attention to the girl in front of him “And not to worry, no anal testing today. We want you to be ‘prepared’ for that test.”

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